No. 440 chapter of the Wild of death

  There is a wilderness, there are a few small tree short neck, feebly droop, weeds grow very high, submerged the original path, sparsely populated, and occasionally two or three lone bird flew left a few cries.

  The most remote place in the array is this. It is called the "wild field of death" by the disciples of the ancestors. If you want to see the swords and swords left by the swords and shadows, you must first experience the ancestors of the heavens. "Wild Field of Death".

  "The Wilderness of Death" is a weird array of methods called "killing". If a mentally unsettled person enters it, he will really feel the fear of death.

  This kind of death does not really make people die, but it will really apply the pain of death to a person.

  Those who enter the killing, they will feel a horrible sword enveloped in the body, once they can not resist this sword, they will be destroyed by this sword.

  Whether it is broken into bones or smashed into two halves, the head flies, the feeling of death really exists, painful and heart-wrenching, so that you can not see the hope of life, leaving a deep shadow.

  Many of the disciples of the sects have tried to enter the murderous battle. However, none of them can compete with this smashing sword. Only when they are killed in the killing, they are kicked out to kill, and the light is just spit. A few mouthfuls of blood, heavy even coma for a few days and nights!

  Over time, the disciples of the ancestors never dared to approach this "wild field of death."

  Although everyone knows that through this "wildness of death", they will be fortunate enough to see the "Sword of the Nine Swords" in the world, to see the true colors of the past, but the "wildness of death" They have to be discouraged.

  If they can't live in the killing of the wilderness, then it is even more impossible to escape the vitality under the sword of Tianjian.

  The sword shadow dust is famous all over the world, but the sword he left behind is not something anyone can wait and see. In order to avoid the disciples under the door, the disciples will not be able to control themselves, so they will be slain and let the disciples under the door do their best. They will not directly enter Tianjiangang and be killed by Tianjian. The death is unclear.


  Mu Yu stood on a huge stone outside the "wild field of death", and the prestige passed over his cheek with a hint of absurdity.

  He recalled the warnings of Lu Xian’s teacher’s heart and heart, and smiled in his heart. Maybe other people will be affected by the sword, but he is the descendant of the Tianjian nine, how could he be afraid of the sword of the sword?

  "Master, I also want to know how powerful your swordsmanship was in the past."

  Mu Yu only saw that his master used the Tianjian nine guides in the true sense. That was when the Mouyun Mountain was in the Yuanyun period, the ghosts of the Yuan Ying period were not able to shoot them. The result was only gold. In the Dan period, the wind and dust of the sword smashed the body.

  If it weren't for the ghost gate, it would be too strange, I am afraid that the sword would be enough for the life of the ghost!

  In the golden age, I faced the Yuan Ying period. At that time, Ghost Xuan Yue used the ghost door secret technique to seriously damage the wind and dust. However, the wind and the dust destroyed the body of the Yuan Ying period and seriously injured the ghost Xuan Yue. It can be seen how terrible the Tianjian nine quotes!

  At that time, the wind and dust of the Jindan period used Tianjianjiu to leave a very deep impression on Mu Yu, and Feng Haochen’s Tianjian Jiujian, which was left behind by the ancestors, was the sword of his heyday. What is the same day?

  However, Mu Yu wants to go to Tianjiangang to find the sword left by Master. First of all, he needs to pass the test of "The Wilderness of Death" set by Tiantiandao.

  The "wildness of death" looks nothing from the outside, the sky is still shining brightly, and occasionally the wind is blowing, so that the weeds over the knees sway slightly, and the birds that rush through the sky from time to time, but No bird has settled on the "wild field of death."

  The wooden feather figure flickered, and it has already flashed into the "wild field of death."

  Nothing is dangerous, but the atmosphere suddenly becomes depressed. The bird that was echoing in the ear just now was cut off from the sound, and disappeared. The surrounding area was dead, and even the insects disappeared.

  The wind was blowing even harder, blowing up the weeds and rustling.

  Mu Yu reached out and touched the weeds on the knees. These grasses were real, not the illusion, but they could be controlled by him. He walked slowly, stepping on the open space in the middle of the weeds, and the weeds gave way to him very spiritually.

  In the wilderness, only his light footsteps echoed, and it looked very awkward.

  But every time he walked in, he felt a low mood, and the seemingly murderous murder gradually wrapped his body. This murderer doesn't know where it comes from, just like it appears out of thin air, so that Mu Yu can't figure it out.

  Then he saw the source of the murder. In the wilderness ahead, he quietly inserted a quaint sword.

  This sword is only half-sworded, but only half of the blade is ten meters high, standing in the wilderness, it seems to be killing.

