No. 469 Chapter Ambition Barb


  The whole scene is silent!

  Chang Tiancheng’s laughter came to an abrupt end, and his arrogant look solidified. The air in his lungs seemed to be drained, and it seemed like someone knocked a stick on his heart. His breath actually missed half a beat!

  The rest of Fuzong’s arrogant look suddenly became horrified. Looking at Ling Zheng, who had fallen into the ground without any vitality, everyone’s brain was blank.

  Shouldn’t death be the wind of the array? Why is Ling Zheng lying on the ground?

  "How is this going? Does Ling Zheng use magical characters to tease the ancestors? ”Zhou Jinglin couldn't help but ask.

  Just like Mu Chenghong’s blind eye method used to kill Mo Ziming, everyone confused their identity and caused different psychological gaps for both sides. Zhou Jinglin even thought that Lingzheng was also prepared to use magical symbols. Shame a lot.

  Zhou Jinglin asked to look at Chang Tiancheng, but Chang Tiancheng looked at Ling Zheng, who was falling on the floor with resentment, and his heart had sunk!

  Chang Tiancheng knows the most clearly about Ling Zheng's situation. Ling Zheng is all taught by his own hands. For this arrogant Veron genius, he does not bother to learn any illusion, because he advocates absolute power, do not like those things that are falsified!

  Chang Tiancheng knows that Ling Zheng has never learned any magical characters!

  Zhuge Xiaosheng and Lu Xianshi also looked at Mu Yu, and they were in the same mood. They also thought of a piece with Zhou Jinglin. Even the other disciples did not dare to cheer, because Mu Chenghong’s illusion was to bring them all. I have been cheating.

  "Wind wood, Fengmu, did he really win?"Lu Xianshi turned his head and looked at Zhuge Xiaosheng with amazement.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng is also not sure, and dare not draw conclusions easily! Although it is possible to ban all methods in the field of forbidden surgery, if you use the illusion, you can still successfully deploy it at the moment when the forbidden field disappears.

  "The battle has won."Mu Yu looked at Chang Tiancheng, his mouth slightly smiled, and then forced his foot, like kicking a broken sandbag, and kicking Ling Zheng’s body toward Chang Tiancheng.

  Chang Tiancheng subconsciously caught Ling Zheng’s body, and his eyes were completely sprayed with flames!

  The array won! ?

  Mu Yu’s words are like a light in the darkness. All the disciples of the sect are awakened from the silence. Everyone looks at the expression of Chang Tiancheng’s iron blue, and has confirmed the authenticity of this news. The heart of Zhuge Xiaosheng’s dryness was suddenly filled with fresh and pleasant air, as if the sun had returned to him, and there was a long-lost smile on the old face.

  "The battle has won!"

  "We defeated Fu Zong!"

  "Long live the wind wood!"

  A stone stirred up a thousand waves, and the cheers sounded like all the way from the top. Yes, the battle won! In the past ten years, the array has never been won, and the sect has never been won.

  Their sects have been unable to lift their heads in front of Fu Zong, but this year there has been a talented Feng Mu, constantly creating miracles, making unexpected moves again and again, and even directly to Fu Zong. A strong genius disciple is also the 67th most immortal Ling Zheng to kill!

  Everyone feels incredible like a world. Fuzong suppressed the sect for so many years, and people who went out to meet Fuzong felt ugly.

Now they can finally look up and behave in front of the Fuzong people!

  "and many more! Feng Mu defeated Ling Zheng, isn't that the second episode of our sect? ”A group of disciples suddenly shouted.

  Everyone is waking up. This year's battle is quite bloody, but Fu Zong has paid a very painful price. They directly lost the two great immortals, Mo Ziming and Ling Zheng. They are almost a huge future for Fu Zong. Strike!

  "Wind wood! Wind wood! ”

  "Wind wood! Wind wood! ”

  Everyone shouted desperately, and I couldn’t wait to rush to throw the wind and the trees. In fact, today's battle is more than a test, Fu Zong is impossible to lose. They sent Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai and several other traitors, and even included the most hidden person of Mu Chenghong. As long as everything works according to the plan, Fu Zong can play the sects in various ridicules, and then squat. Defeated the battle.

  But they are too arrogant, arrogant to choose to deliberately give up a game to let the people of the sect win. In their view, even if there is no such game, there is Mu Chenghong, and the sect can't turn over.

  However, they miscalculated, Mu Cheng Hong is a sentient being righteous person, he does not want to look at the hard cultivation of his teacher door destroyed. He grew up in the sect, although he was sent by Fu Zong, but his array of learning has nothing to do with Fu Zong. Mu Chenghong finally chose to abandon Fu Zong and be a true disciple!

  However, even when Mu Chenghong turned his back, Fu Zong’s people did not panic. They also have one of the strongest congenital disciples, and they are the 67th most immortal! As long as the last game is won, this year's match is still being controlled in their hands. They thought that Lingzheng would surely beat the winds of the sects and ruin the hopes of the ancestors.

  However, I never imagined that Fengmu has been hidden and will eventually kill Lingzheng!

  Fu Zong paid a price for his arrogance, and completely explained what it means to lose the wife and the soldiers!

  "Kid, you dare to kill Ling Zheng, die!"

  Chang Tian became angry and unstoppable, his body shape flashed, and the horrible pattern became a blood arrow, and he shot at Mu Yu.
. But Zhuge Xiaosheng has been staring at him for a long time, and he appears in front of Muyu, and his formations are surging, directly exploding the blood arrow!

