Chapter 437 Plot


  However, when Mu Yu was ignorant, Lu Xianshi gave him a white light suddenly, and quickly shrouded the blood jade crystal, and the huge aura continued to sweep out from the jade. Then the white pattern emerged from the jade, intertwined in the blood jade ink crystal, and gradually infiltrated into the blood jade ink crystal, the inscriptions of the ancients floated in the air.

  "This is -" Mu Yu looked at the blood jade ink crystal in amazement.

  The blood jade ink crystal has been completely broken into powder, but a micro-complex array method has slowly risen from the powder. The soul of the dead wood old man seems to be so clear, and it is a complete soul array. !

  The fixed soul array moved to the white jade under the wrap of the pattern, disappeared, and all the white light and the pattern disappeared, as if nothing happened.

  Mu Yu carefully reached out and put the spiritual power into the white jade, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the soul array had been transferred to the white jade!

  "But – why?"Mu Yu holds Jade, for fear that it will happen again. He remembered the words of Lu Xianshi. This piece of jade is made by Tian Tiandao. Is it true that Tiandao already knows his true identity?

  "Thank you."Mu Yu said silently, no matter whether he or she knows his identity, but this piece of jade helps him to keep the soul of the dead wood old, so that the soul of the dead wood does not dissipate, he knows that he owes a heavenly road to a big man.

  "The matter of the next battle is my business, I swear."Mu Yu thinks of the dilemma that the sect is facing now. Fu Zong is rude and wants to subvert the sect. The innate squad seems to be completely ignorant, so he needs to help the sect and repay this person.


  The two people around Duan Yang and Wu Wenxing still don't know that they have been controlled by Mu Yu. They are still obediently obeying the call of Mu Yu, and then they ran to Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai to complain about it.

  However, their every move can not escape the eyes of Mu Yu, Mu Yu with the soul of the wood to ensure this.

  A few days later, Mu Yu finally caught an opportunity. Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai were both going to sneak up all the rape gatherings before the match test to confirm the plan to win the battle.

  Zhongtian disciples often follow the middle school and the first division to go out to the field. Every time these gatherings of Fuzong are fine, they will leave the sect with excuses as attendance. Duan Yang and Wu Wenxing traveled together and then turned to a very remote mountain, waiting for the night to gradually fall.

  Mu Yu quietly looked at them both in the distance. If there were no accidents, he planned to use the soul of the soul to control all the spies from Fuzong tonight. First, the traitors in the Zhongtian disciples will be wiped out. The disciples of the disciples will not be able to control them, and they will not have to take care of them. The spies of the disciples of Zhongtian are the main force of rebellion.

  The setting sun has sunk and the crescent climbs on the branches.

  Duan Yang and Wu Wenxing put on the night clothes and covered themselves with a hood. They could not see who was in the dark. Then the two suddenly took out a piece of paper and posted it on the body. Then the two of them became like a part of the night, and there was no such thing as a living person!

  If it is not the god of wood feathers still on them, I am afraid that they will not find traces of the two. Fu Zong’s sneak technique is so brilliant, it’s no wonder that they have not been discovered for a long time in the battle.

  "Blue Lion."

  Duan Yang’s voice has changed dramatically.

It became very ethereal. This is caused by the skills of their bodies. Not only can they hide their breath, but they can also change their voices at will, even their own people can't find out.

  The blue lions are the location where they meet, and there are six places where the sects are connected. The blue lion is just one of them.

  The two, like the bats in the night, flashed into the darkness, left the mountains, and went to the wilderness of the demon. There are some high-level monsters gathered in the Wicked Wilderness. People without strength are afraid to get involved easily. It is reasonable to say that it is quite dangerous to step into this wilderness with the repair of Duan Yang and Wu Wenxing. But wherever they went, the monsters did not notice their breath and simply ignored it.

  The two walked cautiously and stopped before the cave of the blue lion beast. The blue lion beast is a fifth-order monster, which is equivalent to the strength of the comprehension of the comprehension. One paw is enough to crush the Yuan Ying period. But Duan Yang and Wu Wenxing have already entered the nest, apparently knowing that this nest is unusual.

  Mu Yu stood in the distance of the cave and did not go straight in. He stopped for a while, and from time to time there was a lot of darkness flashing from all sides, and fell into the cave of the blue lion beast. He frowned and finally hid in a poplar tree, controlling the roots to enter the cave of the blue lion beast.

  The cave of the Qingshi beast is very spacious enough to accommodate the gathering of one hundred people. This should be the place that Fu Zong deliberately excavated and used to meet. There are indeed two green lion beasts in the cave, but they are like trained. If they are innocent, they will fall on the ground, squinting their eyes, and occasionally licking their tails to drive away some mosquitoes.

  The entire cave exudes a terrible green glow, and it looks cloudy on every black shadow. Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai have long been there for a long time, only the two of them did not bring the hood, only the identity of these shadows is well known, so there is no need to hide.

