Chapter 450 Responsibilities

  How to crack the nine-day magic array, the road gives two ways, one is to repair to achieve the robbery period, with their own strong spiritual power to use the temple to directly destroy it.

  The temple has a strong power, which is one of the reasons why Mu Yu must learn to control the temple. However, there is no way to repair the temple without the use of the temple. This means that he is currently cracking the nine-day seal. The magic array still has a very long way to go.

  Another method is to kill, just like the method provided by Mu Youmeng's main sentence, the killing gas will break the balance of the five elements of the nine-day magic array, so that the nine-day magic array will not break.

  I already know the cracking method of the nine-day magic array, but he is not happy. He has already known how to perform the squad that is needed to solve the problem. However, his current cultivation can't be carried out, which makes him into a dilemma.

  Killing is obviously the easiest way, and it is also a method that Mu Yu doesn't like.

  "Mu Yu, how are you going to choose?"Xiaoshuai asked.

  "Or kill it! It can be simpler. ”Longtan interface road.

  Tian Tiandao told Mu Yu about the principle of the nine-day magic array. Mu Yu also knows that killing is the most direct weakness of this formation, but to save more people to kill more people, so the dead wood will agree ?

  "No matter how you choose, I will kill you first."Mu Yu's eyes are very cold, and the things that are not waiting to be done are unforgivable in Mu Yu. Mu Yu absolutely wants him to pay the price.

  "In any case, let's deal with the array first. Let's talk about it!" The Mie Palace is behind the Fuzong people, and we can't always make them too happy. ”Said Long Teng.

  Mu Yu nodded. If he killed the day, the entire Star Gate would definitely not let him go. At that time, we must face the revenge of the entire Star Gate. With the ability of the Star Gate, it is very simple to move some powerful immortals to kill him.

  He can only guarantee his own safety if he improves his training. If he has the repair of the robbery period, he can not only lift the nine-day magic circle, but also try to resurrect the dead wood old man, and he can cope with all the great immortals to challenge.

  It’s a pity that it’s so easy to be a robbery period?

  Mu Yu came to the highest peak of the sect. Last time he came here only in the illusion of Mu Chenghong, and did not come personally. At this moment, I came to the top of the mountain and once again overlooked the entire array. The feeling of being small and small was very refreshing. It seemed to be able to accommodate the entire array and calm his heart.

  This is indeed a good place to let him calm down and think about how to deal with this catastrophe.

  Today, he is no longer the same as the younger disciple, but he feels unprecedented pressure. The array has the most powerful and exquisite temple, but there is a powerful innate strategist sitting in the town, but the person who has a relationship with the temple is such an outsider. Even Zhuge Xiaosheng could not completely control the temple, and he wanted to take the battle against the enemy of the wolf and the tiger leopard.

  The sun is very bright, and it is warm and warm on the body. The wind on the top of the mountain blows the clothes of Mu Yu, and the wood feathers are also empty. The coming will always come, what he can do is calmly deal with.

  "I know that you will definitely come here in person."Mu Chenghong’s voice came from the side, and a wind blew, and he was already sitting on the stone. Just like the two people in the original illusion, they sat in their respective positions.

  Mu Yu silently,

The young man in front of him is the only inborn disciple of the ancestors, but it is the undercover of Fu Zong, as Mu Chenghong said at the beginning, they will eventually stand opposite. I don't know why, he always thinks that Mu Chenghong is not such a simple person. He is more like something unspeakable, doing things he doesn't like to do.

  "I like this place."Mu Chenghong said again, the tone is so earnest, there is no hypocrisy, simply like it, no prejudice between the sects, irrelevant position, only pure love.

  "Where do you like it, if one day it is trampled and destroyed, what would you do?"Mu Yu does not have much affection for this place. It is only a responsibility for him, and he is responsible for the promises that Tiandao promises.

  So he chose to protect this place, but looking at such a vast array of plots, he had no resentment in his heart.

  Not disgusting, maybe just like it? Mu Yu thought of it.

  Mu Chenghong did not look at Mu Yu, but like the original, opened his arms, as if he was embracing the ancestors, very comfortable: "Many times we say bad, but I prefer to have the most complete side of it. Stay in my memories forever."

  Stay in the memory, yes! When a beautiful place is destroyed, nature will only remain in the memory forever.

  "Leave in the memory, so you won't guard it?"

  Mu Yu stared at Mu Chenghong, and Mu Chenghong was not like a heinous person in his impression, but more like being forced to helpless. It’s just that the spies are fine, and Mu Yu doesn’t want to be merciful to him, but he can’t tear his face with him now. For the sake of the battle, Mu Yu must find a way to control this young man.

  "There are many ways to stay in memory. The one you said may not be the same as the one I think."Mu Chenghong sighed, his eyes revealing endless melancholy, like a sentimental and refined Confucian life.

