The No. 435 Chapter of array

  The vines all over the sky suddenly from four places at the same time from the bottom of the yellow sand, waiting for the Cheng Hong! These four places are the most likely places for Mu Yu to calculate Mu Chenghong. As long as Mu Chenghong appears in any of these four places, he will be entangled in the vines and can't break free.

  "Is it? Is the younger brother so confident? ”Mu Chenghong had a hook in his mouth. He did not appear in any of the four directions predicted by Mu Yu, but stopped directly. When he was stopped, he only chased his vines and just sneaked his head out and stalked Mucheng.

  "Why didn't the brothers run away?"When Mu Yu’s brow was picked, he suddenly felt that something was wrong.

  However, he quickly understood why Mu Chenghong did not run. The vines wrapped Mu Chenghong's body tightly around, and then Mu Chenghong turned into a yellow sand.

  "It turns out that my brother who has been chasing for a long time is just a phantom!"Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully, "Great! In the illusion, another illusion was laid, and I realized it until now. ”

  The profoundness of the array has been deeply impressed by Mu Yu, and Mu Chenghong’s accomplishments against the array also made Mu Yu sigh. Although he has a strong understanding of the law, but the mystery of many arrays is still not fully touched, especially the congenital array of the array, how powerful and powerful, Mu Yu only learned a few months, still only in the tube .

  However, Mu Yu is not discouraged. The really powerful arrays are all in the "Xuan Zhen" of the dead wood, which is the battle that Mu Yu needs to learn.

  "The younger brother is only lacking in experience. If the younger brother is like a brother-in-law who has been studying for so long, he will have long realized that the formation is not only one."Mu Chenghong’s voice still echoes in the sky and yellow sand, and his figure is still undetermined.

  "The array is not only one?"

  Mu Yu looked at the sand and dust, watching the sand and the dragon vines rushing in the storm, looking at his own oasis, he fell into meditation. In the competition of the array, he can invade his own oasis illusion into the other side's yellow sand illusion. This is actually a matrix in a certain sense, but this array is controlled by two people. The more powerful the array, the more active it will be.

  Incorporating another illusion in his own illusion, this array is another concept. Like Mu Yu once dealt with Mo Ziming, he also used Qingyan to take the sound array and the thundering snakes, but this is not a battle, but two independent arrays.

  The so-called array in the array is like the effect of the Qingyan sound-sounding array in the stunned snakes, and only one array can play the power of other arrays.

  Mu Chenghong has already taken the stage to the extreme, and Mu Yu understands that in this contest of the array, it is impossible to find Mu Chenghong in the array of Mu Chenghong in the normal way.

  However, the array is not perfect, it will have weaknesses, but where is the weakness of Mu Chenghong's battle?

  Time does not know how long it has passed, Mu Yu is still only controlling the dragon vines against the sand. He did not go blindly to find out where Mu Chenghong was in the sky, but he was always thinking. Mu Chenghong did not say anything, and did not seem to want to disturb the thoughts of Mu Yu.

  In the perception of Muyu, Mu Chenghong's figure still exists in the three orientations in the blind eye, but he always feels that there seems to be something missing around him.

  what is it then?

  Mu Yu’s hand grabbed a g of yellow sand, and the yellow sand slipped at his fingertips.

Then it drifted with the wind. He looked at the flying yellow sand and slammed his head and looked at the wild sand shovel in the distance. Suddenly his mind gradually became clear.

  This is the case!

  The direction of the sand, the direction of the storm, and the direction of the snow fluttering in the snow and ice, the direction of the peaks blew their clothes hunting, the direction of the breeze in the forest of Lu Xianshi is the same!

  Mu Yu looked at it all in surprise. He never imagined that the Magic Array could reach such a realistic level. This is exactly the true interpretation of the "Stolen Days" that Lu Xianshi gave him! Mu Chenghong actually played the magical array to such a level of ecstasy.

  "It turned out that I was deceived by my brother from the beginning."

  Mu Yu marveled at the timing and ability of Mu Chenghong to display the magic array. Even he did not notice the abnormality at first, it was terrible!

  "I know how to crack your battle, and the brothers are really powerful."

  Mu Yu closed his eyes, and the whole body began to flow quickly, and then slowly gathered on his eyes. He opened his eyes for a while, and his eyes flashed with green lines.

  The surrounding yellow sand illusion has long since disappeared, and they re-sit on the highest peak of the array, overlooking the entire array. Mu Chenghong is still sitting on the rock, it seems that it has never been moved, and Mu Yu is also sitting in the same place, the distance between the two is only two meters.

  "Is the teacher aware?"Mu Chenghong smiled slightly, still looking at the distant array, and opened his arms to embrace the entire array.

  Mu Yu admired the nod. "Senior brother, it is really a good skill, the younger brother is taught."

  Mu Chenghong did not move from the beginning. Mu Yu watched him lie in the yellow sand and could not stop moving in the Huangsha array. Mu Yu also looked for him in the Huangsha array. In fact, Mu Chenghong has been sitting in the same place. From the beginning, Mu Chenghong brought Mu Yu into the magic array. Everything is the illusion of Mu Yu. Unconsciously, the magical array of Mu Chenghong!

