Chapter 453 Fu Zong Visitors

  The match test is a big event, and all the disciples will take it seriously. This is related to the facade of the sect and Fu Zong.

  In recent years, the sects have always lost, and they have been satirized by Fu Zong. Every disciple has a sigh of relief.

  After all, the traitor of Fuzong was only a small part. Most of the disciples had a strong sense of belonging to the ancestors. Although they usually listened to Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, many people let them betray the sect, many people. It won't be done.

  Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai’s task was not to attack the disciples, but to suppress the disciples and let the sects not develop, so they would not teach anyone to betray the sect, and would not even be a veteran. Speaking of the traitor.

  Today, Fu Zong will bring his disciples to the ancestors to participate in the contest. The 19 innate strategists headed by Zhuge Xiaosheng have already waited on the welcoming peak of the sect.

  The welcoming peak of the sect is used by the ancestors to receive foreign visitors. The welcoming peaks are filled with scattered homes, and there are also various mysterious arrays. Visitors of all sizes will be arranged to receive them here.

  The core of the array is the temple, so they never put the location of the welcoming guests in the temple, because it is too important, but also hides the secrets, it is impossible for outsiders to easily get involved.

  The Yingke Peak is not in the core area of ​​the sect, but it is only near the edge, but you can see from the welcoming peak far away from the grand hall of the mid-air. The ladder around the quaint array of temples has begun to spread out, and it is surrounded by the center of the town. It looks like it has a flavor in the distance.

  "when! when! ”

  The melodious green bell spread throughout the array, and the blue bell struck twice, representing the important guests of the array, so that all the disciples could not be neglected. However, today's welcoming bells are actually superfluous. The fact that the squad is more than a test is already well known, and in the eyes of all the disciples, Fu Zong's people are not a guest at all, just a powerful enemy. Only.

  "Haha! Zhuge Zongzhu, I haven't seen you for a long time, don't come innocent! ”

  The hearty laughter came from far and near, followed by a few waves in the air. A yellow exquisite paper was made from the shackles, and grew with the wind, quickly forming a huge paper. Like a fan door, it is marked with various imprints.

  Then the pattern began to flash, and the ten personal figures slowly came out from the door and appeared in midair.

  Headed by a 40-year-old middle-aged man, he is majestic and solemn, and his gesture of being a good person is fully revealed. The middle-aged man is introverted, and his eyes are full of deep yellow light. There is no flash, and the whole person stands there and people dare not take a nap.

  This person is the patriarch of Fu Zong, Chang Tiancheng!

  "Ordinary lord, there is a long way to meet, forgiveness."

  Zhuge Xiaosheng looked at Chang Tiancheng's smile and shook hands, but his eyes showed a hint of anger. Chang Tiancheng’s coming to this time is definitely enough to prepare, not only to humiliate the disciples in the battle, but also to capture the foundation of the sect after the test! Zhuge Xiaosheng showed that he was very polite and his heart was already full of hatred.

  Chang Tiancheng stood behind and stood three instructors who were repaired in the distraction period. These three teachers were detached and relaxed, and their eyes were on the 19th instincts of the ancestors. Look, arrogant, do not put the innate array of the sect in the eyes.

  One of them is the innate clerk that Mu Yu once saw.

It is also the contact person of Fu Zong'an who is in the spy, Zhou Jinglin, Zhou Jinglin!

  Behind the three immortals are nine young men with different breaths, three of whom are particularly eye-catching. One person is Mo Ziming, who once wanted to assassinate Mu Yu’s genius, and ranks seventy-one on the list.

  Another person named Jiang Xiangdi, is a tangible woman, lying on the eyebrows, thin lips slightly smacked, there is an unspeakable charm, looks very proud, no one in sight. She ranks seventy-five on the top of the list, and is a congenital disciple of Fu Zong.

  A young man in the middle is frosty and unsmiling. His eyes are twinkling, and the whole person is like a snow-capped mountain, so people can avoid it. This person is called Ling Zheng, ranking sixty-seven on the list of immortals, even higher than Mu Chenghong.

  The other six young people were repaired only in the Golden Year, and three others were in the Yuan Ying period. It was also the person who Fu Zong came to participate in the contest. Each person's face is more or less with an inexplicable sense of superiority, while at the same time it is difficult to conceal the high-level posture, very proud.

  It is no wonder that Fu Zong's people will be so arrogant, and the sects have not fallen to the point of no success in recent years. In total, there are 19 innate strategists, one of whom is a congenital strategist or loyal to Fu Zong, and the only innate disciple of the ancestors, Mu Chenghong, is the traitor of Fu Zong. What do the sects fight with them?

  In their view, the demise of the sect has become a reality.

  "Zhuge Zongzhu, Suwen Guizong has a talented disciple who is very talented. It is really gratifying!"Chang Tiancheng smiled and looked at Zhuge Xiaosheng without smile. At the same time, his eyes swept over everyone present, but there were no other people except the 19 innate sergeants. Even Mu Chenghong was not present.

  "Thank you, Chang Zongzhu, my disciples who are not a weapon are far less than the three of the nobles. Fortunately, Mu Chenghong can take responsibility for my squad."Zhuge Xiaosheng smiled politely. When talking about Mu Chenghong, he was angry and pity in his heart. If Mu Chenghong was not because of his relationship, it was indeed the hope of the sect.

