Chapter 463

  However, the imaginary despair did not appear on the faces of the disciples. On the contrary, everyone began to scream in anger, shouting at Ji Wenkai's shamelessness, not worthy of being a disciple!

  Ji Wenkai ignored a point. He and Luo Feilong have always crushed Zhongtian disciples with various shameless means. They have caused anger and anger, and everyone has long complained about them. Luo Feilong won at least in the beginning of the test, but Ji Wenkai is shameless to directly squat down to others, this will anger all the disciples!

  All the disciples of the ancestors were educated by the people who hated the sects as soon as they started. In their minds, the people of Fuzong were enemies. They can choose to lose, or they can choose to abstain, but they are absolutely unwilling to kneel on the ground like a dog and ask for mercy!

  "coward! Our sect does not have your dog hair! ”

  "The shameless, the Fuzong people killed him for us!"

  "We would rather die than to beg for shamelessly like you!"

  For a time, Ji Wenkai's pitiful behavior was counterproductive, and all the bloodlines of the disciples were motivated. They shouted loudly and regarded Ji Wenkai as a shame of the sect. They could not wait to rush to kill Ji Wenkai. .

  The people of Fuzong have already noticed something wrong. They originally wanted to kill Ji Wenkai and let the disciples of the sects feel desperate. But why are every disciple so excited now that they seem to want Ji Wenkai’s death more than they? ?

  In fact, this matter is wrong in Ma Chengye. If he directly kills Ji Wenkai, he will indeed make the disciples feel the power of Fu Zong, and they will feel the powerless resistance. But Ma Chengye will not understand that there is something called dignity!

  The sect can be lost to Fu Zong, and the confidence can be defeated, but it is absolutely not allowed to be as arrogant as Ji Wenkai, and if he has not started playing, he will beg for mercy to the enemy! A Ye Hong has been despised, and Ji Wenkai’s approach is even more disgusting!

  Ji Wenkai is now like a street mouse, everyone shouts! He listened in horror to the insults of the disciples, and then looked at the gloomy face of the Fu Zong people. He understood that he was already a left and right person.

  He used to be a blessing in the sect, and leaked many of the news of the sect to Fu Zong, but Fu Zong intends to kill him to influence the morale of the sect. In order to survive, he chose no dignity. Praying for mercy, but inadvertently angered all the disciples!

  Ji Wenkai’s face has fallen into madness. He understands how stupid it was to choose to go to the undercover. The people of Fuzong are not good at all. They are all abandoned and run out. Just throw it, no pity!

  His whole person became very mad, the resentment around him, the success of Ma Chengye’s murder, the abandonment of Fu Zong…Everything was afflicting him, his eyes became red, and he knew clearly that he could not end well today, so he jumped up and rushed toward Ma Chengye: "It is death, I have to pull back!"

  However, Zhou Jinglin has been paying attention to Ji Wenkai's movements. When Ji Wenkai stood up, he had already launched the devil. Ji Wenkai is not the kind of genius of Mu Chenghong. Mu Chenghong found a way to temporarily suppress the demon, but he did not. He can't resist the power of the devil, but it's just a blink of an eye. There are countless red awns on the body, and Ji Wenkai's consciousness is wiped out instantly!

  Ji Wenkai has already fallen down after he has completely rushed over. Ma Chengye is not a straw bag. He has long thought that Ji Wenkai is very likely to be dying.

So directly seize the opportunity, and I will beat Ji Wenkai out.

  Ji Wenkai's body is like a sandbag, falling out of the battlefield!


  Ji Wenkai’s body fell heavily on the ground and died!

  "Good death! We don't need this cartilage head! ”

  "Yes! We must defeat Fuzong in an upright manner! ”

  The death of Ji Wenkai unexpectedly caused a large number of good voices, which was not thought of by Fu Zong. The cheers around the heart are just as exciting as winning the contest!

  After Fu Zong’s killing Ji Wenkai, he did not achieve the desired effect. This makes Chang Tiancheng look very unsightly! Today, he wanted to use the match as a game, playfully play with the actors, let them see the hope, then fall into the bottom, and then extinction.

  But the direction of this game has deviated from their control!

  Among the disciples present, several spies led by Luo Feilong saw that Ji Wenkai and Zhang Cai’s death had been shaken. The two of them are obviously Fuzong people, but Fu Zong actually killed Zhang Cai and Ji Wenkai in the face of these people!

  Fu Zong’s practice did not make the disciples’ chills chill, but instead made these few spies feel chilling!

  I have been loyal to Fu Zong for so many years, and even said that killing and killing, in spite of other feelings of spies, is really extinct! Luo Feilong wants to resist. He wants to lead all the traitors to rebel, but when he thinks of the devil in his body, he suddenly squats. If he wants to resist, Zhou Jinglin only needs a thought and he will die in an instant!

  Luo Feilong is ashamed, he understands that he is finished! I have been so timid for so many years, I have not died in the hands of the sect, but in the end I have to die in my own hands, it is really sad! He is already at a loss, because even if he flees now, once he is noticed by Zhou Jinglin, it is also a dead end! Whether he flees to the ends of the earth, the devil will make him pay the price of his life!

  The devil is a collection of more than a dozen innate
The combination of the teacher and the teacher can be very ugly and extremely complicated. Even Zhuge Xiaosheng can't crack it, let alone him!

