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Chapter 442 Teleportation


  The wood feather heavy to fly out, nasty under his foot in the white Tiger sword-shaped belly, but the white tiger is the sword gasification into, wood feather is equivalent to use a foot to resist kill God's sword gas. The sword-qi penetrated from the palm of the wooden feather, raging on his feet, making his whole thigh tingle.

  Mu Yu the whole body of the psychic force a shock. Forced the sword into the body. His body flashed and disappeared in the same place. At the same time, a huge dragon tail just swept past the place where he stood. Slowly, he would be hit by this dragon tail!

  Mu Yu knows that it will not work if he goes on like this. He must choose to fight back!

  It is no stranger to Scorpio Suzuki Muyu. This method has been studied by Lu Xianshi, and he has successfully sacrificed it through the innate array. Because the position of this formation is too dependent on luck, Mu Yu didn't really look at this formation when he first learned it, but now it is the key to his fight against this killing!

  "If that's the case, let's work together!"

  The wooden feather palm pulls the congenital lining, and the six congenital linings pull each other. With the wood feather as the center, the spiritual power spews out, forming numerous lines and scattered. These patterns are like stars in the sky, shining and then gradually disappearing around. Mu Yu’s mind was moved, the whole person had disappeared in the same place, and then appeared in another position.

  The two Scorpio stars are centered on the wood feathers and overlapped. The invisible patterns began to compete with each other, and the dragon and tiger swords gradually shone again. The figure of the wood feathers had flashed in the sky with the dragon and tiger sword shape, and there were several positions. Passing the dragon and tiger sword shape. However, because he adjusts his posture in a timely manner, he can always avoid it dangerously and dangerously.

  But at some point, the dust-stepping method gave Mu Yu an unimpeded feeling. He suddenly had an impulse to control the audience. Mu Yu stared at the place where the white tiger sword shape disappeared. The foot was light and slippery, and it was very abrupt. He appeared in the place where the white tiger just happened!

  "The combination of the dust step and the Scorpio star array?"

  Mu Yu was so surprised that he accidentally discovered that the array could still be used. If he can successfully control his position in the Scorpio in the dusty pace, it means that he really masters the teleportation!

  But can this be achieved?

  Wood feathers dodge on the footsteps while thinking about how the two can be integrated. His body shape, with the changing position of the Scorpio star array, often collides with two swords directly.

  The appearance of the sword shadow is random. If his pace can predict the next position of the sword shadow, is there a chance to destroy this sword array?

  The dust step is used in conjunction with the Tianjian nine, and its mystery is self-evident. It can make the body of the Mu Yu arbitrary, freehand and free, such as the Swift Dragon as vigorous. Stepping out in a step seems to take thousands of steps and people can't follow.

  Scorpio Scorpio can make people appear and disappear freely within a certain range, which is actually a very powerful array. But the disadvantage is also obvious, this position is beyond control, you can not know the next moment will appear in the Tiangang constellation of where.

  Mu Yu compared the step of the dust step with the Scorpio star array. He was surprised to find that the feasibility of the fusion was quite great! And just succeeded in a light state, let him be confident.

  If he can create a teleportation,

Then there will be a very powerful battle when using the array!

  Mu Yu tried to capture the original artistic conception. His dusty footwork could be integrated into the Scorpio star array when he played to the extreme. The position where he appeared was no longer random. This is unprecedented. He can't put it. A good opportunity to study this array.

  But the success just seems to be accidental, he can't create it again. However, Mu Yu is not discouraged, continue to try, and want to grasp the point of convergence. Failed, come again, fail again, continue…

  Gradually, he really integrated into this celestial star, and the dusty footsteps became more and more natural, as if the whole person was free to float, he found the point again!


  The figure of Mu Yu suddenly disappeared in place and appeared where he wanted to go. The successful smile suddenly emerged, and he was very excited. He really created a teleportation by relying on the Scorpio and the Dust Steps!

  At the beginning, Mo Ziming was able to achieve a similar level to the Scorpio star array by relying on the teleports of the strong spells, but whether they were teleports or Scorpio, they would randomly shift the stalker when they were used. In one place, the factors of uncertainty are very large.

  However, no one thought that Mu Yu actually used the mysterious dust step method to combine with the Scorpio star array. It has the quickness and dexterity of the dust step, and can also be teleported to where he wants to go, although teleported. The range is limited by the Scorpio Scorpio, but this ability is already enough!

  "It’s enough to chase after it, it’s my turn!"

  Mu Yu stared at the dragon and tiger sword shape that flashed and beating around him. He seized a moment. At the moment when the white tiger sword appeared, his whole person had already appeared on his side, and the sword in his hand flashed, the violent sword The air slammed into the white tiger!


  The white tiger sword shaped a roar of anger and anger, trying to resist the sword of Mu Yu. However, the sword of Mu Yu was too fast. It couldn’t be reacted at all, and it was turned into two halves by the shadow of Mu Yu, and then turned into a white awn.
The star point is broken.

  If Mu Yu relies solely on the sword and the other side, he will be able to win the opponent. The opponent has been teleporting, so that Mu Yu has no chance to hit the opponent. Instead, he has been hit. However, once Mu Yu has determined the next point of the dragon and tiger sword shape, he will immediately move over and kill him at a faster speed!

