No. 441 Chapter Sword Array

  Killing the dark shadow of God in the wood plume of the sword in the Rainbow, was Mu Yu sword gas split into two halves, into two black gas. However, the two black gases did not disappear, and each black gas re-aggregated into a black shadow, and two identical killings appeared in the air.

  In the hands of each killing god, the white sword is squatting again, and the white sword is mixed with the thunder of the thunder. The two white swords are actually mixed with a phantom of one dragon and one tiger, roaring in the air!

  "Is this a sword array?"

  Mu Yu couldn’t help but notice that the white sword that killed God had a kind of temperament that he could not understand, and he also had a more overbearing meaning. These two white swords are condensed in the shape of a dragon shadow tiger, fighting each other and rushing toward Muyu in various dexterous gestures.

  The swordsmanship once again rose to the sky, and the two dragons in the air went away. However, Mu Yu’s swordsmanship is like an empty air. The dragon and the tiger in the air have a sense of autonomy, and they evade the sword shadow of Mu Yu, and then deceive again!

  The shadow of Mu Yu is the nemesis of all the phantoms, but after hitting the victory here, he can no longer find it. The two mighty dragon and tiger swords have avoided his sword!

  Let your sword become a conscious existence. This is the essence of the sword array.

  Compared with the two dragon and tiger swords that kill the gods, Mu Yu’s sword tends to have a dexterous self-consciousness. It seems to be very blunt, and it is impossible to convert the battlefield into a favorable situation for himself, and the sword formation But you can adapt to it!

  "Let me see how flexible you are!"

  In the hands of the subtle whistle, Mu Yu took the flying sword, a rainbow mang has already smashed toward the forefront of the white dragon sword shape.

  The feathers of Mu Yu’s swords flashed, and they were invincible, and the swords and shadows were numerous, and the momentum was dispersed. He broke with a sword and will surely defeat one of them! He is almost certain that the white dragon sword shape closest to him can't resist his sword!

  However, the sudden change, his sword eye will smash the white dragon in front of him, but the white dragon sword shape suddenly disappeared out of thin air, let the wooden feather sword suddenly slammed, like a headless fly lost The goal is that the whole portrait is hit on the cotton, and the feeling of nowhere to make it makes the wooden feather very uncomfortable.

  Mu Yu’s mind was tight, and he was alert to find that there was a change on the left side. The split sword was split into two and had already invaded the past.


  The sound of the dragon's voice resounded through the ear, and the wooden feathers between the emperors could not completely condense the sword of the second flying sword. It was actually shocked by the white dragon sword shape! But it was such an instant, Mu Yu turned around and had already saved the sword in his hand, and went to the left side of the white dragon sword.

  However, his sword fell again, the white dragon sword shape had disappeared, and then appeared further afield. On the top of Muyu's head, there was a tiger's whistle. The white tiger's sword was photographed with a claw, as if it could break the whole piece of void, and even the hot white awns appeared in the air.

  In the heart of Mu Yu’s heart, the foot was dusty and stepped out, and the body slanted out to avoid the fierce tiger claw.

  But when he looked again, the white tiger disappeared, but Bai Long once again appeared behind him, a horrible iris, squatting on the wooden feathers, flying the wood feathers.

  Mu Yu's whole body was tumbling, and there was a burning pain behind him. The blood also soaked his clothes. After his body was tempered by the dead air of the grass and the angry spirit of Muling, it was supposed to be very hard, but under the white dragon's tail, it was actually hit hard!

  How can this combination of swordsmanship and battleship achieve a powerful realm?

  He never thought how this white dragon sword shape appeared behind him.

How did the white tiger disappear in place?

  These two swords are like savvy monsters. The white swords in the shadows disappear from one place and appear in another place. The places where they appear are unpredictable, but they are always just right. The ground can attack the wood feathers, so that the wood feathers can not be overwhelmed.

  Mu Yu was traumatized, but the dragon and the tiger did not stop, still wandering around the wood feathers, disappearing, visible…From time to time close to the wood feathers, and then slashed the sturdy sword shadow, Mu Yu was only able to cope with the time and could not attack the dragon and tiger sword shape.

  "But how did they appear and how did they disappear?"

  Mu Yu's brow is locked and he can't understand it. The scene of the sword and the shadow of a dragon and a tiger has no rules, but it is very fast. It disappears quickly in one place, but when it appears next to Mu Yu, it will suddenly burst into a powerful killing. Kill the wood feathers.

  Just like taking a chance, it appears in different directions of the wood feathers. If it is not the mysterious and agile step of the wood feathers, I am afraid that it will have been swallowed up by the sword of this dragon and tiger. But this is so, just a dozen rounds, Mu Yu has been hanging five times!


  The slain tiger's palm was once again photographed on the chest of Mu Yu, almost making him black in front of his eyes, and his throat was pouring out blood. He was like a sandbag, but he couldn’t help but attack the dragon and tiger swords that had come and went. He was trapped by the swords of the gods and could not escape.