  However, everyone in the array did not have time to pay attention to the situation of Luo Feilong, they began to pay attention to this year's winning match. At this moment, Fu Zong and the sects each won four games. This final match determines who is the ultimate winner!

  Ma Chengye just went down, Lingzheng has floated to the battlefield like a ghost, and then the atmosphere of the overbearing moment is revealed, and does not hide the murder! His appearance made all the disciples breathe a little, because the breath of this person is really terrible!

  Ling Zheng, the 67th is extremely fairy!

  "Today's match test, we have won four games for each of the Fuzong and your ancestors, then come to a final matchup!"Ling Zheng glanced coldly around, and then the provocative eyes fell on Mu Yu, his purpose is to kill the rising star of the sect, let the sect completely desperate!

  The disciples of the ancestors once again fell into a dead silence, because Ling Zheng’s breath was no worse than Mu Chenghong’s breath, but at this moment the ancestor could not find any innate disciple who could compete with Mu Chenghong!

  Everyone fell on the wooden feathers and then sighed helplessly. The sect has recently appeared a congenital disciple with a strong head, that is, the wind wood that everyone knows, but it is also well known that Fengmu has only been repaired in the Golden Age.

  Fengmu talent is certainly high, but because of the late cultivation time, it is also human nature to repair it.

  The squad wants to win this year's match and must win this last game. However, everyone does not think that Fengmu can fight with Lingzheng, who has been repaired to achieve the ninth day.

  "hateful! Just win another game! ”

  "Yes! Just one worse! If it is only a few years, then Fengmu will definitely defeat the Fuzong people. ”

  "But in a few years we are unlikely to have the chance to win four games today!"

  The disciples began to shake their heads and sigh, lamenting that the fortunes were not good, and they sighed when the wind was not alive. If he was born a few years earlier, he would join the battle early and this year he will be able to lead the battle to victory. Unfortunately, Fengmu is just a disciple who has just been in the first half of the year. His talent is high and his experience is not as good as Lingcheng’s long-standing genius. The most important point is that Ling Zheng is the 67th most immortal on the list of the most popular, and the ranking is even higher than that of Mu Chenghong!

  Mu Yu’s eyes are very dull, ranking sixty-seventh?

  "Wind wood, abstain!"Lu Xianshi suddenly stopped Mu Yu. He has always been uneasy, but he does not even know what happened.

  "I'm fine, don't worry about me."Mu Yu looked at Lu Xianshi and smiled.

  Lu Xianshi shook his head: "I don't know why, I always feel that there seems to be something wrong, and there is even an unpredictable foreboding. You also saw that this year's match test is already a life-and-death test, your talent is too high, Lingzhen will definitely kill you. We can lose this year's match test, but definitely can't lose you. ”

  These words are the words of Lu Xianshi. When he was not controlled by Zhou Jinglin, he was the elder who cared for Mu Yu everywhere. It is a pity that he does not know his own situation. He is now concerned about the safety of Mu Yu, but his existence has seriously affected the safety of Mu Yu.

  "Don't worry, I won't be in trouble."Mu Yu was very grateful to Lu Xianshi for his care. He comforted and nodded to the Lu Xianshi.

  "If you can't, then remove the array and remember that we will save you the first time."Zhuge Xiaosheng said.

  Mu Yu insisted on going, he could not do anything, he could do is to ensure the safety of the wood feathers. The withdrawal of the array means that he will admit defeat. He has reason to intervene. At that time, even if Chang Tiancheng blocked it again, there are 19 innate strategists here. There is always one who can rescue Mu Yu from Ling Zheng.

  "Well, I know."Mu Yu slowly walked into the battlefield in the eyes of everyone worried, watching Ling Zheng quietly.

  "You are Fengmu? A repairer of the Golden Age, how can you not get one of your sects? ”Ling is exposed to sarcasm.

  Mu Yu felt a little strange. When he was in the Southern Star Taoist Temple, he clearly ran Mo Ziming to run. Doesn’t this point people know? Actually, he will still naively think that he is the cultivation of the Golden Age?

  In fact, this matter is indeed Mo Ziming deliberately concealed, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com Mo Ziming is a man of high arrogance, and is the 71st. When he was ordered to assassinate Mu Yu, he always thought that this was a simple matter, but he did not expect to be planted in a little-known wooden feather.

  After returning, Mo Ziming did not tell everyone what happened, because he did not allow the people of the sect to be more powerful than him. Therefore, he concealed the fact that Feng Mu was repaired, and instead told others that the strategist of the distraction period had saved Feng Mu, and this matter would be gone.

  Since the other party is not clear about the real repair of Mu Yu, Mu Yu is too lazy to explain anything to him. He just said faintly: "I will be enough to deal with you, the Golden Age."

  "arrogant! I am going to teach you how to write dead words! ”Ling Zheng is cold.

  "This is not arrogance, but the bones. Our sects will never play any insidious means, like Ji Wenkai. Do you really think that we don't know if they are from your Fu Zong? In my eyes, you are the same as Ji Wenkai. ”

  Mu Yu’s gaze reveals a chill, and a war is also
His heart spread.

  This is not only a contest about the dignity of the ancestors, but also a contest between the disciples and the disciples. If Mu Yu wins, the disciples of the sect will be even more confronted with the attack of Fu Zong. Have a good breath!

  Mu Yu will never be soft!

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