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Chapter 471, the battle of the front (below)

  "Pay the price? Then see if you have this ability! ”

  Chang Tiancheng handed out the road signs, and the pattern was quickly filled in the air. If the plague spreads, the cockroaches did not enter the body of the monster. Each monster was injected with some kind of fortifier. Suddenly rushed to Zhuge Xiaosheng.

  More than one hundred monsters are full of red light, sharp claws, flames, venom, all kinds of barbaric horror means completely invaded Zhuge Xiaosheng. However, Zhuge Xiaosheng did not have any panic look. He was a comprehension of the fit period and was not afraid of these monsters.

  The white network emerged with dazzling white light, and a white tentacle-like pattern suddenly appeared on the net. It was intertwined in the air, and all the monsters were caught. The powerful formations burst into a raging spirit. Force, fly the monster to fly out!

  But many dexterous monsters have escaped these tentacles, and one of the swordtail tigers has swept the steel-like tail to Zhuge Xiaosheng. Zhuge Xiaosheng flashed his hand on the pattern, and soon a few lines of lines crossed the line in front of his eyes. The swordtail tiger could not dodge and hit the line. The white pattern is like a sharp blade, and the swordtail is cut into several segments at once!

  "Don't leave the sacred seal!"

  At the foot of Zhuge Xiaosheng, the white gossip pattern began to rotate. The gossip and the position of the gossip rushed out of the two magnificent lines, like two dexterous dragons coiled over Zhuge Xiaosheng’s hands, and then he A complicated handprint was formed on the hand, and the two lines formed a gossip mark on his chest.

  The gossip imprint trembled fiercely, as if from the ancient swan songs, the formations spread out around Zhuge Xiaosheng, so that all the monster eyes were lost in an instant. At this time, the gossip mark in the hands of Zhuge Xiaosheng has come out, and the illusion of the thousands of gossips has spread out and spread around.

  Each gossip imprint is incomparably solemn and solemn, with an impeccable momentum to instantly cross the monster. The beast that was touched by the gossip imprint did not have time to react, and directly turned into nothingness. No flesh and blood was left behind, and the whole terrain was completely destroyed.

  A ten-meter-high monster was hit by the gossip mark on the chest, and there was a big hole in the chest with a gossip mark. The blood could not be sprayed. The whole body was invaded by tyrannical patterns, and the white light passed through the body. Then, like a white flame, the entire body was burned!

  Just a battle, more than one hundred tyrannical monsters were all destroyed by Zhuge Xiaosheng, and even the slag was not left. The killing power of this array is quite terrible, and it is also an extremely esoteric innate array. In the hands of Zhuge Xiaosheng, like the help of God, the skills of Chang Tiancheng are instantly turned into nothing.

  The gossip imprint did not disappear, but continued to surge toward Chang Tian. Chang Tiancheng’s face showed a deep jealous look. He didn’t dare to pick up this battle. His body shape retreated to the edge of the net, and it was already retreat!

  "Xuan Fu broke the moon!"

  Chang Tiancheng raised a yellow plaque in his hand, and the symbolic movement was changed. The paper was changed from small to large, and turned into a three-foot high. Then the paper broke and formed a dark red vortex. From time to time, the black vortex pattern is drawn in the whirlpool. It is as deep and deep as a bloody mouth. It can swallow the mountains and inhale all the gossip marks.

  The dark red vortex engulfs all the gossip marks, and the striated lines and patterns are violently collided in the whirlpool. The white patterns instantly cover all the dark red patterns, and the vortex is mixed with white light. The slower, the last stop, and then countless formations burst out of the whirlpool!


  The horrible explosion broke open,

Chang Tiancheng slammed into the array of nets, and the array once again rushed out a strong pattern, which would fly out of the sky. There are countless patterns on his body, and from time to time against the formations on the Internet, this has resolved the lethality of the network horror, and stabilized the figure in time.

