The No. 438 Chapter Unexpected person

  Mu Cheng Hong!

  Mu Yu never imagined that Mu Chenghong would be seen here. The only innate disciple of the ancestor, the sentimental brother, is actually the spy of Fu Zong?

  Mu Yu is very shocking! He remembered the dialogue with Mu Chenghong at the beginning, and suddenly understood that Mu Chenghong said that he wanted to see the grand scene of the Fumen Gate with his own eyes. It turned out to be this meaning!

  At that time, Mu Chenghong was already expressing his own thoughts. As long as Fu Zong subverted the sect, the squadrons were equivalent to re-aggregating together. Fu Zong swallowed the foundation of the sect, and Fu Zong replaced the squad!

  Mu Yu always thought that Mu Chenghong regarded Mu Yu as a spy. On that day, he came out to talk only to warn Mu Yu not to do anything wrong, but never imagined that Mu Chenghong was a spy!

  There are a total of 19 innate strategists in the sect, and there are only one congenital disciple in ten years. Because of the addition of Mu Yu, it is barely two. It has already decayed to this extent, but the reality is even more cruel. Even the only innate disciple in the sect is actually the spies of Fuzong!

  Is there really no future for the sect?

  Mu Yu took a deep breath, he always thought that Mu Chenghong was a very good brother, but in the end it was only a piece of Fu Zong'an inserted in the ancestor, a piece hidden so deeply!

  The appearance of Mu Chenghong caused a commotion, and even Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai both changed their faces, losing their voice: "Mu Chenghong brother?"

  Both of them stared at Mu Chenghong, and they were very puzzled. They did not understand why Mu Chenghong would appear here.

  Zhou Jinglin glanced at Mu Chenghong faintly, and his mouth outlined a cold smile: "Everyone, I have never told you anything before, for the sake of their own safety." But since we are going to realize the great rejuvenation of Fuzong next month, it is necessary to let everyone know about it. Yes, the only innate disciple of the ancestor, Mu Chenghong is also the person of our Fuzong! ”

  All the black people have blasted the pot, they all know Mu Chenghong, and also know what Mu Chenghong means to the ancestors, that is the arrogant son of the ancestors! It is what the founders call the hope of the future! It is also an opponent who needs to be scrupulous before playing against the sect!

  But no one thought that the genius disciples of the ancestors were actually their own people of Fu Zong!

  "You don't need to be surprised by your teachers. You haven't revealed your identity to you. It's for security reasons. We must know that our purpose is the same."Mu Chenghong glanced at all the black people.

  After a pause, Mu Chenghong said with no expression: "Isn't the foundation of Fuzong?"

  "Yes! For the foundation of Fu Zong! ”

  All the black people suddenly became excited. They were all disciples in the ancestors. They usually did not come into contact with Mu Chenghong. They only heard about the name of Mu Chenghong. They also know that Mu Chenghong’s talent is second to none. They look up to the existence.

  But since even Mu Chenghong is his own, what else do you need to worry about? This subversive battle must be a matter of hand, and there is no such difficulty as imagined.

  "Not only that, among the 19 innate strategists of the sect, there is actually one who is also ours!"Zhou Jinglin's next words are like a burst of blast!

  "what? Congenital actor? ”

  Everyone is excited again. Even a certain innate sect of the sect is his own, but it is even more powerful than Mu Chenghong.

Zhou Jinglin even hidden such a hand?

  "Who is the first teacher?"Someone asked eagerly.

  Zhou Jinglin pretending to be mysterious and said: "I will not say the name of the first teacher, just in case."

  Mu Yu was very surprised. The array of a total of 19 innate strategists, there is still a person who is a spy of Fu Zong?

  "Situ Yangtian!"

  Mu Yu instantly thought of this person, and Situ Yangtian had always disagreed with Lu Xianshi, and he did not want to see Mu Yu. This explains why Situ Yangtian has been sour wood feathers in the temple. How can Situ Yangtian see a genius disciple again?

  Mu Chenghong is a congenital disciple brought back by Situ Yangtian. Usually, the two of them are very close, so this traitor is definitely Situ Yangtian.

  "Is the sect already fallen to this point?" Even the only innate disciple and a congenital actor are Fu Zong's people? ”

  Mu Yu sighed and felt sad about everything in the battle. It turned out that the number of sects had been exhausted. It seems that Mu Yu’s plan to use the sacred squad to control the spies is completely lost because the fifty-seven middle-class disciples are simply inadequate. Hanging teeth, the most important thing is Mu Chenghong and Situ Yangtian!

  "What am I doing in the end!"

  Mu Yu originally wanted to simply want to wipe out the traitor from Fu Zong in the Zhongtian disciple, but did not want to inadvertently discover two larger fish. This matter is beyond his control. He can deal with fifty-seven insignificant disciples, but he can't quietly defeat Mu Chenghong, and it is impossible to remove a distracted Situ Yang alone. day!

  "We have planned for so many years, success or failure is here! Everyone has to work hard, go back and do what to do, in the match test, as long as everyone follows the order, we can easily take the battle! Let Luo Feilong tell you about the plan in detail! ”Zhou Jinglin said.

  Luo Feilong stood up excitedly and began to explain the plan one month later with impatience.

