Chapter 466, the shadow of the shadow


  Lingzheng like to hear what the funniest joke, he stared at the wood plume: "You a small elixir, unexpectedly dare to talk about fencing in front of me?" ”

  Lingzheng now still did not feel from Mu Yu body period of fix, he still think wood feather only elixir period of fix. He believes that the array of works performed by Mu Yu has often relied on the strong aura of the innate array as the support, not the repair of the wood feather itself.

  As long as the aura contained in the innate genre is strong enough, it can make a talented person who is low-minded to play too often.

  Moreover, the array of techniques that Mu Yu has just performed is in defense, and there is no active attack. Once the active attack, he will know how weak his strength is in front of the exit period.

  But even if you keep avoiding it, it's extremely powerful in the eyes of ordinary people. After all, there has never been a Jindan period practitioner who can persist in the face of the singer's singer for a long time, let alone this person is still the 67th most popular singer on the list of celestial singers. I feel that Mu Yu is proud of it.

  "Your Magic Swordsman relies on only the control of the charm, not the authentic sword, these swords look flashy." ”The sound of Mu Yu did not hide in everyone's ears.

  "what? Did I hear you wrong? Feng Mu actually thinks that Ling Zheng’s swordsmanship is slick? ”

  "Although I don't like the Fu Zong, fencing is a top-notch technique both in the operation and in the array," he said. None of our sects can fully master the sword array, and they seem to have only Ling Zheng alone to master the sword. The wind-wood is too Toda to say. ”

  "That's not necessarily, have you forgotten?" Our founder, Tiandao, is said to have mastered the superb sword array. Fengmu has studied with the founder for a month. Maybe the founder taught him the superb sword array! ”

  "Don't joke, in less than one months, wind wood even if the talent is high and can learn what?" ”

  The disciples were whispering, they should have stood on the side of Mu Yu, but what Mu Yu just said made them feel biased. Many people pointed at the wood feathers.

  Chang Tiancheng sneered a sneer, looking at Zhuge Xiaosheng, said: "Zhuge sect, the disciples of your ancestors can really dare to swear words! Is this genius disciple of yours more powerful? ”

  Zhuge Xiaosheng also felt that Mu Yu’s words were too big, and swordsmanship was the most noble among all the techniques. The former sword shadow dust was defeated by the world’s famous Tianjian nine swords. In one fell swoop, it laid the supreme position of swordsmanship.

  Do not say anything else, but he knows that the sword shadow dust wind left a sturdy sword in the Tianjian Pavilion of their sect, but also relied on Tianjian Jiuyi to defeat the most outstanding array of squadrons in the history. However, Sky Road has never allowed them to learn swords, unless they can withstand the test of Tianjian.

  When Zhuge Xiaosheng was young, he also wanted to try Tianjiangang in the past, but he was also defeated by the god of death in the wilderness of the dead. Even the little momentum of Tianjian’s nine strokes was not explored, so he had already abandoned the exploration of the sword array. .

  Although he did not know how much Fengmu learned from the heavens, he could not weaken his momentum at this time. He did not respond timidly: "Wumu said that this is naturally his reason, you still First worry about your own people! Don't let your Ling is losing his skill to the sword that is best at it, then you will laugh at the big teeth. ”

  "how? You don't really think that a disciple with a Golden Age can win in the final test. ”Chang Tiancheng ridiculed without any scruples,

"Ling Zheng just used less than one layer of swordsmanship, and today your Fengmu is dead!"

  Chang Tiancheng is very confident in Ling Zheng's skills. To be honest, he even concludes that if Ling Zheng can have his current cultivation, I am afraid that even this sovereign is not an opponent in the matchup. Lingzheng talent is second to none. What is lacking now is just repair.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng snorted, he knew that the other party had already killed the wind, but he was also ready to save people at any time. It is absolutely impossible for the other party to succeed in killing the genius.

  Ling Zheng stared at Mu Yu, and then said: "So I will teach you personally today what is the real sword!"

  The swordsmanship of the sky suddenly resembled that a hundred birds returned to the nest, and all of them were taken back by Lingzheng. Then Lingzheng’s momentum began to become extremely fierce. He did not intend to play the game of cat and mouse, but was prepared to make a real Magic dance swordsmanship!

  Ling Zheng’s figure suddenly became illusory, and then the whole body pattern began to surge, wrapping his body, and then countless Lingzheng vacated from the ground, all over the battlefield! Every Lingzheng figure looks so solid, can not tell the true and false, holding the flying sword in the hand, sharp and revealing.

  The Magic Dance Sword is not only able to divide the sword into many, but also to transform the person who casts the spell into many. At this moment, there are two hundred Lingzheng figures in various directions, and each one looks like a real person!

