Chapter 426 Spiritual Wood (on)

  "I didn't expect He Tianqiang to be so rich!"

  Rao is the star of the South Star and was shocked by so many He Shiqiang's Lingshi, at least he is much richer than the shy who is in the bag. He even saw several one-yuan gas dan, which is really tempting for the nurses of the Yuan Ying period.

  When He Tianqiang took a yuan of gas, he destroyed his guardian squad, and his ability to reach the flood season in a quarter of an hour was enough for the Yuan Ying period to do a lot of things. As for its side effects, it only vomits and diarrhea on the second day after use. This trivial matter is all willing to accept all the infants.

  However, the star of the South Star has nothing to do with his own thoughts. The matter just now has made him understand how important it is to be a person of integrity. Although these things are attractive, they are Mu Yu’s income, and they have a relationship with him. No.

  However, Mu Yu has already found satisfaction with the soul of the soul, and intends to deal with the situation of the Hushan array. The star of the South Star watched that Mu Yu had already walked toward the front of the guardian mountain array yesterday, ignoring a lot of Lingshi, and quickly reminded: "Adult, these Lingshi you forgot to take."

  Mu Yu casually glanced at the Lingshi, about 150,000 or so, and said: "These will be for you!" I do not need. ”

  It’s not that he is generous, but the Southern Star Taoist Temple is the victim in this incident. The entire Taoist temple was almost destroyed. Mu Yu’s heart was also unwilling to go, and the Nanxing Guanzhu was indeed an upright person, even if he was compensated. It is.

  "Adult, this is absolutely impossible. Resilience is not arrogant, the adults help the villain to repel the strong enemy, but also willing to arrange for the villain to resist the flood season of the mountain, the big grace of the villain is unforgettable, how dare to marry these spirits? ”Nan Xingguan shook his head.

  He knew in his heart what should be taken or not. He was not a fool. When Fu Zong’s people wanted him to kill Mu Yu, he faintly guessed that his Taoist temple was in trouble and this young man. People have a relationship that they can't get rid of. However, Mu Yu has been willing to help him to provide him with a big guard against the flood season. The value of this big array has long been enough to make up for the loss of Taoist things. He dare not ask for more.

  "That line, I will use this for you to use as the base of the mountain guard."Mu Yu smiled slightly and waved all the stones.

  Wood Yu does not say much, he is not rich, and it is indeed a lot of Lingshi that can resist the blowout of the flood season. Although he does not lack Lingshi, it does not mean that he can squander Lingshi at will. These Lingshi naturally need to be used in the protection of the mountains.

  In fact, for a large mountain guardian who can resist the flood season, the fifteen thousand Lingshi is really just a drop in the bucket, but he has already thought about how to arrange it. Lu Xianshi gave him so many instincts of second-hand goods. These things are now a bunch of rotten goods in Mu Yu. He spent his energy to sacrifice and then used it twice, but it was really a pothole. !

  However, although it is second-hand goods, it is a congenital base. It is only used to arrange arrays. The consumption of Aura is relatively small. It is not used for fighting like Mu Yu. The aura consumed by the fight and the aura consumed by the array are different concepts. He only needs to use eight innate arrays, and he should be able to lay down a large array of guards that can resist the attack of the flood season.

  Use the congenital base to lay down the big mountain guards, which can only be seen only at the big gates. Like the southern star Taoist temple, there is money to use the innate array. Eight second-hand goods in the congenital array of the base of the mountain, if you do not suffer from the attack of the flood season, you can maintain at least five years without replacement, if you are attacked by the flood season, you should be able to resist at least one day.

This day is enough for them to do a lot of things.

  The people who are controlled by the souls of the gods have not yet woken up. The star of the south star needs to take care of his disciples. The wood feathers begin to study the soul of the soul after the completion of the guardianship. He does not worry that Fu Zong's people will return to the Southern Star Taoist murder, because Mo Ziming did not kill Mu Yu and others means that they have already exposed their identity, and it is quite unwise to come back to kill Nan Xing Guan.

  The sects of the sects and the sects are in a state of arrogance. If the ancestors spread the murder of Fuzong, it will have a huge impact on Fu Zong’s reputation. Today, they can be excused from the outside world because of the contradiction between the Southern Star Taoist Temple and the Yunhe School. Fuzong and the ancestors just happened to be involved in this conflict.

  It’s not a problem to die a Hetianqiang. It’s not the same to die a martial art, so you can’t do it. Many sects know the relationship between the avatars, do not condemn anything, and only make the sects more annoyed.


  Mu Yu carefully observed the soul of the soul, this is his first contact with Fu Zong's paper. The paper is made of precious arrays. A piece of paper is actually equivalent to a base. They only describe the pattern on each piece of paper. It is easier to play against people or to arrange small arrays. .

  The paper is small in size and very dexterous, but the same base, made of paper and directly used, must be more effective in direct use. The process of making the paper will lead to the loss of the base. Aura. It can be said that both the array and the spells have their own merits, which is not better.

