Chapter 458 The Power of Fuzong



  Every Thunder fell on Song Qingyu, and everyone's heart shook a little. Song Qingyu's whole person had been unconscious by his own array. He smoked black smoke all over his body, and all the clothes were burnt, like a group of coke, terrible.

  All the disciples were cursed in anger, and they all accused Jiang Xiangdi of being a woman. However, Jiang Xiangdi did not feel any guilt, but showed a morbid pleasure. Tormenting people was her favorite thing to do. The more miserable the opponent's end, the more she had an unspeakable excitement.

  After the seventh Tianlei fell on Song Qingyu, Song Qingyu’s array of works disappeared completely and she won. Jiang Xiangdi reluctantly snorted, she did not continue to poison the hands of Song Qingyu, because the rules are rules, she will not let Zhuge Xiaosheng seize any trace of handle.

  Jiang Xiangfu provocatively made a provocative posture to all the disciples, and then walked out with satisfaction.

  Mu Yu tightened his fist. Song Qingyu was the instructor he had just started. Although he couldn't use the mentor at all, Song Qingyu was a very responsible person. He didn't expect to be so tortured by the vicious woman of Fu Zong today.

  The other party clearly can win very easily, but it uses the terrible spells to perfectly apply the rules of the match, and smashed Song Qingyu in front of all the disciples.

  At this moment, Song Qingyu has only got angry and has no gas!

  Zhuge Xiaosheng strongly suppressed the inner anger, rushed over, and took Song Qingyu out, and quickly input his internal force into Song Qingyu. However, his face has gradually subsided, because he found that Jiang Xiangdi added a hot spell in this thunder, which destroyed the important meridians of Song Qingyu!

  "Good poisonous heart!"Zhuge Xiaosheng’s heart is bleeding, Song Qingyu is a very outstanding person in the Zhongtian Array, but now he has fallen off such a scene, Fu Zong’s people are openly murderous in front of him, but his lord can’t do anything at all. It is a deep shame!

  Mu Yu’s body shape flashed and he came to Song Qingyu’s side. He opened Song Qingyu’s mouth and took a fifth-order healing medicine to Song Qingyu.

  Looking at the miserables of Song Qingyu, he was deeply angry. Why are the people of Fu Zong so guilty?

  Zhuge Xiaosheng glanced at the fifth-order medicinal herbs in the hands of Mu Yu, and he was slightly shocked. He did not understand the fifth-order medicinal herbs obtained by Mu Yu. He glanced deeply at Muyu and had a suspicion about the identity of Mu Yu, but he did not say it.

  Because Fengdao told him that Fengmu could believe it.

  Song Qingyu's breathing under the treatment of Muyu Dan medicine gradually stabilized, but he was very hurt. Even if there is a medicinal herb, it is difficult to say that it will be fully recovered in the future.

  "What is your ratio? Rest assured, we will be lighter next! ”Fu Zong, a goddess of Jin Dan’s nine heavens, is already calling.

  Even a disciple of the Golden Age period is so arrogant, showing how Fu Zong flew to the point.

  "Give me a lesson!"

  "Killing the dog's hair!"

  All the disciples were angry and angered, and they rushed to rush to the people of Fuzong. But Fu Zong’s disciples still look at the disciples’ disciples without changing their colors.

Everything is empty and ridiculous.

  This time, the person who went to the sect was named Ye Hong, not a spy, but a real disciple. However, his face was very scared. He had never played against Fu Zong's disciples before, and saw that Song Qingyu was beaten to death by the people of Fu Zong, and his heart had already retired.

  "How are you going to die?"Fu Zong disciple smiled cruelly, reaching out his palm, a yellow paper in his hand, slowly rotating, but the momentum emitted by the paper made Ye Hong feel a guilty heart.

  The devilish smile made Ye Hong shudder. He saw the moment when Fu Zong's disciples appeared on the body, and once again thought of Song Qingyu, the war in his heart had already disappeared. He stepped back in two steps in horror and shouted: "I, I admit defeat!"

  Admit defeat, defeat without fighting!

  Jiang Xiangdi’s character has already left an indelible shadow at the bottom of Ye Hong’s heart. He fears that he will follow the footsteps of Song Qingyu and does not want to be tortured by others, so he chooses to admit defeat.

  All the onlookers of the array of disciples were stunned. They did not expect Ye Hong to be so convinced that he would directly admit defeat! The soldiers who are not fighting and the people who are defeated are the most disappointing. Many of the disciples have begun to swear and scream, accusing Ye Hong of being unrelenting!

  "Put away? Haha! Are the people in your ancestry so sinister? Was it just scared at once? ”

  Fu Zong disciple laughed madly. He was a golden dragon defender who began to laugh at all the disciples in the battlefield. It was so unscrupulous, and the flying look was completely written on his face.

  "Yes, you are really a person who knows each other. I originally planned to make you the second Song Qingyu!" It’s a pity. ”Fu Zong disciple looked at Ye Hong contemptuously and then walked slowly.

  This fourth match, Fu Zong won't fight!

  Zhuge Xiaosheng shook his head slightly, and it is no wonder that Ye Hong will be scared into this. Song Qingyu’s situation is changed to anyone who feels chilling.

  The disciples of the ancestors always felt that they lacked some kind of spirit, and they could not match the disciples of Fuzong in the momentum. In recent years, I have been raped by the Fuzong faction.
Suppressed, resulting in the confidence of even the victory of Fu Zong is gone? If this is the case, then what is the battle with the ancestors?

