No. 472 chapter on paper (Part I)

  The strong and violent symbol of the shadow, the wood plume forced nowhere to hide, no matter how fast he instantaneous speed, the other side of the charm is always able to catch up with him. He knows that it is not a way to run like this. Sooner or later, he will be exhausted and he must fight back!

  In the moment, the appearance of the wood feathers becomes illusory, looming, it seems to be covered with a layer of water, mysterious.

  During the intertwined hands of Mu Yu, nine complicated inscriptions have been transformed into the surrounding patterns, and then the whole person has become like a light bear, floating up, his hands are rising high, and a sword is enlightened. Smashed the past!

  The sword of the horror of the shadow sword is like tearing open the void, mixed with the power of incomparable power, shattering the pattern of Qi Kaiming. Qi Kaiming showed a trace of surprise in his eyes. Apparently, he did not expect that Mu Yu could break his plaque against the exit period. The power of the sword of Mu Yu was far beyond his imagination.

  Qi Kaiming snorted, because Ling Zheng, who was out of the ninth day, died in Mu Yu’s hand, so he didn’t have any intention of looking at Mu Yu. He was more cautious in his heart and must try to restrain Mu Yu’s array. !

  "Fuying Mountain River Tianji Figure!"

  In the open hand of Qi Kaiming, a yellow paper is floating. This paper is very weird because it is rolled up from both ends, more like a painting.

  The paper was popular in the wind, and it became ten feet in a blink of an eye. Then the paper broke out instantly, and a yellow light spurred out, gradually revealing a picture of the mountain river, shrouded in the wood feathers. The cold mans flashed, and the wood feathers could not be teleported. They were sucked in by the mountain river map, and Qi Kaiming disappeared, and they entered the mountain river map.

  Mu Yu only felt the light in front of him. He had already come to a hillside. The lush two rows of trees around him were shaking gently. The foot of the mountain was a meandering river. The scene of the chaos and chaos has disappeared and replaced with a serenity.

  Under the silence, there is a huge murder!

  "In my skills, everything here is controlled by me, including you!"Qi Kaiming's cold voice came from two rows of trees and echoed in the air for a long time.

  This kind of spell is like an independent enchantment, bringing the opponent to his home field and using his first skill to destroy the opponent. Qi Kaiming is very cautious. He knows that Mu Yu is not a normal innate strategist, so he uses his strongest skills at the beginning and does not give Mu Yu any chance to escape.

  The sound of the birds in the distance is one after another. There are a few white clouds in the air, and you can hear the snoring in the forest.

  The location of Mu Yu seems to be a slope, the ground is rugged, there is a tall stone in the distance, and there is a breeze around.

  Mu Yu always felt that there was an endless danger in his surroundings, but he could not tell where the danger was hidden. He stepped forward and suddenly the ground slammed down. Countless arrows were shot from the ground, and the scent was melted on the arrow. The horrible breath exploded and smashed toward Muyu.

  Mu Yu wanted to move over the sky, but he soon found himself unable to find the direction of the teleport in this space. He just used the Scorpio star array and returned to God to stand still!

  "Kid, do you think you can move freely in the mountain river map? you are too naive! ”Qi Kaiming's figure fell on the tall boulder in front of Mu Yu, looking down at Mu Yu.

  "Mountain River Imagery?"

  Mu Yu faintly heard this kind of surgery, he entered a painting,

It is equivalent to being limited to a piece of paper. You can only move back and forth on the paper, but not in the sky or underground!

  Mu Yu's Scorpio star array is comparable to the broken void, even better, and can control the direction of the teleport, it is very difficult, this is why Qi Kaiming brought him into this spell!

  In this space, Mu Yu will lose control of the direction, can not use the Scorpio star array to teleport, even flying can not do it!

  At this time, those powerful arrows mixed with the whistling sounds were approaching, and the wood feathers had to be laid out. The "Face of the World" array wrapped him up, but he quickly changed his face again, because "the feet of the world" could not be blocked. The arrow that flies under your feet.

  “The Rule of the World” is a method of changing the spatial distance, just like the Scorpio Stars. However, in a painting with only "long" and "wide", all the techniques involving "high" have expired!

  Those arrows seem to fly from their feet, actually coming to themselves!


  After the wood feathers, the hard body of Mu Ling was poured out in time. The strong sword air swept through and blocked all the arrows, but the impact of the arrogant is still very uncomfortable. And more arrows are flying around the front, back, left and right, and you want to wear wood feathers at lightning speed.

  At the moment, Mu Yu’s “The End of the World” array was not lifted. He quickly found that his “small world” could not block the arrows under his feet, but he could block the arrows from front to back, which means that as long as he does not try to The arrow that is used to deal with the down arrow can still be used.

  By the same token, the Scorpio star array can also be used, but the teleport can not leave the ground. Once it is even a millimeter away from the ground, this battle will be invalid!

  But when he wants to teleport to a stone slab next to it, it still can't be realized!

  The orientation of these four weeks is not true. It is all used to confuse him. He does not know exactly where the ground is. This is the dilemma that Mu Yu has encountered at present. His array is greatly restricted!

  Qi Kaiming Station
On the stone, he didn't want to move at all, just manipulating countless arrows to attack Mu Yu. In his field, the direction of the arrow is uncertain, as if it is not restricted by painting.