  At this moment, Chang Tiancheng's body clothes were messy, and the corners of his mouth also showed a trace of blood.

  "Zhu Ge Xiaosheng, I am really awkward for you!"Chang Tiancheng wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. He did not expect Zhuge Xiaosheng's array to be so powerful.

  "Your ambition is too big, no one in the eye, I really thought that my formation is such a good bone?"Zhuge Xiaosheng Shen Sheng. He thought about it, as long as Chang Tiancheng can't launch the runestone now, kill Chang Tiancheng, then today's crisis can be resolved naturally.

  The battle between the squad and the sergeant is often divided in a short period of time, and the winners will be able to see the difference. Zhuge Xiaosheng's array is the most powerful person except the six-legged master. His talent and strength are much stronger than Chang Tiancheng!

  But Chang Tiancheng suddenly showed a sneer: "Do you really think that I can only have this ability?"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng frowned, then he felt as if he had noticed something, his eyes changed suddenly and he was shocked and said: "How come? you……impossible! ”

  “Why not?”The dark red plaques in Chang Tiancheng's eyes began to emerge, and the array of two people trapped at this time began to uneasily sway and become unstable.


  Mu Yu is far from the battlefield and has found Cheng Zhuo in the ruins. Cheng Zhuo and his wife protected Mu Chenghong and Song Qingyu. His whole person was very flustered. When he saw Mu Yu, he was relieved. At the same time, he also had a respectful look in his eyes. Obviously, Mu Yu just defeated the top of the list. The Lingzheng has won the respect of all the disciples.

  "Cheng Zhuo, I have worked hard. Right, Ye Hao? ”

  Mu Yu did not find the shadow of Ye Hong. Although Ye Hong did not admit defeat in the previous test, but after all, it was a sect.
The disciple was not a spy, and in the circumstances, Ye Hong’s array had long been known by the Fuzong people, and it was a must to go up. Mu Yu did not blame him.

  Cheng Zhuo shook his head. He was only responsible for protecting the injured Mu Chenghong and Song Qingyu. However, he did not care about where Ye Hong went in the turmoil.

  "Are you looking for this coward? I don't have to find it, I have already cleaned up the people who have no bones for you. ”An icy voice came behind Muyu, and three bodies fell in front of Muyu.

  It is Sun Yingda, Luo Feilong and Ye Hong!

  Jiang Xiangdi's face showed a very cold look, his face filled with endless hatred, Mo Ziming and Ling Zheng's death made her unacceptable, she came to find Mu Yu revenge.

  Mu Yu also gave birth to an angry anger. Sun Yingda and Luo Feilong were killed by Jiang Xiangdi. They were able to get rid of their own spies. However, Ye Hong is a true disciple. Even if he fled, he did not despise Ye Hong. Because the match was originally a game of Fu Zong, Ye Hong could not win.

  No bones, but the sin is not dead, but was killed by Jiang Xiangdi, Jiang Xiangdi this woman is really a poisonous heart!

  "Ling Zheng is dead in my hands, just because you want to kill me?"In the eyes of Mu Yu, the black and white light flashed, and the seemingly innocent killing gradually appeared on the body.

  Jiang Xiangdi’s face suddenly twisted: “You killed my brother, I will never let you go!”

  Mu Yu didn't know the relationship between Jiang Xiangdi and Ling Zheng. He didn't want to know that even if he was a childhood friend, he should be well-informed from the moment they couldn't look down on the sect.

  "Need the beauty of my adult, will you be sent to see him?"Mu Yu saw that Ye Hong’s face still had a terrified look, and her heart could not bear it. Apparently Ye Hong was scared by Jiang Xiangdi before he died. Mu Yu looked up at Jiang Xiangdi, but Jiang Xiangdi had already rushed over to him.

  The red stencil was scattered around Jiang Xiangdi, and the powerful fuss was smashed to the wood feathers. However, in the eyes of Mu Yu, Jiang Xiangdi's skills are much worse than Ling Zheng, and repairing is not as good as Ling Zheng, Mu Yu can easily kill her.

