Chapter 443 Falling Dragons

  The dragon vine was originally a plant, but because it grew for 10,000 years, it has consciousness, and its success has become a kind of existence like a monster.

  Its real strength is similar to that of the fifth-order monster, and it has a very amazing ability. It is that it can be understood by anyone who can understand it. It is also because of this reason that Mu Yu is in Fuxianyu. It saved a life.

  The dragon vine itself is a plant, and the wood attribute of the wood feather body is particularly mellow, so Longtan likes to follow the wood feather. It has been sleeping since it followed the wood feathers, but occasionally mixed with Xiao Shuai, and usually does not count on it.

  "Dragon, can you do me a favor?"Mu Yu reached out and woke up to the dragon on the wrist.

  Long Teng stretched out awkwardly, jumped from the wooden feather wrist and floated in the air and asked, "What is it busy?"

  "Do you still ask? Da Yu, you sleep big every day, do not know how to fight for help, next time you have to jump out and scream twice, understand? ”Xiao Shuai said lazily.

  "What about the little mouse? Can you do anything other than eating every day? ”Long Teng Road.

  "When Mu Yu hurts people every time, I am here to help heal the wounds. Are you blind?"Xiaoshuai proudly said.

  Long Teng licked his mouth.

  "When I used Tianjian Jiuqiu, there was a sword called "Luolong Xiaotian". You should know?"Mu Yu asked.

  Longteng nodded: "Know it! The dragon shape formed by the sword is not at all my prestige. ”

  "Can pull you down! What are the good prestige? ”Xiaoshuai sneered.

  "Little mouse, do you want to fight with me?"Longteng angered.

  "And the fight is too much."

  "Mom, duel!"

  Mu Yu looked at the two wonderful things with a headache, saying: "Wait for another fight, if my sword is blended with your body, will you have an accident?"

  Longteng turned his eyes and said, "Do you want me to replace your falling dragons?"

  Mu Yu nodded. In the past battles, he used his own time to control this trick when he used the dragon, but if he used this trick to replace it, he could free himself. There will be more choices when playing against people.

  "You can try it, my skin is thick, and your sword can't hurt me."Longteng shook his head and said.

  "You don't have any skin thickness anymore."Xiaoshuai interjected.

  Mu Yu was dumbfounded, and in the eyes of Xiao Shuai, he became a proud thing.

  "Well, you will see if you can merge with my sword."

  In the hands of Mu Yu’s hand, the sword has been sacrificed. One sword is six, and the sword of the sky is rushing out. Then a dragon-shaped sword shadow is separated from the six swords, and the roaring in the air is fierce. Sword gas, instantly annihilated the gravel on the ground.

  Long Teng’s body suddenly became bigger, ten meters long, and looked disdainfully at the dragon-shaped sword shadow formed by the sword, and rushed toward the other side directly


  The dragon-shaped sword shadow and the dragon vine collided with each other, and both sides flew out.

  "Haha! Are you stupid? Let you blend with the sword,

What do you and others do? ”Xiaoshuai laughed unscrupulously.

  "Oh shit! If you are coming! ”Longteng said with no anger.

  "I don't dare to thank the good things!"Xiaoshuai glared at the big tail.

  Mu Yu also frowned. His idea is good. He wants to let the dragon swords of the dragons be controlled by Long Teng, and let Long Teng play a powerful sword to help fight, and can exert unexpected power. It’s just that when Longtan used to fight with people, he spit out two powerful dragons from his mouth, or simply hit the body directly with his body. The attack method is very simple. He doesn’t know how to face the sword of Mu Yu. Coordinate yourself.

  "I will try again."Longteng snarled in the air, then adjusted his breath and prepared to try again.

  The dragon-shaped sword shadow and the dragon vine collided again, and the two sides were once again bounced off.

  "It’s useless. Daxie has been reluctant to give in. How could it be combined with that sword? You try to see that you don’t want to be hard-pressed with others, let the sword touch you. ”Xiaoshuai suggested.

  Long Teng snorted and reluctantly said: "Well, Mu Yu, let the guy hit me, I don't resist."

  In the hands of Mu Yu, the sword was turned, and the dragon-shaped sword shadow was rotated in the air, and the sword was rushed to the dragon. In his mind, he tried to imitate the look of Longtan every time he attacked, and at the same time put his own swordsmanship into the dragon and rattan.

  As long as the shape of the dragon and the dragon are combined with the dragon and the dragon, the dragon can itself play with the sword.


  The body of the dragon vine was directly smashed, and the ground of the stoning stone was heavily pulled out of a large pit. The dragon vine lay in the pit and stared at Venus. Fortunately, Mu Yu had just controlled his own strength, and he did not give the dragon vines a whole.

  Xiaoshuai has been laughing out of breath: "Ha ha! Da Yu is too stupid, seeing it is green! ”

  Longtan climbed up and yelled in the air: "Little mouse, are you brain-destroyed!" My eyes are green! ”

  Mu Yu also feels embarrassed, and quickly went forward to check the body of Long Teng, but fortunately Longtan has followed the wood
After the feathers, the skin was really thick and there was no injury.

  "What's the problem?"

  Mu Yu still did not give up, he still believes in his own judgment. The sword of the Tianjian nine is originally attacked according to the dragon's power. The dragon itself belongs to a special kind of dragon, so it should be able to feel the sword of the dragon.

