Chapter 444 Tianjian 9 Array Method (Part 1)

  "What are you talking about?" Will the little voice die? ”Xiaoshuai shouted.

  "Haha, envy! Little mouse, I feel full of strength! In the future, you will marry you again! ”After Longtan swallowed the sword of the wooden feathers, the whole body was like a savvy sword, flashing the overbearing swordsmanship, splashing around, making people feel guilty.

  Mu Yu looked at Longtan in surprise, because he found that after he had been swallowed up by Longtan, the sword did not disappear, but was used by Longtan, so that Longtan could With his sword meaning to play against others, the resulting combat power is exactly the same as Mu Yu!

  This means that when Mu Yu makes Longtan help, the other side needs to face the two wooden feathers at the same time!

  This array of tactics against the base of the aura is very horrible, but the strange spirit of the wood spirit sword itself does not care about this loss, let alone the wood spirit sword itself will absorb the outside aura. As long as Mu Yu and Long Teng have two strengths to fight, basically the opponent is not higher than Mu Yu, then it will be defeated!

  "Little mouse, you will wait for me to make a big deal in the future, you can only look at my back and shiver!"Long Teng is very proud, and his mouth is a breath. The breath is swirling in the air and turning out the sword shape. It is like a sword rushing toward the ground and blowing the ground out of a big pit.

  Xiaoshuai was not happy, shouted: "You are less proud! Mu Yu, hurry to give me "Xuanzhen", I also find a way, let's come together, it doesn't matter, the posture must be handsome! Let the big eyes dry up! ”

  Mu Yu shook his head helplessly, and it was so easy to find a way. Just now, when he realized that Tianjian was quoted, he thought about whether it would be possible to combine with Longtan for nine days. It is also a temporary rise, and there will be other ideas.

  He threw "Xuanzhen" to Xiaoshuai. This guy loves how to toss it and let it toss. At the moment, he has not fully realized the essence of Tianjian Jiujian, and needs to study the sword marks left by Master again.

  However, Long Teng said happily on the side: "My sword is different from the falling dragons of Tianjian. I have to take a name myself. I will use it myself afterwards. Of course, I have to play with me. The name of the name, I think it is good to call 'Longteng Xiaotian'."

  "Scream your sister! Do you want to scream? ”Xiaoshuai slammed the thick "Xuanzhen" and said while looking for it. "This method is what I proposed, you should thank me!" In the future, it will be called 'Little Shuai Xiaotian'! When you make this move, you must be able to shout out these four words with great enthusiasm, understand? In particular, the word 'small handsome' should be accented, it can bring you endless power, and I can't look down on you if you weaken a syllable! ”

  Longteng said: "Hey! Calling the two words feels like eating a cockroach, and the opponent may be stunned, and may even laugh at it. ”

  "Laughter is not better? You fight with someone, your opponent smiles, and you can't kill him directly. ”Xiaoshuai said.

  Mu Yu can not help but laugh: "Why don't you call 'Mu Yu Xiao Tian'? Am I the main force? ”

  "I don't care, just call Xiaoshuai Xiaotian!"

  "Long Teng Xiaotian!"

  "Little handsome Xiaotian!"

  Mu Yu was defeated by these two wonderful singers, and it can be noisy for a name. It is a rare living treasure in the world. He shook his head and said: "Do not be noisy,

In the future, I would like to call this move as 'Wind and Rumble Dragon'! After all, it is composed of two different things: the wind and the heart and the dragon. ”

  "Whatever you say, anyway, when I use it later, I will silently read 'Long Teng Xiaotian'! When the little mouse has an enemy coming in, you will reconcile it into a group to cheer for me and Mu Yu! ”Long Teng shook his head toward Xiaoshuai.

  "I am mad at me, I must find a more powerful move than the big one!"

  Xiaoshuai was in a hurry, and the small paw quickly pulled on the book "Xuanzhen". Suddenly he closed the book and patted his head and said, "Oh, there is no other way to do it!" I seem to remember that I can control the Tianjian nine. ”

  Mu Yu looked at Xiaoshuai with surprise: "Are you sure?"

  Xiaoshuai confusedly touched his head and said: "Forgot, anyway, it seems to have a vague impression. When I saw the swordsmanship of Tianjiangang, I had some strange pictures in my mind. I don't know how these pictures came from. However, in the wind and the heart, I saw that you were familiar with the evolution of Tianjian. ”

  Xiaoshuai sat on the book "Xuanzhen" and held his chin in meditation. He suddenly shouted: "Mu Yu, you use the wind and the heart again, let me see your understanding of Tianjian."

  Where did Xiaoshuai come from? Mu Yu has not figured out yet. However, it used to follow the wind and dust, and Feng Haochen is the ancestor of Tianjian Jiu's swordsmanship, so maybe Xiaoshuai knows something.

  In the hands of Mu Yu, the wooden spirit sword was re-emerged, and the blue-green gossip pattern appeared again at his feet, and the wind and the heart burst out. Xiaoshuai fell in the formation, blinking his eyes, and suddenly there were many fragments in his mind.

