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Chapter 430 Boarding the ladder

  The ladder is 36 knots, each length is different and restless, and it floats slowly around all sorts of strange tracks. Some of the ladders are only swaying from side to side, while others are tirelessly winding around the temple. Some of the ladders disappeared in the cold, and they trembled in a moment.

  The first section of the ladder that Mu Yu stood was slowly moving around the zigzag. The middle part of the ladder was also nervously pumped, like being kicked, speeding forward two steps and then returning to normal.

  The high-altitude temples floated quietly there. These ladders are all around the temple, showing a tendency to spread downwards. To reach the temple, you have to find a way to climb one by one. When many people saw these ladders for the first time, they would be very surprised. After the surprise, they were shocked by the ladder that was ventilated under their feet. They felt that the ladder seemed to be broken, and then they were overwhelmed by the ladder.

  These ladders seem to have different trajectories of movement, and even without any rules, many people simply do not know how to climb the ladder. Can not fly can not jump, I feel that I can only sway around the first step of the wind.

  The temple is in the sky, and the ladder is about ten meters higher than the one. If you want to go up, you have to step on the ladder of every movement. It is impossible to get up according to the usual method.

  However, as a person who is a rumor in the formation, Mu Yu is able to break two monuments. He sat on the first ladder and carefully looked at the ladder moving up, but in a moment he suddenly understood the mystery of this ladder.

  "I said how strange it is, the original mystery is here."The brows of the wooden feathers are quickly released, and I think that the temple is really a brilliant place. If you don’t know how to estimate the length of these ladders, you want to find the movements from the 36th ladder. The method is simply impossible.

  Because the movements of these ladders are really unstructured, they are just random movements, even if you just want to break your head, you can't see any rules.

  However, when you look closely at these ladders, you will find that it has a total of thirty-six ladders. The length of each ladder is different. It can be divided into long ladders and short ladders. These ladders are distributed around the hall. On the top is a messy gossip, and the temple is the yin and yang fish in the center of the Eight Diagrams.

  All the disciples know that the gossip has eight sides, each of which consists of lines of varying lengths, with a total of thirty-six lines. At this moment, there are thirty-six ladders, and the wooden feathers are on the second ladder. These ladders represent every line of the gossip, but the height of the arrangement is different. Only when standing at the height of the center of the temple can you look down. It was discovered that at some point these ladders would just move to the shape of a gossip.

  This moment is extremely short, and only by grasping this short moment can you find a way to climb the ladder.

  Because many people can't fly, they can only stand on the first ladder and look at the irregular ladder. The most helpless thing is that in order to play the role of cloaking the bell, when the ladder moves into the shape of the gossip, there are several ladders that will just disappear, and people simply do not think of the gossip.

  Mu Yu was also deceived by these embarrassing ladders at first, but soon he discovered that if you imagine the hidden ladder, you can form a complete gossip.

  Although he discovered the law of the ladder and the gossip, there is still a problem to be solved. That is, another ladder is too far away from him. Even if he finds this law, he can't go up. Since the people of the sects have designed the ladder as a gossip and suppressed the ability of the person on the ladder, they will definitely leave behind.

It’s just that this road is too hidden and needs to be deduced.

  The wooden ladder where Muyu is now is located at the Kun position in the direction of the Eight Diagrams. The Kun is composed of six lines, the middle is empty, and the wooden feather stands on the first ladder on the left. However, the second ladder above him does not belong to the Kun position, but belongs to the shock position next to it. It is only because the height of each ladder in each direction is different, so they will walk from time to time, confusing people's judgment.

  He carefully observed the ladders at different heights, and carefully compared the directions of the gossip, remembering that in addition to the three ladders of the dry position, the other directions of the gossip have more or less a break. For example, there are three fractures in the Kun position. There are two fractures in the earthquake position, the depression position and the depression position. There is only one fracture in the off position, the exchange position and the clamp position, and there is no break in the dry position.

  "So it should be like climbing the ladder like this."

  Mu Yu’s brain shined through the light, and he suddenly understood how to get on the ladder. Here, the ability of everyone is suppressed, and if you want to climb to another ladder, there is absolutely no play, then the only way is to use these fractures.

  So the way to go up is not the so-called ascending ladder, but the break!

  However, this requires a strong deductive ability. It is necessary to keep in mind the extent to which these ladders have evolved. Otherwise, it is very likely that they will step on the ground and fall. I don’t know if I can’t fall, but I can’t get it.

  In the past, the dead wood old man liked to force Mu Yu to learn the rules of gossip, so his deduction of gossip is more familiar than ordinary people, and even can be calculated in his heart. In this case, it is undoubtedly a big help for him.

  In the heart of Mu Yu, he played the gossip, and then he saw the timing and stepped out to the right side of the sky!

  This time he didn't step on the air, but he actually stepped on something hard. He just felt that his eyes were shaking, and there seemed to be some changes around him. When he returned, he was already standing. On another ladder.

