Chapter 473 on paper (below)

  Qi Kaiming is one of the most powerful opponents that Mu Yu has played against. He once played against the alchemy and joined the team. He also played against the squad of the corpse, and even ranked higher than Lingzheng. The day is not waiting to be played.

  When Deng Tiantian was a low-level alchemy, his combat ability was very low. Xiangma was relying on Xiaoshuai’s help and Muling’s restraint ability to win. When he was not in the valley, he did not intend to kill him immediately.

  However, Qi Kaiming is different. Although he is only a god of gravity, he is the strongest player in the comprehension. Qi Kaiming has limited the space formation of Mu Yu, and Mu Yu has not been as good as an opponent, and has already fallen into an absolute disadvantage.

  The wood feathers ran without running, and the striated arrows behind him also rushed toward him. From time to time, Mu Yu still needs to stop and use the sturdy sword to smash the trailing arrow in front of the tail. The sword and the arrow cross each other. The wood feather does not take up the cheap, only barely repels, and more The arrow always shoots at the wood feather at the angle of the boring.

  Qi Kaiming did not move, he found that Mu Yu always inadvertently found the gap of his arrow every time he ran, which made his heart startled.

  He is familiar with his own skills, but Rao is a powerful spell, but also a weak place, he has been trying to make up for the weakness of this spell, and try to be perfect.

  After entering his character, the average person finds that he can't fly or beat. Even if the teleportation method fails to make it out, he has already been chaotic. After seeing Qi Kaiming appearing, it must be desperate to rush toward the open, because as long as the killer is killed, the whole spell will inevitably dissipate.

  However, Mu Yu’s behavior is different from that of everyone. He chose to run directly, and he ran to the place where there were more arrows, like looking for a dead end.

  But the shackles are often alive!

  Because Mu Yu did not follow the routine, Qi Kaiming mobilized all the striated arrows to assassinate the wood feathers, but this also indirectly led to the very regular striated arrows all deviating from the original flight trajectory and began to change. It’s got messy.

  The head of Mu Yu’s mouth rose slightly. Although Qi Kaiming didn’t look down on him, he still wanted to kill him. All the striated arrows were adjusted to kill him, and they had become a pot of porridge. When the response is unanimous, the flight path of all the striated arrows is irreparable!

  When he moves, he naturally does not run casually. It is not just for death. The place where the arrow-shaped arrows are often used is to let Qi Kaiming personally disrupt more irregular arrows. Throughout the running process, Qi Kaiming is completely under the hood of being led by Mu Yu!

  At this time, Mu Yu had stopped and turned to look at the traces of arrows behind him.

  "Can't you run? Then die! ”

  Although Qi Kaiming's striated arrows have been chaotic, his arrows still surround the wood. Now that he is full of his striated arrows in all directions, Mu Yu has no way to go!

  The sky's striated arrows smashed toward the wood feathers. At this time, unless the Scorpio star array was used for teleportation, this technique has long limited the sense of direction of the wood feathers. Once the teleporting direction is slightly off the ground, the array is slightly removed. The surgery will fail. Wood feathers are difficult to fly, only hard to resist!

  "Is it?"Mu Yu looked at the arrows of the sky, and his brows did not wrinkle. On the contrary, he looked like a chest.

  So many rhyme arrows, wood feathers can't be blocked at all.

Qi Kaiming can already imagine the horror of the wooden feathers being tied into the horse's honeycomb, and even the smile of revenge has been revealed. However, when he saw the calm expression of Mu Yu, his heart was inexplicably exaggerated!

  Qi Kaiming vaguely felt that something was wrong!

  Looking at the deep pit at the foot of Mu Yu, he finally realized that something was wrong. The position where Mu Yu stopped at this moment was where he had just started. Mu Yu unknowingly ran a circle on the paper with Qi Kaiming as the center!

  The densely-colored arrow-shaped arrows shrouded the wooden feathers, and the wood feathers suddenly disappeared into place!

  "How can this be? How can you teleport in my spell? ”Qi Kaiming called out the voice incredulously!

  The mountain river map clearly limits the space array, and the wood feather is impossible to make a teleport, but the figure of the wood feather disappears at the center of the arrow arrow!

  "Want to limit my Scorpio star array? Your skills are not enough! ”I don't know when Mu Yu had already come to Qi Kaiming. He looked at Qi Kaiming faintly, and also looked at those arrows.

  Qi Kaiming's striated arrows have locked the atmosphere of the wood feathers. At the moment when the wood feathers teleport away, all the arrows lose their targets like headless flies. When the target's breath reappears, they are involuntarily. The ground turned around.

  But because the striated arrows are punctured from all directions to the wood feathers, and have been dense to a terrible degree, as they turn, the striated arrows suddenly huddle together, and the other striated arrows Collide together –


  Each of the striated arrows is quite tyrannical. After the impact, the respective forces reciprocate each other, and soon the terrible lethality erupts. The blast is blasted, and all the striated arrows are turned into shards. The horror of the volatility is centered on the position where Mu Yu first stood, and it violently exploded!

