The No. 455 chapter the Real spies

  The wind is blowing gently in the woods, the leaves are falling in the forest, flying in the wind under the moon, and passing through the three figures in the woods, chilling and freehand.

  I am afraid that even Mu Yu will not think that the real spies are Lu Xianshi, not Situ Yangtian!

  Situ Yangtian looked at Zhou Jinglin angrily: "Nu Dan? No, Lu Deyi does not even know that he is controlled. God's soul? It is impossible for the soul to last for so long. What control did you use to control him? ”

  Situ Yangtian had long suspected that Lu Xianshi was a spy of Fuzong, but he could not find conclusive evidence.

  When Lu Xianshi discovered the genius of Mu Yu, Situ Yangtian realized that Mu Yu was very likely to be a spy from Fu Zong, so he always sneered at Mu Yu, that he wanted to see something abnormal from Mu Yu.

  It is precisely because of this, it will be treated as a spy!

  Situ Yang was not screaming at the time, even strict with the Zhongtian disciples, and gave birth to a face that was unpleasant. Many Zhongtian disciples respected him. However, Situ Yangtian actually had a deep feeling for the sect, and he did not want to watch the ruins.

  Tonight, Situ Yangtian came to find Lu Xianshi. It was intended to kill the Lu Xianshi, and to avoid the accident in the tomorrow's squad, leading to the demise of the sect. However, I did not expect that Zhou Jinglin was so determined that he had been waiting for him here!

  In the hands of Zhou Jinglin, he has repeatedly flashed a lot of papers and integrated them into the void. He isolated all the areas, not disturbing other people in the array, but also trapped Situ Yangtian in his skills.

  "Without what control you need, you don't bother, Lu Deyi, take him with me!"Zhou Jinglin flashed countless lights in his hands, and then the whole person rushed to Situ Yangtian as a shuttle!

  Lu Xianshi also jumped up, and the horror of the innate sect was swept away by Situ Yangtian, and the fierce battle was suppressed. Both Lu Xianshi and Zhou Jinglin were not weaker than Situ Yangtian. The two of them joined forces to make Situ Yangtian into a difficult position!

  But let Situ Yangtian still be more horrified behind, because he suddenly found that his whole body began to feel powerless, and the spiritual power in the body seemed to be hindered by what, but could not be condensed, and the series could not be used. !


  Situ Yangtian's body was heavily hit by Zhou Jinglin, and he flew out and knocked down a large piece of trees. A blood spit out.

  "When you came to kill Lu Xianshi, did you think about the power of Lu Xianshi's spirited array?"Zhou Jinglin smiled.

  Lu Xianshi has a unique and unique array of skills that can make the spiritual flow in the body of his formation more slow. This point, Situ Yangtian also knows that he has a way to resolve this unusual practice. However, the appearance of Zhou Jinglin at night made him forget to guard against this!

  "You want to take the foundation of our sect, go dreaming!"

  At the moment, Situ Yangtian’s spiritual power in the body could not be fully assembled. When he was injured, it was even more impossible to resist the joint efforts of the two men. He had only come to clean up the portal at night, but he never thought that he would become the person to be cleaned up.

  "I don't have to dream, your family has already finished playing."Zhou Jinglin hit a heavy hand on Situ Yangtian, and Situ Yangtian was gray and fainted.

  "Lu Xianshi, Lu Xianshi, you are so loyal to the ancestors, it is really commendable. If you know that you are the one who betrayed the sect,

Are you ashamed to commit suicide? ”Zhou Jinglin kicked Situ Yangtian aside, and all the stone table stone chairs were destroyed by the array. He leisurely walked into the room of Lu Xianshi, dragged a chair and sat in front of Lu Xianshi.

  Lu Xianshi did not have any expression. In addition to listening to Zhou Jinglin’s instructions, he had no sense of autonomy.

  "In order to be able to control you, I was killed by a congenital teacher of Fuzong. what a pity! But after tomorrow, after the sect became the sacred object of Fu Zong, it would be no big deal to lose a congenital clerk. ”Zhou Jinglin snorted.

  The things that Lu Xianshi is controlled must start from the event of a million dollars. At the beginning, Lu Xianshi created a rather powerful sapphire to record the information and orientation of the fairy. It is a pity that after being seen by the dead wood, the million-year-old chose to find Fuzong to re-do it.

  At that time, Zhou Jinglin also had a conflict with Lu Xianshi. In the dark, he did not pay attention to the predecessor, and used three innate techniques to start with Lu Xianshi. Unexpectedly, Lu Xianshi’s array was very superb, killing a Fuzong’s innate teacher on the spot!

  However, Lu Xianshi was still subdued by them. In order to annex the great cause of the sect, they controlled Lu Xianshi with a rather strange technique. This kind of spell was engraved in the eyes of Lu Xianshi, and it was invisible.

  As long as Zhou Jinglin and Lu Xianshi look at each other, he can directly control Lu Xianshi in an hour. However, the scope of this spell is within one kilometer of the circle. Once it exceeds this distance, it will lose its effect, and Lu Xianshi will restore consciousness.

  This kind of spell is even more powerful than the soul! Although there are time limits and even distance restrictions, but the array is more than the trial of Lu Xianshi must be present, Zhou Jinglin has a lot of opportunities to control Lu Xianshi.