  He enters his spiritual power into the soul of the soul, which is engraved with a space array, which is very similar to the most basic sleeves of the comprehension. The space array does not exclude the spiritual power of Mu Yu, and soon the whole sheet of paper is lit up, and the latter wave is transmitted into the mind of Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu slowly figured out the characteristics of the soul of the soul, this soul soul in the hands of Mu Yu can not be used to control others, because it lacks the core.

  The soul of the soul is divided into the main character and the deputy character. The deputy can have a lot of characters, but the main character can only have one. If the deputy wants to control the person, the user's spirit is needed.
The force repair is far greater than the controlled person, using the spiritual force to stimulate the deputy, and contact the body of the comprehension. The comprehension is smeared by the deputy, unless it is repaired much higher than the person with the main character, it will be taken over by the main character, which is the same as the slave.

  Needless to say, I also know that the main character is on Mo Ziming, and He Tianqiang is just going to go everywhere for him to post a deputy to the disciples of Nanxing Taoist. However, when Mu Yu looked at the deputy, he found a small blue-colored branch in the space matrix of the deputy character!

  "what is this?"Mu Yu extracted this branch with only the size of the thumb. As soon as he touched the branch, he suddenly understood what the effect of the branch was!

  God soul wood!

  Mu Yu felt amazed. He could control the plants, and he also had a lot of information about plants in his mind, but Shenshenmu belonged to the forgotten corner. If he didn't touch the small branch, he wouldn't even know that there was such a tree.

  Shenshenmu is a very powerful plant. They know how to hunt. Once the monsters or humans accidentally touch them, they will quickly differentiate into small branches and shoots into the prey meridians, and limit the body of the prey. Do not move, and gradually absorb the prey. They are not secreting venom to paralyze prey, but to control the body of the prey, and even control the prey to go to the right place to allow more gods to attach.

  However, this kind of plant is quite rare, and its self-protection consciousness is extremely strong. It is difficult for humans to find it, or some humans find them, but they are basically their nutrients because they are accidentally attached. The soul of the soul is obviously the use of the ability of this plant to achieve the effect of controlling the comprehension by the skill, this skill is really powerful!

  "Will the material of Nudan have a spirit?"Mu Yu thought of his master's original slave in order to control the Yumeng Mozu, but later found that the slave can not control Yumeng, it is very likely that because the soul of the wood itself is a property of the five elements, it is ineffective for Yumeng. .

  Since God Soul has such a terrible ability, do you need to consider using it reasonably?

  Mu Yu thought of the spies of Fu Zong sent to the ancestors, they are very likely to come to the outside in the match test, and make up the squad. If Mu Yu can control these people with the spirit of the soul, then everything is much easier.

  "But where to go to find the soul of the wood?"Mu Yu tried to spur the growth of this little sacred wood, but its vitality has been completely blocked, and the utility model has lost its usefulness, and Mu Yu has already injected spiritual power into the soul, if it does not It will take a while to successfully attach to the comprehension.

  "Stupid! Have you forgotten the broken sword? ”Xiaoshuai reminded.

  When Mu Yu knocks his head, Mu Ling can morph out a variety of plants. As long as Mu Yu can give a prototype, Mu Ling can be copied out. He took out the shadow sword and gently swayed it. Muling has emerged from the shadow sword.

  "Give me some souls!"Mu Yu took Mu Ling, and there was already a breath of spirit in his mind. He thought of a move, and instantly formed a number of criss-cross branches on the wood spirit, gently swaying in the air. Mu Yu just got close to these thin branches, and the branches were like a living, and they split a lot of twisted branches around the fingers of Mu Yu.

  "Mom, how can I even dare to start with me!"Mu Yu shouted. The roots of the shoots have just entered the skin of the wood feathers, and the blood of the wood feathers instantly becomes a smash.

  "Let me see, UU reading Xiaoshuai, I will take your experiment!"This spirit is naturally ineffective against Mu Yu, and he said that he is controlling himself!

  "No, my skin is so thick, it's a fart! You still look for caterpillars! ”Xiaoshuai proudly said that skin thick is the most proud of it.

  "My body is a plant. How can plants control me?"Longtan said lazily.

  Mu Yu shook his head helplessly, these two guys really could not count. He thought about it and put the target on the three people who were unconscious next door.

  Shenshenmu was broken by a wooden feather, and then Mu Yu touched it to Ma Mingxun. Soon, the tip of the bud of the sacred wood invaded Ma Mingxun's body, and Mu Yu suddenly felt like he was getting a cockroach. Ma Mingxun opened his eyes sharply, his eyes widened and looked around.

  "You can not see me."Mu Yu found that he could control Ma Mingxun's consciousness and made an odd order.

  Ma Mingxun stood up, and some of his headaches patted his head. When he looked at the wood feathers, he didn't look at it. He didn't see the existence of Mu Yu. He opened the door and went out. He saw the Southern Star Taoist view, and then his face changed. He shouted: "Yes, Fu Zong's people are not good! Fengmu has an accident! ”

  "Eh?"Mu Yu feels very novel. He simply controls Ma Mingxun's consciousness so that he can't see himself, but Ma Mingxun still has his own consciousness. This is the effect of slavery!


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