Chapter 468 is self-seeking

  There are several identities of comprehension in the realm of comprehension. They are different. One is the alchemy teacher. They can refine the anti-day remedy, but their competing power is the lowest in the comprehension of the same level. Just like a nerd, I only know how to refine my medicine and I don't know how to fight. However, because they are able to refine the medicinal herbs, there are very few people who dare to go through them.

  There are two other types of strategists and singers. They are exactly the opposite of the alchemists. In the same level of comprehension, their combat power is the strongest, and they can explode in a short period of time and kill people! The strategist and the clerk are strong and strong, and the weakness is also obvious. They are too dependent on the pedigree and the Fuji, so they can't fight a long-term battle.

  In fact, many people are not willing to have friction with the strategist. The battle between the comprehensions often takes a short time to win or lose. In the process of playing against the strategist, you may not be able to wait for them. The base sign is exhausted and the enemy has been killed.

  The reason why the squad and the sorcerer are so powerful is that they are in high-level arrays and techniques. If they are out of the array and the skills, they are basically the same as the alchemists, because their combat power is all linked to the array and the skills.

  Ling Zheng used the field of forbidden to trap Mu Yu and himself. Both of them could no longer use arrays and techniques. This is like a self-defending arm. It can only compete with the spirit of ordinary comprehens. The power is very strong, and whose exercises are more mysterious.

  Ling Zheng has a repair of Jiuzhongtian, and the smell of Mu Yu is obviously weaker than him, so Lingzheng has a full grasp to kill Mu Yu by virtue of the absolute advantage of cultivation!

  If you switch to another squad, maybe Ling Zheng can really repair to kill the opponent, but he is too wrong. In the field of forbidden surgery, they let themselves break their arms. But Mu Yu has three heads and six arms, cut two hands, and he has four hands!

  If Ling Zheng knows the true identity of Mu Yu, he will not sacrifice this self-seeking ban!

  Mu Yu has never been a simple item. When he played the Dan Ding faction, he not only relied on the integration of half-chengdan to regulate all the alchemy geniuses, but also stabilized the battle. When he was learning the circuit, he was very talented on the road, but that didn't mean he lost his former strength!

  Without the array technique, he can also play poison, and can also use the most primitive Tianjian nine swordsmanship method. In the year of fingertips running water, his cultivation has already broken through to the nine-day sky. Now he just suppresses the breath with the help of the dusty heart. His fighting power is definitely much stronger than that of the nine-day-old Lingzheng!

  At the beginning, he only stepped into the smashing of a heavy day and he rectified the demon horror of the nine-day rhinoceros! Although Ling Zheng has a repair of Jiuzhongtian, but there is no such thing as a skill, his fighting power may not be as good as a person who has a great day!

  Ling Zheng thought that Mu Yu was a disciple, and he must be like himself. Nothing can be done except for the array. If two singular singers and singers are in the field of forbidden surgery, it is true that whoever is higher is more dominant, but Ling Zheng is wrong that he should not look at Mu Yu with his narrow eyes.

  "Oh my God! Where does this guy come from? ”Xiaoshuai said with amazement.

  "It may be the confidence that the immortal list gives him!"Mu Yu laughed involuntarily, and he was really sad for Ling Zheng.

  This guy thought that he was ranked 67th on the top of the list, so he felt that he could do it. However, the ranking of the very popular list was actually evaluated by the Mie Palace itself. The extremely immortal cultivation and strength of the immortal list are changing all the time, no one will stand still.

Many people with low strength may get an adventure to gain a magic weapon, and the overall strength will be even higher.

  An initial ranking, there is no place to be proud of.

  "Death is coming, what are you laughing at!"Ling Zheng did not like Mu Yu’s smile. He clenched his fist. Why did the other person not have the biggest reliance and laughed so happy?

  "Yes! When you die, why don't you see the situation clearly! ”

  Mu Yu shook his head slightly, and seeing Ling Zheng’s eyes is equivalent to watching a dead person. Fu Zong’s people have always been arrogant and take things for granted, but in this case, Ling Zheng is equal to lifting his own feet.

  "Then I have to see who is dead!"

  Ling Zheng pulled out the sword in a bad way, and at the foot, he killed the wood feathers. He has the cultivation of nine heavens. He believes that killing Muyu does not need too many swords, but only relying on absolute strength, relying on the suppression of cultivation can definitely kill Mu Yu!

  The ban is very precious, which is actually a means of life-saving. Of course, the limitations are also very strong, and it can only work against the division and the teacher. This ban is just before the game, Chang Tiancheng specially handed it to him, which is to ensure the last guarantee of the genius disciple who killed the sect!

  Ling Zheng’s face showed a hint of murder. He could already imagine the scene where Mu Yu was pierced by his own sword and then refused to fall. The other side is not at all profound, and it is almost certain to die on this sword.

  Even if you realize the sword array? Still not dying in my hands!

  But when he got to the smile of Mu Yu’s mouth, his heart suddenly burst into a sudden, why? Why is this bastard not panic at all?

  Mu Yu raised his own shadow sword. He didn't need to use any deep swordsmanship. When he played against the enemy, his experience against the enemy was much stronger than Lingzheng!


