Chapter 449 Zuling

  "Wind wood, are you out?"Lu Xianshi’s face showed a pleasant look.

  More than 20 days ago, Mu Yu suddenly disappeared for no reason, thought it was an accident, and later he learned from the Zhuge to learn the story of the patriarch of the Heavenly house away from the message.

  "Well, the disciple has been out of the Docheroux, and the first Division cares. ”Mu Yu Chaolu The first division and then bowed to the other First division.

  "Boy, have you just said that you want to participate in the test of the innate disciple?"Situ Yangtian’s face is ridiculous, “Hey! Never do it! Are you looking for death? ”

  Situ Yangtian is still a hateful look. Others appreciate the talent of Mu Yu, but he is always ridiculed.

  Mu Yu did not humble and looked at Situ Yangtian, and did not fear at all. He said: "Situ Shishi, the disciple is not self-reliant, but has handed over with Mo Ziming, and has a general understanding of the strength of Fu Zong's innate disciples. So I dare to make this decision."

  "Naughty! I object! ”Lu Xianshi shook his head. "Mo Ziming is the 71st immortal on the top of the list. You are fortunate if you are in danger. How can you take risks?"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng also said: "Fengmu, I know that your talent is superior, you have been recognized by the founder, but you must do your best." Lu Shidi is right. You are not the opponent of Mo Ziming at all, and the most powerful of the congenial disciples of Fuzong is not Mo Ziming, but Ling Zheng, the 67th. Last year, Ling Zheng lost to Mu Chenghong in the test, but this year, the list of the most popular, his ranking is more than Mu Chenghong. When we tried it, we didn't know who the opponent was. If you met him, I am afraid it will be fierce. ”

  Mu Chenghong’s ranking of the most immortal is now the 70th. Ling is losing to Mu Chenghong in the last year’s match. This year, he is far superior to him. It is enough to show that Ling’s skills have been leaping forward in this year. I have three rankings.

  "Windwood, I believe that one day you will surpass them one day, but you must learn to be forbearing before you have real strength. You must not be too arrogant. You can go to the test of the disciples of the day after tomorrow, but you must not participate in the test of the innate disciples. ”Lu Xianshi said seriously.

  Everyone is not optimistic about Mu Yu, because Mu Yu only has the strength of "Golden Dan", even if the array is good, it can not make up for the gap between the two realms.

  Its solid wood feathers can now reveal its true cultivation. The heavens have already seen his identity, even if he now admits that he is an apprentice in the face of these innate actors. Most of these arrays of strategists were surprised to see that the chin fell, not what Muyu would do.

  But Mu Yu has his own plan, and he doesn't plan to be a snake. If you want to help the ancestors through this crisis, you must use the help of Mu Chenghong and Situ Yangtian. Without them, the temple can't be opened, and the last line of defense of the sect can't be held.

  The most important thing is that hidden cultivation can be unexpected and unprepared.

  "I know all the good intentions of the first division, but I have a mouthful of the ancestors here, please listen."The wooden feather finger flicked and a white token appeared on his palm.

  This white token is full of white brilliance, and the mysterious golden patterns flow from time to time. The patterns on the top are bizarre and changeable, like water waves. Only a powerful and powerful "array" was written on the token. This "array" word is magnificent, and with the supreme line of understanding, the heart of every innate sergeant trembles fiercely.

  "祖令?"Zhuge Xiaosheng exclaimed,

All the innate strategists quickly stood up and looked at the white token incredulously. The ancestral ancestor is the identity of the celestial road. When you see the ancestors, you can see the heavens and the Tao. It represents the will of the heavens.

  The ancestors shook a little, the space lingered a little, and the illusion of the sacred heavens emerged from the ancestors. The white fluttering, the blue silk fluttering, he held his hand, and majesticly scanned all the people present, and the breath of the world shook.

  "See the ancestor!"

  When the nineteen predecessors saw the appearance of the illusory sky, everyone’s face was very respectful, and then they all went down and worshipped on the ground to greet their founders.

  "It’s just a shadow, is it a big gift?"Mu Yu touched his nose. He stood next to the ancestors. These people are equal to kneeling at him. He still feels a little embarrassed. However, in order not to disturb such a solemn atmosphere, he still straightened his waist and looked at everyone very seriously.

  "Wow, they are all squatting. Can I say that Ai Qing is flat?"Xiaoshuai drilled his head and asked secretly.

  "No, no."Mu Yu put the head of Xiao Shuai back by hand, and this little guy likes to take advantage of others.

  Tiandao faintly nodded, just saying a word: "The words of Fengmu represent my will, what he wants to do, you only need assistance."

