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Chapter 474 Windy 1 Line Day

  "You name it?"Qi Kaiming has a slight glimpse.

  "I have invented my own, of course, I am named."Mu Yu said faintly.

  "The wind and the sky" is indeed realized by Mu Yu himself. To be more precise, Qi Qiming’s "Fuying Mountain River Tianji Diagram" is more complicated. Using the pattern of footprints, the array is perfectly perfect. Applied to two people.

  Mu Yu relied on his powerful computing power to deduce the principle of the "Fu Ying Shan He Tian Ji Tu". He found that since this technique can limit the comprehension to leave the ground, it means to transform it more deeply. It is possible to further limit the activity space of the comprehension.

  He originally wanted to transform this array into the point where Qi Kaiming couldn't move, but later found that this kind of array could not be done with his repairs, and he could only limit the movement space of Qi Kaiming. In a straight line.

  However, this array is because the wood feathers are displayed, so its flaw is that even the wood feathers can only follow the rules of this array!

  “The Windy Sky” connects Mu Yu and Qi Kaiming on the same pattern, which means that they have no ability to move to the side except for the action on this straight line. stand up.

  After Qi Kaiming discovered that he was restricted from the freedom of action, his heart was inexplicably flustered. But he quickly calmed down and carefully took a step along the straight line to Mu Yu, and then he learned the characteristics of this array.

  "How can you create this kind of battle in such a short period of time?"Qi Kaiming asked incredulously.

  Qi Kaiming still couldn't accept this fact. He had just brought Mu Yu into his own spells in less than a quarter of an hour. Mu Yu actually discovered the flaws of his skills, and thus created a very bad array. Come.

  The most important point is that Mu Yu only has a period of cultivation, and it is reasonable to say that his arrangement of the array is not limited to the distraction period, but now he is open to the ground but finds that he can not break the Mu Yu's array.

  "There is nothing that is impossible, not too unexpected."

  Mu Yu has learned a very ingenious way of array in the dead father's "Xuan". That is, you can use the pattern to pass the attack of a person to the other direction of the matrix, this way is quite cumbersome, but also can ensure that even if you meet the person who is more than their own, not a fist to smash their own formation.

  Qi Kaiming converges with a shocked look and swears: "Since your array has tied yourself to this pattern, you are simply throwing yourself into the net!"

  Between the talks, Qi Kaiming has already rushed toward Muyu. He did not launch any spells because he knew that many techniques would fail on this line.

  Qi Kaiming is right, just as his "Fuying Mountain River celestial map" limits all the techniques of "high", and "the wind and the sky" will limit all the techniques of "wide" and "high". It is more powerful than his skills.

  If you want to kill Mu Yu, you only have to choose to kill each other with the most primitive spiritual power!

  The aura of distraction moments emerged in Qi Kaiming's hand. The violent spiritual power formed a white light, and the horrible killing came to Mu Yu. In his judgment, Mu Yu could not use any "wide" here. And "high" array!

  Even if Mu Yu wants to use teleportation, it’s useless, because in the “windy days” array,

The place where he appeared after the teleport can only be on this line of the line. Even if it is teleported to Qi Kaiming, Qi Kaiming can use his own spiritual power to deal with Mu Yu!

  However, Mu Yu did not move away, even did not move, just raised the shadow sword in his hand, pointing to Qi Kaiming!

  The sturdy swords flowed in the hands of Mu Yu, with Huang Huang Tianwei. In Qi Kaiming's eyes, the shadow sword in Mu Yu's hand seems to have differentiated nine swords. Each Tianjian is performing a mysterious and complicated sword. These swords seem so ethereal and cannot be pondered. However, when Qi Kaiming returned to God, he found that the shadow sword in the hands of Mu Yu had never been moved, and there was no other sword shadow, that is, the simple one-point sword!

  But that one piece of the shadow sword made Qi Kaiming feel the inexplicable heart!

  How can this be? I am a congenital clerk in distraction, and I am afraid of a squad who is out of the shackles?

  However, the sword of loneliness and arrogance is trembled in the hands of Mu Yu. The world seems to have only one sword left, so pure, without any fancy places.

  A simple sword, simply pierced.

  A sword stabbed, and it seemed to stab out a million swords. The violent swordsmanship instantly rushed toward Qi Kaiming, and the power was unmatched and unstoppable!

  The spiritual power that Qi Kaiming shot was shattered like a snow and ice in the sword of Mu Yu. He was shocked to find that he could not block this simple to terrible sword!

  He wants to hide, but he has forgotten that there is no way to dodge on the line of the line, only to go backwards or hard to resist!

  Qi Kaiming chose to retreat, but the sword came instantly. He raised his hands in a panic, and his body broke out with a powerful spirit. He wanted to fight against the horrible sword of the wooden feather.


  The simple sword of Mu Yu directly penetrated Qi Kaiming's spiritual protection, and even penetrated his arm intersection, leaving a bloody hole in his throat!

  Qi Kaiming grew up in horror and wanted to say the last words, but he could only spit out the blood of the red, his breath was weakening, and his vitality was
Flying quickly, there was a tiny invisible white man who wanted to sneak into the void, but was completely swallowed by Muling!

  Qi Kaiming, who is a god of the day, is dead and dead!

  Mu Yu took a sigh of relief and faced a distracted innate teacher. His pressure can be imagined! However, fortunately, the "windy line of the sky" this array helped him a big favor, so Qi Kaiming could not easily display his own skills.

