No. 432 Chapter of Heaven

  "It turned out to be like this!"

  When Mu Yu explained the third time, Zhuge Xiaosheng finally nodded thoughtfully. He had the most profound understanding of the Temple ladder, but Rao was the one he had studied for so many years but he did not find such a way to climb the ladder, and Mu Yu’s words directly made him suddenly open. Zhuge Xiaosheng found that he had thought of a deeper battle, and even wanted to leave and practice.

  Yes, fortunately, there are still people who understand.

  "Hey, next door to the left, why are you hanging your teeth."Situ Yangtian was so confused that he still couldn’t understand what Mu Yu was saying. I insist that Mu Yu is up to luck.

  "I rub, where am I getting into this old guy?"Mu Yu feels inexplicable.

  Lu Xianshi didn't do it, although he couldn't understand what Mu Yu was talking about, but Mu Yu did what they didn't do after all, and Mu Yu was a good seed he found. He immediately replied: "Situ Yangtian, Fengmu discovered the deeper mystery of the ladder for the first time. You are not as good as others, but you are the elders like this?"

  "There is also a requirement for the repair of the array. If there is no unique talent for the array, it is a vase!"Situ Yangtian said unceremoniously.

  "Okay, no matter what method is used, Fengmu has indeed climbed the ladder in the shortest time and the fewest steps under our watch. This is beyond doubt. As for his repair, he is personally guided by Lu Shidi. . Feng Mu, is the incident of Fu Zong’s assassination of you true? ”Zhuge Xiaosheng said.

  "Yes, the disciple escaped from Mo Ziming's hand."When Mu Yu said this, he felt that he was helpless. It is clear that Mo Ziming was killed and escaped from his own hands!

  Zhuge Xiaosheng snorted with a breath of inviolable majesty and anger, saying: "The recent movements of Fuzong are becoming more and more rampant. If we don't need to maintain the existing business everywhere, this will definitely not let go. Zong. This account will be held back when the test is over! ”

  Mu Yu was still hesitating to tell Zhu Ge Xiaosheng about the fact that the sect was fine, but he saw Situ Yangtian’s position everywhere, and thought about it. Now he doesn't have any evidence. It doesn't mean that there are so many people in the air, or if you collect the evidence and then inform the sect, it won't be too big.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng also asked about the knowledge of other methods of Mu Yu. Mu Yu’s answer was like a flow. Actually, most of the first divisions looked at each other. They finally understood what kind of talent Lu’s found in the end!

  "You said that you just started two months? You have learned so many legal knowledge in two months after you get started. Are you not the spies sent by Fuzong? ”Cold and uncontrollable, Situ Yangtian suddenly inserted such a sentence.

  Lying trough! This big hat buckles the wood feathers and it is almost ruined!

  My mother is working hard to help you find a fine, how can I become a spy?

  "Returning to the first division, the disciple loved to study the formation method since childhood, and followed me to learn the way of the formation. After my death, I wanted to learn a deeper path, so I would like to go into the battle. It is not a spy. ."Mu Yu resisted his anger and said calmly.

  Lu Xianshi opened it directly; "Situ Yangtian, is your head kicked?" Will Fu Zong send this talent to be a spoiler? It’s hard for us to have a genius disciple. How do you listen to your tone and don’t seem to want to see the rise of the sect? ”

  "I just don't want someone to be blinded and blindfolded.

I will check your identity. ”Situ Yangtian said coldly to Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu touched his nose, but he was ready before he revealed his talent, so he didn't panic at the moment.

  "Okay, Stuart, younger brother, there is no need to guess. I don't want to say anything in the future. I don't want to hear any empty words." If it is true, it will be known. Our sect was suppressed by Fuzong for so many years, and someone should stand up and give Fuzong a little color to see. ”Zhuge Xiaosheng’s voice is not big, but it is powerful and unquestionable.

  "Yes, the lord."Situ Yangtian no longer spoke, just gloomy looking at Mu Yu, I don't know what I was thinking.

  Mu Yu is very glad that he has not said anything about the spies, otherwise he really has to end up with a thankless end. Later, Lu Xianshi took him directly to the temple, and did not need to go through the ladder at all. Shortly after leaving the temple, Lu Xianshi smiled and couldn't wait to praise Mu Yu.

  "Wind wood, you give me a long face today! Haha! You know that you don't know how you climbed the ladder not only surprised everyone, but also successfully broke the record kept by the Sovereign! As long as I have done a good job, I promise to train you to become a qualified first teacher! ”Lu Xianshi looked at Mu Yu with satisfaction, as if he was looking at a perfect piece of art.

  At the beginning, Mu Yu thought that he had spent too much time. He didn't expect to break the record unconsciously. It would not work if he wanted to keep a low profile. The way he jumped up and down the sky was indeed another way. At the time, under the reminder of Xiaoshuai, he made the whole ladder change clearly, and it was this powerful deduction ability that made him discover the unique heaven. the way.

  "As long as you don't give me a congenital base for second-hand goods."Mu Yu said in his heart.


  There is a forbidden forest in the array, and there are usually no disciples who dare to approach and cannot get close. It is said that this is the place of cultivation of the ancestral ancestors of Heaven, and it is not allowed to disturb others.

