Chapter 477 2 invisible people

  "Red fire first division, no!"

  Mu Yu shouted, and stood up, the dense lines suddenly spurred out from his feet like a spider web, instantly covering the feet of two innate teachers, also covered under the foot of the Red Fire Master, followed by all The formation began to shrink, and all the lines were instantly connected into a line!

  The powerful array of effects of "The Windy Sky" instantly suppressed the self-destruction of the Red Fire Master, and the lines of the three people's feet were connected to the foot of Mu Yu!

  Mu Yu clenched his teeth. He was only doing the repairs in the flood season. It was very difficult for him to force him to use the "windy line of the sky" to bind the three divisions of the distraction. The law binds them for too long.

  "Wind wood, what are you doing here? Get out of here! ”The Red Fire Master eagerly yelled.

  "Red Fire Master, help me protect this battle!"

  Mu Yu uses three lines of different directions to connect the three to himself. This means that if two innates simultaneously shoot the wood feather along the straight line, Mu Yu will become two people attacking. At the intersection, Mu Yu must use the Red Fire Master to resolve the opponent's attack.

  The Red Fire Master saw the shackles of his feet and was amazed, because he found that his own array could not be made here, as if he had entered the field of forbidden law, and he was panicked. After all, the opposite was true. There are two innate symbols!

  However, the look of the two innate teachers is the same as that of him. Some of their skills can't be displayed, but they quickly reacted to the strangeness of this array and began to use their own spiritual power to break free. Control of the surgery!

  It would take a little time for a congenital genius to break free from the wood feathers, but the two innate clerk can be different. Just in a blink of an eye, the linear lines of the windy days have already shown signs of collapse!

  "fast! Red fire first division! ”Shouted Mu Yu.

  The Red Fire Master also reacted, and the foot began to vibrate. His own spiritual power rushed toward Mu Yu along the straight line of Mu Yu, and suddenly stabilized the straight line that was about to collapse.

  "Wind wood, what is this array?"The Red Fire Master did not use any arrays, but went straight to the wood feathers along the straight line.

  "The wind is a ray of the sky, this battle will limit our technique, only use a straight line to defeat them!"Mu Yu explained quickly.

  The Red Fire Master had already asked two more questions, but the two innate teachers on the opposite side also noticed anomalies. Their two fingers have each sacrificed a piece of paper, and the paper is turned into a spiritual vortex. The vortex spurts a spear and spurs it along the straight line toward the wood feathers!

  These two spears are very sharp, but they are powerful striated, and the power is at the stage of distraction. It is much stronger than Qi Kaiming just now!

  Mu Yu breathed his breath and instantly adjusted his position. He is the eye of the wind and the intersection of two straight lines, which means that he can use the Scorpio array to make teleports on the straight line and adjust the position of the intersection to make everyone Move to a straight line!

  When confronted with two innate companions, he had an angle with the linear pattern of the two symbols, but the movement of the wood feathers overlapped the linear lines of the two innates!

  The two straight lines are stitched together to form a straight line pattern, and the wood feathers force the two innate characters to shift to a straight line.

At this moment, their position is equivalent to Mu Yu at the same time facing the two innate symbols in front.

  What surprised one of the innate companions was that his companion stood in front of him, and at this time his spear had stabbed his companion behind him –

  The unfortunate innate teacher did not respond, and his chest had been pulled out by a bloody hole in his chest. He twitched two times in amazement, and then the whole person blasted openly and was speared by a spear. Powerful shatter!

  Mu Yu’s pupils shrank, and the two congenital clerkes had the cultivation of the five-day god of distraction, which was much more powerful than Qi Kaiming, who was scared to be overwhelmed at the beginning. This rod of spear has such a terrible power, it is really awkward!

  At this time, the innate companion hit by his companion was already dead, but his spear was still swept toward the wooden plume, and the repair of Mu Yu could not stop the attack!

  "Red fire first division, help me block it!"The wooden feathers flashed at the foot, and immediately moved to the red fire first division.

  The Red Fire Master is a comprehension of the six-day god of the distraction, and was amazed by the characteristics of the wood feather formation. However, he immediately knew the idea of ​​Mu Yu, and his hands shook a pattern and turned into a sharp red shadow. Spread the spears of the invading spells!

  "You turned out to be–" the innate teacher screamed angrily.

  "Your companion is killing you, nothing to do with me!"

  The wood feathers snorted, and the starry sky starry again under the feet, and immediately came to the back of the innate clerk by the straight line, and besieged the innate clerk before and after the red fire!

  Mu Yu’s hand-shadowed sword was raised again high, and the sly sword shimmered in the cold, and the nine swords seemed to be in the illusion, and in the blink of an eye, it was a simple sword, with an impeccable power, suddenly Sting to the innate teacher!

  "Want to kill me? It’s not enough with your sword! ”After all, the innate clerk is the cultivation of the five-day sacred period. He is much more powerful than Qi Kaiming. The scent of the squirt from his body instantly turns into a whirlpool black hole, and the sword of the wood feather is swallowed up!

Mu Yu never expected this sword to hurt each other!

  The Red Fire Master stood behind the innate clerk. He suddenly screamed, and the horror of the horror turned into a thunderstorm of the sky, passing along the straight lines under his feet to the feet of the innate. The innate teacher just solved the sturdy sword of Mu Yu, and did not have time to react. He was immediately touched by the lightning spark of the Red Fire Master. The whole person screamed and turned into a dark coke in a blink of an eye!