  "And you!"

  In the eyes of Mu Yu, there is a whirlwind of war, and once again, where the dragon shadow appears, the shadow will instantly turn the whole white dragon into two sections! The whole process was crisp and neat, and the dragon and tiger sword shape that was just alive was just broken by Mu Yu in less than one breath.

  However, his figure did not stop, and the Scorpio Stars arrayed in the blink of an eye to the eyes of the gods, the swords were criss-crossed, killing the gods!


  Killing the gods in the hands of the white flying sword blocked Mu Yu a sword, and the two directly killed in the air. From time to time, the swordsman slashed through the wilderness, smashing the weeds on the ground, shaking away the clouds in the air, shining and radiant, killing the swords of the gods and the swords of the wood feathers, even touching the whole killing The pattern. The numerous lines in the air are intertwined and seem to be trying to maintain the momentum of killing God.

  "You may be good at arrays and swords, but how can I lose to you!"

  Mu Yu shouted, his body shape disappeared instantly, and his shadow sword suddenly turned out five into the void. When it reappeared, it was already mixed with the thunder and lightning fire. Five Thunder Dragons were coiled around the five shadow swords, roaring and killing God!

  The electric light is annihilated, and the white sword that kills God is once again thrown out. The white mang of the forest is like a flooding beast, and it collides with the dragon, and it makes a roar of the sky!

  Killing God looked at the five pendulum swords in the air, but his body shape suddenly suddenly, then looked down and saw his chest revealing a sword tip. The tip of the sword is mad with a savage sword, and a blink of an eye will cover the body of the god. Jianqi wanders in the body of the gods, rampaging, like entering the uninhabited territory, eroding the killing of killing God and solitary.

  "My sword, not only five."Mu Yu said coldly.

  There is still no words in killing God. Mu Yu uses five pendulum swords to attract his attention, but he has teleported to the back of the gods, and sent the most overbearing sword into the body of the gods. The body that kills God appears like a porcelain with a white crack. The wood feathers are lightly turned, and the body that kills God suddenly turns into a blast of the sky.

  This time, killing God has never reorganized the body!


  The surrounding scene began to tremble, and countless weeds had been powdered in this swordsmanship confrontation, and the ground was a mess and a gully. Then, the whole field of death was ripped off the air by the invisible big hand like a painting. All the scenes were turned into pieces, and the whole body of Mu Yu had appeared in a gravel post.

  The gravel boulder is scattered in a mess, and there are traces of swords on the stone. A sword mark seems to have crossed the time and space, engraving the majestic swords on the stone, even if the past years of the sea, the stones seem to have not been shattered.

  The sword marks are clearly audible, and the chaos is in the air, but in the midst of it, with the momentum of the world, people will surrender.

  This is just a sword mark, but the momentum that has been emitted has already broken through the sky. It is conceivable that the deity of the sword will only cover the sacred majesty of the world!

  Mu Yu’s heart glimpsed, and the familiar sword seemed to live in his eyes. An invisible sword smashed and evolved in the rock. The sword left by each sword mark violently impacted his nerves. He seems to be like a boat in a stormy sea, insignificant.

  The supremacy of the sword is condensed in the rocky hills, oppressing every inch of the body of Mu Yu, making him feel the pain of hardship. He felt that the whole person was going to explode. Although the sword was familiar, but far beyond his imagination, he could not resist it!

  In the past, the shadow of the sword and the dust of the sword was nine-style, and the world was overwhelmed. The sword was so arrogant that even his apprentice could not bear this magnificent sword!

  "what? A familiar sword. ”Xiaoshuai suddenly said doubtfully.

  At the moment, Mu Yu didn't have the mood to ask Xiao Shuai where he was familiar. He clenched his teeth and raised his hand in the shadow sword. The moment the sword shook out, all the oppression suddenly turned to the hand of Mu Yu, violent. The swordsmanship is in the shadow of the sword, and it is getting stronger and stronger.

  Mu Yu swayed the first form of Tianjian Nine, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com Fall leaves. Flying leaves spiral, moving quietly.

  A sword emerges, and then the wood feather is like a puppet. The whole body is completely untouched. Like someone who has deprived him of his control of the body, he began to gradually evolve every single stroke of Tianjian.

  He is like a bystander, watching his figure move with the sword. Comprehending the sword of the sky, he suddenly thought of something, the Tianjian Nine Array that has been missing has begun to circling in his mind.

  However, some of the most critical parts are still missing. Mu Yu does not understand what he is missing. He still can't grasp the most important place of Tianjian.

  Mu Yu has fallen into a realm of selflessness, letting the body be controlled by the sword of the stone, but his heart still can not understand the true meaning of the sword.

  However, when he evolved into the fifth style of Tianjian Jiuyan, he suddenly appeared in his mind and thought of a point. He was able to make the sword into a dragon shape, but the sword is superb. After all, it is a dead object. Without a sense of autonomy, the impression of Mu Yu was very deep when he just killed the dragon and tiger swords.

  in case
The dragon shape of the sword has its own ideas. Doesn't it need to be controlled by himself when attacking?

  How do you make the dragon shape of the sword have its own ideas?

  Mu Yu’s wrist was slightly moved, and he thought of all the dragons that only know how to sleep with Xiao Shuai all day long!

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