Chapter 467 Prohibition Area

  "I teach you how to use a sword."Mu Yu smiled, stepped out in one step, and both hands were empty and grabbed toward a Lingzheng.

  "Hey, you don't even have a sword in your hand. Would you like to teach me to use a sword?"Lingzheng, who was locked by Muyu, smirked and laughed, and then the sword in his hand swiped again and stabbed toward Muju.

  Mu Yu's figure is very light and deceived, and then the right hand is a virtual grip, just like a virtual air sword is in the hands. However, in the eyes of outsiders, his right hand is like holding the air, and he has to confront Lingzhen’s Feijian.

  However, no one thought, Mu Yu's right hand in the face of Lingzheng flying sword, his fingertips suddenly appeared a mysterious ripples, as if his hand touched the calm surface of the general, and then the shadow of the sword like a hard life from the ripples in the air was drawn out, the same, appeared in his hand, the majestic sword gas burst out, the moment will see the ling is chopped out!

  "There is a sword in my heart, and there are swords everywhere."

  The wood feather, such as strolling in general, in the chop out a Lingzheng, his hands of the Shadow sword again into the void, as if has returned to its mission disappeared.

  Immediately after Mu Yu took another step, it was already before another avatar. The right hand seemed to pass inadvertently, and the pattern was re-emerged. The shadow sword was again drawn from the void, but it was only one blink and another.

  All Lingzheng had killed him, but he always did not rush to dodge. Every time he had no sword in his hand, only when he killed the avatar, the shadow sword would be easily taken out by him. The time of the shadow sword is no more than one breath.


  The shape of Mu Yu is like a green man, his body is as light as a swallow, his body is ethereal, fluttering freely in the battlefield, killing every Lingzheng. Ling Zhen seems to be very powerful. Although his sword is many, he has lost the real sword.

  Ling Zheng's sword is more like a rude slash, and in the front of Mu Yu's dexterous body and swordsmanship, he insisted on the time of no end.

  Everyone was horrified at the body of Mu Yu. His body was so free and easy, like a piece of fallen leaves in the wind, moving with the wind, but it was always just right to kill Ling Zheng’s avatar. .

  Just in the blink of an eye, Lingzhen’s avatar on the battlefield has been reduced by a quarter!

  "I said, your sword is too fancy, you have never learned any swordsmanship, how can you use the power of the sword?"Mu Yu gently shook his head.

  Ling Zheng’s understanding of the sword symbol is like using the sword to control his flying sword to kill. It is only a simple slashing and picking, relying on a brute force and momentum, plus a large number of them, without any swordsmanship. There are also no skillful swords. Once he is out of the way, his sword is nothing, even the ordinary comprehension is not as good.

  This kind of sword symbol is not in contact with swordsmanship. The real sword technique refers to the fusion of the technique of the character and the sword. Whether it is a sword array or a sword, people who use swords must at least learn powerful swords. Even if they do not launch a battle or a spell, the sword in their hands can still exert the strongest lethality.

  And Lingzheng's sword is very sad, he thought he can use powerful character to control hundreds of flying sword is mastered the essence of Magic Sword character, it is not know that his sword is not tangible, Dog, pure is relying on the support of Fu Zongfu paper to play a little fancy power, the mastery of this degree of sword charm incredibly still complacent.

  The real magical swordsmanship is that every sword that needs to be controlled has its own sword and sword.

Once each sword is formed independently, it will exert a terrible power. If you remove the character in your hand and simply pair it with the fellow practitioners, the sword used by Ling Zheng will not even take a stroke in the hands of ordinary swordsmen!

  The reason why Tianjian Jiuqiu is so powerful is that it has a sword trick, which is tangible and incomparable. Just as Mu Yu was in front of the squad, without the help of the array, he could defeat many opponents with the sword of the sword.

  Nowadays, after he learned the sword array, he is even more like a fish, and the true essence of Tianjianjiu is fully exerted. The combination of the two has already reached the point where the sword is born from the heart and can be everywhere!

  "impossible! How can you learn swordsmanship? ”Ling Zheng looked at Mu Yu incredibly.

  Ling Zheng has long known that his magical swordsmanship is missing something, but because of this, only Fu Zong can realize the control method of the magical swordsmanship and successfully control hundreds of flying swords. The Fuzong who did not know the goods was trained as a kendo genius in a rare century.

  Chang Tiancheng vigorously spent the most inferior congenital paper on him for his use. He hoped that he could make a difference in the sword. He did live up to expectations and succeeded in becoming a Fuzong disciple by relying on his talent in Fushu. First person.

  However, the expert knows if there is any hand. This sword symbol is quite ridiculous in front of Mu Yu, and only Mu Yu can point out the shortcomings of Ling Zheng Jian Fu.

  Even if Ling Zheng went to learn a basic sword, it would be better than his current situation. If Ling Zheng does not learn a real sword, it is impossible to play the power of the sword. from.

  "Your people of Fuzong always think that they are great, but they ignore that there are people outside the heavens. I will be a sword, because I know what a sword array is, and you don't understand."

  Mu Yu's figure flashed again, and the shadow sword came back and forth. He had already split the general Lingzheng on the battlefield.

