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Chapter 457 playing with 1 cut

  Mu Yu looked at the contest between the disciples of the day after tomorrow, and the confrontation between the array and the spell seemed to be wonderful, but he could not afford any interest. His attention is still on Sizhiyang days and Mu Cheng Hong two people, slightly thinking.

  Mu Cheng Hong walked over, he looked at two Fu Zong disciples between the hard performance, suddenly smiled: "younger brother, you say our array this year to win the Fu Zong the probability of how much?" ”

  "What do you think of your brother?"

  Mu Yu looked at MU Cheng Hong, and looked at the two people on the court, the heart felt a burst of funny. In some ways, the match test is already self-entertainment, and how likely is the chance to win?

  "We have a younger brother in the sect, but I feel that the winning rate of the sect is much higher."Mu Chenghong said slowly.

  "The brothers are lifting up, so is it true that the brothers are sure to defeat the Fuzong?"Mu Yu asked not to be salty.

  In the match test, two of the disciples of the day are the spies of Fu Zong, and two of the disciples of Zhongtian are the spies of Fu Zong. The congenital disciples are the most hidden Fu Zong disciples. If the sect wants to win, I am afraid that it is an idiotic dream.

  "I will try my best."There was a faint look on Mu Chenghong’s face, like hesitating, then he asked, “Teacher, did you go to see the third monument?”

  "No, I am not in the mood to go."Mu Yu shook his head.

  Mu Chenghong sighed: "I understand."

  His expression was very lonely, as if he heard the last message he wanted to hear, then shook his head slightly and stared at the distance and stopped talking.

  The two disciples on the court are still performing hard, and the people of Fuzong are well aware of the good play that has already been doomed, and the mouth is showing endless ridicule.

  All the disciples of the sects are still unknown in the distance, so they cheered on Sun Yingda. Even the unwitting innate philosophers cast their hopes on Sun Yingda, hoping that he could sigh for the battle.

  But I want to sigh for the battle, where is a few words to fight for?

  However, all the disciples of the sects suddenly burst into cheers, and even many innate philosophers began to show their joy, because Sun Yingda actually won the Lin Hui of Fu Zong!

  Mu Yu felt a surprise, Sun Yingda is the spy of Fu Zong, this can be certain, but why did Fu Zong not choose to win this test?

  He looked around and saw the exuberant expression of the disciples around him. He also found that Fu Zong saw Lin Hui lose the test, and even his brow did not wrinkle. On the contrary, he also showed a mocking look. I want to understand what Fu Zong is playing.

  Before a person can be destroyed, he must first let it expand.

  Chang Tiancheng slightly scanned the performance of a group of disciples, and his mouth showed a vicious sneer: "Call!" Feel free to cheer for your sad victory! When you think you want to win, I will take you down from the sky and let you fall down, that is what I want to see! ”

  Fu Zong has beaten the squad for several consecutive years, and the continued victory makes them feel boring, they want to play something fresh. Let all the people in the squad see the hope of winning, then frustrate them, and finally reveal the truth, so that everyone in the squad will fall to the bottom.

  This is to let the disciples understand that their Fu Zong people want you to win and win.

Want to let you destroy, you can't hide!

  This is a game. Fuzong people not only have to control the victory of this game, but also play with the emotions of all the disciples! When you have enough to play, tell everyone the cruel truth, let the disciples know how much Fu Zong is invincible!

  Mu Yu remembered that the chances of the success of Mu Chenghong’s sects were high. Did it mean this?

  A total of nine trials, I am afraid that no accidents, Fu Zong will let the sect win four games, let the disciples see the hope, thinking that this year can finally be proud, and then smash their dreams!

  "Awesome means."Mu Yu stared at the Fu Zong people, and his expression was a little floating.

  This is no longer a mere match, but a means for Fuzong to humiliate the sect.

  The second test was a contest between the disciples of Zhongtian, and Luo Feilong was sent to the sect. Luo Feilong and Fu Zong's other Zhongtian disciples self-reported their names on the stage, and then they started their test.

  The collision between the array and the technique seemed so pale and weak, almost a matter of a moment, Luo Feilong’s opponent had already been shot and flew out, and fell outside the battlefield.

  The sect wins again!

  "I promised it!"Luo Feilong’s mouth was slightly ticked, and he waved his hand toward all the disciples.

  "Luo Shi brother won!"

  "awesome! Brother Luo is very powerful! ”

  "Ross brother is not our pride!"

  Among the disciples of the ancestors, there was another burst of warm cheers. These cheers fell in Zhuge Xiaosheng’s ears but seemed so harsh. The invisible anger burned in his heart, and the more happy the disciples were, the louder they shouted, the more they humiliated him.

  He sighed, and the anger in his heart turned to sadness. The disciples under his door performed according to the scripts of others. They were still ignorant of being monkeys. But this sect knew that the truth of the matter could not stop their ignorant cheers. Sound, how sad this is!

  "I really don't deserve to be this sovereign, hehe!"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng gently shook his head, everyone was drunk and I was sober, the cruel truth has been tormenting him. He understood that the fact that the sect went to this arbitrarily humiliated state was completely the dereliction of his lord.

  In the third game, only Song Qingyu, the talent of Zhongtian disciple, played against Fuzong’s innate disciple, Jiang Xiangdi, and the 75th.

  The ancestors did not get together with the third congenital disciple to participate in the contest, so they could only take up Song Qingyu, who was a Zhongtian actor.

  "Fang Zong, Song Qingyu."

