No. 478 Chapter 8 Gua array diagram

  Everyone retired into the temple, and the temple at the moment was empty, no one else was there. For everyone's view, the temple seems to be a large hall, usually the place where the innate strategists used to discuss the direction of the sect.

  But in fact, there are eight floors in the hall. Each floor is portrayed by a different space array. You can put the entire disciples into it. It is like a solid fortress. People outside can’t attack it. Fu Zong’s people have been waiting for the opportunity to control a congenital formation.

  If you want to defeat the squad, you need to start from the hall.

  At the moment, they are at the highest level, that is, the eighth floor. In addition to the nineteen divisions, there are only Mu Yu and others who participated in the contest.

  "We must find a way to awaken Mu Chenghong. He can't start when he has a battle hall. We will always be trapped here and can't get out. Only when we start the temple can we start to fight against Fuzong outside."Zhuge Xiaosheng Shen Sheng.

  Mu Chenghong's situation at this moment is very bad. Although the devil is temporarily suppressed by Zhuge Xiaosheng, it still causes him to be unconscious, and according to this trend, Mu Chenghong may not be able to wake up.

  Mu Yu looked down at the annihilation of Mu Chenghong's body. The ecstasy was engraved on his chest. At this moment, it was covered with complicated red plaids. Zhuge Xiaosheng's white lines have been suppressing the pattern. But the red pattern has gradually eroded white lines.

  Once all the white lines are wiped out, the pattern will invade the heart of Mu Chenghong and destroy him!

  "We don't have to resort to Mu brother, go directly to the temple!"Mu Yu Road.

  "No, if you do not have twenty innate strategists in your cultivation, the majestic pressure of the temple will destroy you in an instant!"Zhuge Xiaosheng said solemnly, "And after the first World War, each of us was injured to varying degrees. When it was pressed, it was difficult to guarantee that it would not go wrong!"

  The reason why the temple is in need of twenty innate strategists is because the first line of the temple is to bear the great pressure of the temple. In order to resist this kind of pressure, unless you have the superb repairs of the heavens, one person can counter the strong pressure of the temple, and no one needs to be pressed.

  However, Mu Yu’s cultivation is only a period of embarrassment and cannot withstand such strong pressure. He needs others to help him with this pressure. After the deduction, he believes that at least twenty congenital divisions need to be shared to ensure that Mu Yu is safe and sound. .

  Mu Yu shook his head and said: "Only one fight! With the help of one less person, although the pressure I need to bear will be much larger, it is not impossible to try, I should be able to persist. ”

  "What if you can't hold on?"Zhuge Xiaosheng asked with concern.

  "Do we have other ways? Chang Tiancheng is not a straw bag. The way he climbs the ladder will be played sooner or later. It is only a matter of time before they attack the temple. We pray that his ability to deduct the gossip is not as good as me, but give him two hours and he will find a way to come up. ”Mu Yu said.

  "It is useless to climb the ladder. The stone and the temple are mutually exclusive. He can't enter the temple."Zhuge Xiaosheng is still very confident in the defense ability of the temple.

  Mu Yu shook his head and said: "There are others behind Chang Tiancheng who are helping him. You should know the sovereign."

  If it is normal, Mu Yu really does not worry, but now Bai Jie is watching it all over the temple. He will not be blatantly shot.

But it is sure to guide Chang Tiancheng how to use the epoch stone to force into the temple, after all, the white world's array is also quite powerful!

  Zhuge Xiaosheng also realized this. Just now he was constantly accelerating in the formation of the array, but Chang Tiancheng relied on a strange force to force him down, saying that no one behind it is impossible.

  Mu Yu stood up and glanced at other innate strategists. Most of these people are not even named, but each of them is at the end of their lives. Everyone is fighting for the battle. At this moment they are already a frontline, Mu Yu wants to be the temple. In the blink of an eye, it is necessary to rely on them to control the entire temple.

  "I just saw the elders of Tianhaimen of Tianxingmen, the comprehensions of the fit period, and the people of their Tianxingmen also rushed in."Situ Yangtian, who was on the side, suddenly said.

  Mu Yu saw Situ Yangtian's eyes, and Situ Yangtian's chest was also stained with blood, and the whole person's breath was very disordered. Mu Yu’s eyes flashed through a pattern, and then he said: “If the people of Tianxingmen and Fuzong rushed into the temple together, we couldn’t help it.”

  Zhuge Xiaosheng showed his firm look. He nodded and looked at Situ Yangtian inadvertently. Then he said, "Okay, let's try it once. If you can't hold it, stop." You are now the hope of our sect. Even if the ruins are extinct, I hope that you will survive and keep the last scent of our sect. We will kill you for a bloody road. ”

  Mu Yu’s heart froze, saying: “Know, the sovereign, the disciple will do what he can.”

  Everyone silently walked toward the center of the main hall. Zhuge Xiaosheng played a pattern on his hand and merged into the temple. The center of the temple began to change. A yin and yang gossip slowly floated from the center. in.

  As soon as the Eight Diagrams array came out, the entire array of temples shook a little, and a vast force from the ancient times was suddenly released. This breath is solemn and vicissitudes. It seems to have experienced the ravages of the millennium and witnessed the world’s vast sea of ​​savanna. It makes people feel awe.

  "Chishui, you stand in the southeast direction of the gossip, Xia, you stand in the northwest, Situ Yangtian, you stand in the east…"

/> Zhuge Xiaosheng began to deliberately command everyone's position. It is reasonable to say that there is no requirement for the position of the innate squadron. As long as the atmosphere of the gossip is extended, use his own array to take the position of the temple. A strong pressure can be.

