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Chapter 436 Broken blood jade crystal

  It has been two months since the incident of the ascending ladder. The reputation of "Fengmu" in the past two months is still rumored in the Zhongtian disciples. After all, Mu Yu broke the second monument in front of everyone and confirmed him. The status of genius.

  Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai have never come to find the trouble of Mu Yu. If they show their feet at the moment, they will have a great influence on Fu Zong’s plan, so they all know how to forbear.

  Mu Yu still followed the Lu Xianshi in the past two months. Lu Xianshi did not hesitate to teach all the knowledge of the martial arts to Mu Yu. The performance of Mu Yu did not disappoint him. He never simply grasped the basics. Beginner of the array.

  At the same time, Mu Yu is also practicing the "Xuan Zhen" left by the dead wood old man in the dark, and he is pleasantly surprised that he can already understand some of the arrays of "Xuan Zhen". Professor Lu Xianshi Mu Yu's basic points about congenital arrays, these basic points are very necessary for learning "Xuanzhen".

  In addition to cultivation, Mu Yu often dazes to the soul of the dead wood in the blood jade ink crystal, he hopes that all his arrays are taught by the dead wood, not from others. But when he took the bleeding jade ink crystal today, his face suddenly changed!

  There is a crack in the blood jade ink crystal!

  "Little handsome, how is blood jade ink crystal?"Mu Yu eagerly woke up the little handsome guy in his pocket.

  Blood jade ink crystal is a very precious congenital foundation, far better than other congenital formations on the wooden feather hand! The aura contained in it is very majestic, and the wooden feathers must ensure that the aura of blood jade crystals does not dissipate every day, but yesterday was still good, but today there suddenly appeared a crack in the blood jade ink crystal!

  If the blood jade ink crystals happen, then the fixed soul array depicted inside will also dissipate, and the soul of the dead wood will be dangerous!

  Xiaoshuai stumbled into his head and said: "I don't know, I didn't eat it."

  "Of course it doesn't matter to you, but the cracks in the blood jade ink crystal indicate that the aura inside is already scarce. Do you have a way to inject aura into the blood jade ink crystal?"Mu Yu was anxiously input into the blood jade ink crystal. He was shocked to find that some of the original methods in the blood jade ink crystal had begun to collapse. Even the images left by the dead wood old man disappeared, and many patterns began. Dissipate, will spread to the soul of the soul.

  If you don't stop it, the soul squad will be in jeopardy!

  Xiaoshuai took over the blood jade ink crystal, touched it twice, felt the exhausted aura inside, and shook his head: "The aura that the soul array needs to consume is too large, and the blood jade ink crystal has been used a lot by the dead wood old man. Second, now I am afraid that the aura can no longer be maintained. We can only transfer the fixed soul array to other congenital formations. ”

  The array can be transferred from a congenital formation to another congenital formation. This is what Lu Xianshi told him. This will ensure that the aura of the base will not be consumed when the fight is over. However, the premise of the transfer array is to have a good understanding of this array, in order to transfer the past intact.

  The bloody jade crystal crystal is the inventor of the dead wood, and its formation is very complicated. There is no more than tens of thousands of spiritual lines. Mu Yu can’t take over, let alone transfer it to Another congenital base.

  Mu Yu forced himself to calm down, he rummaged in "Xuan Zhen", and soon found the record of the dead woods.

  There are a total of 29,372 lines in the soul line, and another eighty-one small gossip arrays nestled in the gossip formation.

The rules of the spiritual engraving of each small gossip array are all available, and there are many records of the dead woods in many points, because he thinks these are too simple and do not need to be pointed out.

  This is a disaster for Mu Yu, because he can't touch this point!

  The innate array of spiritual engraving lines that usually follow Lu Xianshi’s learning is only 2,000, but the spiritual engraving of the fixed soul array is nearly 30,000, which is beyond the reach of Mu Yu.

  "How to do? Do I have to re-describe a fixed soul array? ”Mu Yu was extremely anxious, and his entire way of arranging the soul array was not completely understood. He could not guarantee whether his own soul array could completely preserve the soul of the dead wood.

  "You can only try it, or the soul of the dead wood may actually have an accident."Long Teng is also on the sidelines.

