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Chapter 439 Tianjiangang

  Wood plume trailing Jianyang and Wu Wenxing Two people out, would like to all the spies catch, but because of Zhou Jinglin and Mu Cheng Hong appear and upset. He did not get a list of all the spies, nor did he have the opportunity to control these spies with the spirit.

  The only thing to be thankful for was that he confirmed the spy identity of Cheng Hong and the detailed plan for the Fu Zong attack.

  Another congenital actor who is a spy, Mu Yu can only guess that it is Situ Yangtian, because only Situ Yangtian is the most suspicious, and Situ Yangtian and Mu Chenghong have recently gone, if there is no trick between them. It is impossible.

  This incident is getting more and more difficult. It is impossible for a single person to stop Fu Zong’s conspiracy. However, he could not ask anyone for help. He could not find any evidence. Mu Yu could not go to Zhuge Xiaosheng’s empty mouth and said that Mu Chenghong and Situ Yangtian were spies.

  Fu Zong is able to take into account any accidents, they will not leave any handle, whether it is Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai or Mu Chenghong, they have been lurking for so many years have not been discovered by the people of the array, enough to explain their Gaoming means.

  However, Mu Yu figured out one thing. He couldn't stop Fu Zong from doing anything. He only wanted to improve his cultivation and try to learn more about his skills and raise his own understanding.

  The core of the sect is the innate sect, based on the temple. As long as the temple is not broken, nothing will happen.

  It is impossible for Fuzong to attack the temple without the help of Mu Chenghong or Situ Yangtian. They are very likely to find ways to destroy the guardian array of the temple when they are in the test. What Mu Yu can do is to stop Mu Chenghong!

  Mu Chenghong is much more powerful than Mo Ziming. In the original match, Mu Yu was led by Mu Chenghong, which is still the case when Mu Chenghong deliberately made Mu Yu take advantage of it.

  Mu Yu did not have a complete grasp to defeat Mu Chenghong. He did not have the kind of comprehension that integrated the formation into his own body. The short cultivation time was not enough for him to defeat Mu Chenghong in the accomplishments of the array.

  Mu Yu wants to defeat the words of Mu Chenghong, the only advantage is only by his own sword. When he first played against Mo Ziming, he remembered that his Tianjian Jiujin seemed to be very clever under the coordination of the formation. At that time, he suspected that Tianjian Jiuyin was also a sword array. Even if it was not, he would also try to turn Tianjian Jiuye into a sword array.


  For Mu Yu, the only person who can be trusted today is Lu Xianshi.

  "First teacher, can you explain the sword array to me?"Mu Yu has been following Lu Xianshi's learning of the array. These arrays cover a lot of knowledge, but he does not touch the sword array he wants most.

  "Sword array? Why do you want to learn the sword array? ”Lu Xianshi was surprised.

  "If the first teacher wants to let the disciples compete with Fu Zong's people in the next month's match, I need to learn some attacking arrays. Disciples like to use swords, so they want to learn swords. ”Mu Yu Road.

  Many of the classics of the sect have been opened to Mu Yu, and Mu Yu has also studied quite a lot of his works. It is just that many of the books on the sword array are too shallow and unhelpful.

  Lu Xianshi exposed a trace of hardship, said: "Wind wood, sword array is a very difficult practice. Its requirements for our formation are no longer confined to the base, but to the sword. Few of our faculty specialize in practicing swordsmanship, and most of them rely on the base to fight people. After all, the base is easier to use than the sword. ”

  "But the sword array does not need to consume any foundation,

If the squad is offering the flying sword as the base, then there is no need to rely on those heavenly treasures as the base. Isn't it? ”Mu Yu did not understand.

  The formation of the squadron can indeed exert a strong combat power in a short period of time, but after all, the base will have a time when the aura will be exhausted, and the flying sword will not need to worry about this problem.