  The teacher did not have the skills, just like the tiger has no minions, the strength can not play three layers, in the majestic sword of Mu Yu, Qi Kaiming can not stop!

  Around the "Fan Ying Shan River celestial map" formed by the pattern began to appear a crack, the entire array began to shake, and then burst around. Qi Kaiming's skills disappeared completely, and his body fell to the ground with a bang!

  On the outside, Xiaoshuai has already taken Jiang Xiangdi easily. At this time, Jiang Xiangdi has a blackened body, and I don’t know how many times the small powerful sword of Xiaolei has been smashed. It is already life and death. Unclear.

  "Little handsome, can you actually kill Jiang Xiang flute? Then, can you also be a great fairy? ”

  Mu Yu was amazed. He originally wanted to let Xiao Shuai hold Jiang Xiangdi, but he did not expect Xiao Shuai to directly subdue others.

  Xiaoshuai proudly said: "The fairy is a fart! My thunder sword is amazing! This time I know a lot about who I am and who it is! ”

  At this moment, Xiaoshuai still holds the giant sword dozens of times higher than it. A small man waved a big sword and how to see how interesting it is.

  Longteng is not satisfied: "Mu Yu, why didn't you let me shoot?"

  Mu Yu reluctantly touched his forehead and said: "Dragon, I am not letting you shoot, but you are showing up, but it is not a joke, or a dragon in the eternal years, in case there are a few more powerful The squad, do you want to be caught in refining?"

  The solid wood feathers also take into account that the action of Long Teng is too big, and many people will link Long Teng with what once was a big trouble, and Mu Yu does not want to reveal his identity. In contrast, Xiao Shuai usually only likes to stay in the wooden feather pocket or sleep in the chest clothes, not many people know it.

  Xiaoshuai began to wave his own giant sword, and screamed with a tender voice: "Wu Yu, let's kill other teachers!" Let the big eyes blink! ”

  "No, I have to go!"Longteng is not happy.

  "Don't make trouble, we are too few people to play, but we have to rely on the temple to fight against Fuzong!"Mu Yu said seriously, then removed the wind and the heart of the heart, grabbed Xiao Shuai's tail, and put the little handsome into his pocket. Xiaoshuai’s blue giant sword disappeared, and it was still a little unhappy.

  He glimpsed Cheng Zhuo, who was still open on the side and thought it was incredible. Obviously, whether Mu Yu killed a distracting congenital or a small devil killed a very immortal, this kind of thing shocked him deeply. !

  "Mu Yu, isn't this true? Did you actually kill the innate compensator of the distraction period? And that, that little mouse…"Cheng Zhuo swallowed a sip and gave himself a slap in the face, thinking that he was dreaming.

  "Little mouse, your sister! My name is Xiaoshuai! ”Xiaoshuai explored a head and snarled.

  Cheng Zhuo quickly closed his mouth, and if he was chilling, he would not dare to speak again. He was afraid that he would be anxious to see this little guy who only knew to eat at the beginning, and he was also charged.

  Just now Xiao Shuai’s Xuan Cang really thundered him!

  "Don't worry about this, we must retreat!"

  Mu Yu glanced at the battlefield behind him. At this moment, those innate and innate strategists were still playing, but the innate squad was obviously more and more strenuous, but there was no sign of defeat. In the battlefield of the sect, the innate squad still occupied a geographical advantage.

  In the distance, there were countless other voices coming from the teacher. These are just the Zhongtian Fushi. They are not as good as the innate clerk. They are coming a bit slow.

  Although the martial arts field was broken by a part of the guardian array method, it is already on the edge of the protection of the temple. The temple in the distance has a strong array of lines, and all the middle-aged teachers who have been repaired are blocked. Outside, there is no way to join the battlefield.

  Even if they join the battlefield, it doesn't help, because the battle between the innate actor and the innate clerk is not something they can intervene. What made them most wrong was that they were full of enthusiasm and wanted to come over and fight with the disciples, but all the disciples did not know when there was no shadow!

  The array is completely empty shell!

  And Mu Yu has seen that at least six of the innate teachers of Fu Zong have died at this moment! It seems that there is no need to rely on the temple and there are people who hope to repel the Fuzong. UU reading

  As long as Fu Zong’s lord Chang Tiancheng can be defeated by Zhuge Xiaosheng, then Fu Zong will have no leader, and will not be a soldier!

  Mu Yu cast his gaze on the battlefields of the two masters, and Zhuge Xiaosheng and Chang Tiancheng also fought together. Chang Tiancheng seems to have taken advantage of the mysterious power. From time to time, there are bursts of sacred white awns on his body, which are completely different from the white patterns used by Zhuge Xiaosheng.

  The skills used by Chang Tiancheng have also become very powerful, and they have smothered Zhuge Xiaosheng. Zhuge Xiaosheng was tired of coping, although it was not defeated in a short time, but it was extremely difficult.

  Mu Yu’s pupils shrank, and he recognized the white awns of Chang Tiancheng’s body. The sacred light is the logo of the Mie Palace!

  There is a shadow of the Triple Palace behind Chang Tiancheng.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng was obviously pressured from the beginning, but Chang Tiancheng could do the same with Zhuge Xiaosheng with the help of the power of the Triple Palace!

  At this moment, Mu Yu seemed to feel something. He turned his head and looked at it. A figure with a sacred white light on his body looked at it all over the temple! This man looks so stalwart in the air, like a god, it makes people feel obedient.

  The battlefield is fierce, and this person is only paying attention to it all, and has not chosen to intervene.

  The people of Mie Palace!

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