Chapter 459 Bitter Meat Meter

  The weather today is a bit gloomy, and the lack of sunshine makes people feel uncomfortable. The eight hills around the battlefield stood full of many disciples, and they were in a bad mood at the moment.

  In the third contest, Song Qingyu was seriously injured by Fu Zong's people, and it is very likely that it will have an impact on Song Qingyu's future foundation.

  In the fourth test, Ye Hong actually directly conceded defeat, and there was no courage to fight.

  The fifth Fuzong unexpectedly gave the victory to the sect. Everyone knows that this victory is the greatest insult to Fuzong.

  Mu Chenghong slowly came out, his momentum was very strong, like a star, igniting the hope of all the disciples. His appearance made all the disciples look happy, yes, the array is not nobody, there is a Mu Chenghong, the best disciple of the array, Mu Chenghong!

  "It’s a brother!"

  "Great, Mu Shixiong is playing, our team will definitely win this game!"

  "Mr. Brother, let's learn the people of Fuzong!"

  All the disciples once again shouted loudly, cheering for their admirers. Mu Chenghong is their hope, and only Mu Chenghong has the ability to defeat Fu Zong.

  All the unwitting disciples are cheering for Mu Chenghong, but Zhuge Xiaosheng, who knows the inner feelings, is like a knife. The excitement of the disciples under his own eyes seemed so ironic in his eyes. What kind of disciples might have thought about the outcome of this test?

  Mu Chenghong is the person of Fu Zong, how can they win in the battle? The saddest thing in life is that it is sold and is still counting money for others.

  When Fu Zong’s people saw Mu Chenghong’s appearance, there was a sarcasm on his mouth. They know that Mu Chenghong has always been a person on his own side. In the past years, Mu Chenghong has never lost in the match test. That is because this match is Fuzong deliberately let Mu Chenghong win!

  Only in this way can Mu Chenghong get the support of all people in the ancestor, and only the innate sects of this ancestor will pay more attention to Mu Chenghong, and their Fu Zong people can also get more internal news from Mu Chenghong.

  But this year is different. The array has already been destined to the end of the demise. They have already discussed it well. This year's Mu Chenghong must lose, and he must lose to the Fuzong people and completely destroy the hope of the ancestors!

  The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. If Mu Chenghong loses this year, Fu Zong’s people will be strong and invincible in the minds of all the disciples!

  "Mo Ziming, go up! Mu Chenghong will lose to you. ”Chang Tiancheng looked at the cheers of the disciples around him and could not help but sneer a little: The more you have more hope for Mu Chenghong, the more I will fight your confidence!

  "Yes! metropolitan. ”Mo Ziming responded with respect and respect, and then looked at him and stood in front of Mu Chenghong.

  "Mu Chenghong, don't come innocent!"

  Mo Ziming’s mouth smirked, and Mu Chenghong’s ranking on the top of the list was higher than him, which made him always worried. Mo Ziming has always despised Mu Chenghong, even though Mu Chenghong is the undercover of their Fu Zong, but he still looks down on him. In his opinion, the identity and status of a Fu Zong disciple who has learned the battle is comparable to his authentic character. What about the disciples?

  "Mo Ziming, how many times have you lost to me?"Mu Chenghong suddenly asked a very strange question.

  Mo Ziming tightened his lips,

He has always despised Mu Chenghong, but so far he has lost to Mu Chenghong for seven times in this decade in accordance with Chang Tiancheng's request. There has been no real contest between the two of them, and Mo Ziming is deliberately losing the test. Although everyone knows each other well, Mo Ziming, who is very proud, is very angry.

  "Whether you lost to you a few times, you lost this year, aren't you?"Mo Ziming said coldly.

  "You are right, I hope you can light it."Mu Chenghong sighed. The match is like a performance, and he is the protagonist of this performance.

  Mo Ziming reveals a weird smile: "I will not be merciful. The Sovereign has said that you will only lose more, and the disciples of the ancestors will be hit harder." You are their hopes and beliefs, you fall down, and the disciples' disciples will be completely defeated. So, Mu Chenghong, don't blame me for being too heavy! We are all doing things according to the rules. ”

  Mo Ziming lost to Mu Chenghong for so many years, although they all deliberately lost, but the heart is finally a sigh of relief. He has always looked down on these disciples who went out to perform undercover tasks. Today he wants to get back the gas of these years.

  Eight purple flowers wrapped around Mo Ziming, the horror of the atmosphere gradually filled the entire battlefield, so flying, can not be a lifetime. This breath is shrouded in the hearts of all the disciples, and it seems quite heavy.

  "So what kind of surgery do you want to use this year? Or is your ridiculous fantasy? ”Mo Ziming knows the essence of Mu Chenghong, and Mu Chenghong’s most powerful array is nothing more than a magical array. Every year, he will directly defeat Mo Ziming with a magical array.

  Mu Chenghong shook his head: "Since you want to perform and have the effect of performing, then I will use the seven-star Tian Lei of Song Qingyu, and you are familiar with the defects of this array, isn't it?"

  The seven-star Tianlei's array is a Zhongtian array. Its defects, Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, have already told Fu Zong, so Jiang Xiangdi will have to control Song Qingyu's array in a relatively easy way. live.

  "it is good! Sufficient! I hope that you will not complain that I will be too heavy in the future! ”

  Mo Ziming smiled, surrounded by
Eight purple fuss papers flowed open, his fingertips moved lightly, and the mysterious law was turned out. The purple spiritual power rushed out of the paper, gradually condensed on the chest, forming a purple gossip, and then his The figure is integrated into the gossip.

  "Will not."

