Chapter 462 sad abandonment

  "What happened to Mu brother? Is he okay? ”

  "I don't know, he seems to be hurt very badly!"

  "It must be that Fuzong people use treacherous means, really shameless!"

  "It doesn't matter. We have won four games in this year's match. If we win another game, then this year's match test is our victory!"

  All the disciples have already shown a happy face on their faces. In the past, the annual competition was more than a test. It was very good to win three games. But this year's match test, the sect won four games, and there are three more tests, the victory seems to be waving to all the disciples.

  Mu Chenghong defeated Fu Zong's Mo Ziming to give confidence to all the disciples. How is Fu Zong even more powerful? Still not being taught by Mu Chenghong!

  They pin their hopes on the day after tomorrow, disciple Zhang Cheng and Zhongtian disciple Ji Wenkai, because these two are very talented people, as long as they win the next game, then this year's match is more than ten!

  As for the innate disciple of the Jindan period, everyone only wants to be mixed with experience, and he does not expect him to win the test.

  Chang Tiancheng heard the discussion of the disciples and his face was very gloomy. He sneered and said: "Want to win?" The rest of the two contests are my people. Why do you win? Let Hu Jiu and Ma Chengye kill Zhang Cai and Ji Wenkai! ”

  Zhou Jinglin silently said that he did not fluctuate in the decision of Chang Tiancheng. For him, the death of the two people was completely unaffected by the plan to subvert the sect. Even the advantages outweighed the disadvantages.

  Zhang Cai and Ji Wenkai are the people of Fu Zong, but the disciples of the ancestors don't know! The people of the squadron put their hopes on these two people, so if they kill them in front of all the disciples, they will surely let the sects fall into despair again!

  Besides, the two of them have studied the formation, how can Fuzong admit their existence?

  Chang Tiancheng's eyes are very cold, as if the snakes are generally vicious. In order to fight the confidence of the disciples, it is no big deal to kill Zhang Cheng and Ji Wenkai. They are going to die for Fu Zong.

  "The two of you should make the final contribution as our Fuzong!"

  Zhou Jinglin did not feel any regret for Ji Wenkai and Zhang Cai. When he was in the yin corpse, he could let his Guardian Boys blew himself up for time. Even Mu Chenghong would dare to kill. What else can he not do? ?

  These disciples who were sent to the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect were not able to be re-admitted by Fuzong. Even if Fuzong killed the ancestors today, it is actually better to leave them than to die!

  Hu Jiu is a disciple of Jin Dan Jiuzhongtian, representing the disciples of the day after. He jumped into the battlefield, his eyes filled with killings, and he had received orders from the lords to prepare to kill his own door! Their Fu Zong people always have an inexplicable sense of superiority to the sect. They can't look down on the squad, and naturally they can't afford to learn the same door.

  So killing Zhang Caiben is a simple matter.

  Zhang Cai also went up. His look was very calm, because he knew that he had to lose this test, so he was very calm, but he did not know that the murder had already come.

  "Senior brother, I will be sent out of court directly at the appropriate time."Zhang Cai whispered.

  Hu Jiu’s “嘿嘿” smiled: “Teacher, I know you will.

  During the speech, Zhang Cai has summoned his own physique, and made the most powerful after-the-fact battle, and rushed toward Hu Jiu. His array seems to be incomparably powerful. In fact, only he knows that this is just a bluff. After all, this is a performance for him. Since it is a performance, naturally, there must be no acting.

  Hu Jiu also deceived himself. The arrays and techniques were intertwined in the air, colliding with each other, and it was difficult to understand. At this time, Zhang Cai felt that he played almost the same and sold a flaw. He said: "Brother, now ."

  "it is good."Hu Jiuyin’s cold eyes crossed Zhang Cai’s face, and Zhang Cai’s slight glimpse. For a moment he seemed to notice Hu’s killing, but he thought that Hu Jiu was his own person. How could he kill him? It must be an illusion –


  Hu Jiu’s Fu Blessing is in his hand. His palm is like a knife, and he has crossed the throat of Zhang Cai! Zhang Caiyi's eyes widened. He screamed and asked why his brother would miss his hand, but his mouth was full of bright red blood.

  His frightened eyes seemed to be questioning Hu Jiu. He clearly said that he and Hu Jiu were good, selling the flaws and admit defeat, but why did Hu Jiu kill himself?

  He never thought about it. The undercover of these Fuzongs was impossible to go back to the day when they entered the line of study. Their death was insignificant in the eyes of the Fuzong people!


  Zhang Cai’s body fell heavily on the ground and shocked everyone.

  "A good heart, even killing everyone!"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng already knew that Zhang Cai was the undercover of Fu Zong, and Zhang Cai’s death had no loss for him, but he still felt a bit unbearable. I did not expect that the people of Fu Zong’s heart was so hot that they reached this level of madness!

  All the disciples have been blasted, and this year’s squad is no longer the same as in previous years. From the beginning of Mu Chenghong’s killing of Mo Ziming, this has become a life-and-death test!

  All the disciples did not know Zhang Jianming unreasonably, and Mu Chenghong killed Mo Ziming. They would feel deflated because Jiang Xiangdi severely injured Song Qingyu, but his turn was the same.
When they were killed, they couldn’t sit still!

  "hateful! They killed our people, how can this endure! ”

  "We also have Ji Wenkai's brother, and the strength of the season's brothers will definitely win! This year's battle is more than we have won! ”

  All the disciples screamed angrily, and then pinned their hopes on Ji Wenkai again. Ji Wenkai is the leader of Zhongtian disciples. For the disciples, he is the most likely to defeat Fuzong.