  "Ugh! I did not expect that the sect would be destroyed in my hands. ”

  Zhuge Xiaosheng understands that he may be one of the highest number of people in the practice of comprehension, but it is by no means a talent for managing the battle. He usually only cares about the formation of the array, neglecting the management of the disciples under the door, and the sect is in this dilemma today, he can't blame.

  Every man's face was covered with a pretentious smile. Jiang Xiangdi successfully left a deep impression on all the disciples and wiped out their confidence. Chang Tiancheng glanced at the disciples who suddenly became dead. What he wanted was this effect.

  But just this result, there is still no meaning to win.

  It’s a game, and it’s always fun to play.

  "This fifth game, we Fuzong gave up. We don't want to kill people anymore. At that time, everyone in your squad is a shrinking turtle. Is that really sad? In the fifth game, your squad won. ”Chang Tiancheng said aloud.

  The match test has been completely dominated by his hands. He just wants to let the disciples of the sect understand that if the sect wants to win, only with his consent, he will let you win, and you will have a chance to win!

  Cheng Zhuo’s face was relieved. He was the fifth person to arrange the game. Although he would not directly admit defeat like Ye Hong, but his heart is also uneasy, afraid that he will lose ugly. Fu Zong’s sudden renunciation made him relieved, and he looked at Chang Tiancheng’s gaze with a grateful feeling.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng’s heart is getting more and more sad. Today’s match test has completely changed. Fu Zong dominated the match test and also played all the disciples between the palms. He wanted to participate in the battle. All the spies of the contest were kicked out, let other people play, and at least lose and lose.

  But even if Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai were not allowed to play, they would not be able to beat Fu Zong. With the first Ye Hong, there will be a second one. Ye Hong’s direct admittance will explain everything. The disciples do not have the determination to win glory for the Zongmen. Compared with the honor of Zongmen, they are more concerned about their own. safety.

  A sect, when the disciples under the door become unsuccessful, then the sect is already in name only.

  The sixth match, the contest between the innate disciples.

  "Wind wood, you also abstained!"Lu Xianshi looked anxiously and said to Mu Yu. When he was not controlled by Zhou Jinglin, he was still the innate strategist against Zong Zhongxin. He cared about the safety of Mu Yu and cared about the future of the sect. He worried that the situation of Song Qingyu happened to Mu Yu, and the hope of the array was really shattered.

  The next match was originally intended to let Mu Yu play, but Lu Xianshi was not at ease. The genius of the Musashi out of the wood feathers is unstoppable. If Mu Yu is on the scene, they will definitely find a way to kill Mu Yu in the cradle!

  Lu Xianshi cares about everything in the battle, but he does not know that he has become the key to threatening the survival of the squad.

  Mu Yu shook his head slightly and said: "I can't abstain. If I abstain, then all the disciples of the array will feel chilling. I am the only hope, aren't they?"

  Among the four people who have not yet participated in the test, Mu Chenghong and Ji Wenkai and another congenital disciple are the traitors of Fu Zong. They are unlikely to defeat their own counterparts. Only Mu Yu can save a battle for the ancestors. defeat!

  Win a game to bring morale back!

  Mu Yu wanted to go up, but Zhuge Xiaosheng stopped him.

  "Naughty! In the name of the sovereign, I am forbidden to play. ”Zhuge Xiaosheng said seriously.

  Mu Yu does not play, the disciples may feel chilling, but if he plays, the future of the sect will make people chill!

  The array can be lost, but Mu Yu can't go wrong, because only Fengmu knows how to control the temple.

  "I will go next time."Mu Chenghong said slowly. He looked at Mu Yu and his face was still smiling. The smile is so natural that there are no false ingredients in it, but Zhuge Xiaosheng sees the fire.

  At this moment of the ancestor, Mu Chenghong’s smile is obviously naked ridicule!

  Zhuge Xiaosheng’s heart is filled with endless anger, UU reading Rao is his cultivation higher, seeing Mu Chenghong’s smile can not help but roar in the bottom of his heart: Mu Chenghong, you eat something outside, lose us The array has been trying to train you for so many years, but I did not expect to be training a white-eyed wolf!

  But Zhuge Xiaosheng can't show his true thoughts, he must bear it! Once Fu Zong and Tian Xingmen’s people attacked the sect, he had to use the power of Mu Chenghong’s traitor to make Mu Yu open the temple and resist the attack of Fu Zong.

  "You are careful."Zhuge Xiaosheng tried to squeeze out a careful smile. For the sake of planning, he was so in a state of indignation that he had to compromise with a traitor of Fuzong.

  "Thank you, Master, I will try my best."Mu Chenghong still has a faint smile on his face. When he walks past the wooden feathers, he gently says with the sound that only Mu Yu can hear: "I said that I will leave the most complete side of the array. In my memory."

  As if to provoke a wooden feather, he said this again.

  Mu Yu looked at Mu Chenghong, and Mu Chenghong’s eyes were very clear. It was like a clear water. There was no impurity. No one would think that such a person would be a spoiled heart.

  Light wood feather
Responding: "I also said that I will leave the most complete side of the formation in reality."

  "I will wait and see."Mu Chenghong’s eyes flashed and changed, and then he went to the battlefield.


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