  Ling Zheng’s face was distorted, and he shouted: “Nonsense, I am the first day of Fu Zong.
Only I know how to use swordsmanship, you are just bluffing! ”

  He said that all the avatars suddenly screamed and then turned into a long road, all of which swept over the wooden feathers. Ling Zheng was confused by Mu Yu’s words. When he saw that Mu Yu could control Feijian so freely, he understood that Mu Yu’s words were true. He really couldn’t compare with Mu Yu.

  But he is the first genius of Fu Zong, and his heart is very proud. How can he personally admit that he can't compare with a disciple? The array is already their bag. If he can't even beat a small disciple, isn't that a big joke?

  Countless flying swords screamed down to Mu Yu with no whistling sounds. There is no skill at all. These ways of swords appear so naive in front of Mu Yu, just like a baby who just learned to walk, he wants to race with him. He feels very funny.

  Mu Yu stabilized his figure, he did not shoot again, just stood there, the air seemed to solidify, and all the swords would be stabbed on his body.

  And just then, the plume moved up, and each of his movements swung a mysterious pattern, pattern fluctuations, countless sword gas from the array out of the fire, and then thousands of shadow sword suddenly with his whole people center suddenly burst, countless pieces of the sword mingled with the momentum, scattered around, will besiege his Fu Ying fen all smashed!


  Ling Zheng’s body fell heavily on the ground. He spit out a blood, and his face could not conceal the horror and unwillingness. All the shadows in the air were completely destroyed by the wooden feathers, and the cleanliness did not drag the water.

  Ling Zheng stared at the wood feathers in the air, he actually lost! It was a great shame to lose in the hands of a disciple who was not seen in the name! The deep sense of shame made him blush. How could he be the first day of Fu Zong’s failure? This must be the other party's fraud!

  "I do not accept!"

  Ling Zheng’s face was severely distorted, and then he suddenly pulled out a bright red paper. This paper was as fascinated as blood, and the above pattern was different from ordinary paper. . When the paper broke out, even Mu Yu felt that the pattern around him suddenly stopped.

  Mu Yu's brows were slightly stunned, and the bright red paper in Ling Zheng's hands made him smell the dangerous atmosphere. He was surprised to find that the patterns that he had laid out when he launched the array were disturbed by this paper. This is a very strange feeling, as if this piece of paper is a nemesis of the array, so that his array has a sense of oysters.

  "I see how you use the array!"

  Ling Zheng smacked his own blood and then integrated into the entire sheet of paper. Immediately after the spiritual power surged in the hand, the paper broke out fiercely and turned into a curtain of countless bright red lights. The wood feathers were wrapped in Lingzheng as the center!

  "What is this?"

  Mu Yu finally noticed that something was wrong. The arrays around him disappeared out of thin air, and they could no longer be displayed. The shadow swords that were integrated into the void were also smashed and displayed in the hands of Mu Yu.

  "Haha! I am the ban of Fu Zong, in this area, all the arrays can not work! I see how proud you are! ”Ling Zheng wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and slowly stood up.

  Fu Zong's ban, which is based on the avatar stone, can make all the methods fail, and the cost is quite high.

  This kind of spell can only be exerted when it is forced and sure, because once it is applied, it is equivalent to trapping both sides in this area. No one can get out, and people outside can't come in. Only wait until The aura of the ban is exhausted before it can be made.

  Mu Yu looked at the red curtain around him and said faintly: "I am afraid that not all the arrays will be invalidated here, and even you can't display any spells?"

  There were two treasures in front of the array, one for the temple, the temple for all the world's arrays and techniques; the other for the stone, all the arrays and techniques in front of the stone Can not take effect, is the supreme treasure used to break the array and the skills.

  This ban is created by the imitation of the effect of the avatar, which creates a closed space called the banned field, which invalidates any spells and spells in the forbidden field within a quarter of an hour.

  "Yes, you can't use arrays, I can't use spells. In this way, we only have to repair who is higher and deeper, UU reading not? ”Ling Zhengyin laughed coldly, and then the breath of the nine-day sky filled the whole field of forbidden surgery.

  If a squad and a singer are forbidden to use arrays and techniques, then if they want to compete, they will only rely on pure magic and deep repairs to distinguish the winners. .

  Ling Zheng has a nine-day repair, he can be 100% sure, he will never lose in this test!

  When the ban was out, Zhuge Xiaosheng finally changed his face. He was somewhat angry. If he was afraid that Mu Yu was in danger, he could still take the shot. Now, in the field of forbidden surgery, he has no possibility of closeness.

  "Zhuge’s lord is a little bit safe, and the squad is more than a life test. Now we are not able to interfere."Chang Tiancheng laughed awkwardly. Although the repair of Mu Yu’s outing period made him feel very surprised, the momentum of Mu Yu’s body was absolutely not Ling Zhengqiang. In the field of forbidden surgery, Ling Zheng had a full grasp to kill Mu Yu!

  "Asshole!"Zhuge Xiaosheng clenched his fists, his heart lifted up, and he couldn't snoop on the inside of this forbidden field. If Mu Yu was in danger, he couldn't get it in time!

Blocked by the red curtain, I can't see the inside, naturally I can't look down on the expression on Mu Yu's face.

  "Are you going to fight with me without a battle and a spell?"The corner of Mu Yu’s mouth reveals a playful smile.

  His shadow sword fell from the air and was held in his hand.

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