The No. 479 chapter opens the Hall of the array

  The array has gathered countless teachers, the day after tomorrow, Zhongtian Fu Shi and congenital Fu Shi have, there are many Fu Zong disciples, there are countless people mixed with the Stargate.

  Fu Zong sent to the array of spies have their respective tasks, and did not come to watch the match. These people still follow the original plan to pick up the Zongzong people from the safe route, to attack the various fortresses of the ancestors, but all the disciples of the ancestors turned out to be like the human world, let them all emptied!

  At this moment, the people of Fuzong entered the room like wild wolves. They were originally prepared to kill the disciples, but they could not find anyone. They had nowhere to vent their anger, and they began to destroy the buildings and formations of the sect.

  The whole array has become devastated, the flames are shining, and the smoke is rolling!

  All the disciples of the sects are hiding in the temple. They can clearly see the tragedy of the entire sect. Every disciple has an endless anger!

  Zongmen was invaded. In order to avoid casualties, they were only able to watch their homes being ruined. This humiliation made everyone resentful.

  "Why don't we go out and fight with them?"

  "It is! Can we only watch the Fuzong people trample on our sect? ”

  Many of the disciples are bloody, and the hatred between the ancestor and Fuzong is deep into the bone marrow. The disciples see the Fuzong people so arrogantly, they want to go out and fight for three hundred rounds!

  "Quiet, the Sovereign has said, we must stand here and wait for the opportunity. Once the time comes, it is the moment we are out!"

  Cheng Zhuo has left the eighth floor of the temple and came to all the disciples. Now that Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai are no longer there, Cheng Zhuo has become the leader of Zhongtian disciple and his disciples.

  The gossip array of the temple exudes a quaint atmosphere, and the vastness of the majesty comes one after another, gradually exerting on Mu Yu. This force is very large, as if it can destroy all things in the world, so that Mu Yu feels a sense of crisis.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng and others continue to use their own arrays to pull this breath, and lead most of this breath to himself. At the same time, he also pays attention to the movement of Situ Yangtian from time to time. The soul of the soul is controlled by wood feathers. At this moment, Situ Yangtian should have been controlled by Mu Yu with his own help.

  The shaking of Mu Yu's hands and ears is getting faster and faster, and it has reached a dazzling level. Everyone can only see the fingers of Mu Yu's movement, and can't see his specific movements. But the lines of the road flowed from his fingertips, echoing this breath.

  Mu Yu was able to withstand this breath at the beginning. Over time, the pressure exerted by the breath flowing from the Eight Diagrams has become more and more powerful. Mu Yu feels that the body is constantly being pressed by a piece of stone, and the speed of spiritual flow in the body is getting slower and slower.

  He closed his eyes and tried to communicate the entire temple in this majestic atmosphere. At this moment, the temple is still in a state of waking, but the breath that is so diffuse is already so terrible, then the more difficult it is.

  After half an hour, the gossip figure suddenly burst out of the mysterious lines, which were black and white, intertwined and intertwined, forming a strip in the air like a ribbon, starting to rotate around the wood feather. stand up.

  With the appearance of this pattern, everyone feels that the pressure on the body has become larger again. Everyone understands that this time the temple has really begun to enter the start-up phase!

  Like a giant mountain directly pressed against the chest of wood feathers,

Mu Yu’s body trembled and his face was flushed. He gritted his teeth and accepted the terrible pressure.

  Sky Road has long known about his situation. He also knows that at least twenty congenital strategists are needed to enable him to withstand this pressure. But at this moment, Mu Chenghong has fallen into a coma. Without one person, he is equivalent to one more. Partial pressure, this huge pressure has made him almost breathless.

  Mu Yu insisted that the movements in his hands gradually slowed down, but there were still black and white patterns that flew out of his fingers and blended into the quaint and vast lines of the Eight Diagrams.

  The attention of Mu Yu is completely placed on the black and white pattern. The black and white patterns from the gossip are incomplete. Just like some parts can be missing, the wood feathers need to put their own patterns. Incorporate it, rearrange those black and white patterns and complete them.


  Strong pressure hit again, Mu Yu slammed a blood, this pressure has made him unable to bear. At this moment, he felt that he was a small boat in the stormy waves. He was hit by countless waves and could crack at any time.

  "Wind wood, how are you? If it doesn't work, stop! ”Zhuge Xiaosheng said with anxiety.

  The dominance of the gossip map is on Mu Yu. Whether it is stopped or only can Mu Yu decide. They only try to help Mu Yu share this huge pressure, but they can’t stop. Once they stop, all the pressure will be Falling on Mu Yu, I will shatter the wood feathers at once!

  "I can hold on!"

