NO. 454 Chapter Night Change

  Night sky is still so bright, moon leisurely hanging in the horizon, elegant and the stars each other. The air was a little sultry, and at times the night came bursts of worms.

  The array under the curtain of night seems to be quiet, but an invisible wind and rain has been brewing in the dark, and will sweep the entire sect.

  Mu Yu at the highest peak of the night looking at the peace of the array, tomorrow, regardless of win or lose fear Fu Zong will reveal Fox, use force to seek the industry of the array.

  If you fail to resist the catastrophe, you may indeed disappear forever in the long history of the hustle and bustle, and become memories of the world, gradually being forgotten by the years.

  "Little Shuai and Longteng, I need the help of both of you tomorrow."Mu Yu said softly.

  Xiao Shuai was holding an apple in his mouth and muttered a few words in confusion. Then he said, "No problem."

  "Mu Yu, I am worried that the little mouse will get rid of things."Longteng looked dissatisfied with the unskilled little handsome.

  "Hey, caterpillar! When did I mess things up? ”Xiaoshuai slammed his mouth and shouted.

  "You have never been in the right situation. When you see what you eat, you can't walk. It's a good idea."Long Teng retorted.

  "Okay, you two will follow the plan, and the rest will solve it."Mu Yu still has some concerns about tomorrow's plan. He has a very bad feeling, and always feels that there seems to be a problem.

  "Are you thinking about things like Cheng Hong and Situ Yangtian?"Longtan asked.

  Mu Yu nodded. "They are the traitors of Fu Zong after all. If they don't enter the temple at the time, all the plans will be lost."

  The soul of the soul is placed in the temple, as long as Mu Chenghong and Situ Yangtian enter the temple, then Mu Yu can use the power of both of them to control the temple to resist the attack of Fu Zong and Tian Xingmen. But if Mu Chenghong and Situ Yangtian directly choose to rebel and do not enter the temple, then things will become very tricky.

  "Why did Mu Chenghong want you to break the third monument?"Long Teng remembered the things of the past few days, when Mu Chenghong was always emphasizing the third monument.

  Mu Yu frowned, and he forgot about the third monument. When I first went to the Advanced Hall, I wanted to check the third monument, but then I met Lu Xianshi, so this thing was put aside.

  This time the monument is really not so important, but I do not know why, the monument has become a stalk in his heart, is it really necessary to break the monument?

  "If tomorrow fails, the formation will be finished, and we still think about what the monument is."Little handsome.

  Mu Yu’s eyes turned to the advanced church in the distance, where there was peace. There is no one in the advanced hall tonight. All the disciples are refueling and preparing for tomorrow's match. No matter if there is a chance to play, no one wants to miss the matchup between the array and the game.

  "You are right, we really don't have to pay attention to what the third monument is."Mu Yu turned away from the advanced hall, and he did not want to know what the third monument meant.

  Mu Chenghong is the spy of Fu Zong, then he is the only innate disciple of the ancestor. He needs to open the temple with the help of Lu Xianshi and Zhuge Xiaosheng to keep the ancestor. This is the most important.

  Advanced Hall door.

  Mu Chenghong quietly looked at the wood feathers that turned and left.

The faint turmoil of the body gradually dissipated. His face was hidden in the shadows and he could not see his expression.

  He looked up at the bright moon and whispered: "The time is getting closer and closer to the demise!"

  A gust of wind blew, Mu Chenghong’s figure has disappeared.


  It’s not just Mu Yu’s one who’s restless in the evening, but several people are also worried about the future of the battle.

  Lu Xianshi was sitting at the stone table in his yard, with a pot of tea in front of him, and the tea had already cooled. He was so sad that he grew up in the squad, and the flowers and plants of the ancestors seemed so intimate. He was the most unwilling to watch the ruin of the ruins. However, there is always a strange feeling of uneasiness in his heart. Especially after seeing Zhou Jinglin of Fu Zong today, this feeling of uneasiness is getting stronger and stronger.