  "Mu Yu, your intention is to let Daxie control the sword of the dragon, so that you can free yourself to do other things, so it depends on the understanding of the big man, it must be familiar with you. The sword can be controlled, otherwise it can't be done. It is estimated that there is no drama in the IQ of Daxie."Xiaoshuai jumped on the shoulder of Mu Yu and said cheerfully.

  Longteng yelled: "Who told you that I didn't understand? I watched that Mu Yu used so many times to drop the dragon and whistle, and I have already known his sword for a long time. ”

  The dragon vine hovered around the wooden feathers and licked the tail: "It’s just that the sword and my mind are not connected. I don’t know how the sword will move next. Mu Yu doesn’t know what I want to do next. How to exercise, unless Mu Yu and my breath are linked."

  Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully: "You mean I am going to control you?"

  The dragon vine itself is a plant. With the ability of the wood feather to control the plant today, he wants to control the dragon vine more than enough, but Mu Yu has never done this before, because he does not want to limit the action of the dragon. Moreover, Long Teng is an independent individual who has his own ideas. Mu Yu does not have the ability to communicate with Long Teng.

  "If you control me, is there any difference between me helping me and not helping me?" Anyway, in the end, are you fighting yourself? You have been learning the formation for a while. If you can create a formation and tie the two of us together, if I can fully understand how your sword works, I should be able to do it with this sword. mix together. ”Said Long Teng.

  Tianjian Jiuyin itself is an esoteric sword array. Mu Yu currently only grasps the sword potential, but can not understand its sword array. But even the nine swords are far from what Longtan can understand. If there is a formation that allows Mu Yu and Long Teng to communicate with each other, then Long Teng can really understand the true meaning of Luo Longxiao.

  The wooden bun sat down and began to enter a conception. The swordsmanship around the Shiganggang Tianjian nine began to evolve in his mind, he began to deduct the combination of the array of methods, a formation to make everyone into the array of ideas a bit difficult.

  "Mu Yu, do you want to try "Xuanzhen", I feel that you should now understand the "Xuanzhen" of the dead wood, I remember that there was a law called "Wind and Heart", maybe it works."Xiaoshuai suggested.

  When Mu Yu was forbidden by the dead woods, the three of them were bored on the poisonous classics every day, and Xiaoshuai turned over the "Xuanzhen" and casually watched the time, occasionally a little bit Graffiti. A while ago, when Mu Yu was looking at "Xuan Zhen", Xiao Shuai also studied at the side.

  Mu Yu’s brain was bright. When he first studied “the wind and the heart of the heart”, it was because the fixed soul array needed to use the pattern of this array, and spent three days to learn. At that time, he only learned for the sake of learning. He did not consider where the "wind and the heart" was used. After a reminder by Xiaoshuai, he suddenly realized that it could be used here!

  The wind and the heart of the array: the high-level array method, with the southwesterly winds of the Eight Diagrams as the source of the exhibition, can let the wind and the hearts of all the people in the heart are connected together, know ourselves and work together.

  The wind and the heart are very complicated, but Mu Yu has completely mastered this array of techniques, so the moment directly portrays "the wind and the heart." He took out the wooden sword, and now the wood spirit sword is quite strange and angry. Just like the wood feather itself, he directly uses the wood spirit sword as the base of the "wind and heart", so that it can be directly Use it out.

  "Dragon, let's try again."

  The wooden sword swayed in front of the wooden feathers, and a blue-green gossip pattern rippled under the feet of the wooden feathers. The dragon vine also climbed on the wooden feathers and stood ready to go. The split sword once again differentiated into six, and the fierce swords rushed into the sky. The six flying swords pointed to the sword tail, connected together, and the sword appeared in the air.

  The green and green patterns radiate and the wood feathers move gently, coming to the southwest direction of the Eight Diagrams, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com in the hands of spiritual power gathered together, palm print in the wind direction –

  Like a line suddenly connected to Mu Yu and Long Teng, Mu Yu was surprised to find that he could clearly know that Long Teng was thinking that he must "wait for a fight with the little mouse", and Xiao Shuai actually thought "I say that I am I haven’t eaten it, I don’t know if it’s good to eat.”

  "Little mouse, what you said is not really true?"Long Teng also heard Xiao Shuai’s thoughts, and it felt that Xiaoshuai’s food was a bit of a taste.

  "I want you to manage! Your fight with me is not my opponent! ”Xiaoshuai shouted.

  "Dragon, fast!"Mu Yu said that his heart has begun to evolve the sword and the main points of the dragon.

  Longtan’s eyes jerked brightly. It suddenly screamed in the sky, and then the entire body rushed toward the dragon-shaped sword in the air, and opened the bloody mouth, directly swallowing the sword!

  "Dragons and Dragons!"

  Long Teng screamed, and it slammed a blue-green dragon into the front, and the dragon rushed out in the air, turning into a powerful flying sword, and instantly plunging the ground into a deep gully!

  It hovered in the air and looked at the gully of the ground incredulously.
It is impossible to make such a great destructive power, and obviously the power after combining with the sword is far beyond its imagination.

  "The little mouse trembles! Come and look up to me! ”Long Teng proudly smashed his tail toward Xiaoshuai.

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