Chapter 464

  "You said that Ji Wenkai is our person, is he ours?"Ling Zheng coldly said.

  Although Ji Wenkai and Luo Feilong are the spies of Fu Zong, they are learning the authentic array of techniques. Fu Zong people never admit their existence.

  "It doesn't matter where they come from. I don't care if the people behind them are a group of animals. We are not fighting for the same kind of animals or animals. Are you saying?"The corner of Mu Yu’s mouth reveals endless ridicule.

  Ling Zheng's face is very difficult to see, and Mu Yu's finger mulberry makes him angry. His fingers flicked, and eight purple papers floated out and floated on the battlefield. The strange rhymes were interlaced in eight sheets of paper, and the powerful spiritual power poured out from the paper.

  "The power of your tongue will only make you die faster!"Ling Zheng's finger waved, and the majestic aura suddenly turned into a sharp sword, and he rushed down toward Mu Yu!

  "I heard that you are the 67th best?"Mu Yu looked at the sword that was galloping, but did not rush to dodge, just curiously asked.

  "Wang Wang will tell you if I am."

  Ling Zheng showed a cruel smile, his sword locked the atmosphere of Mu Yu, in his opinion, the wood feather of the Golden Age could not escape the sword from his hands.

  But Fengmu still hasn't flashed, even if the sword is getting closer!

  "What happened to Fengmu? Why is he still not hiding? ”

  "If you don't avoid it, you have something to do!"

  "He was a Jin Dan period, and he couldn't escape!"

  All the disciples have squeezed a sweat for Mu Yu. In their opinion, this sword of Lingzheng is mixed with the momentum of the millennium, with endless killing, obviously ready for a hit. . And Fengmu still has no reaction, standing there like a piece of wood, even the head is too lazy to lift.

  Is he sitting still?

  Everyone in the mind has come up with this thought, and his face is very strange. Is this Fengmu really a genius disciple like the legend? Why is this sword invincible?

  "In my opinion, you are the only one of the celestial beings."Mu Yu still looked at Ling Zheng faintly, not at all hurried.

  The sword is still falling towards him, and everyone’s heart has already mentioned the eyes of the blind.

  Ling Zheng was provoked by Mu Yu. He was so angry that he couldn’t wait to think of Mu Yu being pierced by his own sword. When my flying sword will put a blood hole in your body, I think you are still fangs. !

  Everyone stared at the flying sword, waiting for Mu Yu to be stabbed by this sword, and some people could not bear to watch it.

  The sword is getting closer and closer, getting closer…Still almost stabbed…Still a little…Still a little…

  Ling Zheng’s sword approached Mu Yu a little bit, and everyone waited for Mu Yu to be pierced by this sword. This is a weird phenomenon. The flying sword has always been close to Mu Yu. Even many people have already prepared for the bloody splash on the spot. Some people are ready to call it out. Everyone’s heart mentions the scorpion. Eye, looking at the sword of Ling Zheng.

  The speed of the sword is so fast, the distance between the two is obviously only a short distance, even if a flying sword launched by the temperament period can be instantaneously picked up, the wood feathers can be overturned.

  But a few breathed in the past,

The sword is still approaching Muyu, and the distance is still gradually shortening. However, no matter how shortened, it will always be a little worse. The small distance is like an insurmountable gully. Lingzhen’s sword is swift and straight. After a long time toward the wood feathers, I was still flying!

  After half a quarter of an hour, Ling Zheng’s sword still has no stab wood feathers!

  "Your swordsmanship seems to be lame!"The corner of Mu Yu’s mouth evoked a sarcasm. The sword seemed to be approaching him forever, but he could never be close. It was always shortening the distance, but it was still a little worse.

  "Is this all the time – a long way to go?"Zhuge Xiaosheng suddenly woke up and looked at Mu Yu with shock.

  One of the paradise of the heavens, the world of scales, shrinking into the inch, expanding the land into the world!

  This is a very superb array of techniques. The understanding of the road must reach a state of high enough depth. It is said that it is one of the ten congenital formations created by the Heavenly Path, even if Zhuge Xiaosheng has never learned. To learn this battle, you need to know how to push the rules between the heavens and the earth, and to understand the ethereal heaven. This law has the same effect as the broken void. The grasp of the distance is accurate.

  Void walking can be done by people above the distraction period. Void walking is more like the speed of distraction. It exceeds certain limits and breaks the shackles of space, appearing from one place to another. And the end of the world is to infinitely enlarge a small distance, just like the other side that can not be touched, obviously only one finger long, but can not be reached!

  Mu Yu did not understand the laws between heaven and earth, nor did he know anything about the ethereal heaven, but his most powerful convenience and strong ability to deduct. He deduced the array of heavenly ladders, and when all the arrays of the heavens were passed to him, he deduced the world of heaven.

