Chapter 470, the battle of the front (on)


  Wuguang hit the eight mountains around the battlefield, and Ling’s killings were scattered everywhere, instantly destroying eight mountains. But what made Chang Tiancheng feel surprised again was that the eight mountains were crushed, but no one disciple made a scream.

  All the disciples of the dynasty disappeared in an instant. Only the megaliths were shaken in the mountains, the trees were shackled by the waist, and the disciples who were still cheering on the mountains seemed to be prepared, mysteriously disappeared.

  It disappeared out of thin air without any warning.

  Chang Tiancheng looked at the lines between the rocky trees in the eight mountains and the shredded lines of the stone. He looked dark again with two points: "Is the projection of the array?"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng stared at Chang Tiancheng and said: "Do you really think that your plan is seamless? I really thought that we don't know that Luo Feilong Ji Wenkai and others are spies? ”

  This is the idea of ​​Mu Yu, who has long used the soul of the soul to control all the spies, except for those who can not be controlled, the remaining spies are ignorant of this matter. Just yesterday, all the disciples of the sect received the orders of Zhuge Xiaosheng and sneaked into the temple.

  The array of disciples who watched the battlefield were all illusions created by using the array, and also a projection. This array of works is called "The Mirage of the Sea City", and all the images of all the disciples in the temple can be projected onto the mountains around the battlefield!

  The reaction of the disciples to the situation on the battlefield is real. They are indeed watching this match, but they are watching in the hall at the moment!

  The reason why the temple is so powerful is because it can control all the arrays and spells in the world, and it can also arrange any arrays and spells. This includes a fairly sophisticated space array, which is similar to that of each comprehension. The simple sleeves are the same as the Kun Kun array.

  It is only in the sleeves that you can't hide the living things, but the space array of the temple can maintain thousands of people to enter and live for a month is not a problem!

  This incident was very subtle. The Fuzong people paid their attention to the 19 innate philosophers of the ancestors. Where would they care if the disciples on the eight mountains were true or false?

  "You didn't get this news from Lu Deyi?"Chang Tiancheng whispered to Zhou Jinglin.

  Zhou Jinglin shook his head: "Lu Deyi only told me some anti-attack plans prepared by the sect, this projection is irrelevant, so he did not tell me!"

  Chang Tiancheng regained his gaze on Zhuge Xiaosheng and said: "Very good! But even this can't avoid the fact that your ruins are extinct! ”

  During the speech, countless tyrannical figures spurred from a distance, and they all fell to Chang Tiancheng. Each of these people has at least a period of cultivation, and more than forty of them are actually innate compensators of the distraction period!

  Fu Zong’s people have all been dispatched for this war!

  Fu Zong’s number of innate teachers has always been more than the incumbent sect of the sect. After everyone appeared, the momentum displayed was fierce and overbearing, and the 19th instincts of the ancestors felt a bit dry! If you really want to hit hard, it is very difficult for the squad to stop the attack of Fuzong's more than forty innate spells.

  If it weren't for the people of Fuzong who were afraid of the presence of the temple and the heavens, I am afraid that they had started many years ago and would not wait until now.

  It was not until the first few months that Fu Zong’s people learned from the Star Gate that the Heavenly Road had already threatened them.

Although they did not know how the Star Gate was learned, they repeatedly inquired about the traitors, and finally found some abnormalities in the heavens. They also believed in the suggestion of the Star Gate and prepared to attack the sect.

  The temple is the foundation of the sect. Once the temple is fully opened, even if the sects of the sects are not able to win the squad, or even pay a painful price, they have to control the Lu Xianshi to come to the outside, thus Break through the temple.

  "Give me kill!"

  Chang Tiancheng screamed, and all the innate clerkes behind him began to rush to the sect of the sect of the sect, and countless spells were overflowing and overwhelming. The innate strategists of the sects were not willing to show weakness, but they also mobilized their own arrays to meet them.

  The confrontation between the array and the spells struck a fierce spark in the air. Everyone's shots are the ones that use their best skills, without any mercy! The powerful patterns and plaids are intertwined in the air, making the air of the entire battlefield hot, and the violent aura is surging, instantly destroying the eight towering peaks on the edge of the battlefield!

  More than forty innate teachers deal with the nineteen innate strategists. The arrays occupy a disadvantage in quantity. Almost every innate strategist has to deal with two innate clerk, and each innate actor is obviously struggling.

  At this time, there are two innate compensators who are rushing toward Muyu, and for them, Muyu must die!

  Mu Yu looked at the two imposing distracted innates, and his heart was also awkward. He only had to repair the nine heavens, and it was difficult to resist the two innate teachers.

  Two gray plaids were hand-grabbed to the wooden feathers, and the shadows of the wooden feathers flickered. The whole person had disappeared in place and teleported far away. However, the speed of the distracted teacher is not slower than him. It is just a blink of an eye. Two big hands have appeared on the top of Muyu’s head.

  "Ze is absolutely out of the air!"

  The blue pattern swept the wood feathers violently, and the wood feathers were pulled back, and they got rid of the two big hands that were transformed into plaids. The figure of Lu Xianshi was blocked in front of the wood feathers. The Eight Diagrams screamed out at the foot of Lu Xianshi, and suddenly the glory of the glory rose up and shrouded the two innate clerk

  "Ze against the spirit of the sky" is a very powerful innate array of Lu Xianshi, who can not be able to feel the flow of the surrounding aura, and even suppress the flow of spiritual power in the other body. . Last night, Situ Yangtian was surrendered by the unconscious Lu Xianshi under the general idea!

  If this kind of powerful array is not helped, it can only trap the two innate companions, and can not hurt them. If Lu Xianshi wants to maintain this array, it is easy to be attacked by other innate teachers.

