Chapter 476 Blood Protection Covering the Sky (Part II)


  The yellow leaves are swaying in the water, and many of them still fall on the heavens. The road did not stop these fallen leaves, and he could not stop it.

  "You have perfected the soul, it is really beyond my expectations."The voice of the white world does not hide the meaning of appreciation.

  "The whole field of comprehension is listening to your assignment. Are you not confident in your leadership ability? Still need to use the soul of the soul to control the comprehension? ”The sky is ridiculous.

  The white world was not angered by the words of the heavens, and continued: "This does not require you to worry. I just spoke a little bit that day, I don't know all the mysteries of it, but I know that such a powerful array is definitely not willing to bring it to the coffin, you must pass it on by another method. Let me think about it, not Zhuge Xiaosheng, not Mu Chenghong, then that is a genius disciple, Fengmu, or, Mu Yu, right? ”

  The White World is so well aware of everything about the sect!

  "You can't find him."The road replied faintly.

  Bai Jie "haha" laughed, his voice is very confident: "You have to know that in the realm of cultivation, many things do not need me to personally, the dead wood can be used to protect the wood feathers from the sky to avoid me, but Mu Yu avoids No other people in the realm of comprehension! The entire triple continent is under my rule. There will always be people who will find him for me. At that time, he will tell me the complete soul. ”

  Mu Yu looked at the white world in front of him, and the enemy stood in front of his own eyes, but he couldn't handle the enemy. His cultivation was still so small. Although Bai Jie couldn't help him personally, the white world made Mu Yu feel very heavy, because what he will face in the future is the whole comprehension.

  The last time in the White World did not start with Mu Yu because of the birth of the White Demon King, but this time it is different.

  The white world rushed out of the glaring white awns, and the air also showed the road pattern. He looked at the sky: "I came to see you, my current situation, I am very satisfied."

  Bai Mang is getting stronger and stronger. In the end, it seems to be popping up. The air is smashing and the road is fierce. The white world has disappeared!

  Mu Yu looked at the gradual passing of the heavens. He knew why the white world did not directly kill the heavens. The heavens had time to guard in the "fingertips" and the white world could not kill.

  But the White World understands that this matter does not require him to do it himself. He is here only to determine if the Heavenly Road is going to die. It seems that everything is self-evident.

  Mu Yu silently looked at the sky, and neither of them spoke. The white world is really too powerful. If it is the paradise of the heyday, maybe he can compete with the white world by the array, but now he can't resist it.

  For a long time, Mu Yu clenched his teeth and asked: "What is 'blood care"?"

  "You do not know?"The sky is awesome.

  Mu Yu shook his head.

  "I thought you knew that from the moment I saw you, I saw the evergreen life of dead wood flowing in your body in the form of lines."

  Looking at Mu Yu, his eyes are brightly lit: "The formation is very wonderful, and its base is ever-changing, not just the things you often see. It's like the water in your fingertips is based on my body, so I can't move. The sleepy fairy is based on the repair of the sword shadow dust, so his powerful repair will be swallowed up.

The blood-protected sky is based on the life of the dead wood, and it is his life. A person who can make life hard to protect the dead wood, you must be very important in his mind. ”

  "I don't know when he gave me this battle…"The sound of the wood feathers became a bit hoarse.

  The dead wood is not good at expressing emotions. He always wanted to be a father's role, let Mu Yu know that he is not so useless. However, after the dead wood was lost, there was no ability to protect the wood feathers. He himself became the one who was protected by the wood feathers.

  This is very insulting to a person who used to be jealous in the white world of the Triple Palace Guardian. Perhaps after seeing the Miao language stunned, the dead wood gave birth to the idea of ​​having a child to bear the joy of the knees. In his heart, he regarded Mu Yu as his own child, but he never said it clearly. Even when he gave a powerful array of works to Mu Yu, he did not say it. He only used his own way to care about Mu Yu.

  "I think you must have experienced the danger of life, that is, the point that you can hardly recover, isn't it?"Blood protection covers the sky. This kind of battle is equivalent to the death of Evergreen Evergreen. If you survive, he will die. Even if the people of the Mie Palace did not kill him, he would not live for three months after the show. ”Tiandao said heavily.

  Danger to life? A look at the wood feathers.

  Xiaoshuai suddenly said on the side: "Wu Yu, in fact, the dead wood old man has always let me not tell you something. When you separated the angry and dead air in the grass, you couldn’t help but die. The intrusion will surely die. The dead wood old man used a very terrible battle at that time, saved you back, and let you successfully conquer the deadness of the grass, I saw his life, he would not let me say it. ”

  Mu Yu’s body trembled fiercely!