  However, Zhuge Xiaosheng had already planned, because the two directions of the Eight Diagrams have been laid out, one of which is prepared for Situ Yangtian!

  Other congenital strategists have no objections, only Situ Yangtian’s eyes reveal a mystery. He didn't understand what Zhuge Xiaosheng's arrangement was. What he remembered last night was Zhou Jinglin's use of the soul, but he still suspects that Lu Xianshi is the spy, but he has no evidence. .

  Zhuge Xiaosheng did not know that he suspected the wrong person. The abnormality of Lu Xianshi did not attract everyone's attention. Everyone followed the instructions of Zhuge Xiaosheng and surrounded the figure of the Eight Diagrams.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng knew that Mu Yu was the most trusted Lu Xianshi, so he also specially arranged Lu Xianshi to be near the wood feather to prevent Situ Yangtian from suddenly shooting.

  However, Zhuge Xiaosheng did not know that his move made Wood Yu fall into a more dangerous situation!

  Mu Yu has already floated up and landed in the Eight Diagrams.

  "let us start!"

  In accordance with the method taught by Tiandao, Mu Yu made a pattern of his hands and shot it into the black and white eyes of the yin and yang fish. The yin and yang fish in the middle of the gossip figure below him began to rotate slowly. As the speed increased, a vast atmosphere began to flow from the gossip map, and all poured into the wood feathers.

  "Pressure!"Zhuge Xiaosheng shouted, and everyone began to make a pattern, and guided this vast atmosphere to himself, so that Mu Yu could not be destroyed by this breath.

  Lu Xianshi is also guiding this breath, but he still slightly lowered his head, his eyes are sluggish.


  More than forty innate teachers were stopped outside on the ladder outside the temple. Each of them is the first to touch the ladder of the temple, and they must rely on powerful deductive power to get on. But everyone did not move, including Chang Tiancheng.

  "Lord, when are we going up? Do you want me to order Lu Deyi to kill the boy? ”Zhou Jinglin asked.

  Chang Tiancheng couldn't watch the changing ladder running mode, and smiled coldly: "Don't worry! There are so many innate actors around the kid, and Ru Deyi may not be able to succeed. Since they have already retreated into the temple, then we don't have to worry too much. Our ultimate goal is not the wind wood, but the temple! ”

  Chang Tiancheng has his own plans in mind, and he is so worried that he wants to find a foundation for so many years, and naturally he will not be in a hurry.

  After a pause, Chang Tiancheng continued: "Lu Deyi said that the start and control method of the temple was only passed to Fengmu, then we will push the boat, wait for him to open the temple, then let Lu Deyi kill He. At this time, if we attack the temple again, we can directly control the entire temple with the help of the stone! ”

  When Chang Tiancheng thought of it, his eyes sparkled with radiance and his mood became very excited. According to the historical records of the previous battles, once the temple is activated, then those who have the avatars in the gossip map can also control the entire temple!

  Whether it is the ancestor or the Fuzong, every senior sergeant knows that whoever has the avatar and can control the temple, then this person is the new master of the squad!

  Relying on the array of stone and the temple, this person will be invincible, and the attack will be inevitable. All the divisions and the teacher will surrender in front of him! Because this person can not only crack all the arrays and spells, but also control all the arrays and spells. The array and the teacher have no room to fight back in front of him!

  "As long as I take the sacred stone into the gossip map in the temple, the temple is in my control. I will be the new master of the sect, the sects and symbols of the various sects under the heavens. The surgery is not worth mentioning in front of me. Don't say Zhuge Xiaosheng at that time, even how can you take me with the Star Gate? I will order, your entire mountain gate will be finished, see you dare to swear to me! ”

  Chang Tiancheng is full of enthusiasm! In order to win the battle, he had to rely on the Star Gate, and the Star Gate was one of the eight gates. Chang Tiancheng could only be in front of them.

  However, all the arrays and functions of the Star Gate are well-known in Chengdu, because the Star Gate is floating on the seven peaks. UU reads Once he controls the temple and the sacred stone, he can put seven peaks. Destroy, then the entire Star Gate will be destroyed!

  In fact, the strange power of Chang Tiancheng is not directly from the white world. It is impossible for the white world to appear in front of Chang Tiancheng. He secretly helps Chang Tiancheng in the name of the Tianxingmen.

  The White World must maintain its image of self-righteousness and justice in the realm of comprehension, so he will not leave any evidence of suspicion to the self-cultivator, or he will lose his prestige. The white mans that Chang Tiancheng’s body has suddenly disappeared is the greatest help that the white world can provide. A little more power will make people doubt.

  Although Chang Tiancheng has a set of stone that can crack all the arrays and spells, but the array of stone is not invincible, once it is used, the spiritual power that needs to be consumed is quite amazing, and it is always good to use it once or twice. The repair of the fit period can't be eaten!

  If you have a temple, it will be different. With the help of the powerful power of the temple, all the sects under the sun will be free to enter and exit!

  Changtian’s cost is intended to directly control Lu Deyi’s killing of Fengmu, because without Fengmu, he can help with the help of the master of the Star Gate.
Busy to break through the temple, and then go and find out how to start the temple. But if Fengmu can start the temple for him, then he will save his troubles.

  "Wind wood, you believe in your Lu Xianshi, then I will let Lu Xianshi entertain you!"Chang Tiancheng clenched the avatar in his hand.

  The array of stone appeared a strange red light, the runes flashed, and disappeared into the void.

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