  In the moment of confrontation with Zhou Jinglin, Lu Xianshi found himself for a moment without any reason. This moment was just a blink of an eye, but it made him alert. Because he remembered that this was not his first time lost. When he met Zhou Jinglin at the Tianxingmen last time, when he looked at him, Lu Xianshi also had a moment of loss.

  But why is this? Why do you have a moment of loss? At that moment, it seems that the mind has been emptied, and there is no idea, but it is normal to change its eyes. This is extremely weird.

  “Is it not good for Zhou Jinglin’s old bastard to show me?”Lu Xianshi Shen Shendao, but he quickly overthrew this idea, because his array of skills and Zhou Jinglin's skills are in the middle of the room, Zhou Jinglin can not quietly put the skills on his body.

  But at this time, Lu Xianshi raised his head with vigilance, because the array of his residence was slightly trembled, and then turned into nothingness. Someone broke into his place of residence and broke his battle!

  Situ Yangtian came out of the darkness, his face looked awkward, and there were some unspeakable loss and regret. The anger of Lu Xianshi’s heart was burning up!

  Situ Yangtian, you are a traitor to Fuzong!

  Lu Xianshi can’t wait to see Si Tuyang in front of him.
In the days of the corpse, Situ Yangtian and he entered the sect at the same time, and they have known each other for seven or eight decades. Although the two are always in a humble way for some trivial things, but he always thought that Situ Yangtian and his own loyal to Zongzhong, who can think of Situ Yangtian turned out to be the traitor!

  Lu Xianshi forcibly suppressed the anger in his heart. He knew the plan of Fengmu. Fengmu will control Situ Yangtian in the temple with the soul of the soul tomorrow. In order to fight against the conspiracy of the entire Fuzong and Tianxingmen, Situ Yangtian is an indispensable person. Lu Xianshi does not want to be influenced by Situ Yangtian and affects Fengmu’s plan.

  "Situ Yangtian, what are you doing here with me?"Lu Xianshi Shen Sheng.

  Situ Yangtian walked slowly and sat down on the stone chair in front of Lu Xianshi. Situ Yangtian's expression at night was less than the gloomyness of the weekdays, but it was a bit more unspeakable. This kind of look was first seen by Lu Xianshi. He felt that Situ Yangtian tonight seemed to be wrong.

  Just as he feels that something is wrong with him, he also thinks that Situ Yangtian is not right.

  Situ Yangtian took a hand, an empty teacup appeared in his hand. He took Lu Xianshi's teapot and poured a cup of tea. Then he took a sip and frowned. He said: "The tea is cold."

  "My tea doesn't entertain people who are cold."Lu Xianshi tried his best to control himself. He wanted to directly attack Situ Yangtian and hold on to this traitor. The ancestor was because this traitor fell to the present day.

  But he can't, he can only endure! Forbearance to say tomorrow!

  Situ Yangtian looked up and looked at Lu Xianshi, and asked half a sigh: "We two have known each other for 82 years?"

  Eighty-two years old, but one of them is Fu Zong’s traitor.

  Lu Xianshi also looked at Situ Yangtian. He sighed in his heart. The 82-year-old old man even blamed each other all day, but accused him of 82 years. That same-sentimental feeling is still there. Although Lu Xianshi saw that Situ Yangtian was not pleasing to the eye, if he let him kill Situ Yangtian personally, he would not be so easy to go.

  But before the affection and the sect, he can only choose Zongmen.

  "You came to me at night, didn't you come to me to talk about it?"Lu Xianshi took up his own teacup, and his hands surged, warming the tea in the cup.

  Situ Yangtian smiled slightly and looked a little lonely. This look fell in the eyes of Lu Xianshi but made him feel more uneasy. He vaguely thinks that Situ Yangtian does not seem to be so simple. Where is the problem?

