Chapter 44 Jianying Dust Wind

Langling son silent, mentioned two seniors her heart is always difficult to calm. She knew that the second brother had already left here, but she did not know where to go, but she still hoped that one day the two brothers would be able to return, return to the Mouyun Mountain Range, return to the dusty school, and return to her side.

"You are going to go to our place is too difficult, to turn over the vast 100,000 barren hills, barren mountains are to fix advanced Demon Beast, most of them are four-order Demon beast, even I should not be inattentive!" I see you are here to fix the highest should be just the elixir period? In the Golden Dan period, it is impossible to pass the barren hills, so it will not go out. ”Suddenly grinned.

"How come you came over?"Mu Yu asked inexplicably.

"Oh, this…Flying over! Anyway, I have a solution. ”I didn't want to answer this question, which made Mu Yu more curious, but he didn't want to say it, he didn't ask any more.

Think about it carefully, Mu Yu always thought that the repairers of the Jindan period had already been considered to be against the sky. They could indeed walk sideways in the comprehension of the Moyun Mountain Range, but they did not have the opportunity to get the so-called 100,000 barren hills. Is there such a terrible thing in the mountains?

The third-order monster is a powerful presence for Mu Yu, and it is comparable to the Golden Age. However, there are four or more orders on the third order. What about the sixth-order seven-order monster? He usually didn't think about it.

He thought again that the second brother is not in this deserted mountain range. He must have found a way to leave this place, but how did he pass the 100,000 barren hills? Has his repair already exceeded the Golden Age?

Mu Yu’s heart was awkward. If the second brother’s cultivation was above the master, then he must be unwilling to leave the dusty party. He said that his future is not here, is it because the people here are not comparable to him? Did he leave the Mouyun Mountain Range to find a broader sky?

There is an impulse in Mu Yu’s heart. The good man is in the square. He also wants to get out of this deserted mountain and go outside to see what the world is. He doesn’t want to be a frog at the bottom of the well. However, he was only a small foundation period, and he was insignificant in the realm of cultivation. Even the masters of the Golden Age can't get out, how can he do it?

"Then you come to our barren desert mountains to do it?"Lan Linger asked inexplicably.

Suddenly sighed, she sat on the stone, bent her legs, hands on her knees, holding her chin, and looked downcast: "I came to the sword and dust, but unfortunately none of you have heard of Tianjian. I am disappointed, I really don't know how to find it."

"Sword shadow dust? What do you want him to do? ”Lan Linger asked very awkwardly. It sounded like she knew who the sword shadow was. She realized that she couldn’t ask, and then explained: "I mean, we have never heard of the sword shadow. The wind, I don’t know if the sword is nine, how do you know that the person you are looking for is here?"

Mu Yu looked at Lan Linger with some suspiciousness. Her tone was very strange. Lan Linger’s words seemed to have some meaning, but she did not notice.

I shook my head suddenly: "This matter is very important. I can't tell you, otherwise it will get into trouble. You can go back to the teacher's door!" You have a demon spirit on you, and you must not be willing to give up. ”

I don’t have any thoughts about the demon spirit, but let the wood feathers have some accidents. If you think about it, maybe someone has something more precious than the demon! The third-order demon spirit simply does not look.

"how about you?"Mu Yu asked.

"Of course I continue to find it. I won't leave here if I don't find the sword shadow."Strictly said.

"Then I suggest that you go there to look for it. In addition to Qingshou City, there is also a place where the comprehensions are relatively concentrated. The place is called Yefang, more than 100 miles north of Qingshou City. ”Lan Linger pointed to the distance and said that it was in the opposite direction to the Dust Mountain.

Suddenly overjoyed, standing up, her enthusiasm for finding someone is full: "Then I will go there to see, you two are careful, there will be a period!"

"You are also careful.

Mu Yu said that the sinister temper looks very simple, like a little sister next door, but it makes Mu Yu want to protect her. Unfortunately, her cultivation is far above the wood feather, and she does not need the protection of wood feathers. .

Suddenly nodded, then vacated, and disappeared into the sky, leaving only one dot.

Mu Yu and Lan Linger also stepped on the flying sword and quickly darted on the way back to the mountain. Nowadays, many people dare not chase it because they are stunned. After leaving, some people may swear the demon spirit on them. Now no one is still rushing back.

