The NO. 431 Chapter 8 steps ascend to the Heaven

  Mu Yu jumped to the second ladder on the time found that they did not suffer much impact, the ladder has a strange force to let him safely landed, not too much oppression.

  The nineteen innate faculties in the temple were staring at Mu Yu, and they were clearly disappointed in their eyes, because no one jumped down when they climbed the ladder.

  However, under the guidance of the dead wood, his knowledge of the gossip has reached a very high degree. He used to think that knowing the gossip was a very tasteless thing. I didn't expect it to come here today.

  "one two Three."

  The wood plume silently count, only wait for three breaths of a moment without hesitation to the right to tread past, the eyes of the flash, Flash to the 13th section of the Ladder!

  "what! How can I still go to heaven? ”

  Lu Xianshi stunned and jumped back to the second ladder from the fourth quarter. Can he jump directly to the thirteenth ladder? This way of climbing the ladder is completely beyond his imagination. He never thought about jumping down after he had climbed to the first floor.

  "The ladder is running irregularly. How does he know that he has to wait three breaths?"Situ Yangtian also stunned.

  But Mu Yu’s next move is beyond their imagination, and he jumps down again! Jumped to the fifth section of the ladder, just stand firm and he did not hesitate to step on the left, and turned to the 20th ladder!

  "How could this be?"All the innate squadrons were stunned. If not everyone was present, they thought it was a problem with the ladder.

  However, this is impossible, because the temple is the whole foundation of the array, it is impossible to have problems, but Mu Yu has actually rewritten their understanding of the way to heaven!

  No one has ever jumped back after boarding a ladder. Everyone is trying to climb up. After all, the temple is on a high place. It is the right way to climb the ladder! However, Mu Yu actually took a different approach, jumped one step further, and successfully climbed the ladder higher than the original!

  This is completely beyond everyone's imagination!

  Lu Xianshi’s walking on the ladder was at least a few hundred times. He knew the next route and calculated the wood feather slightly. Then he suddenly felt a sigh of relief and said: “This way from the 20th ladder to the ladder Going up again, you can get on the temple in about eight steps! Add up to a total of thirteen steps! My God, thirteen steps? ”

  The patriarch Zhuge Xiaosheng, who took the shortest time on the ladder, is also the shortest step, only twelve steps! This is already extremely rare. The first time Mu Yu walked, he could use 13 steps, almost all of them had to catch up with Zhuge Xiaosheng's steps!

  It’s incredible!

  "This is really extraordinary!"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng had a white beard and nodded with appreciation. Although according to Mu Yu's way of landing, he did not exceed him in the 13th step, but he knew that Mu Yu is still a Zhongtian disciple. He used 13 steps to overcome many of the innate strategists who were present.

  Usually everyone comes to the temple not all through the ladder, the ladder is just a test method, not used to block others. But every innate philosopher does not only go through the ladder once, and many innate squadrons often use the way of heaven to comprehend the martial arts.

  Because the ladder can deepen the understanding of the gossip, the way to climb the ladder is ever-changing, and if it can successfully climb the ladder,

Then the understanding of the road will be more profound.

  Similar to the ancestor Zhuge Xiaosheng, he tried to climb the ladder no less than 100 times. It took half an hour to use the fastest time. It took 11 steps and broke the original record of his own. This is not known to others. Lu Xianshi often came here to climb the ladder and comprehend the gossip. He spent the fastest three quarters of an hour and used fifteen steps. This is quite a good achievement, at least many times faster than the first time!

  "It's a pity that he has been reduced to a low point. Only such a cultivation is so old, and the talent for cultivation is a bit poor."Zhuge Xiaosheng shook his head and reluctantly said.

  "He will catch up sooner or later. I will definitely urge this. But thirteen steps! His understanding of the road is really more than me. ”Lu Xianshi was not as good as himself, but he was very happy in his heart. There was a good younger generation in the array. It was better than blue in blue. This is naturally a good thing.

  "Thirteen steps, when can I reach it?"Xia Xianshi sighed.

  Mu Yu has never been a step-by-step person. He always likes to take an unusual path and prefers to take shortcuts. His way of going to heaven is not step by step, but going back and forth, it seems ridiculous, but it is easier than everyone else! According to everyone's thoughts, Mu Yu has already gone five steps, as long as he goes up eight steps, he can make people look at it with 13 steps.

  But Mu Yu jumped again!

  "Is he crazy?"Everyone saw the brow's brow in the temple. If you choose to jump down at the moment, it is obviously a waste of time. How can he go this way?

  "What the kid is doing! Did you give up the good results of the thirteen steps? ”Lu Xianshi was anxious again. The thirteen steps were already against the sky, but Mu Yu did not continue to go up as they expected, but jumped down!

  Mu Yu has jumped from the 20th ladder to the 11th ladder, and at this time, he did not go right away, but sat down.