  "Mu Shizhen's talent is indeed a model for the younger generation. I hope that Mu Shizhen can lead you to the sect.
Rise! I have said that your sect has not won us in the competition for ten years. I hope this year is not the eleventh year! ”Chang Tiancheng is ridiculous.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng's face is very difficult to see, and this naked ridicule makes his lord's face slightly reddened. However, this is also the fact that every year, the number of contests is nine games, and the winners will win. The array has only won two or three games in a row for a few years. The traitors are young and the young disciples have fallen, so that the sects have been unable to lift their heads. .

  Although the people of Fuzong hated it, but he couldn't tear his face before Fu Zong's people didn't show his feet. The plan that Feng Mu would count on him was seamless. Once he was asked, it must be a gust of wind. Rainstorm hit!

  "This will not bother the main lord, and there are Mu Chenghong and Feng Mu, and we will come later."Zhuge Xiaosheng said.

  The eyes of the two collided in the air, seemingly burning invisible sparks, and the two men sneered in their hearts.

  Chang Tiancheng secretly laughed: Zhuge Laofufu, do you really think that Mu Chenghong is your person? After I take your squad, you will die!

  Zhuge Xiaosheng also gave birth to endless coldness: Do you really think that I don't know the true identity of Mu Chenghong? Humph! I would like to see how you can make me a battle!

  The two sects each had different ideas, and they were polite on each other, but they all wanted to put each other to death. Zhuge Xiaosheng knows that there must be a large number of Fuzong people hiding in the dark outside the sect, and there are even some self-cultivators from the Star Gate. These people are watching against Zonghu. As long as they are always ordered, they will help in the spies. Under the attack into the battle.

  Fu Zong and Tian Xingmen have been planning for a long time, and they have come to the forefront. Nowadays, the sects are weak, and they are even smashed into two thieves. It can be said that they are internal and external, and they can only rely on Fengmu alone.

  Chang Tiancheng looked at the ancient and solemn temple in the distance. Rao was that he couldn't look down on the road, but he also had to admire the heart of the temple. The temple can be described as a supreme masterpiece of the martial art. It is the logo of the once-in-a-door, but after the separation of the squad, it falls into the hands of the sect.

  It is said that the temple was formerly known as the Temple of the Fu, but it is the most mysterious array and technique of the world, but the array has occupied it for hundreds of years. Fu Zong’s people have always regarded the temple as their treasure and want to take it back.

  In the past, due to the existence of the heavens, they have not dared to come and seize. They have no genius for Fu Zong, but now they have the Tianxing Gate as a backing, and they know that the Heavenly Road has been difficult to get things for themselves, so the temple is already a bag for them.

  "The temple is really grand and domineering. It should have a good master. It should not be buried."Chang Tiancheng chuckled and did not hide his mouth as his own. Sima Zhi’s heart is well known, and Chang Tiancheng has dared to say these words blatantly.

  "It really has a good master, and the things I have in my ancestors are still uncomfortable."Zhuge Xiaosheng suppresses the anger in his heart. Chang Tiancheng’s tone is like that of Fu Zong’s master of the array. It’s really shameless!

  Lu Xianshi also sneered at the side: "Our array of temples is mysterious, only a good person can live." Not like some of the fancy papers, I can't get on the countertop and still want to eat swan meat! ”

  "Lu Xianshi, you are right, the temple has a place to live, but this has a fate and a fate to the end of the day, you say it?"

  Zhou Jinglin stood up and looked up at Lu Xianshi. His eyes flashed with a different light, and he stabbed straight into the eyes of Lu Xianshi. Lu Xianshi only felt a flower in front of him but quickly returned to normal. . He frowned and refused to go back. Zhou Jinglin snatched a lot of business from his hands, UU reading This point is still in the arms of Lu Xianshi.

  "I think it's too late today. If we take a break, tomorrow's squad will come to see you, how?"Chang Tian Chengdao. Before winning all the foundations of the sect, he will also defeat the sects in the squad, let them understand that Fuzong is the king!

  "So good, Lu Shidi, you send someone to take them to rest."Zhuge Xiaosheng said faintly.

  "Several people are tight, don't lose time."Lu Xianshi married Fu Zongyi and others, and the words were lazy and said that the dazzling lines flashed out and the whole person disappeared in place. His speed is very fast, that is, deliberately want to give the people of the sect.

  "This Lu Xianshi really is a hospitality!"

  Chang Tiancheng sneered a sneer, then the big hand waved up the disciple under the door, and turned into a streamer to follow up with Lu.

  The match has not yet begun, and the two sides have begun to compete. Zhuge Xiaosheng has no hope for tomorrow's battles, and Mu Chenghong is the traitor of Fuzong. Fengmu has only the cultivation of Jindan period. The remaining Song Qingyu is not the three congenial disciples of Fuzong. Human opponent.

  Not to mention the Zhongtian disciple, in order not to stun the snake, he still sent Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai two spies to play, the array wants to win the match is simply an idiotic dream!

  But Zhuge at the moment more care is the survival of the array, he must follow the wind wood proposed plan to ruthlessly reverse Zong Yijun!

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