Chapter 46 Hunters who can’t beat the beast

The Moyun Mountain Range is extremely broad, with mountains standing and numerous peaks. Most of the comprehensions like to build their own sects on the mountain. On the one hand, they can seek a more peaceful cultivation environment, on the other hand, they are also to distinguish them from mortals. This is the inherent superiority of the cultivators to mortals.

The three directions of the east and west of the Moyun Mountain Range are all seas. The dusty faction is located in the middle of the Moyun Mountain Range. It is far away from the sea. The wood feathers have not seen the sea. To the north of the Moyun Mountain Range is the 100,000 Great Mountain. It is the only place where it can communicate with the outside world. It is filled with the fourth-order fifth-order or even higher-level monsters. The comprehensible can't pass, let alone the mortal.

Mortal people can't deal with monsters. Fortunately, there are not all monsters in all places. In many mountains, there are actually many wild beasts. This is also the reason why mortals who make a living by hunting can support themselves.

There is a mountain named Fulong Mountain in the north of the Moyun Mountain Range. It is named after its shape as a dragon. There is an hunter at the foot of Fulong Mountain. People who know him are called "White Beastmaster". "The white beast king, formerly known as Bai Lixing, is a good hand for hunting. It is rumored that he once played empty-handedly with a fierce tiger and eventually killed the tiger, so he was called the name of the white beastmaster.

Bai Lixing knows well about Fulong Mountain. He knows where there are any beasts. It is said that the beasts of Fulong Mountain will flee with their tails as soon as they smell it. In recent years, the beasts of Fulong Mountain have become less and less. Everyone said that He was scared away.

Bai Lixing sneered at this, relying on mountains to eat mountains, ancestors are hunting for a living, Fulong Mountain beasts have never been less, but the ferocious beasts of Fulong Mountain have been extinct in recent times, even a shadow has not seen, the most let What is puzzled is that the birds flying in the sky are gone. Some hunters said that there were horrible strange sounds on Mount Fulong at night, but Bai Lixing did not hear it.

On this day, Bai Lixing took the bow and arrow as usual, and went to the mountain with a sharp knife. He hasn't seen a beast for a long time, not only the beast has no trace, but the birds in the forest have not seen the shadow. Bai Lixing looked at the sky and was near noon. He had not hit a wild animal for five consecutive days. It is only the hunter's sorrow that can't beat the beast. It is the shame of the hunter.

Bai Lixing did not believe in evil. He thought about going to the mountains to try his luck. There were few people there. There were monsters in some places. The monsters were not mortal. The hunters generally did not go. Bai Lixing did not go before, but if he can't hit the prey again, then he really wants to drink the northwest wind.

He counted the items he brought, and made sure that he was foolproof. He thought that he just walked in. If you find the best prey, you can't find it.

The more he went to the mountains, the quieter the surroundings, the stranger the heart, and the lack of birds. After about an hour, he used a hunting knife to open a thorn bush and saw a river. The river was crystal clear and the river was full of water plants. He walked over and filled his kettle with water, then washed his face with pain.

"Where is this beast hiding?"

Bai Lixing wiped the water off his face, picked up his own hunting knife, looked up and looked around. Along the way, except for some insects, he had never seen a living thing. Look at the sky, thinking about going back if you can't find the prey again at two hours. He has never been here before, and it is not a pleasant thing to spend the night here.

Just as he was about to turn back into the woods, he suddenly felt some noise in the distance, like the sound of the wind, and the sound of the waves that the animals swelled in the river.

"Finally let Laozi find it."

He was happy in his heart and immediately slid along the bushes in the direction of the sound. The source of the sound is at the corner of the river, and Bai Lixing tries to be careful not to make a sound, to avoid scaring away the prey. He touched behind a large stone and then headed out.

Bai Lixing always thinks that he is a daring person. Even if he encounters a tiger or a lion, he will be in danger. He has rich hunting skills and knows how to deal with the sudden danger. He has been dealing with beasts all the year round, and he has seen what danger he has seen. So when he widened his eyes,

When he was so scared, he realized that he knew he should not come to this place.

