No. 452 Chapter The Spies

  Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai were both opened by Lu Xianshi. Both of them could not be controlled because of the existence of the devil in the body. Zhongtian disciple and Zhongtian array when came to Ging, all feel a bit inexplicable, because many things yesterday, the Guru has said, do not understand now he again put all the people together is why.

  "Except Rofei and Divenke, are you all here?" he said. ”The Guru glanced majestically at all the Zhongtian disciples and the Zhongtian array, and counted the numbers.

  "Master Lu, may I ask you to call us here today?" ”Song Qingyu couldn't help but ask. Usually, like their stalwart, they don't need to come over. I don't understand why I have to be present today.

  Lu Xianshi indicated that he was quiet, and then said: "Today everyone is convinced that it is for the two days after the match, there are some things that need to be confirmed with everyone."

  Everyone put their eyes on Lu Xianshi, waiting for his following. But Lu Xianshi did not speak at this time, but his hands began to form a complicated imprint.

  "First, I am in trouble."Mu Yu appeared in the corner, and the ground in the back hall suddenly lit up the golden lines, and all the Zhongtian disciples and the Zhongtian faculty were covered in a moment.

  "what happened?"Many people looked at it all without knowing it, but as Lu Xianshi couldn’t help but rush into the squad, the lines of the imprint flashed out in a fierce pattern, blending into all the Zhongtian disciples and the Zhongtian faculty. The body.

  Every Zhongtian disciple and Zhongtian sergeant's eyes fluttered and became bleak, without any emotional fluctuations, and his face was very calm. With the help of Lu Xianshi, they were all controlled by the soul of the wood feathers, and they have lost their consciousness.

  Mu Yu controls the spirits in the array. All the patterns are centered on the soul of the soul. After the formation marks are integrated into each body, Shenshenmu has controlled everyone's consciousness in the hands. In the battle, Mu Yu quickly sneaked into the memories of everyone.

  "It turned out to be your pests."

  Not a moment, Mu Yu has drawn from the more than 500 people from the fifty-five spies of Fu Zong, including the absence of Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, which are exactly fifty-seven.

  He said nothing, directly let the spies all stand up to a pile, and asked: "Speak one by one about your respective identity and how to break into the plan of the battle."

  A Zhongtian disciple who walked in the front stood up and said with a blindfold: "My name is Zhang Rui, the original name is Zhang Yun. It is the undercover of Fuzong. I am responsible for destroying the sect of the sect. Attacking the array and guarding the array."

  "My name is Bi Jun, formerly known as Zhao Qing. I am responsible for the task of knocking the green clock on that day. My task is to ensure that no matter what happens, the blue bell will not ring, so that the bells of foreign enemies cannot be successfully transmitted to all the arrays. In the ears of the disciples."

  "My name is Lu Mingjie, formerly known as Lu Hua. I am responsible for the duty of the entrance to the day, and the other disciples of the array will silently kill."

  "My name is Wan Yong, the original name is Wansan. I am responsible for assisting the second team captain Wei Jun of the day after tomorrow to kill the founder of the squad."

  "My name is Kang Yuan, formerly known as Kang Xin. I am responsible for eliminating all the illusions of the ancestors, so that Fu Zong's same door can unimpededly capture the cultivation of the sects of the sects and control the entrances and exits of the ancestors."


  These fifty-four spies began to explain in an orderly manner how to give Fu Zong people the right time when they were in the match.

From what place to destroy the sect of the sect, how to put the whistle, how to hide people's eyes and ears, every action is extremely detailed.

  After each spies reported his task, Lu Xianshi’s face sank a point, and the more he listened, the more frightened he was. Fu Zong's plan is perfect to the extreme, plus everyone on the day of the test will focus on the test, these plans can be described as impeccable!

  "According to the method they said, we can really break the perimeter defense of our array!"Lu Xianshi's face was extremely dignified. He carefully scrutinized it and found with horror that the invasion of Fuzong could completely capture most of the mountain gates, leaving only the core area centered on the temple!

  "These are just insignificant little caterpillars. When Mu Chenghong and Situ Yangtian were from the temple as dark ghosts, the whole array was taken over by Fuzong."Mu Yu condenses the channel.

  The temple is the most important line of defense for the defensive line. The temple is not broken, and the array will not perish. Fu Zong apparently intends to use both Situ Yangtian and Mu Chenghong. When the time comes, all the people are evacuated into the temple. These two traitors and Fuzong people should be able to break through the temple and destroy the array. Zong!

  "No, we have to tell the Lord about it."Lu Xianshi’s face was full of anger, and he never imagined that there were so many spies in Zhongtian’s disciples, and some even turned out to be Zhongtian Array.

  "I already know."Zhuge Xiaosheng appeared heavily in the advanced hall, looking at the familiar faces of the Zhongtian disciples and the Zhongtian faculty. He sighed heavily.

  "I saw the Sovereign."

