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No. 451 Chapter Cloth swept array

  Ging by a magical matrix wrapped, here as if in the vast expanse of the cosmic sky, quiet and mysterious, you can see all the stars in the gentle rotation, you can see a star gradually lit up, from time to time still can see the meteor, even a star was born.

  When Mu Yu came to the advanced hall for the first time, he was also amazed by the magical star array here. He can see this starry image of the sky at this moment, but he feels so simple, he can even easily ruin it. Going to this star array, you can also make some changes to carry forward this image.

  But at this moment, there is not only one person in the advanced church. Lu Xianshi did not know when he had called all the Zhongtian disciples to come to the advanced hall, as if to announce something. Mu Yu is not a Zhongtian disciple now, he does not need to come here.

  When Mu Yu came in, Lu Xianshi saw him at first sight, then stopped the speech. All the Zhongtian disciples turned their heads and looked at Mu Yu.

  "It's wind wood! How did he appear here? ”

  "Is he not a congenital disciple now? Why are you still here? ”

  "I heard that he was interviewed by the Heavenly Masters and went to the Forbidden Forest."

  "Going to the Forbidden Forest? God! Good luck! ”

  A whisper was circulated among the disciples of Zhongtian, and everyone was talking about the arrival of Mu Yu. Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai saw that Mu Yu’s face was gloomy for a moment. Since Fu Zong’s Mo Ziming’s assassination of Mu Yu failed, they never found a chance to start with Mu Yu.

  However, Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai are not discouraged, because they understand that it is impossible to turn over the waves by a single wind, and the demise of the array is an irreversible trend. After the Fuzong attacked the sect, the wind wood will die.

  "Wind wood, you are coming right, everyone is giving me the spirit!" Learn from Fengmu! This time, Fengmu has already planned to represent our ancestors in the internship of the innate disciples. His mentality of being fearless and challenging is what you lack.

  The introduction of Fengmu is the latest, but he is much stronger than each of you. All of you have to refuel after three days. Whether you have participated in the match test or not, the mental outlook of the array should not be lost! Do not weaken the momentum in front of Fu Zong, understand? ”Lu Xianshi said to everyone.

  "Yes! Disciples remember! ”

  After all the disciples felt amazed after hearing the words of Lu Xianshi, they blasted the pot underneath, and many people felt incredible.

  "Wind Wood wants to participate in the test of the innate disciples? Although I admit that he is very talented, but he only has the cultivation of the Golden Age, how can he compare with the congenital disciple of Fu Zong? ”

  "That's right! The three innate disciples of Fu Zong are all on the list of the immortals, but there is a period of cultivation! ”

  "Is the repair of Fengmu Jindan period comparable to others?"

  Everyone thinks that Fengmu is really crazy, and the talent is high. The Jindan period is going to go to Fuzong's extremely fairy ratio. It is undoubtedly a stone hitting stone, not self-sufficient. Is this wind wood looking for death?

  "Quiet, Fengmu participates in the test of the congenital disciples. What is important is not to win or lose, but a spirit to challenge the strong. What do you talk about?" If there is no heart that challenges the strong, how can you go further on the road? ”Lu Xianshi yelled.

  Everyone dare not speak anymore,

They are all secretly watching Mu Yu, and they are questioning. In their view, Fengmu wants to deliberately come out.

  Lu Xianwen asked gently: "Fengmu, today I summoned all the Zhongtian disciples to let them know what to do after three days. What are you doing here? ”

  Mu Yu glanced at everyone around him, and suddenly he thought about it. He suddenly thought of one thing: the undercover that Fu Zong sent in had a total of 57 people at the level of Zhongtian disciples, and 16 had become Zhongtian. The squad, that is to say, there are forty-one disciples in the more than 300 middle-class disciples who are present.

  If you put a huge sacred soul here, and control all the middle-class disciples, can you not kill all the middle-class disciples?

  Both Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai are unable to be controlled because of the existence of the devil in the body. It is ok to control them when they are not.

  "Return to the first division, the disciple is coming to the first division to ask for something."Mu Yu wants to arrange a huge soul array, and his ability can't be done. It must be done with the help of Lu Xianshi.