  The sun shines as smooth on him, but it makes him look lonely.

  "I will guard this place."Mu Yu said faintly. Tian Tiandao passed on his life knowledge to him, let him get what he wanted, and even helped Mu Yu
Keep the soul of the dead wood old man. In return, Mu Yu will help Tiandao guard this place.

  Mu Chenghong looked at Mu Yu unexpectedly. The melancholy look in his eyes suddenly dissipated and became very bright, as if someone had lit a bright light in his eyes. He looked at Mu Yu, Mu Yu was also watching him, the two were not shocked, and no one could read the extra meaning from the other side's eyes.

  "I understand."Mu Chenghong seems to have changed a person. He looks at him, sticks his fingers in the air, and the lines of the road whirl around his fingertips. Then, "Sister, you should go to see the third monument, it and the front." The two monuments are different."

  The third block of monuments? Since Mu Yu passed the ladder in eight steps, no one asked him to break the third monument and become a true innate disciple, because there is no need for it.

  If you can climb the ladder in eight steps, if this is not a congenital disciple, who else can count?

  The monument is only to test the Zhongtian disciples who want to break through their limits, instead of testing people who are congenital disciples.

  Mu Yu shook his head: "I no longer need to use the monument to prove my identity as a congenital disciple. I am a congenital disciple."

  Suddenly, as if to deliberately emphasize what, continue to say: "Like you, is the congenital disciple of the sect."

  Mu Chenghong became lost again, his eyes became blurred again, and he looked at the mountain water of the sect, and he sighed slightly.

  "Unfortunately, the good things will pass through the long river of time."Mu Chenghong looked at the sky and was in a daze.

  Mu Yu did not refute again. Mu Chenghong has made his decision. In the view of Mu Chenghong, even if Mu Yu perceives something, the array still can't escape the fate of being destroyed. A congenital disciple of the Golden Age can't change the situation.

  The innate disciples of the Golden Age did not change anything.

  Mu Chenghong stood up and repeated with a smile: "Go and have a look."

  His words are very simple, but there are many meanings that are unclear, but when Mu Yu wants to think carefully, he can't say why.

  Mu Chenghong’s wrestling around him, wrapping his figure into the formation, he once again glanced at the wood feather, and the light in his eyes seemed to want to say something, but in the end he did not say it, and then the whole person slowed down. Slowly disappeared on the summit, leaving only the wood feathers to face the hunting wind.

  "What kind of person are you?"Mu Yu sighed in his heart.

  Mu Chenghong grew up in the ancestors, studying the array of the array, accepting the cultural influence of the array. The human heart is long, Mu Chenghong also likes the place where he grew up, but he is the person of Fu Zong, Fu Zong let him personally destroy this familiar sect, which is also a choice for him.

  His identity made him obey the order of Fu Zong. In Zongmen's position, he only chose Fu Zong, and he only chose to destroy this place by himself.

  "Why do you want me to see the third monument?"Mu Yu is puzzled.

  What is Mu Chenghong thinking about? Do you still want to use the monument to start with him? However, this is impossible. When the monument is broken, no one is allowed to approach. Only the talents who have broken the monument are qualified to approach. It is impossible for Mu Chenghong to do the work on the tablet. So where is the intention of Mu Chenghong to let him go to see the monument?

  Mu Yu's finger is lightly moving, and now he no longer has to sacrifice the congenital lining to be able to retract the array and reach the state of Mu Chenghong.

  For more than 20 days and a year, UU reading is a different concept. There is no such thing as a superb array of church feathers. He teaches Mu Yu, it is the understanding of the road. After comprehending the essence of the martial arts, there is no sensation of learning in the array, and all the formations become clear and transparent in front of Mu Yu.

  But Mu Yu doesn't want to show it, surprises are always left to the enemy.

  During the surging of the formation, the wood feathers also disappeared above the peak, and when he reappeared, he had already arrived outside the advanced hall.

  Once he broke the first monument here, but he was a nameless pawn, ruined many people, and then stood up with the "Golden Dan" repair and admitted that he suffered numerous cynicism and finally used the strength to bring everyone The faces are all played again.

  Since then, he has established his talent, and is already an option for breaking the third monument.

  But why did Mu Chenghong let himself break the third monument? Just want to know if Mu Yu has the strength to become a congenital disciple of a battle?

  He didn't want to prove anything. Broken the third monument could not stop Fu Zong's conspiracy, and he could not stop the demise of the ruins. However, Mu Yu recalled that Mu Chenghong’s words and thoughts were stopped, but he could not help but be curious. What is hidden in the third block?

  Mu Yu went to the advanced hall, no matter what conspiracy Mu Chenghong had, no matter what was hidden in the third block, he had to go and see.

  If Mu Chenghong wants to leave the best side of the array in his memories, then Mu Yu wants to leave the best side of the array in reality!

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