Chapter 475 Blood Covering the Sky (Part 1)

  Mu Yu’s heart was suddenly stunned by someone, and endless hatred emerged again from his heart.

  He couldn't forget the scene where the dead wood was killed by the Miegong law enforcers. He couldn't forget the moment when the dead wood was lying in his arms, and he couldn't forget the regrets of the dead wood.

  Mie Palace used the help of the sky to kill the dead wood old man, now the dead woods of the old man's soul appeared scars, but he did not know how to repair the wounds of the dead wood old soul, and even now can not save the dead wood old man !

  Mu Yu’s chest has been filled with anger, but he can’t do anything. His cultivation is still so small that he can’t compete with the person above the temple. The stalwart figure of the gods above the temple is even deeper than the atmosphere of the Miegong law enforcers that Mu Yu saw in the beginning!

  The dead wood old man once said that the three palace guards will definitely come to the sect, just to kill the heavenly road as one of the trapped squadrons!

  There are ten people in front of you who are the Mie Palace guards!

  The man floated above the temple and did not make any extra moves. It seemed to be just a bystander, and it seemed to be a king, watching his army and the enemy smother.

  "Wind wood, what are you looking at?"Cheng Zhu curiously looked at Mu Yu's gaze.

  "The man above the temple!"Mu Yu’s voice became surprisingly calm. When hatred came to his heart, he made him awake. He knew what he should do and what he should not do.

  "The man above the temple?" where is it? Why did not I see? ”Cheng Zhuo glanced over the temple for a long time. He did not see anyone except the majestic temple.

  There was a trace of doubt in Mu Yu’s eyes: "You can't see the man above the temple?"

  Cheng Zhuo said with some worries: "Wind wood, you will not be blind, right?" No one is above the temple! ”

  "The sky above the temple is clear…"

  Mu Yu frowned. He turned his gaze to the battlefield of the innate sergeant and the innate clerk. He found that only one person who perceives the sky above the temple, others could not see the white mans in the air. The Mie Palace guards the array.

  The atmosphere of the Mie Palace guards is very strong. The white mans on his body are so dazzling. If the gods are like the king of the world, such a big living person standing in the sky above the temple, no one is aware?

  Is it really my own illusion?

  But at this moment, the man in the air suddenly moved. He turned to one direction, then slowly stepped out, his body shape had already appeared outside Baizhang, and he took another step and went in the direction of the Forbidden Forest. .

  Forbidden forest! Heaven!

  Mu Yu was shocked. After he had taught his own martial art in a special way and gave it to Mu Yu, he fell into a deep sleep. The water at the fingertips still seems to preserve his vitality. As long as he is alive, the control of the imprisoned Xianju will not fall completely in the hands of the Sangong Guardian.

  "Cheng Zhuo, you take them to the temple to wait for me! protect yourself! ”After Mu Yu finished, he did not wait for Cheng Zhuo to ask, he flashed his entire body, and the whole person disappeared in the same place, and went in the direction of the Forbidden Forest!

  The ban of the ban of the banned forest has a very strong guardian array method, which is the hands of the heavens, ordinary people, whether it is the innate genius or the innate clerk can not hardly come in.

  The Mie Palace guards fell outside the Forbidden Forest.

The powerful formations here emerged, blocking him out. However, he was not flustered, and a white man was turned into a slogan, and it was incorporated into the forbidden forest. Then the banned forest was torn out of a crack, and the Miegong Guards stepped silently. Forbidden forest.

  Mu Yu had quietly sneaked into the forbidden forest before the Sangong Palace guards. He knew the principle of the forbidden forest and chose a shortcut. Therefore, as soon as he entered the Forbidden Forest, he quickly came to the side of Tiantian Road with the help of the pattern of the formation.

  The leaves of the trees are falling, and all the trees are getting yellow, as if the autumn frost is coming, and the trees are dry. The air in the woods is like flowing water. There are mysterious ripples swaying gently, and the fallen leaves are floating and falling on the shoulders of the heavens.

  The sky was slightly closed, sitting in a pile of fallen leaves, and the leaves at the moment had covered him all over the body.

  At this moment, the sky suddenly opened his eyes and saw Mu Yu.

  "Predecessors, the Triple Palace guards came, he will be unfavorable to you."Mu Yu said eagerly, he must leave with the heavens, in order to fight the life of Heaven, but also for his own master.

  At this moment, the sky can't move, he said softly: "You don't talk, he has already come."

  Said, the white stalwart figure suddenly appeared in the side of Mu Yu, Mu Yu was shocked, guarded in front of the sky, want to pull up the heavens into the trees and leave here. However, the Mie Palace guards turned a blind eye to Mu Yu, as if he could not see the existence of Mu Yu.

  "I didn’t expect you to get eternal life in another way."The voice of the Mie Palace guards is very majestic, like an emperor with an unquestionable tone. The sacred breath of his body crossed the wood feathers and landed on the heavens. He seemed to want to let the heavens surrender.

  "Put up your hypocritical tricks! These are useless to me. ”The look of Tiandao is a little tired, but his gaze is still shining like a star, as if he can see through all the darkness in the world, and people dare not look at it.

  The white light on the Mie Palace guards is very pure, and the body of the stalwart looks so sacred, no matter
Whoever sees this person can't help but want to pay homage. However, Tiandao Road obviously does not eat this set of opponents. After all, the array of heavenly squadrons and the triple palace guards are only in the middle!

