Chapter 461 Vanishing

  Dramatic changes made everyone squat in place, and many people later learned that this was the result of Mu Chenghong's powerful array, and all the disciples had a warm cheer.

  The model in their minds used a powerful array of techniques to play the Fu Zong people. It was even more embarrassing for Song Qingyu, and the venom of Fu Zong on Song Qingyu was still on Mo Ziming. It is an exciting thing!

  Looking at Mo Ziming's incomplete body, all the disciples seem to have a bad breath, suddenly morale is high, shouting: "kill him!"

  All of Fu Zong’s faces have been extremely distorted. They never expected that Mu Chenghong would have turned his back and turned Mo Ziming into this. More annoying is that Mu Chenghong’s illusion has completely passed them, and they have no chance to rescue Mo Ziming!

  If Mo Ziming used the blood to break the illusion of Mu Chenghong in a self-mutilated way, I am afraid they are still stupidly waiting to see the jokes of the sect.

  The blood character is a very strange function of Fu Zong. At the cost of his own cultivation, all the techniques applied to the body can be cracked, but in exchange, the repair will fall for several days, even forever. Can't go any further.

  This kind of blood is powerful, but it will also ruin his future. Mo Ziming does not want to die. He is not only added to the phantom of Mu Chenghong, but also the ability of Mu Chenghong to limit his ability to speak. Only use blood characters.

  Mu Chenghong looked at the light, and the law in his hand swayed again, and the seventh thunder in the sky began to flash. The power of the Seven Stars Thunder in his hands is ten times stronger than that of Song Qingyu. Especially the seventh Thunder, if it is bombed, it is enough to kill Mo Ziming!

  Mu Chenghong doesn't feel that he is cruel. Fu Zong wants to kill everyone in the ancestors. Since he chose to stand on the side of the sect, there is no heart to be soft. Today Fuzong will unite with Tianxingmen to conduct a massacre against the sect. He only has to start with a strong one!

  "Mu Chenghong, you dare to kill Mo Ziming to try!"Chang Tiancheng screamed and went to Mu Chenghong. But this time it was Zhuge Xiaosheng who stopped Chang Tiancheng and sneered: "The regular lord, the squad is more than a life test, and the skill is not as good as a person, isn't it?"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng was very comfortable when he said this sentence. When everyone thought that it was Mu Chenghong who fell to the ground, he wanted to save Mu Chenghong. Chang Tiancheng said this sentence, but the ending is so dramatic. Who can think of Mu Chenghong is this test? The leader in the middle.

  Mu Chenghong has made a killing of Mo Ziming. This is what Zhuge Xiaosheng likes to hear. Chang Tiancheng wants to interfere. Then Zhuge Xiaosheng will naturally not make Chang Tiancheng so easy.

  "Nonsense, Mo Ziming's skills have disappeared!"Chang Tiancheng looked at the battlefield, but he once again stunned, because it belongs to Mo Ziming's Fu Zhi Zi Lingzhang, I don't know when it has always appeared on Mo Ziming!

  If Zi Ling’s palm is in, Mo Ziming can’t be regarded as withdrawing the spell, and it’s not a fate!

  Mo Ziming looked at the gradual fall of the thunder, and his face was as dead. The purple spirit palm was not his active display, but was controlled by Mu Chenghong with a powerful array of techniques, allowing him to actively carry out.

  Everyone now understands that Mu Chenghong’s array is so powerful that his illusionary array has even sighed with many congenital instincts. For so many years, it’s still hidden. Fu Zong’s situation with him is also Just a little understanding.

  But often this kind of person,

Once you choose your own position, it must be a huge blow for the other side!

  "Give me a stop!"Chang Tiancheng turned his face and said to Zhou Jinglin.

  Zhou Jinglin promised a voice, and then the fingers in his hands were interlaced, and the red shades crossed in his hands. At the same time, Mu Chenghong in the air suddenly had a flush of his face, and his whole person was painfully twisted. An unstable person actually fell from the air and fell.


  Mu Chenghong spit out a blood. The skin that appeared naked from his body appeared a strange red and white awning. It seemed that the cockroaches were flowing on him, making him miserable.

  Fu Zong's evil character, destroy the charm! Just like controlling Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, Mu Chenghong was also given a vanishing symbol. As long as Zhou Jinglin’s mind was motivated, he could completely kill Mu Chenghong in several breaths. This is the means used by Zhou Jinglin to control undercover. !

  The disciples of all the sects were once again shocked. I don’t understand why Mu Chenghong, who was originally a winner, suddenly became like this. However, Mu Chenghong still kept his eyes clear in the pain, the law in his hands was not interrupted, and the seventh Huanghuang Tianlei still slammed on Mo Ziming!


  Mo Ziming has been smashed into a pile of coke by the powerful Thunderball, and once again, there is one more fairy!

  "The array wins."Mu Chenghong said this in a pale face, and then the whole person could no longer hold on to the destruction of the gods and fell down.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng has swept the past and took Mu Chenghong back. At the same time, he directly shot, and the powerful spiritual lines flowed to the fingertips. He quickly passed over Mu Chenghong's body, and then the red mans of Mu Chenghong's body gradually became Dissipated.