  However, Jiang Xiangdi’s technique suddenly turned a corner in the air and turned to Cheng Zhuo, and at this time a more intense atmosphere fell on Mu Yu.

  Congenital innate teacher!

  Mu Yu’s heart was shocked, and he was locked up by the breath of the innate spirit of the distraction. He couldn’t stop Jiang Xiangdi. Jiang Xiangdi is a clerk of the stagnation period, and Cheng Zhuo only repaired Yuan Ying period, let alone protect two unconscious people, and could not hold Jiang Xiangdi's blow!

  Cheng Zhuo bit his teeth, he appeared in the whole body, even if he knew that he was not, but did not want to leave Mu Chenghong and Song Qingyu to escape.

  "Little handsome!"Mu Yu hurriedly shouted, and at the same time, his heart and heart had already surged.

  "Got it! Xiaoshuai’s Xuan Cang is thundering! ”

  Xiaoshuai’s milk sighed with a sigh of relief, and the whole small body had already leapt into the wind and the heart. It had a small hand inserted in the waist, a small hand pointing straight at the sky, and a huge blue thunder sword with it. The little hand is the hilt, and the sky is rising from the sky. The overbearing lightning turns into the sword of the sky, and the river rushes down to the flute!

  Jiang Xiangdi was shocked. The horrible sword power was far beyond her imagination. If her character is to be applied to Cheng Zhuo and others, she will certainly be given the arrogance of Xiao Shuai's overbearing Lei Jian! In a hurry, she can only give up her own skills, and she sneaked out, and Xiaojian’s Lei Jian also shattered her skills!

  Little handsome foot on the wind of the Sunda Heart, holding a dozens of times times taller than it is a sword, the whole body hair is put up, looked a river to the flute, and then like to say to himself: "The two peaks so small, the people Choshe sister and calm sister are like watermelon, you This is a small fish pill, certainly not soft." ”

  This usually relies on his cute appearance, playing a girl killer, every girl wants to hug it, and Xiaoshuai sees girls like to shamelessly go to a soft place.

  However, it is obvious that Jiang Xiangdi will not like Xiaoshuai, because the other person's face is already irony and can be screwed out of the water.

  There is no idleness on the side of Mu Yu. His wind and the heart have a pattern in his heart, and his whole person has teleported out and escaped the distraction of the innate companion. One hit, UU reading Then a middle-aged man appeared in front of Mu Yu.

  Qi Kaiming, the god of the heavens, the innate charm!

  Nineteen innate faculty members are on the forty-two innate faculty, and the innate faculty is in a weak position. Fortunately, here is the sect, there are guardian arrays under the congenital array of divisions, and they can be manipulated by them freely. The innate sects occupy the geographical advantage, otherwise it is impossible to block the attack of such innate clerk!

  However, because the beginning of the day, the achievements of the day, relying on the stone to destroy part of the guardianship method, so the 19 innate strategists could not completely stop all the teachers, and Qi Kaiming came with Jiang Xiangdi, their task is Kill the wood feather!

  "Kid, killing my Fuzong people, you should pay a price!"The look on Qi Kaiming's face is very gloomy. Although Mu Yu killed Ling Zheng, Ling Zheng is a congenital disciple after the expiration of the period, and he is a congenital clerk of the distraction period, both in terms of spells and enemies. Far more than Lingzheng!

  In his view, Mu Yu is no longer powerful and can never have the ability to fight with the innate.

  Mu Yu calmly looks at Qi Kaiming during the distraction period, if it is a normal distraction period
A heavenly comprehension, he may still want to fight, but the problem is a congenital teacher!

  Whether it is a teacher or a strategist, their strength is much stronger than that of ordinary comprehensions, and innate companions generally do not lack materials such as Fuji. Combat can't be just a short-term thing, so this is for the embarrassment. Jiuzhong’s Mu Yu is a tough challenge.

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