  Mu Yu forced himself to calm down. Now he has no way to do it. He only has to paint his own soul. There are nearly 30,000 spiritual engraving lines in the soul squad. It is too complicated, and the wooden feathers must give it to the scalp.

  He began to seriously study the depiction of the fixed soul array in "Xuan Zhen". Xiao Shuai's learning ability is also very strong, and it also looks at it with Mu Yu.

  "The third gossip formation is in accordance with the method of the wind and the heart, do you have learned the wind and the heart?"Xiaoshuai asked.

  "Don't learn."

  Mu Yu shook his head, and the wind and the heart was also a kind of high-dark method detailed in the dead wood. This kind of method can make several people in the formation of the law do the same, and be familiar with what everyone thinks. Even this array of methods requires the use of 3,000 spiritual engraving lines, which is beyond the tolerance of Mu Yu.

  "But I can definitely learn it."Mu Yu said with a bite.

  He began to study the method of depicting the soul of the soul in a sleepless night, and he did not understand it in many places, so he learned very hard. In the characterization of the wind and the heart, he failed for 30 times!

  Although Mu Yu is first-class, whether it is in the squad or on the ladder, he is still very weak on the basis of the characterization method, simple congenital
It’s hard to beat him, but the way he paints in the soul array is very complicated, and he can’t learn it smoothly.

  After spending a full three days, Mu Yu finally learned the wind and the heart. However, the wind and the heart of the heart is only one of the eighty-one arrays. According to this speed of learning, it takes nearly a year for Mu Yu to learn eighty-one advanced formations!

  The problem is that blood jade ink crystal can not last for a year!

  "There must be other ways."What Mu Yu is missing now is time. Time is always precious to him.

  There are two cracks on the blood jade crystal, and the lesser the aura it contains.

  "How to do?"There is a desperation in the bottom of Mu Yu’s heart. If the soul of the soul disappears, he does not know what will happen to the soul of the dead wood, and if it is scattered, it will never be recovered!


  Mu Yu had no choice but to go and ask Lu Xianshi to find a solution.

  "Do you mean how to quickly make up for the aura of a loss of congenital formation? I have not given you so many innate foundations, you should be enough! ”Lu Xianshi thought that Mu Yu had consumed the aura of the innate foundation.

  Mu Yu quickly said: "The disciple is mainly curious, because the aura of the innate array consumes too fast, and it feels like it will take too long for it to recover automatically."

  The congenital matrix will automatically absorb the aura to restore itself every moment, but the recovery speed of the blood jade ink crystal aura can not make up for the speed of its consumption, so this problem will occur.

  Lu Xianshi thought for a moment and shook his head. "This is no way. If the congenital matrix can quickly replenish the lost aura, then our innate actor will have no drawbacks." Your thoughts are very good, but many of your innate philosophers have considered this before, and they all tried their best to avoid the shortcomings of the squad. Unfortunately, no one has succeeded. ”

  Mu Yu’s face is gray, isn’t the dead wood old man really saved?

  Lu Xianshi did not find Mu Yu's face. He patted his head and thought of something. He said, "Oh, yes, I almost forgot, I should have given it to you yesterday. The Sovereign said, because now you are already a congenital disciple, so he specially gave this piece to you, this is the identity of the innate disciple. ”

  In the hands of Lu Xianshi, there was a white and transparent jade. This jade has only two fingers. The jade is the shape of the gossip. The middle is engraved with a "first" character. The whole body is very rich, but it is a very mellow congenital foundation. .

  In the ancestors, only the innate philosophers and the innate disciples will be assigned to this jade. Everyone who owns this piece of jade is truly a core member of the sect.

  Mu Yu took over Yu Pei and felt the majestic aura of Yu Pei, but she was not happy at all. It is normal to change it. If he gets this jade, then he will be very excited, because the quality of this piece of jade is a good quality in the innate. But now Lu Xianshi is giving a hundred innate foundations to Mu Yu, and Mu Yu is not happy.

  If the aura of blood jade is exhausted, the soul of the dead wood will dissipate, then it is useless to give more congenital formations.