  Mu Yu was shocked and looked at the three palace guards in front of him. This is the first time he really faced his own enemies, the one who killed the dead wood and the eternal life of Master!

  "The fingertip flow pattern is really a great array."

  The Miegong Guardian reached out and gently stroked the water ripples in the forest, and could not help but admire. The majestic atmosphere of his body immediately disappeared, as if it were an ordinary comprehension, so inconspicuous.

  Mu Yu can finally be sure that the triple palace guards really can't see his existence!

  "White, you are too greedy."Said the road faintly.

  "For a long time no one dared to call my name directly."The Mie Palace guards walked among the forests, and they walked in a leisurely manner, as if they were enjoying the unique desolateness of the fall.

  "I like autumn."The leaves of the white body are like what is called, and a huge "autumn" is formed in front of him.

  When he did not go to see the white world, he couldn’t move his body. The water from his fingertips blocked his life and imprisoned his life.

  "You shouldn't start with the sword shadow."The tone of the sky was very smooth, and there was no confusion because of the appearance of the white world.

  Bai Jie went to the front of the sky and looked at the sky: "You are also envious of the eternal life of the sword shadow dust, isn't it?"

  "Some people can live forever because he has the qualification to live, and you don't."A look at the wood feathers, and his deep eyes flashed a pattern. Mu Yu bit his teeth and gently retreated to the side.

  I don't know why, Mu Yu became an invisible person before the Sanchong Palace guards the white interface!

  "I don't agree with you. The eternal life is just lucky. To be honest, I also like the 'fingertips' method that you invented. It also represents eternal life to some extent, but I don't like eternal life that is half dead. I like the eternal life of the sword and dust. ”Bai Jie laughed.

  Mu Yu clenched his fist.

  "You know what I am doing here today!"Bai Jie continued.

  "Do you want to kill my squad?"There was a wave of noise in the voice of the sky.

  "You misunderstood. It’s just Chang Tiancheng who wants to kill the sect. I just came in with his sequel, and by the way, I will find you old."White Road.

  Sky Road has long known that Bai Jie will come to him, so in the array of Buddhism, some of the arrays are specially used to guard against the white world, but these arrays are finally broken by Chang Tiancheng’s avatars. In the case, there is no way to deal with the interference of the stone.

  The sky was not surprised, but said faintly: "It’s a sad thing that everyone in the world of cultivation has been blinded by you."

  "The self-cultivator is very sad in itself and does not need me to do anything at all."White is not allowed.

  Then, as if he had thought of something, Bai Jie said: "I am coming to you today, but I am very curious about one thing. The disciple of the sword shadow, the wood feather, is it in your lineup?"

  Mu Yu frowned, and the Mie Palace guards did not know his whereabouts? But he clearly stood by the other side!

  "how? Are there people who can't be found in Sangong Palace? ”The sky is full of ridicule.

  "You don't have to laugh at me. The dead wood is what we know best." If I didn't guess wrong, the wood feather body must have been smashed by the dead wood and the 'blood care to cover the sky', specifically designed to protect him, even I can not find his trace. ”

  There is no shame in the white world for finding a person. The evergreen array of dead woods is the most powerful of the six tactical masters. This is even convincing.

  Blood protection? What kind of surgery is this?

  Mu Yu’s heart was shocked, and his body was covered by the dead woods to avoid the triple palace. But why didn't he know at all? When was this battle made?

  "The dead wood is a very intelligent person, you should think of this when you kill him."Tian Tiandao sneered.

  "Blood protection is really amazing. I am actually a bit curious. Didn't he always hate the sword and dust to snatch his lover?" How can you sacrifice your life to protect your swords and dusts with your blood? ”Bai Jie asked.

  Mu Yu’s heart is awkward and sacrifices his life? Is the death of the dead wood old man not so simple?

  Sky Road silently glanced at Mu Yu, UU reading sighed: "The emotions of Evergreen Evergreen, you will never understand."

  Bai Jie laughed: "People are dead, what is the use of more emotions?" Emotions hindered the dead wood, this person, otherwise with his talent, in the realm of the realm can be called for the wind and rain, even I have to taboo him three points. ”

  Mu Yu’s heart was so sad, and the dead wood old man’s character was very weird. He didn’t have a good word for him. But this strange old man, the strength he showed even the white rulers of the triple continent did not dare to be small!

  He understood that when Miao language chose to be with Master, the damage to the dead wood scorpion was quite large, and it may be that it caused the dead wood to languish.

  "He is dead, do you think you can sit back and relax? Whether it is the sword shadow dust or the dead wood, they are far more than you! You think they can't resist
Can you stop? ”The sky was coldly watching the white world shrouded in white.

  "They can't stop me. After you die, the sleepy Xianji is no longer a shelter for the shadow of the sword, and his eternal life will inevitably fall on me! At that time, I am not as dead and alive as you are, and the Triple Continent will always be under my control. ”

  When Mu Yu listened to the words of the white world, his heart was filled with anger, and he could not wait to kill the other party directly! However, he knew that he could not kill the other party at all, and even found traces of his eyes. The dead wood scorpion uses the "blood protection" to protect him, not to let him smash!

  He can only be patient!

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