  Mu Chenghong's face was very calm, and he waved in his hand. The seven congenits were organized in an orderly manner around the side. As his fingertips were not intertwined, every congenital base flashed blue light, and then the huge thunderball rushed out from every congenital base, standing in the direction of the Big Dipper in the sky above Mu Chenghong.

  The blue arc could not stop flashing, and Huang Huang Tianwei completely suppressed the momentum of Mo Ziming!

  "Why does this Mu Chenghong use the Seven Stars Thunder? Why not use the magic array that you are good at? ”The Chishui Array asked in surprise.

  Mu Chenghong's illusion even if they are inferior to these innate singers, he is called the real first genius is not a wave of fame. Fu Zong's people can't teach Mu Chenghong what is on the road. Everything is that Mu Chenghong really learned the essence of the array, and applied the array to a realm of ecstasy.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng silently said nothing. In his opinion, what difference does Mu Chenghong use? This test has already been doomed to the results, Mu Chenghong will certainly lose to Mo Ziming, so that the disciples' disciples' fear of Fu Zong will deepen again.

  Mu Chenghong's finger was lightly pointed, and the first Tianlei had swiftly swept away in the direction of Mo Ziming's disappearance. The endless pressure enveloped Mo Ziming and forced Mo Ziming's figure out. Mo Ziming snorted, his hands and shadows intertwined, and the huge purple Lingzhang sticked out from behind him, and he even grabbed the first Tianlei that he had smashed down!

  "Give it back to you!"

  Mo Ziming's mouth showed a vicious smile, and Zi Ling's palm slammed it, and the thunder ball in his hand directly smashed into the past. Mu Chenghong’s second thunder was again bombarded. However, the first thunderball and the second thunderball were suddenly dissipated in the middle of the road. At the same time, the white awns flashing on the martial arts field, this white awn It was so dazzling that everyone couldn't help but close his eyes.

  When they opened their eyes again, Mu Chenghong and Mo Ziming's figure had disappeared into the battlefield. Both of them were very quick-moving, quickly intertwined in the battlefield, disappeared, and then staggered.

  The brilliance between the array and the spells surged. There were only five of the seven heavenly thunders in the sky, but they did not fall again. For a time, no one seemed to have the control of the thunder.

  Chang Tiancheng vaguely discovered what was wrong. He frowned and asked: "Zhou Shidi, have you said that you and Mu Chenghong have not? Why is he and Mo Ziming so hard to understand? Even a little bit to win? ”

  Zhou Jinglin bowed his head and respected him: "Lord, rest assured! Mu Chenghong did not dare to resist. I have told him that he must fail this time! ”

  "That's good."Chang Tiancheng was a little relieved, and then showed a sardonic smile, because all the disciples have already cheered up at this moment!

  "Mu Shixiong can actually apply Zhongtian array to such a high level of intelligence, and it is as good as Mo Ziming. It is really powerful!"

  "Found no! Mu Shixiong clearly has the upper hand! ”

  "Mo Ziming is going to lose! Great! Mu Shixiong killed the dog's dog hair! ”

  All the disciples were excited, and Mu Chenghong finally beat Mo Ziming to retreat. It was the exaggeration!

  However, at this time, the change is prominent! A figure fell heavily in the air, squatting on the ground, like a broken sandbag, resounding in everyone's heart.

  All the disciples were stunned, because the person who fell down turned out to be the obvious advantage of Mu Chenghong!

  "why? Why is Mu brothers defeated by Mo Ziming? ”

  "How can this be! Mu Shixiong Ming Ming just took the advantage! ”

  The disciples of the ancestors have already cooled a half in their hearts. Unexpectedly, Mo Zongming of Fu Zong still defeated Mu Chenghong! All the innate singers who did not know the truth stood up violently, and looked anxiously at Mu Chenghong, who was struggling to get up from the ground, anxious!

  "The Sovereign, Mu Chenghong is in danger!"Chishui strategist said eagerly.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng looked cold and he snorted heavily. "This is the rule, we can't interfere!"

  He hopes that Mo Ziming will kill Mu Chenghong, but he understands that this is just a bitterness of Fu Zong's performance. Mu Chenghong will suffer any substantial harm, and everything is just that they are self-directed.

  "This day is mine I will give you back!"

  Mo Ziming’s hand waved, and the third thunder slammed down, and Mu Chenghong flew out! Mu Chenghong once again fell on the edge of the battlefield, but like Jiang Xiangdi against Song Qingyu, UU reading Mo Ziming kicked Mu Chenghong back into the battlefield.

  "There are four thunder!"Mo Ziming's look has become very calm, and the overbearing Tianlei once again slammed!

  "Mr. Brother is hiding!"

  "Do not!"

  All the disciples shouted desperately, and Mu Chenghong’s left half had been stunned. His eyes were terrified, and he was still licking his throat. He seemed to want to say something but could not tell.


  In the horror of all the disciples, Mu Chenghong was once again hit by the thunder, and this time, Tianlei actually hit the right arm of Mu Chenghong, directly blowing his right arm and flesh and blood, and the residual limb has already fallen. On the battlefield, the coke
The black palm is still shaking slightly!


  Zhuge Xiaosheng frowned, Mo Ziming actually blown Mu Chenghong’s arm to blow up? This means that Mu Chenghong will become a disabled person. Is it so expensive to spend a bitter plan? Is it that Mu Chenghong is worthless in the eyes of their Fu Zongren?

  He is not saddened by Mu Chenghong, but he is still worried. Because if the person of Fuzong really intends to give up the words of Mu Chenghong, then there is less Mu Chenghong, who will give the wind wood? How can Fengmu be able to start the battlefield protection array?

  "No! This play is overdone! ”Zhuge Xiaosheng started the filming, although he is willing to look at this ridiculous bitter play, but Mu Chenghong can't do anything now!

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