  Lu Xianshi took a picture of Mu Yu’s shoulder, but his face showed an envious look: “I said Fengmu, you should be thankful, because the lord said that this piece of jade is made by you.” Imagine that we are not so blessed to get the favor of the founder, I did not expect that a new disciple would have alarmed the heavenly masters. ”

  "The sky!"Mu Yu exclaimed, right! He needs to go to the sky to help, and there must be a way.

  "It is the ancestor of the heavens."Lu Xianshi had already guessed that Mu Yu would be shocked. In his opinion, whoever heard that his jade is made by the ancestors of the heavens, he would be flattered.

  Lu Xianshi said with a smile, "I know that you have also been shocked, but I am very envious! I can get a gift from the Heavenly Masters. It seems that the Heavenly Masters really value you seriously! ”

  But Mu Yu simply doesn't care about this stupid jade. He cares about Tiandaodao himself! The array of heavenly roads and the dead woods are a level, he can certainly understand the soul array, and will know how to transfer the soul array!

  Mu Yu eagerly asked: "Lu Xianshi, can I see the Heavenly Masters?"

  Lu Xianshi snorted his beard slowly and said: "No, the ancestors of the heavens are usually in the forbidden forest. Only when he wants to see someone, will he see him."


  "Don't be, just go back and learn about the array. By the way, you can now take this piece of jade to go to the third floor of the pavilion. There are innate arrays, everything is there, remember not to ask me again. ”Lu Xianshi smiled.

  Mu Yu left the room of Lu Xianshi in frustration. Lu Xianshi would not lie to him. If he did not want to see him, then it would be useless for him to beg for Lu Xianshi.

  This time, the origin of the battle was originally to determine whether there was any accident in the sky. Since the sky channel can make jade for Mu Yu, it means that the Mie Palace guards have not played against Tiandao. But the sky is all right, the dead wood old man has another accident!

  "No, I have to find a way to see the heavens."Mu Yu clenched his fist. In order to fight the soul of the dead wood, he had to ask for help from Tiandao!

  Mu Yu did not return to his residence, where Duan Yang and Wu Wenxing were always in the way. He found a quiet place, put the jade on the side and took the jade jade.
Smoky, looking at the cracks on the blood jade crystal, the heart is like a knife!

  Because of his mistakes, let the dead wood fall in the hands of the day, lost his life, and now because of his short learning time for the battle, the soul of the dead wood can not be saved.

  "How do you get into the forbidden forest of the sect?"Mu Yu had already visited the sect when he came to the sect, and he knew where the ban was. But there is a strong ban outside the ban, and he can't get in.

  When Zhu Zhuo told him that only the disciples who made great contributions to the ancestors could see the heavens. If anyone can defeat the Fuzong disciple in the match test, UU reads then the person is eligible to enter the Forbidden Forest and receive the interview with the Heavenly Taoist.

  However, it took more than a month for the test to start, but with the current situation of blood jade and ink crystal, I am afraid that it will not last until that time.


  The blood jade ink crystal actually cracked again at this time, and the degree of cracking this time almost immediately cut the whole blood jade ink crystal into two segments.

  "Do not! Do not! ”Mu Yu panicked and looked at the blood jade ink crystal on his hand. He obviously felt that this crack had already caused the entire blood jade ink crystal to collapse. Mu Yu held the blood jade ink crystal tightly and desperately wanted to do something, but he was shocked to see that the soul array had begun to dissipate!

  "Do not!"Mu Yu felt deeply desperate, and the things he least wanted to see eventually happened. The pattern of the soul array is slowly trembled, and the blood jade ink crystal can no longer provide enough aura to maintain the soul.

  "Daddy, don't leave me again."Mu Yu looked at the soul of the dead wood in the soul of the soul, he thought he could save the dead wood old man, but he was wrong, he could not save the dead wood old for the first time, can not save the dead wood old second Times!

  The dead wood old man is the spiritual power of Mu Yu's learning method. Everything he came here was for the dead wood, but he didn't wait for him to learn all the skills. The dead wood old man would leave him again.

  "No-" Mu Yu’s eyes looked at the pattern of the soul-studded gradual collapse in front of his eyes. He never imagined that the reality was so cruel!

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