  When Lu Xianshi listened to Mu Yu to find him, he suddenly became serious. Obviously, in his opinion, Mu Yu’s affairs were much more important than these Zhongtian disciples. So he said to all the heavenly disciples: "All of you will go back first!" Luo Feilong Ji Wenkai and Cheng Zhuo, the three of you remember to be prepared in the past few days, and strive to defeat Fu Zong in the contest! ”

  Luo Feilong, Ji Wenkai and Cheng Zhuo, just like last year’s match test, this year is the three. If Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai are in the same position, how can the formation win the victory in the match test?

  Cheng Zhu looked strangely at Muyu, and looked at Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai. He knew that Mu Yu was not simple. He also knew that Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai were the things of Fu Zong. He didn’t understand what Mu Yu should do. . But he is just a weak middle-class disciple and can't help.

  "Yes! The disciple retire! ”

  All the Zhongtian disciples soon left, and there were only Lu Xianshi and Mu Yu left in the advanced hall. The last piece of the monument is still standing proudly in the starry sky, and the other two are broken.
Into a place.

  "Wind wood, what are you looking for?"Lu Xianshi asked.

  Mu Yu has been indulging for a long while. He has decided to tell Lu Xianshi about the incident of Fu Zong, and he said: "Return to the first division, the disciple came here to tell the master some important news."

  Mu Yu told Lu Xianshi about the spies in the disciples of the sect of Zhongzong, and also said two things in the congenital formation. His voice was very calm, but he was shocked by the turbulent heart of Lu Xianshi.

  "Wind wood, is this true? This is a must not be a joke! ”Lu Xianshi frowned and did not believe what Mu Yu said. Because Mu Yu’s words are too ridiculous, Fu Zong sneaked into such a sneak peek, how could it be that there was no movement?

  "Lu Xianshi, I will first dare to ask, who is going to take care of the new entry of Zhongtian disciples?"Mu Yu asked.

  "Getting started this thing will be known through the test of the front door. This thing can't be done. The Zongmen has arranged a special Zhongtian Array to manage this matter."Lu Xianshi said.

  "But I used to go through the eighth battle at the front door. Who knows?"Mu Yu asked faintly. Even he can easily get in, and it will not be difficult for Fu Zong's spies to come in.

  "what? Have you passed the eighth? How can this be! In addition to the Heavenly Taoist ancestors, the Eighth 还 has not yet…You -" Lu Xianshi's eyes widened, "but not right! If someone has crossed the sixth squad, all of our innate faculty will know that this is a big event and the door will remind everyone. ”

  "I chose to slay and die." Who knows about this matter? ”Mu Yu asked calmly.

  "Death and then born? Have you chosen both the birth gate and the death gate? ”Lu Xianshi took a breath of air, and he looked at Mu Yu with shock. "Why don't you continue to squat?"

  "The eighth 卦 cost me too much energy, so I didn't think much about it at the time, so I didn't continue to squat."Mu Yu said casually. He didn't have the energy to go down, but he didn't plan to go on.

  "Oh my God! It's no wonder that you will be valued by the ancestors. It turns out that you not only did the same as the ancestors, but also went through the eighth step with the ancestors! ”Lu Xianshi was amazed.

  Usually, their innate faculty only looked at the cultivation of the innate disciples, and they didn't manage the things of the disciples. So even some of the Zhongtian disciples chose to kill them and then they didn't know.

  Fortunately, this person is Mu Yu, and he is a disciple of other new introductions. It is estimated that under the hands of Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, the talented people will never be in the first place and will be killed in the cradle!

  "There has not been a congenital disciple in the tenth year of the sect, do you really think that there is no successor to the sect? You are wrong. I think that whenever someone goes through the fifth squat and wants to smash the sixth scorpion, they will be stopped by the traitor of Fuzong, only let them become middle-class disciples, and then secretly frame them and make them in the line. The achievements of the Tao are directly ending! ”Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

  Every year, there are countless people from the array to participate in the test of the front door. It is impossible for a congenital disciple to have it. The main reason is that these innate strategists are neglecting the management of the door, and no one has reached the sixth. They will not be alarmed, which will make Fu Zong's spies have a chance.

  Mu Yu had only passed four squats at the beginning, so he did not continue to squat, so he did not attract the attention of Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai. If he continued to squat, he would have been found by Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai. Come.

  Lu Xianshi was blushed by Mu Yu’s words. The array of squads for the past ten years may not be because they did not recruit congenital disciples, but because the congenital disciples were missed by Fu Zong’s spies!

  If they can personally supervise the test of the front door, then the array will not enter today's dilemma, and even the only innate disciple is the spy of Fuzong!