  Mu Yu's eyes are filled with incomparable tough light. The enemy is currently unable to give up. Once he gives up, the array will perish under the siege of Fu Zong and Tian Xingmen. Although Mu Yu did not have much affection for the sect, it is a promise from Tiandao!

  He learned the supreme array from the heavens. The heavenly road helped him to save the soul of the dead wood, and he did not dissipate it. He also realized the essence of the Tianjian nine from the ancestor. This sentiment is enough. he
Keep going for the battle!

  More and more black and white patterns have appeared in the gossip map, which is densely packed and has been wrapped in wood feathers. The mysterious lines are arranged one after another, regularly arranged, but every time a short period will appear vacancies, and Mu Yu is the need to calculate the vacant parts according to the formation of the temple, and use their own spiritual power to complete it.

  This is a rather cumbersome process, the speed of the wood feathers has been quite fast, but his face is getting paler and paler, and the pressure on his body is getting bigger and bigger.

  Finally, his body's load has reached a limit, and the strong pressure on the temple has caused a crack in the skin of Mu Yu, which will be ruined.

  But at this time, the Dantian at the wood feather body sheds a pure black and white spirit. These two black and white spirits can not help but draw out from the various meridians of his body, and the black spiritual power swallows the image of the gossip. The spiritually crushed tissue, the white spiritual power, continuously regenerates the meridians in his body.

  The pain of reborn appears again on the wooden feathers, and the wooden feather fingers can no longer be agglomerated. Only by virtue of an idea, the formations are forced out of the body and blended into the black and white patterns of the gossip array.

  The black and white lines have completely covered the whole body of Mu Yu. Zhuge Xiaosheng and others can't see the situation of Mu Yu at the moment. They only wait anxiously, try their best to share the pressure of the temple on their own, and do their best. Reduce the burden of wood feathers.

  Wood feathers are wrapped in black and white, and black and white are swimming around him, competing with the powerful pressure from the temple. Gradually, the gossip map is no longer emerging, and all the patterns are constantly intertwined and slowly filled by the wood feathers.

  The vastness of the gossip array was originally dispersed, however, as the Mu Yu in the hands of the pattern is constantly fused into, those dispersed breath like a call to the general, began to slowly gather together, just as the layers of mist suddenly brushed aside, everyone feels as if something has become more and more clear.

  This kind of thing is unclear, but everyone clearly feels that the temple is shaking slightly.


  A fresh and simple sound is centered on the wood feathers, and it is like a bell tremble, which makes people feel refreshed! The black and white patterns have gradually merged together, and the speed of rotation is getting faster and faster, and finally the pattern of the lines is completely invisible.

  All the formations turned into a phantom, and then it seemed to become the purest black and white atmosphere. One black and one white could not stop playing, and the whole person of Mu Yu had disappeared into the Eight Diagrams.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng was so excited that he clearly felt the volatility from the temple. This was a precursor to the opening of the temple. He did not expect that Mu Yu actually smashed the pressure of the temple and succeeded in the temple. Open!

  The black and white gas seemed to be boiling. In the end, all of them suddenly shrank inward, and all the black and white breath was actually sucked into the wood feather body.

  Mu Yu’s whole person has been revealed in the temple. His eyes are very weird. The left side is shining with Taotao white mans, and the right side is filled with black light. He is sitting in the gossip figure, as if he is in harmony with the temple. One. UU reading

  There was also a fascination in the heart of Mu Yu. The spiritual power in his body was once invaded by the dead air and angryness of the grass, and it became black and white. The yin and yang of the Eight Diagrams are also black and white, and his life and death are also black and white. Even at the ends of the Reiki Eye, the Aura of the Dust Mountain is white, and the end of the Double Hidden King is black.

  Everything in the world seems to be unable to escape the limitations of black and white.

  Mu Yu seems to understand something, black and white represents the most primitive balance in the world.

  At this time, the whole temple has already exuded a solemn atmosphere. Whether it is a teacher or a strategist in the array, I feel that the technique in the body is shaking slightly, and seems to want to be able to show it. The temple can control the techniques of the strategist and the clerk, and the temple will be opened.

  "The temple has been opened. Everyone pays attention to the protection of Fengmu. He is now the eye of the temple. It is very fragile and can't be hurt. If you die, you must kill the people of Fuzong!"Zhuge Xiaosheng said seriously.

  "Yes!"All the innate strategists did not dare to neglect, and they all responded.

  Lu Xianshi’s position behind Muyu was just in the blind spot of Zhuge Xiaosheng’s vision. He suddenly raised his head suddenly, and his sullen eyes fell on Mu Yu’s body, and there was a looming chill in his hand. The targets of these cold men all point to the wood feathers. But Zhuge Xiaosheng and Mu Yu are still not aware of it!

  "It's time to start."Zhou Jinglin outside the temple was like talking to himself.

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