  The big sword is black, and the road is engraved with traces of invisible lines. From time to time, gray lines are scattered from the blade and integrated into the wilderness.

  Mu Yu stopped in front of the black sword. He watched the giant sword that exuded the breath of killing, and he could not help but be cautious because he smelled the dangerous atmosphere.

  "So how can I beat you?"Mu Yu’s hand crossed a green mang, and the shadow sword took a sharp sword to make the air a little hot.

  At the moment when the shadow sword appeared, the golden lines suddenly flashed in the wilderness.
The shadow of the sword is the source, and it quickly flows to the black giant sword. The black giant sword feels like a provocation. The earthquake trembles and the whole piece of land begins to rumbling. It is like an earthquake. The shocking crack spreads around the black giant sword.

  All the weeds have been overturned, and the sharp swords are bursting out, and all the weeds in a few miles are cut off!

  Mu Yu stepped a little, already floating in the air, cold eyes looking at the black giant sword in front of him. The black giant sword is like a blunt sword, and the black streamer is constantly moving around the blade. The violent sword can't stop climbing and reach a sultry level.

  Then the ground suddenly collapsed, and the buzzing sound blew through the whole wilderness. The waves of the wind rolled out, and the smoke and dust splashed. The black giant sword had already risen to the sky and slowly appeared in front of the wood.

  The black giant sword trembled slightly, and the air squashed swayed in the blade. At the same time, the black blade appeared a white crack. The black debris peeled off from the blade, revealing the white light. It was still dark and inky. The blade has become pale!

  The black pieces that peeled off the blade did not fall down, but began to condense with the formation of the air. From top to bottom, the black pieces gradually formed a black figure.

  This figure is composed of pure night, like the curtain of death, the sky is clear, but he seems to be hard to tear a black hole during the day, and it seems to be out of place.

  This black figure has no facial features, just a human figure, with hands and feet, clothes, and even long hair. He stood against the wooden feathers, and then his black face opened a pair of pale eyes, his eyes staring at the gaze of death, staring at the eyes of Mu Yu.

  The pale eyes are not human emotions, only the purest killings, like a lightning to destroy the will of the people. He couldn't hold his hands together, like a moving bone, and he made a creaking sound. Subsequently, he grabbed the white giant sword and the white giant sword had become so small that he was held in his hand.

  Lu Xianshi told Mu Yu, this white flying sword is called killing the sword, and the black figure is called killing the god. It is the person who used the supreme array to warn into the Tianjianang. The killing of the gods is the same as the one who enters the killing, but he can use the incomparable swordsmanship and the array to enter the killer. If you don't have these two methods, you will be killed by the killing god!

  Killing God kills people with swords, and everyone who is killed will understand what kind of experience death is, so that they will not dare to come in again after being thrown out.

  "Is it the same as me?" That is the five days. ”The shadow of Mu Yu’s hand is like a touch of autumn water, pointing to killing God. “I will come to teach!”

  There is no expression and no words in killing God. He is just a shadow, a squad of swords. He condensed the supreme array and superb swordsmanship. There was only one purpose. In the killing process, he killed the squadrons with savage methods, letting them know and retreat!

  In the hands of the white sword crossed a miserable brilliance, the shadow of the black shadow, the violent sword gas is like a sickle, from all directions to the wood feather. UU reading Thousands of thousands of swords are coming from the sky, and the sound of the wind and thunder is endless, and the air whistling and bursting!

  Numerous swords wrapped the wood feathers in it, blocking every retreat of the wood feathers, and wanted to smash him. How many squad disciples will be at a loss when faced with such a terrible sword, because they don’t know how to deal with the savage swordsmanship, even if the mysterious array can’t resist, they can only watch their bodies be savage. Grating, the painful deaths of the people come in and make them unforgettable!

  Although the death here is only illusory, but the pain of death is really there!

  Mu Yu quietly looked at the sword of the sky, he could not retreat, and did not need to retreat. Thousands of swords seem to be powerful, but in his eyes it looks flashy.

  The eighth style of the dust sword method, the shadow is disillusioned. Wan Ying is one, and there is no shadow.

  The shadow of the sword is blurred, and the sword is stunned. It turns into the purest sword and evolves around the body. Then the shadow sword smashed out an indefatigable sword, like a squally wind, and went to the sky.

  The majestic sword is like the king of the mighty and domineering sword, as if it can surrender all the swords. Wherever the shadow swords go, all the swords are like the melting of snow and ice, and the Wan Mang Mang rises up and instantly kills God!

  It’s always only you who kill, and that person kills you!

  Mu Yu’s eyes flashed a strong war, and his body’s momentum continued to climb. He had to kill God to reach Tianjiangang!

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