  Lu Xianshi shook his head: "The flying sword that can become the base is quite rare. Not all flying swords are qualified to become the base. The sword array is too demanding for Feijian. It takes almost tens of thousands of congenital formations to build a flying sword that meets the conditions. Do you think this is the right place for the division? ”

  Thousands of congenital formations?

  The congenital formation is quite precious. The Zhongtian disciple can already be complacent if he can have one piece. How can he get thousands? Congenital formations may not lack the innate array, but they are also reluctant to spend so many innate foundations to build a flying sword. It can be said that learning the sword array is a performance of the defeat.

  “Did we not have anyone learned the sword array since ancient times?”Mu Yu could not help but ask.

  Lu Xianshi’s face became a bit serious, saying: “The first sword in the world, do you know what it is?”

  "What is it?"

  "Sword Shadow dust wind Tianjian nine cited!"


  Mu Yu opened his mouth, and he himself had not confirmed this. As a result, Lu Xianshi directly solved the doubts in his heart!

  "But what does this have to do with the fact that no one is learning the sword array?"Mu Yu does not understand.

  "The ancestor's avenue does not like the sword array."Lu Xianshi said mysteriously.

  "The sky does not like the sword array, so we do not learn the sword array?"Mu Yu was amazed.

  "Not rude, you can't call the name of the founder."Lu Xianshi warned.

  "Yes, the disciple is wrong."Mu Yu nodded helplessly, thinking that his master is still the three continents true God! Not to mention that there is still a dead wood who is not worse than the heavens.

  Lu Xianshi
Suddenly, whispered: "This is a secret, you must not say it. The ancestor lost to the sword shadow dust when he was young. His array was inferior to the sword of the sword and dust, so he has been studying the sword array. The ancestors said that if they did not create a sword array that would match the sword of the sky, then the other sword arrays would have no meaning. ”

  "He is really a persistent person."

  Mu Yu actually wants to say that Tian Tian Dao is a gluten person. The array is strong and weak. Just because he lost to Tian Jian, he denied all the sword arrays.

  "In fact, the sword array itself is too mysterious. If there is no magic weapon for the nine swords, it is impossible to really play the power of the sword array. The ancestors do this to avoid future generations detours. After all, how many people can get a flying sword like the sky sword? If you spend huge sums of money to create a flying sword that meets the conditions, and you can't penetrate the sword array, this will definitely be a result of not paying for it. ”Lu Xianshi sighed.

  Mu Yu touched his nose and thought that he was lucky. At that time, the master sent the flying sword to him, which was a unique sword. It was really a big deal.

  I recalled that I used to occasionally use the shadow sword to insert meat to barbecue and give it to Xiaoshuai. I was a little embarrassed in my heart. The sword that the world is pursuing is used as a barbecue. There are definitely many people who want to live with Muyu. Peeled off.

  "So there is no possibility of learning the sword array?"Mu Yu was somewhat disappointed, and he has learned a lot of battles now. However, Tianjian Jiuyin is what he really likes. If you don’t understand the core of Tianjian’s nine-lead, what is the use of learning more?

  Master didn't teach them the array at the beginning, so Tianjian Jiujian did not teach them. It is no wonder that Mu Yu discovered that the essence of Tianjian Jiujin was far from limited to the mysterious nine swords. on.

  "That is not, in fact, we have an abandoned Tianjiangang."Lu Xianshi seems to think of something.


  "There are very few people who know about the origin of Tianjiangang. It is said that it was the place where the sword shadow dust and the ancestor battled the heavens. It also had the residual swordsmanship. However, the sword of the shadow of the dust and the wind of the sword is fascinating, and the swords contained in it are unparalleled. Those who are not determined by the mind are easily lost in the sword array of Tianjian Jiu, but the place was sealed by the founder to prevent some disciples from being harmed by not being able to enter. ”

  "Tianjiangang? What is the residual sword of Tianjian? ”Mu Yu stunned, and he never imagined that the sect had the imprint left by Master?