  Mu Yu quietly listened to Luo Feilong's plan, and the more he listened, the more he felt terrified. Luo Feilong put all the sects to guard the big array
The weak places have already been thoroughly understood. The two of them have been lurking for so many years in the sect, and they are familiar with the various ways to enter the sect. They know how to make some tactics invalid, and know how to let the Fuzong people come in without any effort. .

  Mu Yu can be sure that if Luo Feilong’s plan is truly realized, Fu Zong’s people will be able to break into the core of the array almost instantly, and all the disciples will be cleared! The array used to defend against foreign enemies is simply ineffective!

  Luo Feilong divides these black people into five teams. Each person has his own number and name. The name that Luo Feilong said in his mouth is the real name of these spies. For example, the names of Duan Yang and Wu Wenxing are fake. of!

  Which team is responsible for the whistle, which team is responsible for guiding the road, which team is responsible for interception, all clear!

  "The array was divided into three layers, and the outer layer was broken by the disciples, the middle is broken by you, as for the core of the inner layer, we need the help of Mu Cheng Hong and another congenital division, they will help us to release the guardian of the temple, as long as we scored in the hall, the natural people will kill Zhuge, then the whole of the array changed their names, Die! ”

  Zhou Jinglin said that there was a hint of excitement on his face, but this expression was even more fierce under the bleak green light.

  "Master, how do you deal with the sky?"Ji Wenkai asked.

  After all, the avenue is the ancestor of the sect. It is still alive now. It is almost the spiritual pillar of the sect. If he does not die, everyone still has some anxiety.

  "The sky? Humph! The elders of the Star Gate will handle him for us! ”Zhou Jinglin sneered.

  When Luo Feilong made plans, Mu Chenghong never said anything. His face is hidden in the shadows, it looks very strange, do not know what is thinking.

  "Cheng Hong, you don't want to say anything to these younger brothers?" They didn't know that you were our Fuzong people. Now that they know your existence, you should be more familiar with everyone. ”Zhou Jinglin said.

  Mu Chenghong shook his head and his voice looked a little low and hoarse: "No, the teachers are doing very well." We have different roles and missions, and we can work together. ”

  His words are very simple and don't seem to want to say more.

  Zhou Jinglin looked at Mu Chenghong deeply and no longer forced anything. He cleared his throat and said: "Everyone can go back and prepare now, until the day of success, it will be when you step into the sky!"

  "Subordinates retire!"

  Everyone squats next time, and then begins to order the exit of the cave. Mu Yu did not dare to act rashly. Zhou Jinglin was unable to apply the spirit of the soul to these people. He could only watch the cave where everyone flashed the blue lion beast, and then disappeared into the night.

  In the cave, there are only two people, Mu Chenghong and Zhou Jinglin, and the wood feathers in the dark.

  "You don't seem to be as happy as you think."Zhou Jinglin stared at Mu Chenghong, saying, "Do you have other ideas?"

  Mu Chenghong bowed slightly and said: "Don't dare."

  "You better recognize your identity! You are a part of Fu Zong. If you want to wash your hands now, do you think that the sect will let you go? ”Zhou Jinglin is like a hazy eagle staring at the prey, sneer.

  "These have never forgotten their identity, but I hope that the first division will not forget the agreement with the subordinates."Mu Chenghong looked up and Gu Bo was in stare with Zhou Jinglin. Zhou Jinglin wants to see something from the eyes of Mu Chenghong, but Mu Chenghong is still so calm, without any emotions.

  "Reassure, after this incident, I will restore your identity as a congenital disciple and let you become our Fuzong again. You are not them. With your ability, it is the person on the list of the immortals. Who do the old guys in Zongmen dare say? ”Zhou Jinglin walked toward the entrance of the cave. After a few steps, he stopped and said, "Fu Zong needs you, I hope you will not let Fu Zong disappointed!"

  "There have never been two hearts under the genius. UU reading "Mu Chenghong is still very calm.

  Zhou Jinglin's figure disappeared into the hole, Mu Chenghong's body shape shook, and then disappeared into the darkness.

  "Fu Zong is really a bloody one!"

  Mu Yu had always thought that Fu Zong could not send a congenital disciple to be undercover. After all, even a congenital disciple is a treasure. If you let the innate disciples with great talents go to learn to be the undercover, it is also a huge loss to Fuzong. Unexpectedly, Fu Zong is really willing to sacrifice a Mu Chenghong in order to win the foundation of the sect.

  I don't know why, Mu Yu always felt that Mu Chenghong was very weird. To be honest, when I first met Mu Chenghong, he felt that Mu Chenghong was not a treacherous person. On the contrary, he was very demeanor and indeed an outstanding disciple. If you don't see Mu Chenghong here, he wouldn't believe that Mu Chenghong would be Fu Zong's spies.

  This is the case, but Mu Yu has some sympathy for this genius. Mu Chenghong’s ranking on the top of the list is even higher than Mo Ziming, indicating that his formation is more powerful than Mo Ziming’s. Perhaps Fu Zong will not abandon Mu Chenghong as he abandoned other spies, but he will return to Fu Zong in the future. How can status compare with Mo Ziming?

  "We will one day stand on the opposite side. It turns out that you said this at the beginning."Mu Yu sighed.

  Since their positions are different, he is destined to fight with Mu Chenghong. For Fu Zong, for the sake of the sect, he and Mu Chenghong lacked a real contest.

  A contest between the arrays.

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