  The wind and the heart of the heart can make everyone in the line of mind open, and everyone can think of what can be conveyed to other people in the line. Mu Yu was surprised to see the fragments of Xiao Shuai’s mind. Those fragments turned out to be a graceful man with five swords to hold the five Yumuning masters firmly!

  Sword shadow dust wind!

  "Little handsome, how are you?
Is there a memory of my master? ”Mu Yu was amazed.

  Although he only saw some fragmentary pieces, even these pieces are not coherent, but Xiaoshuu has these memories but it really shocked him.

  Xiaoshuai shook his head: "I don't know!" When I first came to Tianjiangang, I felt inexplicable. The swords here made me feel an indescribable intimacy, and then those strange pictures appeared on my own. I don’t know where they came from. of. ”

  Longteng also stared strangely at Xiaoshuai: "Little mouse, what is the relationship between you and Jianying Dust?"

  "Maybe I am more handsome, white bearded old man implanted these memory fragments for me?"The little handsome said with a sigh.

  Mu Yu frowned, no need to know that Xiaoshuai and Master must be unclear. However, when Mu Yu saw Xiaoshuai, this is just a huge strange egg, but also confused, it is not clear which egg is in the chicken nest, actually know many What Wood Yu had never heard before.

  Xiaoshuai jumped to the northeast of the Eight Diagrams. It saw the evolution of the seventh-style Xuan Cang Lei in the heart of Mu Yu, so he also took advantage of the big tail, and the aura was all gathered by himself. Then Xiaoshuai had a small hand on his hips and a small finger on the sky. He shouted in a mock-up manner: "The little handsome is lost!"

  The blue-green gossip suddenly turned into a blue light, and the transparent blue light was all shrouded in Xiaoshuai. The aura of Mulingjian was constantly being dragged into his body by Xiaoshuai, and then his whole body’s blue light was like The thunder and lightning began to violently violently, and the white hair of Xiao Shuai’s body was also erected.

  "Oh, look at my peerless sword!" Xiaoshuai’s Xuan Cang is thundering! ”

  Countless thunder and lightning surround the little handsome, all the lightning is slowly condensed into the little hand that Xiaoshuai pointed at the sky, and then all the blue sparks suddenly formed a thunder-shaped sword shape, rising from the sky. , go quickly to the dragon vine!

  "Mom, little mouse, are you looking for death?" Look at me, Longteng Xiaotian! ”The dragon screamed, the sword on it was not completely dispersed at the moment, and the whole body became straight, like a sword of loneliness, greeted by the handsome blue sword.


  Xiaoshuai’s blue giant sword and dragon vine with Lingxiao’s sword smashed together. The huge spiritual fluctuations spread around them. The swords were swaying and splashing everywhere. The overbearing swordsmanship was not on Tianjiangang. The residence is rippling.

  The swordsmanship driven by the two began to sweep every stone in Tianjiangang. The sword marks that were originally portrayed by the wind and dusty swords seemed to live. It seems that all the sword marks have flown out. The horrible sword of the horror echoes the swordsmanship of Xiaoshuai and Longteng.

  Immediately after the swordsmanship in Tianjiangang formed an ethereal figure, the figure could not help but interpret the Tianjian nine quotes in the air. Every stroke of each style appeared in the eyes of the wood feathers and seemed so familiar and strange!

  "This is – Master?"

  Mu Yu was amazed. These swords were so hard that they formed the image of his master when he was young. He also began to promote the true meaning of the sword of the sword.

  The feeling of hardship and sorrow was suddenly dissipated. The figure of the sword shadow dust was so free and easy, his sword was not even controlled in the hands, but scattered in the void.

  Whenever his hand was at random, UU reading body around always appear the road pattern, followed by a sword will always be extracted from the void, was drawn out of the sword has already become thousands, will be a sword to the ultimate, direct a sword split, immediately the sky, thunder and Lightning, Like Kapital Tianwei, unstoppable!

  After a stroke, the sword will automatically merge into the void!

  Tianjian nine cited the sword array, so that the sword method got rid of the fixed way of swords, the sword in the hand has disappeared, but it is still like the shadow, everywhere. There is a sword in my heart, and I can take out three feet of Qingfeng from anywhere, and the sword is nine days!

  "Is this the sword of the sword?"

  The Mu plume is obsessed with the sight of Master, the mind has been completely immersed in the former Master of the sword, and his whole man became very ethereal, unexpectedly began to take out the Shadow sword to learn the appearance of master began to dance, he began to feel that there is something missing, Now he gradually began to grope for the threshold of the sword of the nine.

  What Mu Yu did not find was that there was always a shadow in the rocky hills that observed him silently in the distance. This man stood there as if he was integrated into the stone of the whole body. There was no breath of any living person, and even if he walked by him, he would not notice his existence.

  "It turned out that only those who know how to attract the sword can understand these swords. It is no wonder that I have been unable to penetrate, and the sword is dusty. Your means is really brilliant!"A helpless sigh came from the shadow of the person.


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