  Everyone enters the cave and quietly finds a place to stand, no extra movements, no talk. After about half an hour, Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai both counted the number, just 57 people, no more.

  Luo Feilong glanced at it and then said loudly: "Everyone, today is our last rally, as long as everyone has their own duties, one month later.
We will receive the sect of Fuzong. At that time, it is the moment when we make a meritorious deed, and we no longer have to worry about the faction in the whole day. ”

  There was a commotion in the shadows, and it was necessary to carry out the psychological pressure of the negative pole. If you accidentally reveal the horse's feet, you will die very hard. They have been stunned for a few years, and they are almost ready to go out.

  As long as the next month's match test, Fu Zong gave a command, and they should be able to subvert the battle, and they will be able to be a disciple of Fuzong, and no longer have to fight in the battle. !

  "be quiet! Tonight, we have an important person in Fuzong who has come here. He will introduce detailed plans to everyone. ”Ji Wenkai finished and Luo Feilong retired to the side, and then slowly came out of the corner of the cave.

  Mu Yu was slightly shocked. He had not noticed that there were people behind Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai. This person did not wear a hood, or even wear a night coat, but his appearance made everyone awe-inspiring!

  Everyone squats on one knee at the same time, Christine said: "See Zhou Xianshi!"

  Fu Zong's Zhou Jinglin!

  Zhou Jinglin glanced gratifiedly at all the black people, and he said, "You are all the heroes of Fu Zong. You have worked hard these years."

  "It’s been done for the sake of Fu Zong’s great cause!"The voices of all the disciples seemed to be loud and even a bit of fanaticism. Zhou Jinglin’s position in Fuzong is extremely high. He is usually their contact person. Only Zhou Jinglin knows the true identity of each of them. It can be said that only Zhou Jinglin can recognize their status in Fuzong, so they dare not violate Zhou Jinglin's orders.

  "It is actually Zhou Jinglin."

  Mu Yu frowned, he did not expect a halfway will kill a Zhou Jinglin. Zhou Jinglin has a distracted period of cultivation. If he is present, it is a bit of a hassle for Mu Yu to use the spirit of the soul to control the spies.

  Zhou Jinglin waved his hand and let everyone get up. He said loudly: "At the beginning of the separation of the gates, the sects occupied the gates of the gates and drove us out. This is the shameful shame of Fuzong! Now that the array has been exhausted, it is time for us to take back our own things! Once the sect is taken back by us, the lord will surely reward everyone, whether it is the innate or the base, you will be indispensable! It will be to train all of you as innate disciples! Fu Zong will still need to be supported by these great pioneers! ”

  "Long live Fu Zong!"Long live the Fuzong! ”

  Everyone was screaming with impatience and enthusiasm, and Zhou Jinglin stirred his emotions and seemed to want to shout out the resentment in his heart! Just wait another month, and only one month, they can restore the identity of the Fuzong disciple, remembered by Fu Zong! Become the hero of Fu Zong and get the honor he deserves!


  Mu Yu sneered in the heart, where would these people think that Zhou Jinglin is just fooling them? The so-called heroes, the so-called innate disciples promised to fart! It is impossible to achieve!

  Fu Zong wants to eliminate the sect, just because he wants to prove that the road is more powerful than the platoon, and these people have learned the battle without exception. The circuit and the road are not the same concept at all. Even if they want to re-edit the road in the future, it will be too late, and they will be seriously hindered by themselves. This is the reason for the separation of the gates, because the circuit and the road are Deviated from each other.

  How can Fu Zong waste the resources of cultivating congenital disciples on the Fu Zong disciples of these learning avenues?

  These traits are only known to Zhou Jinglin. UU reads After the filming of the sect, Zhou Jinglin turned his face and refused to recognize people. No one can testify for them. These Fuzong disciples who are in the line are afraid of the end and all The disciples were killed as much as they were!

  Zhou Jinglin’s face was so gloomy in the bleak green light that it was almost chilling. When he was in the yin corpse, he could force his own person to blew himself to escape the opportunity to escape. Then they would not abandon these undercovers. Let him frown.

  Zhou Jinglin paused and continued: "Everyone must have been worried about one thing, how should the 19th predecessor of the array be dealt with. In fact, you don't have to worry about anything. Today is to introduce everyone to everyone, so that everyone has a rough bottom to the plan. remember! We don't fight unprepared! ”

  Zhou Jinglin turned to look at the entrance to the cave, and his face showed a very strange smile.

  The entrance to the cave slowly sounded a footstep, and the footsteps seemed to be unhurried, and there was nothing special about it. However, everyone looked at the entrance and did not understand what kind of person Zhou Jinglin was going to introduce to them. Usually, in order to avoid the suspicion, they did not have any contact with the top of Fuzong except Zhou Jinglin.

  However, when this person walked in, everyone was stunned and whispered, and Mu Yu was completely stunned!

  "How could it be him?"Mu Yu’s heart is shaking! He couldn't think of seeing this person here!



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