  The Red Fire Master is a comprehension of the Sixth Heaven. His lightning is not a joke. In the blink of an eye, this innate teacher is killed!

  The straight line under the foot has already dissipated, and the red fire first sighed. If it wasn’t for the wood feathers coming in time, I’m afraid he would force the two innate compensators to die together.

  "Good boy, have yours!"Red fire first teacher laughed cheerfully.

  Mu Yu smiled slightly and turned his gaze to the direction of the temple. The white world above the hall was also looking at the situation here!

  "Sword shadow dusty sword, you really are here!"

  The white body covered the white mans, and he could not see his expression. Mu Yu is invisible to him, but he has been paying attention to the situation of the entire battlefield. The sudden change of the Red Fire Master and the straight line that appears out of thin air are not his eyes.

  Mu Yu converges with a smile, his eyes flashing with hatred. Blood protection covers the sky so that he does not fear the white world at this moment. Bai Jie can send everyone to deal with him, but he can't personally do it to him. This is the only reason for Mu Yu, and it is also a guardian array created by the dead wood old man with his life to Mu Yu!

  "I will catch you."

  "I will kill you."

  Both Bai Jie and Mu Yu spoke in unison, as if they were talking to themselves, and their tone was surprisingly consistent, but they did not hear each other's voice.

  "What do you say about Fengmu?"The Red Fire first teacher asked in confusion.

  Mu Yu shook his head and regained his gaze. He said: "Red fire first division, we must return to the temple, and we can no longer entangle with them!"

  The Red Fire first nodded and took Mu Yu to Zhuge Xiaosheng and rushed over. At this time, Chang Tiancheng has already gained the upper hand, and Zhuge Xiaosheng's network has also been destroyed by the technique. The collision between the two has entered a fever!

  At this moment, the white mang of Chang Tiancheng flashed again, and the piece of stone was already in his hand!

  Zhuge Xiaosheng's face is slightly changed, and his array will completely fail in front of the stone.

  Mu Yu also found the moving stone in the hands of Chang Tiancheng, and quickly shouted: "Don't be in love! Our array will be cracked by the avatar and returned to the temple! ”

  The battle between the squad and the clerk relies on the technique, but the avatar is the prototype of the forbidden field, and the sequel is more powerful. It does not limit the sect of the sect. Get up, these innate arrays only have a passive beat!

  "Return to the temple!"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng shouted loudly, and the lines under his feet surged. The whole person went backwards, but at the same time, he did not stop in his hands. The violent lines of the surging came out and turned into a corrugated wall. The innate symbols are separated!

  However, the walls formed by these formations were broken in the eyes of Chang Tiancheng's avatars, but Zhuge Xiaosheng also won time for all the innate sects. Every congenital actor had injuries, but no one was killed. This is fortunate in misfortune!

  Fu Zong’s people came to the forefront, and the confrontation between Wan Qianfu and the array had made the entire performance field have been turned into ashes. The eight peaks were cut off by the powerful array of techniques! The color of the technique has illumined the entire array, and all the teachers have endless killings, and the strategist also shows the look of death!

  Zhuge Xiaosheng's pattern wall has been broken by Chang Tiancheng, and the innate teacher suddenly won the battle. The innate squadrons were able to cope with the fuss that hit the sky, while covering the retreat of the lower wooden feathers. Mu Yu took a coma, Mu Chenghong, and Cheng Zhuo took Song Qingyu. Under the protection of the squad, the two quickly flew toward the temple.

  The temple has already been in front of us. At this moment, the chaotic ladder of the temple has been opened. If no one leads, it will not come at all.

  "Follow me! I will take you through the ladder in the fastest way! ”

  Mu Yu ran at the forefront, and when he taught him how to control the temple, he had already deduced all the ways of running the ladder. There are countless ways to climb the ladder, adding up to thousands of them, each with different steps and different times.

  Even if some of the steps are the same and the chosen orientation is different, the time spent will be different.

  Mu Yu did not choose the least number of steps to climb the ladder today. UU read instead of choosing the shortest time. He spent thirty steps and successfully brought everyone into the temple in a quarter of an hour. Among them, such a short time is already quite rare.

  Before Fu Zong’s innate clerk caught up with the temple, he saw that all the innate faculty members had stepped on the ladder step by step. They saw far from how these innate priests climbed the ladder under the leadership of Mu Yu, and I remembered their route to the ladder and then embarked on the first ladder without hesitation.

  But soon all the teachers were dumbfounded, because after they set foot on the first ladder, the ladder in the second quarter had already changed. The ladder of the temple is not something you can remember on the route. The ladder is changing all the time. The road to the sky led by Mu Yu only needs a few delays, and it will not work at all.

The temple! ”

  Chang Tiancheng's array of stone has already been shot, but the ladder is not affected by the stone. The guardian array of the temple will not be broken by the stone. This is the strong place of the temple.

  "The Sovereign, it doesn't matter. I have already controlled Lu Deyi in the battle just now, especially Lu Deyi. They still think that Situ Yangtian is the spies that we sent in the past!"Zhou Jinglin’s eyes showed a strange ray of light. “He will follow the plan.”

  Everyone in the array retired into the temple, but neither Mu Yu nor Zhuge Xiaosheng found it. Lu Xianshi, who was on the side, kept his head down, and no one could see his dull eyes, Mu Yu. And Zhuge Xiaosheng's attention is placed on Situ Yangtian!

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