  The mystery of the sword array exceeded his imagination. Under the circumstances of evenly matched forces, he could not use the Tianjian nine to take advantage of it. This is still the restraint of his swordsman who was killed by the sword. His swordsmanship is superb, but he is too passive in front of the sword array and can't find any chance to fight back.

  "The disappearance has appeared again, and the hidden position is so random. This is the characteristic of the Scorpio star array. Can this sword technique be integrated into the array? What exactly is it done? ”

  Mu Yu suddenly remembered the cat and the mouse between him in the magical array of Mu Chenghong.
The game, Mu Chenghong used the Scorpio Stars array to avoid the tracking of Mu Yu.

  At that time, Mu Chenghong used the Scorpio Stars array to disappear in the 50-meter radius of the wooden feathers. He just ran away from the defense, but now killing God is using the Scorpio to form a random attack on the wood feathers. The opposite is true, but the array is a truth!

  The location of the Scorpio Stars array is random, and it is reasonable to say that it is impossible to appear next to Mu Yu. However, because the art of killing God comes from the heavens, it has become extraordinary, and this has led to the emergence and disappearance of sword shadows to an incredible degree. In a moment, it appears in thousands of directions. In a certain period of time, there will always be a position that will appear next to the wood feather. It may even appear in the position of the wood feather and knock the wood feather away.

  There is a limit to the scope of the Scorpio Stars. It is a fixed area. As long as the wooden feathers are trapped in this area, there will almost always be the possibility of being killed by the swords of the gods!

  Mu Chenghong’s Scorpio Stars is only used for defense, and Mu Chenghong also agreed not to exceed 50 meters of Mu Yu, so the position of Mu Chenghong’s ability to move is easily calculated by Mu Yu. However, the killing of the Scorpio star array is a proactive attack. There are not so many concerns. The speed of the illusion is far from being able to keep up with Mu Yu. His ability to push is suppressed by the supreme battle of the heavens.

  "There is only a passive beating in the Scorpio star array, you must leave!"

  Mu Yu knows that if he wants to get rid of the random dragon shadow tiger shape, he can only walk out of the sky. He no longer hesitated, his feet were full of wind, and the whole person had already drifted into the distance. Scorpio Stars is a shifting array, centered on the array of actors, and moves with the movement of the squad.

  Just like the contest between Mu Chenghong and the original, the Scorpio star array is centered on Mu Chenghong, and his range of movement is 50 meters, so his appearance and disappearance within the range of the movement will be controlled by Wu Yuwu. The distance within ten meters.

  At that time, as long as the solid wood feathers could exceed 50 meters, Mu Chenghong would lose. It was only the greatness of Mu Chenghong. He was hiding in the magic array. Mu Yu did not know where to leave to stay away from Mu Chenghong, so he This method has not been adopted.

  The shadow of killing God has never been moved when summoning the dragon and tiger sword shape. Since the Scorpio star array is centered on killing the gods, it is only necessary to leave the killing god more than one hundred meters to get rid of his Scorpio star array.

  However, he is miscalculated. No matter how he flies, the dragon and tiger white sword always follows him. The disappearance and appearance will never exceed 100 meters away. It seems that the center of the Scorpio star who kills God is not killing himself. It is Mu Yu!

  "Can Scorpio Stars still determine the focus of the array?"

  Mu Yu is shocking! Even though he was once again hit by a huge tiger, he still didn't care, because he found that this combination of Scorpio and Swords formed an incredible place.

  He knows the characteristics of the normal Scorpio star array and knows how to restrain this array. Scorpio Stars is centered on itself, and you can take the lead when you enemies your opponents. However, the swordsmanship and the Scorpio star array launched by the killings were centered on the wood feathers, so that the wood feathers could not escape the scope of the Scorpio star array!

  "How can this be?"

  The array of squadrons is far from the normal Scorpio star array. UU reads He put the center of this shift on the wooden feathers, so this sword-shaped sword will always be Appeared around the wood feathers. This array of Scorpio stars has exceeded the imagination of Mu Yu, and it also violates his perception of the shifting. When can he use his opponent as a center to cast his array?

  With such a formation, it is impossible for an opponent to get rid of it.


  The fierce swordsmanship came again from all directions, and the dragon and tiger swords were still entangled in wood feathers. Mu Yu feels like a prey that is locked into a cage. He can only evade the pursuit of natural enemies from time to time in a limited space. However, the enemy's attack method is too dexterous, so that it will become an enemy's plate lunch sooner or later!

  Killing God put the shifting array of Scorpio Stars on Mu Yu, and let Mu Yu fall into a very difficult state. He finally understands why so many disciples will die once in the killing, because in this case Next, if your array and swordsmanship are not superb, you can’t escape the Scorpio Stars!

  The figure of the white tiger sword appeared suddenly in front of Muyu, only two feet away from his forehead. He could clearly see that the white tiger opened his mouth and the horrible sword was intertwined in the tiger's mouth. The head bite down!

  Being bitten, it is the end of the dead!

  The heart of Mu Yu has already mentioned the eyes of the blind.

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