  "Shock and Remnant Snakes!"

  The blue light turned out in the hands of the wooden feathers, and the violent lightning turned into a serpentine afterimage, which rushed out and instantly rushed into the predecessor of Lu Xianshi, facing the two innate skills. go with!

  The two characters were suppressed by the sect of Lu Xianshi and could not resist. Instantly hit by the numerous feathers of Mu Yu, the power of the violent thunder and lightning on them, the two sorcerers all over the body, the thunder of the stunned, the blink of an eye was burnt black!

  However, after all, the two are comprehensible compensators. The degree of lethality of Mu Yu is not enough to kill them, just let them stun for a moment.

  But only this moment is enough to kill them!

  The shadow of the sword was crossed, and the heads of the two innate teachers were separated from each other. They rolled out their eyes and unwillingly made the last roar, and then the head and body had fallen down the mountain.

  In the twinkling of an eye, two innate teachers have already lost their lives!

  Mu Yu’s wooden sword seems to have a little more stuff to make him feel full, but he didn’t care, because the killing of Fu Zong’s people would not make him jealous!

  "Good!"Lu Xianshi smiled and smiled at Mu Yu.

  "Lu Xianshi, I feel that our two teams are invincible!"Mu Yu smiled slightly, and he still trusted Lu Xianshi.

  "What a move!"Zhou Jinglin's gloomy figure appeared in front of Lu Xianshi and Mu Yu.

  Lu Xianshi’s face showed an angry look. The scene that was killed by Zhou Jinglin in the last time was still vivid. He did not go to see Zhou Jinglin's eyes, but whispered to Mu Yudao: "Windwood, you have to take Mu Chenghong and Song Qingyu and others to leave here. I have to personally check with Zhou Jinglin!"

  Mu Yu hesitated a moment, and glanced at Zhou Jinglin coldly, the whole person's feet were surging, and the Scorpio Stars had already left him here, and went to Mu Chenghong and others.

  Mu Chenghong and Song Qingyu both suffered serious injuries. Only Cheng Zhuo is taking care of them. Cheng Zhuo brought them both into the ruins and did not dare to show their heads. The horror fluctuations generated by the match between the innate and the innate actor are not what Cheng Zhu can bear!

  Lu Xianshi was full of anger and finally looked at Zhou Jinglin with his own eyes. The blue lightning pattern appeared on his hand. The roar of the snake snake echoed around: "Zhou Jinglin, we should have broken it!"

  "Do you want to break with me?"Zhou Jinglin’s eyes flashed a different light, but his mouth showed a strange smile.

  Lu Xianshi’s heart suddenly felt that the feeling of making him uneasy was getting stronger and stronger.


  Zhuge Xiaosheng and Chang Tiancheng fought together. The two of them were the lords of the ancestors and Fuzong, representing the strongest strength of the two sects, and the peak match between the martial arts and the martial arts. The two men's techniques have reached a point of superb, and it is almost impossible to intervene next to them.

  The pattern is covered with Chang Tiancheng. The paper of the sky is looming in the air, with a strange red light shining. The surrounding area is like a red coat. It is fascinating and scary. All the fronts of the paper began to sway, and the 涟漪 gradually turned into a whirlpool. Then suddenly there was a breath of breath in the whirlpool, and then more than a hundred horrible monsters rushed out of the whirlpool. The air kept screaming.

  These monsters are all living monsters. The lowest revisions are all fifth-order, which is equivalent to the strength of the squatting period. Most of them are sixth-order monsters. They are forcibly sealed in the paper by Chang Tiancheng with powerful skills. At this moment, suddenly unblocking and joining the battlefield, the tyrannical atmosphere is enough to sweep everything.

  After the demon seal, I saw the innate sect of the sect, just like the tiger wolf and the cow and the sheep. The whole body was floating with red lines and rushed to all the innate strategists.

  However, they did not interfere with other innate strategists, because a white array of nets formed a square cage that trapped Chang Tiancheng and his monsters.

  In the hands of Zhuge Xiaosheng, there was a white pattern, and the network also shrouded him. The majestic atmosphere suppressed all the monsters. UU reading Chang Tiancheng a palm blast, countless palm prints printed by the small and large all on the white array online.

  However, every line of the network has a fascinating ripple, which completely removes the regular pattern of Chang Tiancheng. Chang Tiancheng's skills can't solve Zhuge Xiaosheng's array.

  Chang Tiancheng stopped attacking the net. He looked at Zhuge Xiaosheng with a cold eye and smiled slyly: "The battle of the beastly beast, since you can't wait to find death, then I will fulfill you!"

  At the foot of Zhuge Xiaosheng, he walked on the white gossip pattern. The whole person was like a god, and he was fierce and solemn. As the lord of the ancestor, Zhuge Xiaosheng’s understanding of the martial arts is second only to the heavens in the realm of the realm, and even far exceeds the dead wood and the evil.

  Although the dead woods and the evil spirits are high, they are usually very low-key, and they don’t show up in the mountains. Zhuge Xiaosheng, as the lord of the ancestor, cannot be low-key. He naturally doesn't need to be low-key, because his array has already reached the peak.

  "Chang Tiancheng, today I must let you pay the price!"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng was amazed by the fact that he knew that Chang Tiancheng had broken up all the techniques in his hand, but the array of stone and the temple were all treasures. People who were not talented could not really master it. Chang Tiancheng In the accomplishment of the technique, it is impossible to compare with Zhuge Xiaosheng, and it is even more impossible to completely control the avatar.

  After using the avatar to break the defense of the martial arts, Chang Tiancheng could not use the lithograph at least for the next period of time.


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