Chapter 428 Fu Zong’s Conspiracy

  The soul of the soul in the hands of Mu Yu is much more powerful than the soul of Fu Zong.

  "In the sect, I only know Luo Feilong, Ji Wenkai and Duan Yang of Fuzong's undercover. I am clear about the names of other people."Wu Wenxing said with a blank expression.

  "How come you don't know? Have you ever met before? ”Mu Yu frowned.

  "We will meet every three months to discuss the next step. However, in order to prevent one person from leaking his identity and ignoring other people, everyone will not show people in the true face, so they do not know which Zhongtian disciples are their own. Everyone only knows Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai. Only two of them have an accurate list on our hands, and we only listen to their orders. ”Wu Wenxing.

  "When one of you has an accident, will you be tired of Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai?"Mu Yu asked.

  "The backgrounds of Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai are perfect, they will push us off." In the capacity of both of them, the people of the sect will only believe in them and will not believe in us. ”

  Mu Yu suddenly realized that Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai had a high status among the disciples of Zhongzong, and their talents were also the best. They were heavily influenced by the first division. If the spy wants to give them out, the first teacher will really treat the spies as a fall.

  Fu Zong’s move is indeed high. The more people sent to be spoiled, the more likely it is to reveal his identity. Therefore, the identity of all people is kept secret, only Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai know. This way, even if a disciple is identified, others are safe. As long as Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai do not have an accident, there is no need to worry about other people.

  "How do you two know each other's identity?"Mu Yu asked.

  "I and Duan Yang knew each other when they were in Fuzong, so I naturally knew when I was sent here to perform tasks."Wu Wenxing said honestly.

  Mu Yu pondered for a long while, since it was impossible to obtain a list of other spies from Duan Yang and Wu Wenxing, only Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai started. However, Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai both control the true identity of all the spies. If they have an accident, they will be implicated in other people. Fu Zong cannot know this. They must have some protective measures on them to prevent the list. Give way.

  "If Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai are caught, do you all have to finish playing?"Mu Yu needs to figure this out and then go to Luo Feilong Ji Wenkai to start.

  "They have been planted in our body to be called Fusong, and once they are forced to ask the list or control, the rest of us will know immediately from the demon and can rely directly on this. Destruction kills both of them."Wu Wenxing said a yellow note paper.

  Mu Yu’s heart was slightly shocked. All the spies had the magical characters that killed Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai?

  "So you can cite this character to kill them now?"Mu Yu feels very strange. What if there is any traitor who wants to wash the white and kill them directly?

  "I can't kill them alone, at least twenty of them must be motivated to kill them." I don't dare to arbitrarily ignite this kind of vanishing symbol. After igniting the magical devil, everyone will know that if the situation is not true, I will be killed by the devil's devil as punishment. ”

  "It’s really a good way!"

  Mu Yu could not help but admire that Fu Zong was really painstaking to find the foundation of the sect. First, it was sent by Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai to suppress the rise of all the disciples of the ancestors.

They also use mutual restraint to ensure that their respective identities are not easily leaked.

  All the spies must follow the instructions of Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, but they do not know their respective identities. Only one contact symbol is used as a token. And once Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai had an accident, all the spies had the power to kill them, and they really did nothing!

  The most important point is that, for many years, there has not been a spoiler in the squad, showing how much their confidential work is!

  This is quite tricky. He can control Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai with Shenshenmu, but he is worried about triggering the characters in their bodies. All the spies will know that there is an accident and it is very likely to kill them.

  "Then why do the other people have no vanes?"Mu Yu asked. If Duan Yang and Wu Wenxing have the devil in their bodies, then the question of Mu Yu’s present is in vain.

  "The devil is a very powerful innate function, because it can kill people thousands of miles away, and it is a symbol of each person's body. This method is very complicated and very energy-consuming, so we have not been planted. This is the next spell."Duan Yang replied honestly.

  Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully, but fortunately they did not perform such a spell on other spies, otherwise Mu Yu could not detect these situations. Fu Zong's way of dispatching spies is perfect. Even the spies do not know the spies, only know Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, so even if they lose the devil, they will only lose a few spies and will not lose everything. But they will never think that Mu Yu will have the means to control the soul of the soul, but also successfully steal the conspiracy of Fu Zong.

  Mu Yu has indulged a bit. Since he can't directly start with Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, it is only mixed into their gatherings to explore their situation in detail. He asked: "When is the next rally?"

  "Two months later, because we are going to start discussing how things should be combined, we will win the battle in an unexpected way."Wu Wenxing.

  Fu Zong wants to play against the sect in this year's squad, this conspiracy has been deliberate for a long time, but let the wood
Feather was discovered. At the moment, Mu Yu wants to get rid of all the spies. How to get this list is really an important issue.

  However, he still has a question, because the sects are big and big, and the Zhongtian disciples and the Zhongtian strategists add up to several hundred. The day after tomorrow, the disciples and the acquired strategists add up to thousands. There are many complexities in the sect. How can the mysterious array be easily messed up by these 57 people?