The front is not a beast, but three people. When Bai Lixing first saw them, he thought it was other hunters. However, he understands that other hunters will not catch fire, nor will they be covered with leaves, and they will not all be blue and faint.

That is not a person at all!

Bai Lixing mentioned the eyes of the blind man. He panicked in his heart. He had never seen this, but as a human being, he knew what it was at first sight. When he was a child, his father often told him stories. He always thought that it was just a story. The story about how the colorful Youmen Mozu destroyed humanity!

There is a humanoid creature standing in the river. The skin of the whole body is very strange. It is like flowing water. It is not strong or tight. The first impression of Bai Lixing is that a person is wrapped in water. Its feet stand in the water, drowning the knees, and the river is not diverted to the side because it is blocked, but flows directly through its legs. Some people have facial features, but no hair. The eyes are the same as human eyes, but the eyes are like a blue crystal.

The shore stood a green man, and said it was a man who was actually a little overboard, because its skin is rough bark, the joint also has a bud, feet is the dragon must be coiled roots formed, and even a little bit of soil, the eyes are human eyes, but the eyes are a group of green Mist, with a head of the leaves, looks neither fish nor fowl.

In the air, there is a person floating, and it cannot be said to be a human being, because it is like a fire all over the body. Except for the shape, there is no place like the same person, as if it is a flame, but the flame happens to be condensed. Human form. However, its eyes are obvious, because it is the human eye, but the eyelids are a group of flames, burning and burning, and even the vague facial features can be seen on the face.

When Bai Lixing saw these three creatures, his heart almost stopped beating. He wanted to go, but found himself unable to open his legs. The character in the story suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, leaving his brain blank.

Yumeng Mozu! It is actually the Yumeng Mozu! The Yumeng Mozu, which has not been seen for decades, appears in the mountains!

Burning down human villages, flooding the homes of the uninhabited people, piercing humans with branches, burying humans with boulder flying sand, cutting the human throat with a sickle…Flesh flesh and blood, terrible, every legend about the Yumeng Mozu, the emergence of the Yumeng Mozu must be bloody!

The three Yumeng Mozus are talking about what they are saying. Bai Lixing did not hear it. He did not have the heart to listen. When he reacted, he could not see the Yumeng Mozu. He did not know how he left there. It seems that the instinct restored his legs to consciousness and made him move numbly.

He panicked in his heart, his breathing became very short, and he always prayed that the Yumeng Mozu would not find himself. If it wasn’t for himself, the whole person was hung up. He thought he was going to escape. .

When he reacted, his whole person was hanging upside down on a tree. He was panicked and couldn’t help but grab the whole person in the air. When he slowed down, a pair of eyes suddenly appeared in front of his eyes. The eyes of a couple, the eyes are filled with a green mist, very strange.

His heart almost stopped beating. No matter who it was, a pair of abnormal eyes in front of him would scare him. He shouted and finally broke the silence around him. The voice echoed in the woods.

"Don't, don't, don't kill me! Help! ”

Bai Li screamed, and he remembered the story of his father and him. He knew that this was a Muyou Momo, who liked to wear a body with a branch hole, and then let the leaves grow out of various parts of the human body. He looked at him in horror. The bark face in front of me, the spirit almost reached a state of collapse.

"Human, not a comprehension."

The sound of the Muyou Mozu is full of vigor and vitality, as if it can bring hope to people. Bai Lixing did not expect that the Muyou Mozu would speak people. He did not mention this in the legend he heard, but at this time, does the Yumeng Mozu say anything about human relations? When he thought of a green bud in his nostrils, he would retching. His brain was very confused. He found that he would rather fight with the three tigers than to die so badly.

"Kill it!"

The human form flame descended from the sky, his voice with a whistling sound, like talking to the wind, without the slightest feelings, low and hoarse, as if the people who did not speak for thousands of years suddenly re-voiced. His appearance caused the temperature around him to rise suddenly. Bai Lixing felt like he had fallen into a fire. He saw the trees around him burnt.