  "If you follow the frequency of recruiting two innate disciples in one year, at least twenty congenital disciples will be framed by Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, causing everyone to be embarrassed. This is a huge loss, isn't it? ”Mu Yu’s words are very harsh, but they tell the truth that the emergence of two innate disciples a year is only a conservative estimate.

  Lu Xianshi’s face was frustrated. This incident made him feel very sad. The reason why the original ancestor did not have a congenital disciple for so many years is here! These innate strategists usually only pay attention to dealing with other sects, but ignore the situation of the disciples under the door, which is already a serious dereliction of duty.

  "You say Rofei Dragon and Divenke are Fu Zong spies, I may also believe, after all, their practice to think about really not quite right, but Mu Cheng Hong and Sizhiyang days How can be a spy?" Although Situ Yangtian and I always can't get together, I know that he is a man. He can't be a spy of Fuzong. ”Lu Xianshi shook his head. "And Mu Chenghong, he is the only innate disciple of our ancestors. How could it be the traitor of Fu Zong?"

  Lu Xianshi still wants to catch the last straw.

  Mu Yu had long expected that Lu Xianshi would not easily believe that the case of spies was too ridiculous, let alone involved a congenital actor and a congenital disciple, and Mu Yu’s most troublesome problem was that he had no evidence. .

  But at this moment, with the help of the heavens, the evidence is not so important. In the sect, the words of the heavens represent the supreme authority, and no one dares to question.

  "The ancestors said, let me ask you for help, this gave me this ancestor."Mu Yu took out the ancestral order, and the majestic atmosphere swept out again, which made Lu Xianshi feel a guilty conscience and made him believe more.

  Seeing that the ancestors saw the heavens, the words of Mu Yu represented the will of the heavens, and Lu Xianshi did not dare to question.

  Lu Xianshi bite his teeth and said: "Well, we will first sneak out the spirits in the advanced church, and all the spies of the Zhongtian disciples will be taken out. By then, we will know whether Mu Chenghong and Situ Yangtian are spies. However, if you want to control all the middle-class disciples at once, you need a lot of souls. Where do you get them? ”

  If it is because of their dereliction of duty that led to the succession of the successor, then he must find a way to make up for it, it is a matter of urgency to remove the pests!

  Mu Yu smiled slightly: "This is not a problem."

  The soul of the soul is a very complicated array, because there are too many people to control, so it is impossible to make a shift. The Advanced Hall is the place where all the Zhongtian disciples gather. It is most convenient to arrange the Souls here. It can guarantee that all the Zhongtian disciples are controlled in the hands of Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu came to the top of the book for the third block of monuments, but he found that he could control the method of Zhongtian disciples and then chose to postpone the battle. No matter what Mu Chenghong wants to tell him, he does not find out all the importantities of the disciples of Zhongtian. UU reading book www.

  The arrangement of the spirits is quite complicated. It is not like the soul of Fuzong Mo Ziming. The use of the soul symbol is time-limited. The control time of the soul is about two hours, after two hours, the soul will be invalid. However, the soul of the soul is not the same, as long as you enter the soul of the soul, the gods will be printed, no matter where you go, you will be controlled.

  If the spirits are not destroyed, they cannot get out of control.

  This terrible array of methods is arrogant and is not allowed to be used because it is listed as a ban. The spirits that Lu Xianshi knew also had shortcomings of short control time, and the perfect soul soul nowadays only knows that Tiandao and Muyu know that Muyu will not show the perfect soul.

  The road pattern is spread throughout the advanced hall with the help of Lu Xianshi. This array is flawed and incomplete. Mu Yu promised that Tiandao did not show the complete soul of the soul, to avoid falling into the hands of the Triple Palace.

  As long as Mu Yu’s spy is fine, he does not need to rely on this formation, and directly sneak the soul of the soul into their bodies and control these people. As for the soul of the wood will not absorb the human life, Mu Yu does not want to consider.

  Dealing with spies, there is no need to be soft-hearted.

  The arrangement of the soul of the soul took Lu Xianshi and Mu Yu for nearly a day, and then Lu Xianshi once again summoned all the Zhongtian disciples and the Zhongtian dynasty to the advanced church.

  Because the array is closer than the test, the sect is very valued for this matter, so the field personnel of the sect are called back to stand by, which also gives Mu Yu a good chance to get a net!

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