  He is sitting for a quarter of an hour, everyone is in a hurry, how is this kid going? Obviously, you can use the thirteen steps to go to the sky. How do you give up in the middle?

  "This kid is jumping around and it seems to be stupid. We are still too high to see him, you
Say yes, Brother Lu Deyi? ”Situ Yangtian snorted.

  Lu Xianshi was quite annoyed by Situ Yangtian's cynicism, but Mu Yu did not follow the routine. The good way to go to heaven could surpass him, but gave up again. It really made him depressed and vomiting blood. .

  But after a quarter of an hour, Mu Yu suddenly stood up and saw the timing of the ladder movement, stepping out again!

  This step actually allowed him to step directly onto the thirty-fifth ladder from the eleventh ladder!

  How can this be?


  Everyone took a breath of cold air. After they came back, Mu Yu had stepped out again. At this time, he did not appear on the ladder, but stepped directly into the magnificent temple!

  Mu Yu was relieved and just wanted to shout a "Mom, finally got out of the ghost ladder." Then he found that nineteen horrible breaths were on him, and he felt the pressure again. Fortunately, he did not say anything. .

  "The younger generation, I have seen you first."Mu Yu was stared at by the nineteen eyes and couldn't understand why these people looked at him strangely.

  After a moment, I found that no one responded to him and raised his head in confusion.

  What Mu Yu didn't know was that everyone was shocked by the way he climbed the ladder.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng was the first person to return to God. He thought of something. His heart was already magnificent. Then he coughed twice and tried to calm his shock. He said, "You are the Zhongtian disciple?"

  "Back to the lord, the younger generation is the Zhongtian disciple."Mu Yu said modestly. He has never seen Zhuo Xiaosheng, the patriarch of the ancestors, but it is enough to know the identity of the other person by seeing the seat of Ge Xiaosheng and the unfathomable atmosphere.

  Lu Xianshi stood up fiercely and asked incredulously: "You just took eight steps and spent half an hour on the ladder?"

  Mu Yu saw Lu Xianshi like that, and thought that Lu Xianshi was dissatisfied with the time he used. He said sincerely: "Return to the first division, the younger generation walked the ladder for the first time, because it is too complicated and mysterious, so It took a little more time, and maybe it took a few more steps, so that you can wait for a long time, and ask everyone to sue."

  Wait a long time? Waiting for your sister for a long time!

  Everyone has a face-to-face relationship, and they all want to commit suicide. A younger generation not only uses a new way to refresh the record, but even does not know what he has done. I dare to think that this guy is because he is not satisfied with waiting too long, I really think too much! Half an hour, eight steps to the sky, this is beyond the existence of the ancestor Zhuge Xiaosheng!


  Lu Xianshi swallowed a sip, but still could not recover from the shock. Eight steps! It only took eight steps, less than the number of steps of the lord, and the time is still the same. This incredible way of landing has completely refreshed everyone's ideas!

  No one thought that the ladder could jump up and down?

  "The average person who wants to climb the ladder is to climb straight up. How do you think about going back?"After a long time, Zhuge Xiaosheng said the questions for everyone.

  Mu Yu replied honestly: "The disciples initially thought that the changes in these ladders were irregular, but later they found that they were wrong. The ladder changes were regular."

  When he had not finished speaking, he was interrupted by Situ Yangtian: "Impossible, there is no law in the trajectory of the ladder. This is well known!"

  Mu Yu frowned, he can clearly feel that Situ Yangtian seems to dislike him very much, this guy is a stinky face for anyone, but he did not provoke him, how to say so violent? Mu Yu is still very polite to say: "Return to the first division, UU reading I am talking about the changes of the ladder, not the movement of the ladder."

  "What is the difference?"Situ Yang asked consciously that not only him, but everyone did not understand what Mu Yu was saying.

  Is the change of the ladder not the same as the movement of the ladder?

  "The difference is very big. The trajectory of the ladder refers to the activity of each ladder. The change of the ladder refers to how all the ladder movements change when we board a ladder."Mu Yu explained.

  Mu Yu explained this, everyone is even more confused, do not understand what the wooden feather bite is saying.

  "Explain it in detail."Zhuge Xiaosheng said.

  Mu Yu simply explained the law of single and double interchange. There is no rule in the movement of each ladder. It is impossible to see the law as a whole. However, their laws are reflected on the basis of mutual exchange, that is, the first and second sections of the ladder movement track interchange, the third and fourth sections are interchanged, and so on.

  He is using this law, you can change the way up the ladder, so as to reach the eight steps of the monks! When many people stepped on the second ladder, they found that the way they first saw the ladder movement changed. It was suddenly chaotic, and there was no such thing as regularity in wood feathers.

  The congenital array of teachers is still a group of question marks, Mu Yu is almost speechless, how can you say no? Isn't this a good understanding? Are you a congenital actor a fool?

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