  He looked down, a ladder below him, that is the ladder he had just stood!
"So quickly found the way to climb the ladder?"Zhuge Xiaosheng had some accidents. He remembered that when he was just getting started, the first time he climbed the ladder, it took him a quarter of an hour to understand the way he came up, but Mu Yu’s cracking speed was far more than him!

  "I said he is a genius!"Lu Xianshi couldn't help but sigh. It took him two hours to discover the way to climb the ladder.

  "Humph! Maybe it’s just that the cat is hitting a dead mouse! Not so lucky behind. ”Situ Yangtian sarcastically said that he still looked down on the repair of Mu Yu Jin Dan.

  Lu Xianshi was not happy, said: "Situ Yangtian, I remember that you spent two hours and a quarter of an hour to think of it, and your talents will be straightforward."

  "The position of the ladder is changing. If you don't know how to play it in your mind, he will step out in the second step. When he falls, his face will be swollen and he will not look good! Ascending the ladder is like walking through a maze. There are thousands of paths to choose, but nine out of ten are dead ends. Although I spent two hours, I only walked fifteen steps. Lu Deyi said that you took a few steps? ”Situ Yangtian sneered. He has always been incongruous with Lu Xianshi, so he does not like the people who Lu Xianshi is fancy.

  Lu Deyi is in a hurry! Choosing a different path, the number of steps is not the same. He took a full 17 steps to get there. Although the time of each step is added, the overall speed of boarding the ladder is faster than that of Situ Yangtian, but the choice is There is no convenient way for the other party.

  When you climb the ladder, if you choose fewer path steps, it means that the person's understanding of the road is stronger! The ladder itself has been changing. Every step, the trajectory of all the ladders will change again.

  A total of thirty-six ladders means thirty-six heights. But everyone goes up in different ways. If you choose the right time, you can even skip several ladders and climb the hall with the fewest steps.

  "So what? Fengmu took the first step! ”Lu Xianshi shouted.

  "how? Do you still expect Fengmu to walk twelve steps like the master brother? ”Situ Yangtian taunted.

  "Even if it is not twelve steps, maybe it is fifteen steps! You are less proud! ”Lu Xianshi said.

  It is said that Lu Xianshi needs to take 17 steps every time he goes to the sky. This is a very helpless thing. He can't do the same degree of Zhuge Xiaosheng's twelve steps. In the second step of Mu Yu, he only boarded the fourth ladder, and there were thirty-two ladders on the top of the head. It is a bit difficult to reach the 12 steps in accordance with the way of landing the ladder.

  "Mom, this step climbs, every step has to be calculated, how tired!"Mu Yu complained. He came to the lowest end of the earthquake, and the movement of the surrounding ladder quickly changed, and all his original deductive paths were disrupted.

  "It's not right. The arrangement of the aura here is very weird. The trajectory of these ladders is not completely disrupted, but single and double exchange."Xiaoshuai probed his head and said.

  “Single and double exchange?”After the Xiaoshuai reminded, Mu Yu carefully checked it and instantly understood it.

  The so-called single-double exchange means that the singular ladder and the double-numbered ladder movement track are exchanged. For example, the third section of the ladder that Mu Yu knows is swaying from side to side. The fourth section of the ladder is invisible. When he takes the first step, the third section of the ladder becomes invisible, and the fourth section of the ladder becomes swaying. of.

  "Single and double exchange, single and double exchange…"In the mouth of Mu Yu’s mouth, his heart quickly calculated that this way of landing would take a few steps.

  In the second step, he came to the fourth ladder, and there were thirty-two ladders on it. If you followed this way, you would have to walk at least 16 steps to reach the temple.

  "Sixteen steps, too long, plus the need to wait for the ladder to go to the right place, UU reading at least one hour, Mom! Seeing a face must delay an hour, really egg hurt! Let me think about it…"

  Mu Yu once again counted all the ladder movements. The thirty-six-day ladder around the entire temple was completely reflected in his mind. Every change that took place was counted by him!

  He suddenly flashed alight because he found a shortcut!

  Mu Yu did not continue to climb the ladder, but jumped directly to the second ladder!

  "Hey! What do you guys do? Why are you still going down! ”Lu Xianshi stood up fiercely and really wanted to go over and ask questions. A good ladder does not climb, but actually goes down, what the hell?

  "Humph! This is what you call a genius disciple over Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai? Going up the ladder and going down? How stupid is it! ”Situ Yangtian smiled disdainfully.

  However, Zhuge Xiaosheng’s body suddenly stagnate and was very surprised: “This is not–”

  "what happened?"Others don't quite understand that they have never seen this situation, and they don't even understand what the Sovereign is surprised.

  However, Mu Yu has already told everyone by action, what is the correct way to go to heaven!

  (Today these three chapters need to be familiar to people who are slightly familiar with gossip. Anyway, if you don't understand, you should make a mess, don't affect anything, and don't write it so complicated later. I didn’t update it on time because I had a stomachache. I finally got three chapters at night. )

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