  The shadow sword is like a clear spring, illuminating Ling Zheng’s eyes, he only saw a green
Mang flashed, this is the last Jianguang he saw, and then he felt a pain in his throat and his breathing stagnated. He was anxious to say something, but only a mouth spouted out of blood, and the sword in his hand did not know when it had broken!

  what is this? Why is a squad who is not as good as himself able to kill himself?

  Ling Zheng did not understand, but he could never know the answer. Mu Yu’s sword gas had invaded him and instantly destroyed his meridians. Then the hidden wood spirit appeared in the sword, and the soul of Lingzheng was torn apart. All the vitality was injected into the body of Muling, and a small hole in Muling was gradually healing.

  A trick!


  Ling Zheng’s eyes widened, and his throat fell to the ground. Maybe when he doesn't use the ban, he may not die so fast. At least, if Mu Yu wants to kill him, he will be obstructed by Chang Tiancheng. However, he used the ban, which means that this contest is equivalent to self-seeking!

  Ling Zheng’s hand flashed a white mans, which is the symbol of the immortal.

  When a celestial being defeated or killed by a low ranking person, the celestial logo will be exchanged. But this time Bai Mang just smashed out and flashed two times in the air, then suddenly burst open, turned into a road pattern, disappeared in front of Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu looked at him with amazement as he suddenly exploded and disappeared. He looked around and suddenly understood what had happened. The extremely immortal logo is also a superb array of the three palace guards, but Rao is a powerful attack. In this field of forbidden surgery, it has also failed, and finally it was shattered!

  "This has helped me a lot."Mu Yu nodded if there was some place.

  He killed Ling Zheng, the immortal logo will be attached to him, the ranking between them will be exchanged, so that everyone will know the whereabouts of Mu Yu, and also know that the person who really killed Ling Zheng is Mu Yu.

  However, at this moment, the immortal logo was destroyed, which means that the ranking on the polar list will not change for the time being. As long as Fu Zong did not pass the news out, no one knows that the 67th is extremely dead. And it is dead in the hands of the 80th.

  Mu Yu looked at the surrounding area of ​​the ban, he could not get out, and now he can only wait for this forbidden field to disappear automatically after a quarter of an hour.


  The Mie Temple is located in the land of the gods, and all the palace buildings are filled with incredible white light. Everything here seems so solemn, and people can't give birth to any embarrassing thoughts.

  A person with white light in his body looked at two black and white monuments. Suddenly, he snorted: "Weird, how can someone have no soul power after death?" This is the second time! ”

  The shadow of the shadow of the holy white light was very doubtful. He originally wanted to report the situation to the palace owner, and then he remembered that the palace owner seemed to have something to go out.

  "It's really weird. Do you want to track down what happened to these two people?" Forget it, wait for the palace owner to come back and talk about it! ”

  The shadows have been indulged for a while, and two black and white stone tablets are still recording the life and death of the three continents.


  The people of the ancestors and the people of Fuzong looked at the forbidden field that was banned by the ban on the martial arts field. From the outside, no one could see what happened inside, but the mood of the two sides was different.

  Fu Zong’s faces all have a playful expression on their faces. In their view, the ban is out, and the outcome is divided.

  In the field of forbidden surgery, it is impossible to perform spells and arrays. It depends on who is better and who can win. Ling Zheng has a repair of Jiuzhongtian, completely suppressing Fengmu.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng has clenched his fists and he knows this. Although he still does not understand why Mu Yu has a period of repair, but the repair of Mu Yu is not as strong as Lingzheng. This is a fact, once it is impossible to display the array, it will be killed by Lingzheng!

  "Zhuge lord, what are you worried about? Do you have a little confidence in your disciple? ”Chang Tiancheng smashed Zhuge Xiaosheng, and his mouth could not conceal his smile.


  Zhuge Xiaosheng has been a little confused at this moment. If Fengmu is really killed in the field of forbidden surgery, then today's sect will be fierce! It is impossible for him to resist the attack of Fuzong and Tianxingmen at the same time. Fengmu is the key to launching the temple.

  Just when Zhuge Xiaosheng was upset, a slight wave of volatility centered on the forbidden field, so that the whole battlefield was gently shaken, and then the field of forbidden surgery began to become blurred, the role of this technique. Time has come, and the power of UU reading has begun to dissipate.

  As the field of forbidden technology gradually disappeared, everyone saw the two figures inside, vaguely standing, and the other had fallen to the ground, not moving!

  Zhuge Xiaosheng stood up fiercely, and his whole body was shaking, as if a bucket of cold water was pouring from his head, and a deep despair spread from the bottom of his heart!

  "Is it true that this is the end?"Zhuge Xiaosheng sighed in the sky, not only him, but all the disciples also felt that the heavens and the earth had become gray.

  They don't know that the murder of Zongmen is approaching. They only know that someone can win this year's match test for them, but that person is still lying down.

  The red curtain has not faded, and it is still unclear who is standing inside, but the idea of ​​who is standing is surprisingly consistent.

  In their opening
Come, lying on the ground must be the wind of the array!

  "Hahaha!"Chang Tiancheng laughed and said arrogantly, "Zhuge Zongzhu, it seems that your temple should be returned to us!"

  All of Fu Zong’s faces showed the smile of the winners, and they were ready to welcome their talented disciple Ling Zheng, and then began to appreciate the desperate look of all the disciples!

  Subsequently, the entire red curtain was completely dispersed, the field of forbidden surgery completely disappeared, and the person standing finally appeared in front of everyone!


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