  Lu Xianshi never knew that he was under control. He only remembered that he had negotiated with Zhou Jinglin in the million-dollar business and Fuzong. He also lost to Zhou Jinglin and lost the business of a million business houses. As for what happened, he did not remember.

  In order to find out the genius disciple of Feng Mu, he did not hide anything about his defeat to Fu Zong, just to make Zhongtian disciples feel a sense of crisis at all times. But Lian Lu
The first division did not know that the failure of that time had already plunged the sect into a land of annihilation.

  This is the insidious part of Zhou Jinglin's art, and I can do it without knowing it.

  Originally, there was a talented disciple. Zhou Jinglin always wanted to find an opportunity to meet Lu’s teacher and control Lu Xianshi to kill Fengmu. However, Lu Xianshi has not left the sect since then, and has been concentrating on teaching Fengmu, so Zhou Jinglin has been unable to start with Fengmu.

  This is also the reason why Mu Yu has not died in the hands of Lu Xianshi. Because of the time limit of this technique, Zhou Jinglin has no suitable opportunity.

  "Talk about the situation of your sect! Situ Yangtian found you, is it that some of the innate strategists of your sect have already known that we will destroy your sects tomorrow? ”Zhou Jinglin asked lazily.

  Lu Xianshi said stiffly: "Only me, the lord and the wind wood know." Feng Mu learned from the Tiandao that Mu Chenghong and Situ Yangtian were spies, and also knew that Fu Zong joined forces with the Star Gate to prepare for the battle. ”

  "Wind wood? What does the kid still know? What plans do you have to deal with? ”Zhou Jinglin frowned.

  "Fengmu used the soul of the soul to control the spies sent by Fuzong into our ancestors, and learned the specific action plan of these fifty-seven traitors tomorrow. He will count on it. After the foreign enemies enter our squadron tomorrow, we will arrange all kinds of hidden murders, and all the sects and the stars will be strangled! ”When Lu Xianshi said these words, it was still so dull, and there was no mood swing.

  Zhou Jinglin was slightly shocked. He did not expect that the plan he had set up for so many years had already been seen. If I didn't know about it all tonight, I am afraid that it will be a heavy loss tomorrow!

  "Speak all the killing positions!"Zhou Jinglin said slowly.

  Lu Xianshi began to put out the plan of Mu Yu. Where is the squad of the squad, where is the safe way to come in, and even took out a topographic map of the squad that Mu Yu gave him to Zhou Jinglin, above The markings of the killings are all available.

  "anything else?"Zhou Jinglin continued to ask.

  "We have arranged the souls in the temple. Once there is a mistake tomorrow, we will retreat into the temple. Feng Mu will use the soul of the soul to control Mu Chenghong and Situ Yangtian, and then control them to help the battle, let Fengmu control the temple, and repel all foreign enemies. ”Lu Xianshi did not hide at all.

  "Controlling Mu Chenghong and Situ Yangtian to fight?"Zhou Jinglin touched his chin, then glanced at Situ Yangtian, who was lying on the ground and was unconscious. The corner of his mouth showed a sneer. "It seems that Situ Yangtian can't kill you anymore."

  Zhou Jinglin sneered in his heart, this time came to seek the sect, where will be blocked by these simple small plans? Even if the spies of the Zhongtian disciples have lost their role, they still have a way to break into the battle. After all, they are not alone, and there is the great help of the Star Gate!

  The only thing that made them feel jealous was the array of the ancestors. As long as they did not break the temple, then the sect would not be able to win!

  "Since this wind wood has made Situ Yangtian mistakes a traitor, then I will fulfill you!" Situ Yangtian, let you live a better day. ”Zhou Jinglin showed a vicious smile. "Lu Xianshi, you will see your play tomorrow."

  Lu Xianshi was Zhou Jinglin's biggest card. This incident was very secret. In order to prevent leakage, Zhou Jinglin did not even tell who the founder of Mu Chenghong was! No one would have thought that UU reading The most loyal and loyal Lu Xianshi in the weekdays is the hidden behind-the-scenes spies!

  "What am I going to do tomorrow?"Lu Xianshi asked numbly.

  "Tomorrow's things will be said tomorrow, and you can't remember now."Zhou Jinglin’s smile flashed an endless chill.

  He wanted to kill the wind wood tonight, but he knew that Zhuge Xiaosheng would definitely protect the wind wood. Their Fu Zong and Tian Xingmen people will arrive tomorrow. If Zhou Jinglin shows his feet this evening, Zhuge Xiaosheng will most likely have the power to kill them. When they are able to escape, they will lose even if they can escape. heavy.

  Be careful when you go deep into the tiger's hole.

  He stood up and walked toward Situ Yangtian. This thing is the essential part of Situ Yangtian!

  Mu Yu doesn't know that Lu Xianshi is really a spy. If tomorrow, after they retreat into the temple, Zhuge Xiaosheng and Mu Yu will focus on Mu Chenghong and Situ Yangtian. Then Lu Xianshi can completely Stalking, they were caught off guard!

  Once Zhou Jinglin controlled Lu Xianshi to start with Mu Yu, it was difficult for him to take precautions against Mu Yu’s trust in Lu Xianshi!

  Fu Zong’s conspiracy is terrible!

  The most terrible thing is that Mu Yu is still in the dark. After he entered the sect, Lu Xianshi always took good care of him. He also trusted Lu Xianshi, but he would think that Lu Xianshi is the real spy. !

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