On the way back, Mu Yu recalled the voice of Lan Linger just now. The more he thought about it, the more he was wrong. After a long silence, he asked: "Linger, do you know the sword and dust?" Have you heard that Tianjian is not right? ”

"Have not heard."Lan Linger did not say back, and the answer was very crisp and neat. This mountain has encountered a lot of troubles. She just wants to go back soon. She has saved a lot of money on the road, but it is quite unexpected.

Mu Yu said indecently: "Linger, I still don't know your personality?" When you talk, you will always grab the handle, but you will simply forget it. How can I not hear it? You deliberately pointed to a direction, but also so far from here, I think you do not want to find the so-called sword shadow dust, you must know who is the sword shadow dust? ”

Mu Yu is not a fool. He has been with Linger for so long. He is too aware of Lan Linger’s personality. Lan Linger is not suitable for lying, and she is not very likely to speak. She is more straight and she can lie and lie.

Lan Linger snorted and did not take care of Mu Yu.

"Why don't you want to find the sword shadow dust? After all, she helped us, isn't it? Master often said that being a man should be based on principles. If you know, I think you should tell Lan Linger that it is right. ”Mu Yu still does not give up.

Lan Linger was silent for a while, and finally could not help but swear: "Are you a fool? Can you not hear the sword? You still don't understand the sword shadow dust? Dust wind, wind and dust! Our master is called the dust wind, and the people outside the Mouyun Mountain respect him as the sword shadow. The swords and swords that we cultivated are extremely incomparable. The original name is Tianjian Jiu! ”

Tianjian nine cited, sword shadow dust wind!

Mu Yu opened his mouth and couldn't turn the corner for a while. After thinking for a long time, he was so surprised that his master was actually the person who was looking for it?

In the heart of Mu Yu, Master has always been a low-key person. He is peaceful and uncontested, even if he is a master of the faction, there is no shelf. But is such a kind-hearted old man actually a famous sword shadow dust in the past? Although Mu Yu didn't know what the sword shadow dust meant to the outside, but he could guess something based on the sigh of relief.

But why is he in the isolated place of the Mouyun Mountain Range? He is incognito, teaching a few disciples, doing things every sunrise, sunset, and living a life like a wild crane. What is his picture?

Why do you want to find your own master?

"Sister, is this what Master said before I came?"After a long time, Mu Yu continued to ask.

Lan Linger glanced at Mu Yu and shook his head. "This is not, I think you and me are apart from An Shu." I also accidentally overheard the conversation between Master and An Shu that night, only to know that our Master is not a simple character. I have never talked to anyone. ”

"That Master's cultivation is…"

"Master's cultivation is really only the Golden Age. I think that Master must have had any accidents at the beginning, which led to what it is now. Our martial art is named after the dust, and it must also be a kind of thought that Master has made to his predecessor. I haven't been asking Master what happened in the past, because Master didn't want us to know that if Master is willing, UU reads and he will tell us. ”Lan Linger said.

"Then why do you tell me."

Mu Yu’s world view was completely changed by the sudden arrival. He knew that his place was a place that was isolated from the world. He also knew that his master had an ulterior motive. This huge information made him difficult to digest at one time. It also made him think about many things.

"Because you idiot is thinking about helping someone find someone! I warn you, I don't know what happened to Master in the past, but I absolutely don't allow anyone to be disadvantaged to Master. The one who came from the Mouyun Mountain Range, since Master chose to live here, is that he does not want outsiders to find it. No matter what she has helped us, she is the outside world. Unless the Master wishes, we have no right. To break everything that Master has done. ”

Lan Linger’s position on this matter is very firm.

Mu Yu opened his mouth to say something, and finally closed his mouth with interest. He originally wanted to say that a person who is so simple should not be unfavorable to Master, but he also thinks that Lan Linger’s words are correct. Master chose to hide his name here and rename his name and fame swordsmanship. He did not want outsiders to find it. How can one break the life of Master's choice for an outsider?

Although he saved them, Mu Yu also believed that he was a good person and would not be unfavorable to Master. However, Master’s current cultivation is only the Golden Year, so it must have been a painful past. He is now free. Life, wood feathers can not be selfish to disturb this.

"I understand, I won't say it."

Mu Yu looked back and looked at it. It was the opposite of them. He was a little embarrassed and helped him, but he could not return. On Master and the problem of ignorance, he can only choose Master without hesitation.

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4 years ago

One point for me. Will the MC get smarter? Or will he be this dumb/naive in the future?