  These disciples believe that Zhang Cai is his own, but only Ji Wenkai and Luo Feilong know the truth. Ji Wenkai looked at Zhang Cai, who was dead in Hu Jiu’s hand in horror. At first he didn’t want to understand what happened, but when he asked about his eyes on Zhou Jinglin, Zhou Jinglin’s cold eyes made him fall. abyss.

  He suddenly woke up, Fu Zong is planning to use their death to fight the confidence of the disciples, if he guessed it is correct, then he is afraid of death is him!

  "Cheng Zhuo, brother, this time you try it! The brother is a little uncomfortable. ”Ji Wenkai has already played a retreat, he does not want to die!

  Cheng Zhuo had just won the battle without a fight. Fu Zong deliberately let the sect win in order to laugh at the sect, so Cheng Zhuo did not play. Cheng Zhuo was also angered by Zhang Cai’s death. When Ji Wenkai let him last time, he did not want to be prepared to go up with Fu Zong’s people to fight for you, but Mu Yu took him in time.

  "The season brother, Cheng Zhuo's repair is not comparable to you, this test is not yours!"Mu Yu said coldly. He couldn't let Cheng Zhuo go to death. Cheng Zhuo's array had already been told by Ji Wenkai to Fu Zong's people. I am afraid that if you go up less than a quarter of an hour, you will be directly caught by others and directly killed!

  Ji Wenkai’s forehead burst out of cold sweat. He quickly squeezed out a smile and said: “I don’t want to go up, but I can’t really go up! Otherwise, will I abstain? ”

  "how? The sect has trained you for so many years. Now, when it’s your turn to play for the squad, is it still fleeing? ”Zhuge Xiaosheng also snorted. He knew that Ji Wenkai’s words would have died, but instead of letting Cheng Zhuo die, he would rather let the Fu Zong people kill each other!

  Zhuge Xiaosheng made a speech, and Ji Wenkai still dared to shirk it. Now he is not a person inside or outside, no way out. Ji Wenkai's face was white like a piece of paper. He could only go to the battlefield with his scalp, and Ma Chengye stared at him coldly.

  Ji Wenkai's throat was dry for a while, and Zhang Cai's death made him feel extremely desperate. He still didn't understand that he had worked hard for Fuzong for so many years, but why Fu Zong's people still have to kill themselves!

  "Brother, don't come innocent."Ma Chengye’s smile is endlessly mocking.

  Ji Wenkai clenched his fist: "Zhou Jinglin let you kill me, right?"

  Ma Chengye brows and picks up, then smiles: "Brother, you are laughing. We are all ourselves. Just now Hu Jiu killed Zhang Cai because Zhang Cai wanted to betray Fuzong like Mu Chenghong, so we had to start. ”

  "I don't believe, how can Zhang Cai betray Fuzong!"

  Ji Wenkai is shaking all over the body. As a spy for many years, he has to be afraid every day. He thought that he would be able to restore the identity of Fu Zong disciples in the future. Who can think of the end is such a end!

  "Zhang Cai did indeed betray Fu Zong, so we only want to put him on the spot, and the brothers can only bear to kill the brothers if they are single-minded and acting according to the original plan."Ma Chengye laughed. But the killing in the eyes is exposed.

  "If I don't want to lose to you!"Ji Wenkai has a lot of courage in his heart. He wants to go against the Fuzong people like Mu Chenghong to see if he can get the appreciation of Zhuge Xiaosheng, and he may be able to become a sect.

  But he forgot one thing. He didn't have the ability of Mu Chenghong, and he didn't have the courage of Mu Chenghong.

  "Senior brother, should you see that Mu Chenghong was killed by the gods?" Although Mu Chenghong is hanging out now, he still can't escape death. Do you think Zhuge Xiaosheng will help you suppress the power of the demon? ”Ma Chengye said slowly.

  Ji Wenkai completely collapsed. He and Mu Chenghong are different. They are also spies. Mu Chenghong chose to set the life and death for the sake of the sect. He completely killed Mozong of Fu Zong with the same idea. He chose to fight against Ma Chengye for the sake of stealing and stealing. Once the appearance of the vanishing symbol on his body means that the spies are exposed, he has not contributed to the battle. How can Zhuge Xiaosheng save him?

  "How can you let me go?"Ji Wenkai couldn't help but tremble, and endless grievances were drilled from the bottom of his heart, but he was so greedy and afraid of death. UU reading did not dare to express his grievances.

  Ma Chengye laughed and said: "Brother, let you admit defeat is nothing more than to fight the self-confidence of the disciples. You usually have a high prestige in the disciples, and it is the spiritual pillar of many disciples." If you can look down on the image and ask for mercy, I think many of the disciples will be very chilling. Even their spiritual pillars are begging for mercy, so the disciples' disciples still have the determination to resist? Then our purpose will be reached, what do you say? ”

  Ji Wenkai stunned.


  Ji Wenkai seems to have seized a life-saving straw, and actually went straight to Ma Chengye!

  "Do not kill me! I surrender! I surrender! The sects admit defeat! Do not kill me! ”

  Ji Wenkai frantically slammed his head, his body shaking like a sieve, watching the dirty look of his poor worm, even the horse
Chengye was a bit stunned. He thought that Ji Wenkai would at least play a few rounds with him like a man, but he never thought that he just said this casually, Ji Wenkai actually did not care about the image and begged for mercy!


  All the disciples were shocked by Ji Wenkai's behavior. Ji Wenkai was the leading snake in the middle-class disciple. The talented high-figure technique was extraordinary, but at this moment it was scared by the Fuzong people, like a snot. Praying for mercy?

  Fu Zong’s people laughed viciously, even Ji Wenkai’s squatting, and the disciples’ disciples will definitely be completely desperate!

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