  Those who can enter the banned forest are usually only Zhu Zongsheng, the patriarch of the ancestor. Of course, if there are some for the ancestor
The disciple of the big contribution also has the opportunity to be allowed to enter. This is a supreme honor. After entering the forbidden forest, you will receive personal guidance from Tiandao. The understanding of the road will be a thousand miles away. This is what all the disciples have dreamed of.

  Before the forest was banned, Zhuge Xiaosheng walked to a tree before walking, and then respectfully said: "The disciple Zhuge Xiaosheng asked for the founder."

  For a long while, there was a pattern on the periphery of the forbidden forest, and then it was calm again.

  "Thank you for the ancestors."Zhuge Xiaosheng stepped in step by step, he did not enter the forbidden forest, but the whole person has been integrated into the void. The Forbidden Forest is still so lush and full of vitality, as if nothing has happened.

  The emergence of Zhuge Xiaosheng is already in a bleak forest. The leaves are yellow and the leaves are flying. A middle-aged man with no white whiskers is sitting under the tree, and the leaves are covered with his head and shoulders. He seems to have no awareness. The whole body is introverted, like an ordinary person, but his temperament sets him apart.

  "The disciple has seen the founder."Zhuge Xiaosheng bowed down the court, and his expression was respectful.

  This white-faced middle-aged man is known as the founder of the world.

  Tiandao Road closed his eyes, not even to see Zhuge Xiaosheng. Zhuge Xiaosheng did not have any dissatisfaction, but quietly fell on the ground and did not stand up.

  After a long time, the heavenly road slowly said: "Get up, what?"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng stood up and said: "Returning to the founder, today someone took the ladder in eight steps and spent only half an hour."

  "Eight steps!"The sky suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes were like a deep starry sky, looking directly at Zhuge Xiaosheng, Zhuge Xiaosheng was shocked, feeling that his words and deeds were clearly seen by the ancestors, and the atmosphere did not dare to breathe. .

  "Back to the founder, this person is named Fengmu, but is a Zhongtian disciple. Like the founder, he took only eight steps to climb the ladder. ”Zhuge Xiaosheng is not as good as himself. Everyone knows that Zhuge Xiaosheng used twelve steps to climb the ladder, but he did not know that Tiandao and Muyu used eight steps!

  It is a pity that Tiandaodao never told other people how to achieve eight steps to the sky. He said that all of this can only be realized by himself to get a deeper experience.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng has been trying to shorten the number of steps to ten steps. However, after so many years, he has only reached the limit of eleven steps. He never thought that a young Zhongtian disciple would use it for the first time. Eight steps succeeded in reaching the realm of heaven!

  "Zhongtian disciple? Not a congenital disciple? ”There was a trace of surprise on the face of the ancient road.

  "He has passed the test of two monuments. He is already a quasi-innate disciple. When he breaks the third monument, he can become a congenital disciple."Zhuge Xiaosheng said.

  “The Zhongtian disciple has such amazing talent?”The light of the stars in the Taoist Taoism was once again unpredictable, and suddenly asked, "Is he the middle-class disciple who has just started two months?"

  "He really just got started for two months. Do you know him?"Zhuge Xiaosheng is somewhat curious.

  "A middle-class disciple who has passed the eighth scorpion, how can I not know him!"The look of the sky is still unpredictable, I don’t know what to think about.

  Usually, Tiandao does not care about the affairs of the ancestors. Only at certain times will he be disturbed. For example, when Mu Yu chose to kill and then succumbed to the eighth.

  "what? He passed the eighth! Why don't I know about this? ”Zhuge Xiaosheng was shocked on his face. He thought that his grandfather was joking.

  "I only know this one thing. I am afraid that there are two disciples who are on duty to be known on the day. It seems that they did not say this thing."Tiandao Road nodded deeply and was not surprised.

  The gossip gossip is used to test the talents of the newly-introduced disciples. UU reads After three passes, he is the disciple of the day after tomorrow. He has passed the four-fifth and five-year-old descendants of Zhongtian disciples and passed through six hundred and seventy-eight. It is a congenital disciple. The more the front door is, the harder it is.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng had only passed through the Seven Miles at the beginning. Even the only inborn disciple, Mu Chenghong, had only passed the Seven Miles. The only person who has passed the gossip, the array has only been one person since ancient times!

  "If Fengmu has passed the eighth, why is he a middle-class disciple?"For a long time, Zhuge Xiaosheng continued to ask indisputably.

  Usually for the introduction of disciples, unless there is a congenital disciple, they will not be alarmed. After all, Zhongtian disciples still have hundreds of people in the end. They are not as important as the innate disciples. If you ask one by one, it is too much trouble.

  "He chose the way to kill and then give birth. The fourth one passed as the eighth, and then stopped. It seems that he does not want to experience some pain. He does not even know that he has Eighth."

  Tiandao knows what the eighth slogan means. He also understands why Mu Yu has not chosen to continue to squat after he passed the eighth squad, because the eighth test is too harsh and the energy consumed is quite Big.

  Killed and then survived the eighth? It took eight steps to climb the ladder?

  Zhuge Xiaosheng was shocked. So far, only the Heavenly Taoist ancestors have done these two points, but Fengmu has done it. Doesn't that mean that Fengmu is likely to become the second avenue?

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