  The whole hillside was blown up with a hole, and Qi Kaiming’s “mountain and river celestial map” showed signs of collapse!

  "How can you -"

  Qi Kaiming turned and looked at him in horror
Not far from the wood feathers, very shocked. The sudden explosion of these striated arrows was what he didn't think of. It was originally used to deal with Mu Yu. I thought that I could kill the wood feathers in a steady manner, but Mu Yu suddenly launched the Scorpio star array and made his striated pattern. The arrows became a mess!

  "You can't get out of the ground to launch a space array, then I can't just teleport on the ground?"Mu Yu smiled.

  Qi Kaiming still can't accept the saying of Mu Yu: "Impossible, you can't find the location of the ground, it's all around -"

  “It’s all about the illusion that you make with trees and light, right? But when the illusion is finally corrected, do you think you have hidden the ground, I can't find it? ”

  At the foot of Mu Yu, he stepped down and Qi Kaiming suddenly appeared numerous lines. Those streaks are all the footprints that Mu Yu had left while running, and he was quietly laid down by Mu Yu!

  Wood feathers rely on these patterns to mark, to determine where the real ground of the woods is, so as to get rid of the visual differences. As long as he launches the telescope of the Scorpio, and refers to the footprints that he has positioned, then there will be no teleportation where the position is one millimeter away from the ground and the array fails.

  "footprint? hateful! ”

  Qi Kaiming looked at the surrounding formations formed by footprints. He didn't notice the small movements of Mu Yu at first. Now it is too late to wake up. He has arranged the regular arrows in the "mountain and river celestial map". Yato was destroyed by collision.

  However, Qi Kaiming quickly put away the expression of resentment, but revealed a sardonic smile: "Even so, you can only teleport on your own footprints, you can't approach me!" And my skills can be more than arrows! ”

  Mu Yu was not in a hurry, but looked at Qi Kaiming with a playful taste: "You are too underestimating my array."

  As soon as the voice fell, the shadows of the wooden feathers all over Qi Kaiming suddenly seemed to be alive. There were countless patterns and intertwined, like a cobweb, forming a spiritual engraving line. The land will be shrouded in Qi Kaiming and Mu Yu!

  Qi Kaiming's feet are all criss-crossed patterns. These patterns are the basis of the wooden feathers' teleportation. Qi Kaiming suddenly finds that he can't stop the extension of these patterns!

  Wood feathers floating in the whole body, stepping out in one step, the whole person has appeared behind Qi Kaiming, the palm of the hand draws an arc in the air, there is a cockroach in the air, the shadow sword rushes out from the shackles, the violent sword gas pours in Qi Kaiming!

  Qi Kaiming was shocked, his feet flashed, and suddenly disappeared in the same place, appearing on the other side. Here is his character, although his skills limit himself, but he knows how to move in the world he creates.

  Qi Kaiming knew that his character had been sneaked into the weakness by Mu Yu. Mu Yu added his own pattern to his character. In the pattern of Mu Yu, he had no way to repair the distraction. Live Mu Yu, because the telescopic ability of Mu Yu is not weaker than him.

  However, Qi Kaiming understands that as long as he breaks off the formation of the wood feathers, the trap that Mu Yu gave him will not work!

  However, the thing that made Qi Kaiming even more shocked was still behind. He was shocked to find that he had no way to cross the wood feathers!

  "You trap me, can't I trap you?"

  Mu Yu always thought that the ritual exchange is a good quality. Qi Kaiming used the "Fuying Mountain River celestial map" to pull him into the ghost place where the bird does not pull the bird and does not let the bird fly. Mu Yu has long wanted to return to the path of the bird. Governing the body!

  Qi Kaiming no longer tries to break through the enchantment of Mu Yu, UU reading www. Mu Yu's enchantment is very weird, and Rao is the strength of his distraction and can't be forced to break.

  He turned and looked at Mu Yu with a sneer: "Put me in your battle, then you will die with your repairs!"

  The tyrannical distraction of the moment is shrouded in the wood feathers, and the one-day period of the distraction is still a higher grade than the nine-day period.

  "I don't think so!"

  Mu Yu's gaze condensed, and then the surrounding lines that were originally criss-crossed like spider webs began to shrink, and the blink of an eye became only a straight line, which was attached to the feet of Qi Kaiming and Mu Yu, and seemed to tie the two. Alone!

  "What is this?"

  Qi Kaiming frowned, he wanted to move, but he suddenly found himself bound by this strange pattern and could not move around!

  "In your technique, there is only the concept of 'long' and 'wide', and in my array, there is only the concept of 'long'! I called it the name of the windy day! ”Mu Yu said faintly.

  In the normal world, the comprehensible can move up and down, left and right.

  In the "Fuying Mountain River Tianji Diagram", the comprehensions can only move back and forth, and cannot leave the ground.

  In Mu Yu’s “The Windy Sky”, the comprehension can only move along the line formed by the pattern under the foot, and cannot leave this line of lines!


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