  Song Qingyu was cultivated as a five-day-old, and the talent for the game was not directly related to his own cultivation. But the higher the talent of the formation, the stronger the strength, which is the characteristics of the squad. The same is the five-day squadron and the innate strategist, it must be the innate strategist to stabilize the Zhongtian Array!

  "You are not qualified to know my name."Jiang Xiangdi did not put Song Qingyu in his eyes. Their Fu Zong will let the sect win a few games this time, but they will never let the sects of the sect win any victory in this part of the innate disciple!

  The congenital disciple is the face of a sect, and Fu Zong is trying to beat the face of all the innate strategists!

  Song Qingyu's face was flushed, and he was angry at the incident, but people did have arrogant capital. Jiang Xiangdi is a congenital disciple of Fu Zong, and he is also a very fairy. He has indeed married several streets. He understands that he is not the opponent of this woman at all. The only thing he can do is try not to lose too much.

  Endless red light spread all over the river to the flute body, the road shadow flashed in between, and then her entire body has been lightly floated up, turned into a virtual shadow to Song Qingyu drifted over. Song Qingyu floated on the innate array, and the majestic momentum went to the river to the flute.

  For this match, Song Qingyu got a lot of congenital formations. With these innate foundations, he believes that even if he loses, he will never let the opponent win too easily!

  Seven rolling thunders appeared in the battlefield, lined up by the Big Dipper, and every thunder was flashing the Huanghuang Tianwei. It was like a mighty Ray of Thorphy, which seemed to purify the evil forces of the world.

  When the seven thunders came out, the martial arts scene suddenly swelled and clouded, and Jiang Xiangdi’s figure was shrouded in it.

  Song Qingyu's most advanced array of skills, named seven stars Tianlei. This is the Zhongtian array, but with the blessing of the innate array, coupled with the guidance of Lu Xianshi, this seven-star Tianlei already has the power of congenital arrays, that is, ordinary congenital disciples do not dare to take a nap.

  "Song Qingyu can apply the seven-star Tianlei to this level, and the talent of this son is also very good."Xia Xianshi could not help but admire.

  "Yes! I feel that Jiang Xiangdi has to spend at least a little effort to deal with these thunder. Seven Stars Thunder, every Thunder bombardment will definitely cause a strong lethality, and one is more powerful than one. Once the seventh one is blasted, the power will be strengthened ten times! ”Chishui Array said.

  During the speech, the first Tianlei had already rushed down to the river, and Jiang’s fluttering figure suddenly stagnate, and the whole man went backwards. The first Thunder did not hit her, but slammed on the ground, letting the whole battlefield tremble. However, the battlefield itself has an indestructible array of protection, which is not powerful enough to cause damage to it.

  "There is a show!"

  Song Qingyu's face was a joy, because he found that his seven-star Tianlei could be able to withstand the pace of the other party's advancement, which shows that the other side is also very jealous of their own array of skills, not tough to pick up.

  The second Tianlei followed, and the river turned to the flute again. Jiang Xiangdi looked at the unspeakable thunder, but did not have any dodging posture, but the corner of his mouth outlined a disdainful sneer, then she just extended her fingers casually and gently moved forward –

  Jiang Xiangdi’s fingers appeared a quick and vivid figure, but they did not flash. At the same time, Tianlei had already collapsed, but Tianlei suddenly disappeared when approaching her!

  "what happened?"

  Song Qingyu suddenly felt a flustered, the seven-star Tian Lei is his array of skills, connected with his heart, but suddenly lost one at the moment, like a hard life was deprived of the general. Then he seemed to be aware of it and turned around, but it was too late!


  The second Thunder did not know when it had appeared behind him and smashed himself! The blue arc acts on Song Qingyu, which makes him all over the place, and even has a burning smell on his body.

  "Seven stars Tianlei? Such a pediatric array of techniques, but also a good intention to show up in front of my skills, really is a shame! ”Jiang Xiangdi smirked, and she extended her finger again, and the shadow quickly flew out, and went away to the remaining five thunder.

  Song Qingyu just returned to God, he was shocked to find that he has lost control of the Seven Stars Thunder! His own array was actually deprived by Jiang Xiangdi, and at this time the third Tianlei fell to him.

  He tried to move half a step, UU read but after suffering the second Tianlei bombardment, his body was very numb, slowed down, and was again hit by his third Tianlei. !

  "噗-" Song Qingyu spit out a blood, and the whole person flew out outside the battlefield!

  "The test is not over yet!"Jiang Xiangdi smiled and smiled. His figure disappeared into the original place. It was already behind Song Qingyu, and Song Qingyu was kicked back into the battlefield. Then the fourth Tianlei blew again! Then there is the fifth thunder!

  "boom!"Song Qingyu has already fallen into a coma, and the whole person has been stunned and black, and there is no whole body.
Good meat.

  "enough! We admit defeat! ”Zhuge Xiaosheng angered.

  "Put away? The rule of the match test is only a battlefield or the failure of the person who participated in the test is lost. The disciple of the nobles has not disappeared yet! Lord Zhuge, I think you still don't break the rules. ”Chang Tiancheng smiled cruelly.

  Everyone in the array has a big change! Jiang Xiangdi is a woman who is a snake, and Song Qingyu is not her opponent at all, but she does not want to win so easily. She won the battle of Song Qingyu with a strange spell, and wanted to apply all the remaining thunder to Song Qingyu!

  The Seven Stars Thunder is the battle of Song Qingyu. According to the rules, the technique has not disappeared. Song Qingyu is not lost!

  The power of the Seven Stars Thunder is even stronger than the one. If these seven Thunder are completely squatting on Song Qingyu, I am afraid that Song Qingyu will not kill half a life!

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