  But Mu Yu thinks a little, because after he was absorbed by this character, Qi Kaiming did not put away the painting, but followed it up. This shows that once the application is carried out, it cannot be disturbed by the outside world. Otherwise, Qi Kaiming can Collapse this picture and trap the wood feathers in the painting forever, instead of following it in.

  Since he followed in, both in the same painting, then he must also be limited by the concept of "long" and "wide", so why can those arrows come from above and below?

  "Unless it is an illusion!"

  Mu Yu carefully calculated it. He remembered that some superb painters could take a picture of a three-dimensional feeling. This is mainly due to the visual difference, which makes people's eyes have an illusion. Then Qi Kaiming's this technique must have used some kind of misplacement, so that Mu Yu mistakenly thought that those arrows came from their own feet!

  Qi Kaiming stood in the high stone and looked at Mu Yu as if he was condescending, but Mu Yu understood that the other party actually stood at the same height as him because he could not fly! This is an illusion. I am afraid that the existence of these trees and slopes is to create an illusion, so that Mu Yu can't find out where the most basic ground is!

  As long as you find the basic ground and move along the ground, Mu Yu can accurately make his own Scorpio star!

  "This is really amazing!"

  Mu Yu can not help but sigh, using the illusion and space constraints, to maximize the confusion of the opponent's senses, limit the opponent's play, if you do not find the hidden secrets, you can not move freely in the painting.

  But the most powerful part of Mu Yu is his ability to perform, he can push the complex rules of the temple ladder, and then use the special sky-climbing method to board the temple in the shortest time and the fewest steps, which is enough to explain him. The talent in the array is extremely superb.

  In fact, the fuss is also born out of the array, just changed a form, they are also using the gossip principle.

  Qi Kaiming's Fu seals the real trees and arranges them in a special orientation to create a visual difference, so that Mu Yu thinks that he is on a slope, and even makes Mu Yu feel that Qi Kaiming is standing higher than him. And all this is just an illusion.

  "Then I need to figure out where the basic ground of your painting is!"Mu Yu is staring at Qi Kaiming.

  Qi Kaiming’s hands were again marked, and the surrounding trees trembled fiercely. Countless arrows swept down the wooden feathers with sharp lines. The aura between the trees seemed to be shaking in uneasiness, followed by the air pattern. It began to turn into a whirlpool, and there were countless arrows in the whirlpool!

  In the eyes of Mu Yu, the mysterious black and white lines flashed. The trajectory of all the arrows in the eyes of his eyes was like a change of movement. He began to calculate the direction of the arrow attack in his mind.

  In the deduction of Mu Yu, he quickly discovered the starting position of these arrows! The arrows in the air are not actually from the air, but from the front and rear of the wood feathers, using light and trees to create the illusion.

  Qi Kaiming is very confident in his own skills, because he himself is a congenital infucible, and his strength is stronger than that of Mu Yu. Plus, this array is very mysterious, but he combines the creation of the predecessors of the past. Come out, so he thinks that he is more than enough to use this skill to kill Mu Yu.

  Although the lethality of those arrows in this area did not reach the level of attack during the distraction period, these arrows are so powerful that they are hard to prevent.

  The opponent clearly sees an arrow flying from the top of the head, but in fact it is in the rear or left front, even if the innate fascinator of the distraction enters this spell, he will be accidentally Wan Jian died through heart!

  Mu Yu looked at the arrows that were scattered around him. His "small feet" couldn't completely block so many fierce arrows. Although the power did not reach the distraction period, the number would cause great damage to Mu Yu. The pressure to break through his "small world"!

  But his heart was empty, and all the arrows were so clear in his eyes. Under his estimation, there are about two hundred stroke arrows on the top of the head, and there are more than one hundred in the big pit at the bottom of the foot, and the arrow on the left front has reached an astonishing more than a thousand. UU reads There are four or five hundred in each of the other three directions.

  He didn't fly, didn't teleport, and suddenly made a very weird action, so he ran straight to the left front of the arrow!

  "I am how many days you have! There is a road in heaven, you don't go, there is no door to hell, you are self-sufficient, just looking for death! ”Qi Kaiming sneered, the left front of the striated arrows are the most real, these arrows under his control power is already quite powerful, it is not that Mu Yu's "small world" can block!

  But Mu Yu suddenly turned a corner and rushed to the arrow in front of the right!

  "Humph! Still want to play hide and seek? ”

  Qi Kaiming’s hands were filled with gorgeous plaids, like the annual rings in the trees. The countless arrows on the left front turned a corner and continued to chase the wood feathers!

  In his spells, he took control of all the striated arrows, and the wood feathers moved, and all the striated arrows would follow him. The smell of Mu Yu has been firmly locked by him. If you can't use space arrays here, you can't escape!

  Qi Kaiming has always only paid attention to the movement of the wood feathers, but did not notice that under the footsteps of running, Mu Yu will overflow the inconspicuous formations and integrate
In the ground! One step at a time, as he stepped up, the pattern disappeared, as if nothing had happened.

  This is a piece of paper contest, limited by the space of the technique, can only use a limited array of skills and skills to meet on a piece of paper!

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