  "I am coming to kill you."Situ Yangtian slowly said these words.

  "boom!"The cup in the hands of Lu Xianshi was crushed and crushed. He stared at Situ Yangtian, and his body was soaring.

  "Can your master wait for one night?"Lu Xianshi was angry and couldn’t care about anything. Situ Yangtian’s remarks amounted to indirectly admitting that he was the identity of Fuzong’s spies. “Tomorrow is a match, can you wait so hard?”

  "I can't wait until tomorrow, because after tomorrow, the array will be destroyed. I must stop you from sending the sect to hell! ”Situ Yangtian’s words are very sad.

  Prevent Lu Xianshi from sending the sect to hell?

  Lu Xianshi stunned! How could he send the squad to hell?

  "What do you mean?"Lu Xianshi did not understand, he felt a little ridiculous, how did Situ Yangtian’s words seem to be the same as that of Fuzong?

  "We don't have to be stupid with each other anymore, I know that you are a spy of Fuzong."Situ Yangtian’s words are like a thunder in the thunder.

  Lu Xianshi’s slight glimpse, the feeling of uneasiness in his heart is getting stronger and stronger. He yelled: "Situ Yangtian, I did not expect you to be so shameless. Obviously he is the spy of Fu Zong, you actually still framed me? If you say so much righteousness, don’t you want to find an excuse for killing yourself? Come, what means, even if it comes out, I will continue with Lu Deyi! ”

  The purple pattern is surrounded by Lu Xianshi, and the stone table in front of him has been turned into powder.

  "You don't have to install it. I have already secretly investigated it. You and Mu Chenghong are the spies of Fu Zong! All the factions of the array are lost for your sake. Do you think you can do it seamlessly? We have been fighting for two or eighty years, are we still not understanding each other's affairs? You have won others, how can you beat me? You and Fu Zong’s Zhou Jinglin are a group, aren’t they? ”

  The pattern of Situ Yangtian’s body began to surge, and his momentum was not weaker than Lu Xianshi. They know each other's battles, and if they want to fight, it's hard to say who is better.

  The uneasiness in the mind of Lu Xianshi has reached an extreme, what is going on? Isn’t Situ Yangtian not the traitor of Fu Zong? However, this is impossible. Feng Mu said that Situ Yangtian is the traitor of Fu Zong!

  Where is the problem?

  "sand!""sand! ""sand! ”

  The light footsteps came from the darkness, and the footsteps seemed so awkward at the silent night, as if they were on the chest of Lu Xianshi. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com Lu Xianshi's face is getting heavier and he is really feeling where something is going to happen!

  "Situ Yangtian, your eyes are really poisonous!"

  Zhou Jinglin slowly came out of the darkness, his face with complacent smile, like the declaration of the dead looking Sizhiyang days.

  Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian’s faces changed suddenly and looked at each other. They wanted to see a sly look from the other’s face, but he
Both of them only saw a look that was incomprehensible.

  "Do you still bring people to kill me?"Lu Xianshi asked Situ Yangtian.

  "With people? Is he not your master? ”Situ Yangtian angered.

  Is Situ Yangtian not a spy?

  "You don't have to fight, Lu Xianshi, take a good look at me."Zhou Jinglin said lazily.

  Lu Xianshi subconsciously cast his gaze on Zhou Jinglin's face. Zhou Jinglin's eyes ran through a dark brown light, like a lightning bolt into the eyes of Lu Xianshi. Lu Xianshi had a flower in front of him, and he felt that he had fallen into an unspeakable blank state without any sense of autonomy.

  "the host."

  Lu Xianshi’s eyes were confused and looked at Zhou Jinglin without any feelings. Just like the Zhongtian disciples controlled by the wood feathers with the soul of the soul, Lu Xianshi did not even know when he was controlled by Zhou Jinglin.

  Lu Xianshi is the spies sent by Fu Zong!

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