  It is no wonder that at that time, Mu Yu had just woke up from the anger and death of the grass, and the dead wood could not wait to return to the Dan Ding. At that time, Mu Yu was completely comatose for a month, and the dead wood was guarded for a month outside!

  After he showed his blood and sheltered, his life was only three months left, in order to wait for the wood feathers to wake up.
For a month, he wanted to hurry back to the Danding party because he was cold and snowy and wanted to make up for the cold and snow before he died.

  But Mu Yu didn't know about it all. He didn't even know that he was sucking on the life of the dead wood!

  However, the dead old man still failed to return to the Dan Ding, he was intercepted halfway.

  "Blood protects the sky this array is very powerful, because it is with withered Muchangqing life to exchange your life, he can protect you from some people hurt, I think the wood evergreen must be the white world of the atmosphere sealed in your body, so that when you meet the white world, the white world will not see you, also feel your existence, Should not be able to hurt you. I even think that the soul of everyone in the Triple Palace may not hurt you. ”

  Mu Yu remembered one thing. When the law enforcement of the Mie Palace killed the killer of the dead wood, the wooden feathers were blocked in front of the dead wood, but the white light passed through his body, but did not hurt him. At that time, it was thought that this was the intention of the Miegong law enforcement.

  Now think about it, it is not the law enforcement's mercy, but the blood protection to protect the wood feathers!

  The words of the heavens made Mu Yu’s heart linger, and the dead wood old man never left him, even if he protected him in another way after his death. In the eyes of the dead wood, the wood feathers have always been the child who is optimistic and uplifting, as if he will never grow up.

  Mu Yu felt that he was heavy, and the flow of his body turned out to be the life of the dead wood, and he did not even notice it. But the white world killed the dead wood old man, Mu Yu still can't forgive!

  The dead wood old man uses his own life to protect the wood feathers from the white world. Now the white world manipulates the entire realm of cultivation, how can Mu Yu stand by?

  "What will happen to the white world?"Mu Yu asked.

  "He will not personally participate in the war between our sect and Fuzong, because he can't let the trio of the mainland believe that he is deliberately partial to him. He has always wanted to establish a fair and selfless image in the realm of comprehension. Many things he will only do little tricks in the back! If you can control the temple, even if he can't take the battle. ”Look at the wood feathers.

  "I know."

  Mu Yu remembered the battle outside. Chang Tiancheng relied on the power of the white world. This power is called the soul force. It restrains the spiritual power of the comprehension, but if the soul force does not hurt the wood feather, then the wood feather There is an opportunity to deal with Chang Tiancheng!

  Mu Yu walked outside the forbidden forest, he must end the battle by himself!

  Looking at the back of Mu Yu, and then glanced at the leaves covered with yellow leaves, the leaves of the trees finally gradually disappeared, leaving only the lonely tree swaying in the ripples.

  "Water, there will be moments of interruption."

  The sky is showing a smile that understands off, and living in this form for so many years can only be a torture. He gradually closed his eyes and calmly confronted the road that had been going through many years ago. The ripples in the air slightly twitched, and then the amplitude of the ripples became weaker and weaker, gradually forming a straight line of streaks, and the formations disappeared and disappeared.

  The last life of the celestial body also passed away with the disappearance of the formation.


  The White World re-stands over the temple and UU reads to watch the battle. No one saw him except Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu looks at the white world with cold eyes. This is a contest between the array and the art. The white world will not easily intervene. He does not want to put any handle on the comprehension, affecting his position in the mind of the comprehension. Mu Yu also knows what the white world is waiting for, Bai Jie is waiting for Mu Yu to shoot, he is looking for traces of wood feathers.

  "Daddy, you wait for me."

  Mu Yu holds the jade of the innate disciple. The heavenly road helps him to transfer the soul to the jade. Now he has learned how to maintain the soul, and his determination to resurrect the dead wood will not change.

  Fu Zong’s innate clerk has already suppressed the innate sect of the sect, and every innate sergeant’s breath is very wilting. One must resist the attacks of several innate clerk, even relying on the sect of the sect. The show showed a downturn.

  Mu Yu saw that the Red Fire Master who was closest to him was forced to retreat by two innate companions. He even had a deep visible bone wound on his back!

  "It is death, I have to pull two backs!"

  The Red Fire Master is a hot-tempered person. He roared and suddenly burst into a dazzling light. He wanted to go with the two innate composers!

  Mu Yu’s eyes are condensed. He knows that if he wants to open the temple, he needs at least twenty innate sects. Now that Mu Chenghong has an accident, then the 19 innate strategists can’t have one less!


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