"Don't burn trees."

The Muyou Mozu does not seem to like the fire of the Yumeng Mozu, his words with a warning, the fire Yumeng Mozu makes a muffled sound, I do not know whether it is ridicule or disdain, but the surrounding temperature has dropped.

"Humans cannot know that we are here."

A very pleasant voice rang behind Bai Lixing, and Bai Lixing could not see. The sound is very crisp, like water hitting the stone, it looks very energetic. Bai Lixing knows who it is, a fire in front of him, a bark face, then the back is definitely the blue water Yumeng Mozu.

"You, don't kill me, I won't say anything…"

Bai Lixing is a hunter, living a life of bloody knives, and on several occasions on the verge of death, but not once, he almost scared him. The fear that the Yumeng Mozu brought to him made him desperate, even if he was surrounded by a group of wild wolves, he would not let him like this, but this is the Yumeng Mozu! In addition to those immortals who can go to heaven, how could he be the opponent of the Yumeng Mozu?

"Will you come?"

The Muyou Mozu looked at the fired Yumeng Mozu, and the fire Yumeng Mozu smirked: "Mother and mother, you are timid!"

The fire Eumons extended their hands, and a beautiful flame rose from his hands and burned constantly. Bai Lixing watched with horror as the flame was getting bigger and bigger in front of his eyes. He knew that he was about to be burned to death by the fire of the Yumeng Mozu. He usually liked the barbecue beast, but he did not expect that he would be burned to death.

But the flame suddenly flew in the other direction when it touched him, and did not ignite him, which made him stunned. Not only him, but the fire Yumeng Mozu also stunned, and suddenly lost his voice: "It’s that weird comprehension, run!"

The Muyou Mozu and the Water Yumeng Mozu also changed their faces. No one cares about the white line. They ran fast, faster than they appeared. It seemed to see what made the Yumen Mozu horrible. Things, all of a sudden disappeared. Bai Lixing only felt that the body was light and the whole person fell to the ground.

"You shouldn't be here, don't come here later."

A young man lifted Bailik up, a cold, handsome youth, wearing a fire-red clothes, looks so conspicuous, for a moment Bailik thought he was just the fire of the Demon clan, he even thought he saw the young people in the eyes of a flash of flame, he shook his head, understand that it is just an illusion.

"You, are you a fairy?"

Bai Lixing was full of excitement, it was the joy of the rest of the robbery, UU reading He did not expect that he would be saved by the immortal, his tight nerves finally relaxed, he did not have to die, he picked up a Life. He will never come here again, he even thinks that he no longer wants to be a hunter.

"Humph! This is not the place where you guys should come. ”The young man took a look at Bai Li, and then grabbed Bai Lixing and rushed to the sky.

It was the first flight of Bai Lixing. He was not excited to look around. He just wanted to go home quickly and take a good breath.


The bloody red sky, the moon is also dyed red, the blood flow everywhere, the human body is piled up in the mountains. A person stands at the top like a Luosha ghost and looks at the devastated world. I don't know what I am thinking. He had a blue sword in his hand, and his body was so riddled with insects that it was covered with shocking blood. Blood flows through the small holes in the blade, and gradually, the small holes begin to shrink and then disappear. The man turned his head in satisfaction…

Mu Yu suddenly woke up, he found that his body has been soaked in cold sweat, he gasped, as if fighting with people. He looked out of the window, the moon was still hanging in the sky, and the moonlight was gently scattered into the house, falling on his quilt, so serene.

It’s this dream. Since I left the village, I have never dreamed of this dream again. This strange dream has always been thought to be the dream of the self-cultivator, but when he became a self-cultivator, he suddenly understood. This can't be done by the comprehens.

What does this dream mean?

Mu Yu shook his head. He didn't know why he would do this dream. When he was a child, he often had this weird dream. Why is the sword so strange? Why is there so much blood in his dreams?

He didn't know these, but he knew that he had to get up early to practice, so he rolled over and continued to fall asleep.

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