  His words are not many, his voice is not big, but it clearly echoes in the entire hall, as if there is an indescribable penetrating power, majesty is irresistible, and all the teachers are awe.

  "The disciples follow."Nineteen innate strategists answered in unison, and the heavenly road is their spiritual pillar. His words are inconsistent with these innate strategists.

  The illusion of the heavens has once again disappeared and has disappeared into the temple. The majestic atmosphere has disappeared, and Zhuge Xiaosheng and others have stood up and looked at each other. They did not expect that Mu Yu would actually get the ancestral home of the ancestral division.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng and others re-sit, and the look of Mu Yu has also changed. I have never given the ancestral order to any of the previous days.
People, but Mu Yu only followed the Tiandao Road for a few days, and even got the ancestors of the heavens, which made them very envious.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng sighed a little and said: "Fengmu, since the ancestors said so, then we will respect your choice, but I hope that you can think twice before you go, the match is better than the test, the people of Fuzong are very embarrassed." They won't be merciful."

  Mu Yu nodded slightly, saying: "The disciple knows the dangers, but the disciples are already measured. Please rest assured."

  Look at Mu Yu repeatedly insisted that everyone no longer said anything. Lu Xianshi’s face was full of anxiety. He was almost unable to sit still. Thinking about it for a while, he went to find Fengmu to see if he could change his mind.

  Mu Yu’s choice of playing has been confirmed, and the remaining places will be much easier. The disciples of Zhongtian and the disciples of the day are not lacking, but the congenital disciples are different.

  When Mu Yu had not come, except for Mu Chenghong, in the past years, the two squadrons of the squadron had been replaced by the congenital disciples. These two Mu Yu actually know each other, one is Song Qingyu, and the other is Ma Mingxun. Although they have been repaired for a period of time, the understanding of the road is only the level of the disciples of the heavens, far less than the innate disciples of Fuzong, so they end in a fiasco every year.

  This year, Mu Yu insisted on leaving one of the places, and everyone worried about him more than expected. No one is optimistic that Mu Yu can win in the three extremes of Fu Zong, but he is worried about what to do if Mu Yu is disabled by the other party.

  In the style of Fu Zong, it is bound to break the wind and wood, break his future battle, and destroy the hope of the rise of the ancestors!

  But if these people know the true repair of the wood feathers, then it is so nerve-racking.

  "Whoever beats someone, it is not necessarily!"Mu Yu turned and left the temple. Others only knew that he had closed the forest for more than half a month, but only he knew how long he had been inside.

  Although I have been studying for a year, many of the arrays of wood feathers have not been fully penetrated. I only learned some practical arrays under the advice of Tiandao, and I have to explore the rest myself. In so many battles, he relied most on the Tianjian Nine Array method left by Master.

  The sword array is irreplaceable.

  He looked at the steps in front of the temple. These steps usually have no wonders. Only when they start the array, will they become the ladders that are rotated in the direction of the Eight Diagrams.

  Like him, Tiandao Road has passed through the ladder of the temple in eight steps. It is one of the few geniuses.

  Thinking of the sky, Mu Yu’s heart was awkward.

  I am afraid that all the innate strategists of the sect are not aware of the current situation of their respected ancestors, and they are not optimistic.

  Mu Yu remembered the experience of more than 20 days, especially after he understood what was the "fingertip flow" array, and then he knew what kind of genius was.

  Skywalker used his lifelong energy to create a fingertip flow, not just to stop the death. It is called "fingertip flow", UU reading www. is because time is like a flowing water in this array, it is tangible and can be controlled.

  This is arguably the greatest array to date, and the most influential way for Mu Yu to feel incredible. In the fingertip flow water array method, the sky channel cost its own real yuan forcibly changed the passage of time. Mu Yu seems to have spent more than 20 days in it, but it has actually passed a whole year!

  The last time Mu Chenghong made a magical array for Mu Yu, it seems that it has been more than an hour, but there is only an instant, that is an array of fantasy in my mind, not really changing the time. For example, the monument used to test the disciple of Zhongtian is just a magical array. Everything actually happens in the mind of Mu Yu. It is an array formed by illusion.

  But the fingertips are not a magical array, but actually make time to change. Skyscraper spent a great amount of spiritual power to modify the rules of time and won Muyu for a year.

  The array that can modify the time rules is quite against the sky, and has already touched the bottom line between the heavens, so the price paid is also very heavy. Just like the anti-stars, the heavens need to bear the consequences for this behavior.

  Today's Sky Road is not only unable to move, but even into an unconscious state. The huge counter-attack of fingertips makes him fall asleep, and Mu Yu does not know when he can wake up!

  Before the sky was slumbered, all the arrays were engraved in the form of branding in the wood feathers, including how to crack the nine-day magic array!

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