Chapter 456 Chips

  The first rays of the morning sun just sprinkled the entire array, and the whole array was already caught in an unprecedented solemnity.

  Today's array of competition for all the disciples is a battle of dignity, but for several people in the array, but it is a war of life and death!

  The array has a magnificent performance Zhen Wu Chang, is a huge gossip array, known as the array of Zhen Wu Chang, located in the mountain streams. Zhen Wu Chang eight sides of the array surrounded by eight tall peaks, in a tight location to lock the array Zhen Wu Chang.

  This battlefield floats over the mountains, such as a small island that is vacant. From a distance, it is a mysterious and dignified place. It is a place where ordinary disciples and disciples learn to practice. It is enough for thousands of people to stand at the same time.

  The eight mountains around the battlefield have been filled with countless array of disciples, all of whom came to watch the match today. Everyone looked at the twelve Fuzong people in the battlefield with their enemies, and their eyes were not good.

  For the disciples, these Fuzong people are like sheep entering the wolf's nest. They can't wait to rush to learn some of these high-ranking Fuzong disciples.

  The 19 innate philosophers of the sect and the other nine disciples who participated in the contest were immediately confronted with the Fu Zong people in the martial arts field. The momentum of the two sides was extremely fierce. On the whole, it seems that the people of the sects are better than others. After all, the number of incumbents of the ancestors is much higher than that of the sects.

  But each of Fu Zong's people is a self-proclaimed look. They don't put the people in the circle at all. Everyone is arrogant, and the eyes of the patriarch are full of contempt and ridicule.

  They do have a proud capital. Fuzong has defeated the sect in the squad for nine consecutive years and pushed the sect to the head. If there is no accident, this will be the tenth win of Fuzong, and the last match!

  After today, the sect will disappear in the historical memory. Fu Zong will receive all the foundations of the sect. From then on, there will be no more ancestry on the three continents. Only Fu Zongtong leads the world.

  This match test has been secretly manipulated by the Fuzong people nine years ago. This is an unfair test, but the ruins only came to understand this year, but it is too late.

  Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian were both present, and there was nothing unusual about them. The eyes of the two men looking at the sect were also very bad. But I don't know why Lu Xianshi always shows a sense of restlessness from time to time. He seems to be in a bad state of mind.

  "Lu Xianshi, what happened to you?"Mu Yu stood next to Lu Xianshi and noticed that Lu’s misunderstanding had strangely asked.

  Lu Xianshi shook his head slightly and said: "I don't know, I always feel that something will happen today. Maybe I care more?"

  Mu Yu took a shot on Lu’s shoulder and comforted: “Everything is in our plan and they will pay for it.”

  Mu Yu looked at Situ Yangtian, and Situ Yangtian was still a gloomy look, which looked very unpleasant. As if he noticed the look of Mu Yu, he turned his head and looked at Mu Yu, and then looked away with some disgusting eyes. He seemed to have forgotten everything last night, and still believes that Mu Yu is a spy of Fu Zong.

  Just like Mu Yu also used Situ Yangtian as the spy of Fuzong at the moment, Mu Yu also saw Situ Yangtian not pleasing to the eye.

  "I hope so!"Lu Xianshi looked at Mu Yu with concern, and it was not easy to notice the envy of Mu Chenghong, who was light and clouded.

Gently snorted in the nose.

  "Zhuge Zongzhu, always loses every year, and I hope that this year will make me see something different!"Chang Tiancheng smiled and said.

  "Don't worry about the main lord, some of my disciples are the pride of the sky, they will glory for our sect."Zhuge Xiaosheng glanced at the nine disciples who participated in the match test, but he secretly sighed.

  Winning the light? Relying on the five sects of these nine disciples to replace the glory of the sect?

  Chang Tiancheng was sneer in the heart. Among the nine people who appeared in the array, apart from Luo Feilong Ji Wenkai and Mu Chenghong who were their Fu Zong people, the other two disciples were also their people. His eyes fell on Mu Chenghong, and Mu Chenghong nodded to him in a subtle way.

  All this was seen by Mu Yu, but he did not say anything. He knows that if you want to hold the last line of defense of the sect, you must rely on the power of Mu Chenghong!

  The fragrant sunshine shines on the battlefield, and it shines on each of the disciples, but it does not distract the hostility of their hearts.

  "Zhuge Zongzhu, isn’t it like this year’s match to try to increase our chips?”Chang Tiancheng smiled with a ghostly smile.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng looked like a sword and said: "I don't know how the regular lord wants to increase the chip?"

  "The temple of the nobles is the sect of the past. It contains the most complete array of techniques in the world. This is what we both belong to." The sect took it for so many years, but could not cultivate a disciple who was shocked and brilliant. It was a bit wasteful, and it would not be returned to us. ”Chang Tiancheng still has a hair dryer.