  He suddenly became in a state of turmoil. If Tianjiangang and Tianjian Jiujian’s swords remain, then he may be able to understand the true essence of Tianjian’s nine guides! The sword shadow dust wind because of the scruples did not teach him Tianjian nine lead sword array, Mu Yu can learn their own hands!

  “Where is Tianjiangang?”Mu Yu could not wait to ask.

  "I advise you to break this thought. The sword of the sword shadow dust wind is really quite powerful. Many disciples also want to see the swords of the former Tianjian nine, but because they don’t know the sword, many people will be lost in the sword array. Come.

  The ancestors said that they want to withstand the momentum of the Tianjian nine, and do not lose it. They must reach a very powerful realm in both the array and the sword. You think about it, who can do this except for the shadow of the sword? ”Lu Xianshi sighed.

  "Does the swordsmanship and the array have to meet the standards?"

  Mu Yu was crying and laughing. Although he did not dare to say that the array was superior, he had at least met the requirements. And isn’t his housekeeping skills exactly the same as Tianjian? The array and swordsmanship, he is fully equipped!

  Mu Yu blinked his eyes. He always felt that this day Jiangang was like a master who left him with him. He went to this place, although Mu Yu knew that Master had never let him touch the array, but it was overcast. In the wrong place, he finally got on the road.

  Master is proficient in the martial arts and kendo, but only teaches them the kendo of Mu Yu, although the kendo is enough for them to repair the real world, but if you want to defeat the Triple Palace, it is obviously not enough to have a kendo, and the wooden feather needs to be stronger. .

  Because the Mie Palace guards are also a very high-level person!

  "There were some disciples who specialized in swordsmanship. However, they went to Tianjiangang. Unfortunately, the swordsmanship they learned was comparable to that of the sword. It was also the end of the vegetative. After losing many excellent disciples, the founder had to seal Tianjianang. I don't want you to enter it, even if your talent is higher, it will happen. ”Lu Xianshi shook his head.

  Then I thought of something and continued: "I am afraid that only the apprentice of the true God will be eligible to enter Tianjiangang. I have to say that the young man named Mu Yu is really powerful. He must have got all the true biography of the sword shadow dust. Otherwise, how can he defeat the genius of the Yuan Ying period from the Jindan period? ”

  Lu Xianshi's words made Mu Yu sound different, and Lu Xianshi clearly praised Mu Yu, but Mu Yu still had to pretend that he didn't know anything. I really don't know if Lu Xianshi would find out what he praised, and he would feel what he was thinking in front of the sky.

  "But I think that Fengmu is just a latecomer, and what you lack is repair. You know, that wood feather is amazing, UU reading www. He is only ranked 80 on the top of the list, but our success in the ranks of Mu Chenghong is higher than him, and your talent is actually far better than Mu Chenghong, so in other words you are definitely better than that Great. ”

  Lu Xianshi said that the more excited, the beard was tilted up, he reached out and patted Mu Yu’s shoulder and said: "So
I have confidence in you, I believe that you will definitely surpass that wood feather in the future! Think of the disciples who surpass the shadow of the sword, your array is still taught by me, and even my face is light! If you think about it, you won’t be able to sleep. What an amazing thing, do you say it? Wind wood? ”

  Lu Xianshi looked confidently at "Fengmu". He was very appreciative of "Windwood" in his eyes. He was very satisfied with the accomplishments of "Fengmu".

  "This, this! Yes, maybe, right? ”

  Mu Yu scratched his head and was very uncertain about whether he should be attached to Lu Xianshi. How is it getting more and more awkward, what is beyond the wood feathers!

  No, I am Mu Yu!

  Looking at the eager eyes of Lu Xianshi, Mu Yu suddenly emerged an impulse to tell the truth. He would like to see what happens when Lu Xianshi knows the truth, but he still resists. Once he recognizes his identity, the squad is estimated to be rushing directly.

  "When I have to leave the sect, I will tell you the truth first, really."

  Mu Yu looked at Lu Xianshi's illusion to cultivate the genius "Wind Wood" into the existence of surpassing "Wu Yu". It is a bit funny to think about it.

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