  The horizon of the heavens is a fairly mysterious and complex array. With the understanding of Mu Yu’s current martial arts, he can’t act on the vast expanse of the world like the heavens.

  However, he can simulate a part of the area within ten meters of the whole body to simulate the effect of the world. It is more like the idea of ​​taking thousands of weak waters. This scoop is insignificant, but it is enough to enhance his formation. Grade

  "What kind of genius are you!"

  In Zhuge Xiaosheng's eyes, he showed endless admiration, and he walked in the void, but he was always so poorly constrained that he could not achieve perfection.

  Tian Tiandao once pointed to Zhuge Xiaosheng. He also studied for many years. He still likes to see the leopard in the tube. He can't grasp the essentials. Who can think that Mu Yu actually learned in just over 20 days!

  Mu Yu naturally spent more than 20 days. He has been studying for a whole year at the fingertips of Tiandao.

  The array of heavenly acts is like a vast treasure trove of stars, countless, he also only picked several practical array to deduce, many of the array he did not have enough to fix to make it, but he in the direction of the Tao, will these array of continuous streamlining, although the power is much smaller, but there are unexpected effects.

  "What is this?"Ling Zheng’s eyes showed a trace of panic. He realized that something was wrong. His sword was about to stab the wood feather, but it was still so bad that he was extremely wrong.

  Not only him, but all the people who watched this test also felt very depressed. They all imagined that the plume was splashed with three feet. Many people even held their breath, but this scene is what looks like it happens but does not happen. , so many people are blushing.

  "The predecessors of the Heavenly Road once told me that your Fu Zong's skills are actually born out of the battle, just compressing the battle on a small piece of paper, but you have never admitted this, you still have to die. It’s ridiculous to be able to annex our sects. I will teach you today, what is the real battle! ”

  Mu Yu still stood in the same place, but his voice seemed to cross the time and space of the hustle and bustle, as if attached to Ling Zheng’s ear and whispered, let Ling Zheng turn his head in amazement and want to see who is in his ear. Speak, but no one! The sound of Mu Yu echoed in the ear of Ling Zheng, so that Ling Zheng could not accurately grasp the position of Mu Yu!

  This is a rather strange phenomenon, the figure of Mu Yu is in front of Ling Zheng, but Ling Zheng has been unable to feel any breath from the wood feathers in front of him. The true breath of Mu Yu has been erratic, and he has changed around him, making him like an enemy. He is still encountering such a strange array for the first time!

  "Pretend to be a ghost! See how I killed you! ”

  Lingzheng screamed, and thousands of papers suddenly emerged from him, flying like a paper in the sky, filling the entire array of battlefields with paper.

  Disorderly, but no piece of paper hits together, each piece of paper faintly flows with a magnificent aura, implicating each other.

  Then all the papers suddenly burst out of a small sword, turned into a sword in the sky and stabbed the wood feathers!

  Ling Zheng's natal spell, magic dance sword!

  Take the paper as the guide, seal the millions of flying swords, apply the supreme skills, and control the flying swords at the same time, just like the devil dances in the chaos, but in disorder, but chaotic, Wan Jian Qifa, no war Invincible!

  Everyone was shocked to see the shadow of the sword on the battlefield, and was shocked by the swords that fluttered in the sky!

  Many people know that the most difficult thing is the sword array and the sword. At the same time, controlling a lot of flying swords requires a very strong mental strength, and also requires strong spiritual support.

  There is no disciple who has learned the sword array, and Fu Zong only has Ling Zheng who has mastered the supreme sword.

  "Ling Zheng's swordsmanship has reached the point where the fire is pure, UU reading I am afraid that it will be able to break into the top 50 in the top of the list!"

  Chang Tiancheng nodded slightly, looking proudly at Ling Zheng's magical sword, while at the same time looking at a dead man looking at Mu Yu.

  He knows that Mu Yu touched the threshold of the world, but if he wants to resist so many swords by simply relying on this kind of surgery, it is simply a dream!

  "Ling Zheng actually learned such a strong sword? Isn't the wind raft not too much? ”Zhuge Xiaosheng clenched his fists, so many swords and symbols are not a small scale of Fengmu can be resolved!

  He is ready to shoot at any time, as long as there is any difficulty in the appearance of Mu Yu, he will immediately rush to rescue the wooden feather.

  Ling Zheng’s skills are so powerful that they cast a shadow on the hearts of all the disciples. Thousands of swords are covered, even if it is the god of the gods, it is difficult to fly!

  Everyone has even imagined that Mu Yu was smashed into a hedgehog by Wan Jian!

  However, Mu Yu just picks his eyebrows and reveals a weird smile: "Do you use swordsmanship in front of me?"

  Inside the door to see the door, the layman to watch the fun.

  Someone actually used swordsmanship in front of the disciples of the sword shadow dust?

  No one would think that the Tianjian Nine, who was hailed as the first sword array in the world, is in this battlefield!

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