  "Ordinary lord, the temple is the former treasure of the door is not wrong, but when the line of the door is separated, you Fu Zong took away the precious array of stone, which is no less than the existence of the temple. Since you want to gamble, you should also take out the same chips as the temple, isn't it? ”Zhuge Xiaosheng is unambiguous at all.

  There are two precious treasures in the array, one is the temple, which gathers the most complete array of techniques in the whole world; the other is the array of stone, which is said to be able to crack all the arrays and spells in the whole world! p>

  These two things are the treasures of the door. The once-in-one has an unwritten rule. Whoever can have these two treasures at the same time can become the door of the door. But because these two things were kept by the ancestors of Fuzong and the ancestors at the beginning, there was never a real doorkeeper.

  Chang Tiancheng sneered aloud: "Good! Zhuge Zongzhu wants to gamble, then the old man will put the plaque as a chip! ”

  A black and white stone appeared in the hands of Chang Tiancheng. This stone is very inconspicuous, only the size of the palm. However, as soon as it appeared in the array around the martial arts, it was slightly trembled and became somewhat unstable. It seemed to be like a nemesis, and there were some signs of collapse.

  This is the array of stone, contains the essence of the array and the skills, rumors that any array and skills under the sun is ineffective in front of it! It is the two treasures of the past, and the power and the temple are on the same page.

  The temple can instantly arrange all kinds of mysterious arrays under the sun, and the array of stone can break all the arrays and spells. But there is a way it can't be broken, that is the guardian array inside the temple!

  Chang Tiancheng's biggest reliance on the industry is the array of stone. No matter how the array is arranged, it is invisible in front of the stone. The temple and the avatar are like the relationship between the spear and the shield. As long as the temple is activated, everyone can be perfectly protected, and the stone can not be broken. However, the temple wants to mobilize all the arrays of the sect to attack the Fuzong, and it will not work in front of the stone.

  Chang Tiancheng put away the array of stone, and his eyes inadvertently swept through Lu Xianshi and Mu Chenghong. With the help of these two people, as long as they enter the temple, from which they stop the start of the temple, even if the entire array of people hide in the temple, it will not help!

  "If this is the case, then there is no need to say more, the match is more than the test, let's get started now!"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng is very angry in his heart. No matter how the chips are put, this is an unfair test. Their array will definitely lose. He took out the temple and made a bargaining chip just to get a sigh of relief. Today, the sect is already at the juncture of life and death. If you can't squat, the temple will be in the pocket of Fuzong. There is no big difference.

  "Wind wood, you can rely on you today."

  Zhuge Xiaosheng sighed silently. He didn't care about winning or losing, but he was more concerned about the survival of the sect. At this moment, a lot of disciples of Fuzong and Tianxingmen have already been secretly gathered outside the ancestors. As long as they are always ordered, they will all flow into the sect, and will carry out a massacre against the disciples!

  Mu Yu arranged a lot of plans, just waiting for the wolf to enter the room to close the door to play dogs. But at the moment when Chang Tiancheng took out the runestone, he was a little uneasy in his heart, because many of the methods of strangling the enemy were useless in front of the stone. However, there is only one more powerful stone. The fact that these formations are ineffective against Chang Tiancheng does not mean that it is invalid for others.

  Both sides are playing against each other. However, Zhuge Xiaosheng does not know that Chang Tiancheng has already known Zhuge Xiaosheng’s counterattack plan. He even changed the plan temporarily last night. The layouts made by Mu Yu have been lost. utility.

  "What's even more ridiculous is that you still naively think that Situ Yang is a real traitor!"Zhou Jinglin’s mouth smacked a vicious arc. He looked at all the disciples like a dead man. “You are a poor worm, waiting to tremble in front of us! Haha! ”

  Mu Yu's eyes fell on Situ Yangtian, UU reading I don't know what I was thinking.

  With a melodious bell ringing, the lineup will be kicked off.

  According to the rules, the test is divided into nine games, the first is the disciple of the day after tomorrow, the second is the disciple of Zhongtian, and the third is the congenital disciple, so the cycle goes on! The rules of the test are very simple. Each play a battle and a spell, and the opponent will be beaten out of the battlefield or the opponent can no longer use the technique.

  At the same time, the two sides have sent their own players, the first game by Fu Zong's acquired disciples against the congenital disciples.

  The first person to be sent by the sect was named Sun Yingda. He was the first young disciple of Jindan Jiuzhongtian. He was only sixteen years old. He has been cultivated as a leader in his disciples, but he is also Fu Zong. The spies are fine.

  "Fang Zong, Sun Yingda."

  "Fu Zong, Lin Hui."

  Zhuge Xiaosheng knew that Sun Yingda was a spy. He could have sent other people to represent the squad, but he thought that Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai had the information of all the Zhongtian disciples. No matter who sent them, Fu Zong’s people would know. The weaknesses of these people's arrays, and the way to win the battle, the substitution is completely unnecessary.

  The match was compared to the first match, and the people who played the game were really a joke.

  But this joke Zhuge Xiaosheng couldn't laugh because he had already predicted the ending.

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