  "Only by your fifty-seven traitors, what is the subversion of thousands of people?"Mu Yu believes that Fu Zong must have something to rely on.

  "More than one hundred of the disciples of the ancestors were our Fuzong people. The disciples of the day after tomorrow were mixed. They also had several powerful leaders, all of whom were our Fuzong people, who suppressed those who were slightly gifted. ."Duan Yang said.

  Not only are the Zhongtian disciples mixed into the spies, but even the disciples of the day are mixed with countless spies, and this array is really precarious. However, Fu Zong’s congenital disciples are insignificant, and the most important thing is the Zhongtian disciple.

  "After you are caught in the sect, isn’t it just to suppress the disciples? Have you also discovered the secrets of the formation? ”Mu Yu continued to ask.

  "The purpose of our disciples to enter the sect is to clarify the method of cracking all the sects of the sect, and the distribution of the entire sect. After so many years of preparation, I finally found out the weaknesses of the entire array. When it comes to the match test, the Fu Zong people only need one order. We can let Fu Zong’s same door break in without any hindrance and capture the entire battle. ”

  Wu Wenxing’s face showed excitement and excitement. As a disciple of Fu Zong, he was able to become a hero of the destruction of the ancestor. Naturally, he was quite expecting. The spies are subject to the pressure of identity exposure every day, and they are looking forward to a hard day.

  "Even so, how do you deal with the 20 instincts of the sect? Each of them has at least a distraction or a combination of cultivation, and one person is enough to solve all the middle-class disciples. It is impossible for you to win the roots of the sects from their hands without paying a terrible price. ”

  Mu Yu knows that Fu Zong’s innate clerk is more than twice as many as the incumbent sect of the sect. However, Fu Zong’s entire terrain, Mu Yu, also knows a lot, and it is easy to defend and difficult to attack. If Fu Zong wants to attack, he must first solve twenty innate strategists.

  The array of innate sects is not something that can be clarified by the disciples of the middle-class disciples. In their own ancestral battles, the arrays that the innate squadron can control are naturally much stronger than the innate clerk. I am afraid that these genres are not enough.

  "We have long been the attached sect of the Star Gate, and they will help us to deal with the innate sect of the sect and the mysterious avenue."Wu Wenxing sneered smugly.

  Star Gate!

  Mu Yu’s body squatted, then clenched his fists, and hatred once again swept away. The things that did not wait for him to come back to him again, so that he could hardly suppress the anger. But he still calmed down. He is nothing now. He seems so small in a squad. How to compete with a star gate?

  When the yin corpse is not dead, it is not a big deal!

  Fu Zong has chosen to rely on the Star Gate to make him feel surprised. After all, when Zhou Jinglin treated the day, he was simply a low three.

  Recall that once the squadron was also alongside the Star Gate, although it was split into a sect and a sect because of the different traits, it led to a slight decline. Was the vulgar of Fuzong even pulling this face to go to the Star Gate, he would not feel ashamed?

  With the help of the Star Gate, even if there is a battle in the sect, it is impossible to escape the disaster! That day, Zhou Jinglin said that it is difficult to protect the heavens themselves.

  "How can the Star Gate suddenly blend into the dispute between the characters?"

  Mu Yu is immersed in contemplation. What does it mean to capture the sect? The array has always been stronger than Fu Zong. The rise of Fu Zong is a matter of recent years. It must have been because of the dependence on the Star Gate that it began to gradually surpass the array.

  Most of the martial art in the three continents are designed by the sects of the sects and the sects. For example, today the Star Gate has concealed the sects in the dark. If you accept the ancestors again, does it mean that all the martial art formations are in front of the stars? Invalid?

  Does the Star Gate want to conquer the entire triple continent?

  Mu Yu took a breath of air, UU reading If this is the case, the water is too deep!

  "The triple continent is the world of the Triple Palace. Why does the Star Gate fight against the Triple Palace?"Mu Yu quickly overthrew his own thoughts. It is impossible for Sangong Palace to look at the Tianxingmen’s one. He killed the Dandan’s dead wood by the means of the Sangong Palace. The Danding School did not dare to say anything. The Star Gate also Not qualified to compete with the Triple Palace.

  But if you say –

  "Behind the Star Gate is the Triple Palace in the dark?"When Mu Yu said this, he didn't even believe it. The Sangong Palace was the master of the triple continent. They didn't have a sect to dare to oppose it. Why do you need to support a starry gate?

  Mu Yu is puzzling, he thinks things may not be so complicated, maybe the Star Gate is just purely trying to conquer the sect and Fu Zong?

  However, in any case, the Star Gate wants to accept the incident, and Mu Yu can't sit still. Originally, he helped the sect to see the heavens, but now it seems that there is another reason.

  Days are not waiting, you killed my dead wood daddy, how can I make your plan easy to succeed!

  "Give me the contact, and I will explain the specifics of the meeting."Mu Yu’s tone has become killing
Intentional, Fu Zong intends to seize the foundation of the sect, Mu Yu will not let them do, and they must be beaten by surprise!



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