  "Just these?"Mu Chenghong asked.

  "Of course not, I am afraid we are not at the peak of the sect."Mu Yu admired. He closed his eyes and then
When I opened my eyes, I was already in the air, and I was surrounded by Mu Chenghong’s clothes. It was the road that Mu Yu was taken to the highest peak of the ancestors!

  "And we are not flying in the air!"Mu Yu closed his eyes again. When he opened, he had already returned to the residence of Lu Xianshi. Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian were still there, and Mu Chenghong stood beside Situ Yangtian, reaching out and holding Mu Yu. together.

  Everything that Mu Yu has just experienced is actually an illusion!

  In the moment when Mu Chenghong’s hand touched Mu Yu, Mu Yu was unconsciously brought into his magical array by Mu Chenghong. How did Mu Yu leave Mu Chenghong's residence with Mu Chenghong, how did Mu Chenghong take him to the highest peak, how to take him to look down the entire array, and how to say what he wants to test Mu Yu, how to Chasing in the yellow sands with Mu Yu…

  All of this is fake!

  Mu Chenghong's magic array acts on Mu Yu, and it seems that they have had an hour of time, but in fact only a blink of an eye!

  "how? This kid broke your magic array so soon? ”Situ Yangtian asked with a slanting head, slightly frowning, and questioning his face.

  Mu Chenghong smiled softly and said: "The wind brother is really a genius, and the brothers' skills can't help you."

  Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully, and the superb of Mu Chenghong’s array had exceeded his imagination. With such a simple contact, he could display his own array of techniques, and there was no sudden abrupt movement, without any abnormality. The eyes of Mu Yu were blinded.

  "But I think we have already met in the Magic Array."Mu Chenghong has no provocation to Mu Yu, and his manners are very easy-going, without any hostility.

  Lu Xianshi knew that Mu Chenghong had used the technique of Mu Yu. He was too lazy to care about anything. He turned to Situ Yangtian and said: "It is always suspicious. What do you want?"


  Situ Yangtian’s gloomy face remained unchanged, and he didn’t want to stay longer. He turned and left. Mu Chenghong Chao Lu Xianshi slightly covered himself, nodded to Mu Yu, and left.

  This is a very strange feeling. In the eyes of Situ Yangtian and Lu Xianshi, Mu Chenghong came here to contact Mu Yu for less than a moment. The two just shook hands and spoke two sentences. If it wasn't for Mu Yu's dialogue with Mu Chenghong in the illusion, he could not understand Mu Chenghong alone through this moment of effort.

  Mu Yu and Lu Xianshi took a half-time leave and followed Mu Chenghong to go out and stopped Mu Chenghong on the way. Situ Yangtian seems to be very unwilling to see Mu Yu, so he left himself.

  "Senior brother, you are afraid to say something to me, are you?"Mu Yu’s eyes are clear and his expression is indifferent. Mu Chenghong’s feelings for him are very extraordinary. His array of sounds is silent and unpretentious, and he can achieve the desired level. However, he always has a lot of thoughts. The words he said to Mu Yu have been swaying like a worry. The literary youth of the people, from time to time, sighed two sentiments.

  "The talent of the younger brother does not lose to the brother."Mu Chenghong looked at Mu Yu's gaze, and then, as if he had thought of something, he shook his head slightly. "What the younger brother lacks now is experience and cultivation. If it is true, it will definitely exceed the brothers." At that time, I hope that we will not really stand on the opposite side. ”

  Mu Chenghong’s eyes are meaningful. They are just the simplest illusion of today’s competition. They rely on fighting and fighting, rather than repairing the opposite. The true power of the array is not fully realized. UU reading

  "Why do the brothers think that we will stand opposite?"

  Mu Yu looked at Mu Chenghong. He did not like Mu Chenghong at the beginning, thinking that Mu Chenghong only came to challenge Mu Yu. However, Mu Chenghong did not have any maliciousness against Mu Yu. It seems that only a person who has been lonely for a long time has suddenly found a confidant. The words spoken to Mu Yu always have some unspeakable meaning.

  "Yes! Why do we stand on the opposite side? ”Mu Chenghong looked at the fallen leaves in the woods, caught a fallen yellow leaves, and a look of desolateness appeared on his face. He also gave infinite hope for a long while. "The sect is a very good place, it is worthy of our guardianship." ."

  The leaves swayed and swayed in the wind, swaying in the woods, like nostalgia, reluctant. Mu Chenghong finally glanced at Mu Yu and said: "I always think that we will have a real contest, about the contest of the array. I hope that we can make the right choices, and I hope that your path is right. ”

  my way?

  Mu Chenghong’s figure has disappeared into the woods. Mu Yu thought for a moment and suddenly felt a little funny: “Have you regarded me as a spy of Fuzong?”

  Mu Chenghong is like warning Wood Yu what, and seems to be very happy to see the talent of Mu Yu on the road, admit the talent of Mu Yu, and cherish each other. There may be such a contest between the two, Mu Yu is not sure, but he is also looking forward to it.

  After experiencing the illusion of Mu Chenghong, Mu Yu understood that he still had a lot to learn.

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