  Mu Yu had already gone to Zhuge Xiaosheng yesterday to say this thing. Zhuge Xiaosheng is the head of the sect. After all, Mu Yu must rely on him.

  "Sovereign, we must have some precautions in this matter. If Situ Yangtian and Mu Chenghong are spies, we must remove them from the roots! ”Lu Xianshi angered.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng's face is very depressed: "Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai are two spies.
That's it, but even Mu Chenghong is, hehe! It is indeed the dereliction of duty of my lord. ”

  Zhuge Xiaosheng's old body seemed so lonely in the advanced church. After knowing this incident yesterday, he would believe in Mu Yu and immediately went to the Forbidden Forest to find a way to verify the evidence. However, the Tiandao Road could not make any reaction and fell into the unconscious. Sleeping state.

  When there was an accident in the sky, he felt that the main bone of the sect was broken, and he was completely distracted. Today, these Zhongtian disciples and Zhongtian strategists have made the plan of the offensive sect so detailed, and he has to choose to believe in his heart.

  "The ancestor was invaded by Fuzong for so many years. I didn't even find out. It was really against the ancestors!" I am not worthy of being this sovereign. ”Zhuge Xiaosheng sighed in the sky.

  For many years, there has not been a congenital disciple. It is not that the talents are dying, but because their negligence has caused the real talents to be crushed and suppressed. This is indeed the negligence of Zhuge Xiaosheng.

  "The lord does not blame himself. Everyone who is Fuzong is too embarrassed. The lord can immediately grab Mu Chenghong and Situ Yangtian and punish them!"Lu Xianshi clenched his fist.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng shook his head and said: "All the things that have been said to me have been told by me. It is impossible for Fuzong to have the kind of details. Since they have invested in the Star Gate, the Star Gate will inevitably participate.

  If we want to resist the conspiracy of Fu Zong and Tian Xingmen, we must launch the temple. The ancestors handed this matter to Fengmu, and the rest of us had to assist Fengmu to suppress it. Mu Chenghong and Situ Yangtian are indispensable, and they must help to fight. ”

  "Do the other masters know about this? We must also make sure everyone knows about it. ”Lu Xianshi is serious.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng gradually put away the look of depression on his face. As a lord, he must lead by example and cannot be chaotic. He slightly indulged for a long while, looking at Mu Yu: "Feng Mu, the founder of the innate strategist who is determined by the founder is Mu Chenghong and Situ Yangtian?"

  Mu Yudao: "Mu Chenghong can be sure that the spy is undoubted, but the innate sergeant did not make it clear on the same day, but Mu Chenghong is a disciple brought by Situ Yangtian from the outside. He usually went with Mu Chenghong recently. This person is afraid. It’s Situ Yangtian’s undoubted.”

  "Yes, Situ Yangtian has not been waiting for Fengmu since he knew the talent of Fengmu. If he is not a ghost, he will believe it!"Lu Xianshi said with indignation, the usual Situ Yangtian always sneered at Mu Yu, this alone will not go wrong.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng shook his head and said: "If we can't be 100% sure that it is Situ Yangtian, we can't tell everyone about it. If it isn't Situ Yangtian, it will be a surprise. We waited to go to the temple to lay the soul of the soul, the souls we have now have the control of time defects, so this soul can only wait for the day to help Fengmu control the temple, then just start to control them. ”

  Mu Yu promised to go through the heavens and not to reveal the complete soul of the soul, UU reading www. If he uses the complete soul of the soul, he needs to rely on the ability of Zhuge Xiaosheng or Lu Xianshi, and both of them will know the complete soul.

  Mu Yu does not believe that Zhuge Xiaosheng and Lu Xianshi can't keep secrets, but worry that if the Mie Palace guards control them with terrible means and tell the complete soul, then it will make a big mistake. .

  As for Mu Yu himself, he will not be controlled at all, and Shenshenmu is ineffective for him.

  Can not use the complete soul of the soul, then it can only rely on the flawed spirit of the soul, this array can only be launched after Fu Zong reveals the true face, used to fight the plan of Fu Zong.

  "What are the treatments for these people? Killed all? ”Lu Xianshi looked at these Zhongtian disciples with great regret. Some people were still very valued by him. They did not expect to be a spy.

  "No, we need to lead the wolf into the room, then close the door and hit the dog!"In the eyes of Mu Yu, there is a black and white stray light. "Since Fu Zong has been planning for so long, how can we make his plan fall through?" They have been smashing the foundation of the sect, secretly making the means, and now the sect should also take back some interest. This time must let them pay the price! ”

  "Wind wood, what are you going to do?"Zhuge Xiaosheng asked.

  Tiandaodao gave everything to Mu Yu, Mu Yu is the spokesperson of Tiandao, and Zhuge Xiaosheng also had to refer to Mu Yu’s words.

  Mu Yu did not answer immediately, a plan has been hovering in his mind for a long time.

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