  Fu Ying is a powerful character, you can use the Fu spell to illusion a lot of yourself, each avatar of the illusion is the same as itself, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. This kind of spell with the magic dance sword can maximize the power of the sword, has a huge lethality.

  Although the Fuyin avatar can be transformed into many avatars, but the avatars are not all independent, their movements are consistent with the ontology, so it is difficult to make any effective attack. However, after combining with the magical swords, each avatar is able to cope with the changes of the whole body and play the swordsmanship.

  There were two hundred Lingzheng figures on the battlefield. Each figure was different in action, exuding a terrible momentum, and many of the disciples were shocked.

  Such a powerful skill means that one person has to deal with a thousand troops, and those who are inferior will even choose to surrender.

  "This time, you will show me again!"

  Ling Zheng, who is the closest to Mu Yu, rushed over. Many Ling Zheng also moved from different angles with their swords. They were prepared to give a fatal blow when Mu Yu used the Scorpio star to appear.

  At this moment, the devil's sword symbol is different from the previous one. The flying sword no longer needs to squat between the swords, but is controlled by the avatar. The distraction can fly at will and make the best attack. To make up for the shortcomings of the Western Wall to repair the Western Wall.

  "Mu Yu, do you need me and Daxu to help?" We can try the wind and the heart of the last invented, I want to use the Xiaoshuai Xuan Cang to send a call to him! I think that this person is underpowered. ”Xiaoshuai said with a fist.

  "No, it’s enough for me to deal with him!"

  Mu Yu did not move, he just looked coldly at the Lingzheng holding the sword stabbed, and then gently extended two fingers, then the sword was caught without a fancy, and the repair period was Exiled without reservation, flooding the entire battlefield!

  "Are you doing the repairs?"Ling Zheng was shocked.

  Not only him, but all the disciples have been stunned. They always thought that the new genius disciple, Feng Mutian, was superb, but he couldn’t keep up with him, but he never thought of Fengmu. It is also the repair of the outlaws!

  "How can Fengmu be repaired during the flood season? Is he not a person in the Golden Age? ”

  "Oh my God! Wind wood is repaired during the flood season, does that mean that-"

  "We have hopes for winning this match!"

  After seeing the real show of Mu Yu’s show, the disciples were cheering. At first they didn’t have any hope of winning the game. But at this moment, the wood feather show was really repaired so that everyone was shocked. They immediately Realize that Mu Yu is very likely to win this victory with the formation!

  Zhuge Xiaosheng was also shocked by his face. This incident even turned him over. Mu Yu had been showing in front of him the cultivation of the Jindan period. This has always been a regret for all innate strategists, but it has never happened. I didn't expect Mu Yu to hide so deeply that everyone was successfully deceived!

  Zhuge Xiaosheng looked at Lu Xianshi and found that Lu Xianshi was also full of surprise and surprise. Lu Xianshi and Mu Yu were the closest, but he did not know.

  However, Lu Xianshi’s face suddenly turned into an excited look. Fengmu always gave him many unexpected surprises. No matter why Fengmu concealed it, it doesn’t matter to him. What’s important is that this test is no longer Rolling down the bureau.

  "Although I don't know what you mean by hiding it, but I hope that you can win this test, and the array needs to rely on you."

  The heart of Zhuge Xiaosheng has also been swelled, and this low-key child will always be unexpected. UU reading Mu Yu has a period of repair, maybe you can really win the most powerful genius disciple of Fu Zong, Ling Zheng!

  Mu Yu's fingers were slightly forceful, only to hear a crisp "squeaky" sound, and the sword in Ling Zheng's hand had been broken by him. He shot it in front of his palm and hit it on Lingzheng's chest. He shattered the Lingzheng directly in front of him and turned it into a distracting pattern.

  "I just maintained the repair of the Golden Age, but it does not mean that I am only a repair of the Golden Age."

  Mu Yu’s eyes swept through the rest of the Lingzheng and continued: “The shadows are separated, I have heard it, although it is powerful, but the avatar also spreads your strength. If you make this multiple avatars, I am afraid that it will be very good to play four points. What do you fight with me with four points? ”

  "Good, you really surprised me!"Every Lingzheng is stunned, and the sounds add up like a snarling thunder, and they rang through the entire battlefield. "But to deal with you, it is more than enough to use four points of strength!"

  "Is it?"

  Mu Yu’s shadow sword has appeared in his hands, and until now he actually made a sword. The mysterious lines began to surge and wrap the body of Mu Yu, and then the shadow of his sword in his hand trembled, giving a cold glow, gradually blending into the void and disappearing.

  However, Ling Zheng was shocked to find that he was like being in a huge field of swords, as if there were countless swords pointing at himself in the entire battlefield. The sly sword is hidden in the surrounding area, so Lingzheng feels that he will be heart-throbed by a sword!

  Is this an illusion?

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