  Lu Xianshi also rushed over, taking a wooden feather out of the battlefield, for fear that he would suffer any harm.

  "Wind wood, you have to be careful and keep up with me."Lu Xianshi was still in a state of restlessness, but he was still filled with a smile, and he firmly held the wooden feathers around him, and did not give Fu Zong people any chance to kill Mu Yu.

  The other innate strategists of the sect also guarded Mu Yu in the middle and looked at Chang Tiancheng.

  "Chang Tiancheng, is the dog jumping over the wall?" Say good, give us the verge of the stone than if you tried to lose it? Why are you still saying nothing? ”Zhuge Xiaosheng said coldly.

  All the disciples of the sects began to scream and madly roared several of the sects in the field. Chang Tiancheng turned a blind eye to the image of Mu Yu, which has already caused public anger.

  "Oh! Nothing to believe? Even if I give you the stone, can you afford it? ”Chang Tiancheng was angry. Mo Ziming’s death did not make him so angry, but Ling Zheng was different. He completely cultivated Ling Zheng as the next lord, and most of Fu Zong’s resources were devoted to Ling Zheng.

  However, it is such a future star of Fuzong that died today in the hands of the disciples, which made him almost lost his reason!

  "Take if you are a man, dare to keep your promise!"The clothes on Zhuge Xiaosheng were windless and automatic, and a mellow atmosphere spread out from him. The white lines of the whole body began to surge, and the whole person’s momentum was not weaker than Chang Tiancheng.

  Chang Tiancheng's face was very gloomy, and then he smirked and laughed: "Zhuge Xiaosheng, I am afraid you still don't know that your sect is already at the end of the door." Even if I hand you the stone, you will squat at my feet and send it back to me. ”

  Chang Tiancheng took out the avatar stone, and the hand spiritedly swayed the law, and injected it into the sacred stone. Then the squadron suddenly shot a light that made all the disciples feel guilty.

  This ray of light rose from the sky and exploded in the air above the battlefield. The enchantment of the martial arts field could not resist the power of the stone. It was directly shattered by the power of the stone. Then the whole battlefield began slowly. Cracked, the gravel began to fall down the mountain.

  The array of stone, all the nemesis of the method, can crack all the arrays and spells in the world!

  Zhuge Xiaosheng has already flown back from the battlefield. His face has not changed. The people of Fuzong want to plot the foundation of the sect. He has already done a good job.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng said: "Chang Tiancheng, want to destroy my sect, you have to see if you have this ability!"

  Chang Tiancheng's face has been distorted. The voluminous stone in his hand shines again, and a dark black light spurts out and turns into a icy "killing" word in the sky above the entire array.

  The word "kill" is like a declaration of death. The magical array above the array has a scene of cracking of porcelain. The fragments of the road are scattered and dissipated. Then a cold breath came out of the array!

  The word "kill" of the avatar is the signal to destroy the ancestor!

  Outside the sect, the mountain has collapsed like a mountain, and a deafening explosion sounded. The killing sound of many people has come from afar.

  "Zhuge Xiaosheng, your entire sect has been surrounded by my people. Today, you either beg for mercy directly, let the temples go hand in hand, or I will kill all the disciples of your ancestor, and personally capture the temple, yourself. Make a choice!"Chang Tiancheng said.

  "your people? You dare to speak up! If there is no help from the Star Gate, do you want to subvert us? Idiot said dreams! Even if our sects are gone, they will not sway to the people of the Star Gate. You are a sad dog! ”Zhuge Xiaosheng said.

  Chang Tiancheng laughed and said: "I just took advantage of the situation! Besides, we and the Star Gate are just using each other! When I regained the temple, I will be able to grow up to the glory of the past. My Fuzong will be renamed Fumen! ”

  This has always been the ambition of Chang Tiancheng, attacking the front door, conquering the temple, winning all the details of the ancestor, and applying it to his own ancestral sect. As long as the temple is held in his hand, Fu Zong becomes a must. Just around the corner!

  It is precisely because of the possession of the two types of sacred stone and the temple, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com, so you can be proud of the entire triple continent, and the eight people are on an equal footing, and even a steady eight. If it is not because of the internal differences that led to the separation of the array, the array of stone and the temple are also separated, then today's triple continent should have nine, not eight!

  "Humph! I am afraid that you are not so good to be the door! Do you really think that by relying on the Star Gate, can you be a person who is on an equal footing with the Star Gate? you are too naive! Even if you win the temple, it is just a smash of the Star Gate! ”Zhuge Xiaosheng sneered.

  "That won't bother you!" When I kill you and get the temple, everything will be natural! ”Chang Tiancheng glanced at the eight mountains around the battlefield. At this moment, the eight mountains were standing full of overwhelmed disciples. They didn't understand what was going on.

  "To kill you, start from these disciples!"Chang Tiancheng raised the avatar in his hand, and the aftermath of the pleadings again sent out eight ruined black lights, and went to the surrounding eight mountains!

  These eight black lights are very overbearing and have a terrible lethality, because it is impossible to be intercepted by any array of techniques and techniques. Zhuge Xiaosheng is a powerful strategist and can’t intercept it.
The attack of the epoch stone!

  But Zhuge Xiaosheng's look did not have any panic, as if he had never been in the hearts of the disciples around the eight mountains.

  On the contrary, his mouth still reveals a mocking smile!

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