  "Sovereign, sorry! I have not done anything to be sorry for the sect. I like everything about the sect. I want to be a disciple…"Mu Chenghong opened his eyes and looked at Zhuge Xiaosheng in front of him. His eyes were still so clear, like a clear spring, without any impurities.

  He is undercover, so
For many years, he has been living in the hustle and bustle, and the power of the ecstasy makes him dare not defy Zhou Jinglin's orders. He always wanted to be a self-made disciple, but he couldn't do anything. He always did things that were against his heart and he didn't dare to tell the truth of the matter.

  He has never been the kind of heinous person. He has a conscience in his heart. He is unwilling to watch the sect being insulted and ruined.

  "You have always been, you have been our disciple!"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng clenched Mu Chenghong's hand, and his heart was filled with complex emotions. He once always valued Mu Chenghong. After learning that Mu Chenghong was Fu Zong's spies, his heart was like a knife. He wanted to kill Mu Chenghong himself, but he did not expect that Mu Chenghong was not what they imagined.

  After Mu Chenghong knew that he had killed Mo Ziming, Fu Zong would kill him. He is ready to die, only hope that he can do his part to take away one of Fuzong and win a little hope for the battle.

  Mu Yu looked at Mu Chenghong, and his remedy couldn't solve the trauma caused by the ecstasy. At this time, he couldn't help much.

  "Teacher, have you gone and gone to the third monument?"Mu Chenghong also turned his head and looked at Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu hesitated for a long while and shook his head.

  "You should go because, because, because of the real…"Mu Chenghong’s voice weakened and the whole person lost consciousness.

  "Can he hold on?"Mu Yu sighed.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng shook his head: "I can only temporarily suppress the power of the demon, but it is impossible to suppress it all the time. Once the pattern that I left in his body expired, the person of Fuzong would pull the demon to kill him. ”

  Mu Yu clenched his fist.

  Mu Yu remembered what Mu Chenghong once said to him: "Many times we say bad things, but I prefer to leave the most complete side of the array forever in my memories."

  At that time, Mu Yu knew the identity of Mu Chenghong. He thought that Mu Chenghong said this sentence to show his determination to destroy the ancestor. Now he finds himself misunderstanding the meaning of Mu Chenghong.

  To leave the most complete side of the sect, it is not to destroy the sect, but Mu Chenghong’s farewell to the sect. Mu Chenghong chose the sect, which means that Fu Zong’s people will definitely kill him.

  At the moment when his life passed, the most complete side of the sect did indeed remain in his memories forever.

  "You want to leave the most complete side of the formation in your memory, but I still want to leave the sect in reality, you should help me."Mu Yu’s eyes flashed in black and white, and Mu Chenghong was a person of affection and righteousness. He should not die in the hands of Fu Zong.


  "Don't kill Mu Chenghong?"Chang Tiancheng shouted to Zhou Jinglin.

  Zhou Jinglin once again dragged the gods, but it was invisibly affected by a trace of resistance. He smiled bitterly: "The sovereign, we all underestimated the person of Mu Chenghong. He is very clever and seems to have found a way to suppress the devil in the body with a powerful array. Although this kind of surgery can only block for a while, it is such a moment that I can't kill him instantly. In addition, Zhuge Xiaosheng’s old man just shot to help suppress, we will not be able to kill him for a while. ”

  Chang Tiancheng’s face was very blue, and Mo Ziming’s death in the hands of Mu Chenghong made him very angry. Mo Ziming is one of the three great immortals of the ancestor. UU reading has died in the hands of Mu Chenghong, which is a huge blow to the sect.

  "Sovereign, are we going to order now that outsiders can attack to avenge Mo Shidi?"Jiang Xiangdi sorrowfully asked, they usually have the same feelings and brothers. Today, I came here to participate in the match test just to humiliate the squad before the demise of the ruins. Who can think that this kind of change will happen!

  Chang Tiancheng clenched his fists. As soon as he gave a command, the outside people would come in as planned and razed the squad, but he was still unwilling. The match was originally his game, but he was given the initiative by the people of the array.

  They played too much, and now the game has won four games, and they only won two games. This is a great shame.

  "The demise of the ruins has become a foregone conclusion. We will carry this game to the end. There is still one person in their congenital disciples who has not shot. Ling Zheng, you have to wait for no matter how to kill the man named Fengmu, I would like to see what the wind wood can do, can be selected by the heavens to control the temple! I need you to test him. If he doesn't dare to fight, then we will attack the sect directly! ”Chang Tiancheng is cold and cold.

  In the remaining three trials, two of the sects are sure to win. The last one is Fu Zong’s strongest congenital disciple Ling Zheng’s shot, which will definitely be foolproof. He not only has to win this year's match test, but also to see what strength this wind wood can give to the eight steps!

  Ling Zheng nodded slightly, and a killing spread out from him.

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