Chapter 480, the melee

  The temple is floating in the air, like a sacred fairy palace, both the teacher and the strategist are awe. After it was opened, the sly white rushed into the sky, and his body was covered with a hazy smudge, solemn and holy, so that all the outsiders who entered the squad were slightly trembled.

  Chang Tiancheng was so excited that he looked at the temple. It was one of the two treasures that stood in the door. He had the bearing stone in his hand. As long as he got control of the temple, he was the new master of the door. !

  Nowadays, the control of the temple is still in the hands of Mu Yu. Chang Tiancheng does not put the wood feathers in the embarrassing period in his eyes. In his opinion, he only needs to hold the array of stone to enter the hall of the temple. Then you can grab the control of the temple from the other side and become a superior!

  The only doorkeeper of the squadron, no one in the middle, is in charge of all the arrays and techniques in the world. All the innate squad and the innate clerk must be crouching under his feet, obeying his orders, and must re-lead the avatars. The door has returned to glory and has become one of the nine gates of the past!

  "The most convenient place for the front door is that it has two door owners. One person holds a piece of treasure and restricts each other, but it is also the easiest to have differences! The two of you, the two main divisions, parted ways, and directly let the squadrons stunned. Today I will reinvigorate the door and become the new owner! ”Chang Tiancheng smiled and looked up the ladder!

  But the ladder trembled, and each step of the ladder began to move quickly, emitting a black and white light, seemingly chaotic, but with endless mysteries.

  "The ladder is what you can come up with when you say it?"

  Mu Yu's eyes are also floating in black and white, and the light on the ladder is against each other. In the gossip map, he can clearly see all the innate charms such as Chang Tiancheng outside the temple.

  He already knew Chang Tiancheng's plan, and he knew that Chang Tiancheng didn't go straight to the ladder. He was waiting for Mu Yu to completely start the temple. He took over directly and took the profit of the fisherman!

  "The temple is really a mysterious existence, so we have to host Fu Zong's guests!"

  The wooden bun sits on a black and white yin and yang, and the black and white lines are swiftly rushed out of his hands, immersed in the void, and covered in every step of the ladder!

  The ladder has changed, and each section of the ladder is full of large and small mysterious arrays, specifically designed to block the advancement of the teacher. These symbols were just followed by Chang Tiancheng on the ladder, and suddenly all kinds of strange magical arrays swept toward them.

  "Everyone keeps up with my pace! These arrays don't have to be afraid! ”

  Chang Tiancheng took out the array of stone, and the array of stone could not break the array of the temple itself, but the array on the ladder was the illusion of the wood, so these arrays lost their effectiveness in front of the stone.

  Every day, Chang Tiancheng began to deduct the next step of walking. His understanding of Fudao is just like Zhuge Xiaosheng's understanding of the road. Although it is not as good as Zhuge Xiaosheng, it is almost the same. Fast!

  Everyone is waiting for the ladder behind him, but the length of each ladder is limited, and it is impossible to fully accommodate all the musicians. They are quickly divided into several dials, waiting for the previous teacher to pass on different ladders. Instructions.

  However, the ladder is changing at all times, and the five or six people who follow Chang Tiancheng are fine. When others follow the route of Chang Tiancheng, they find that they have already lost!

  These are all in the plan of Mu Yu, his purpose is to spread all the innate symbols,

Then kill one by one! There is only one piece of the character stone, and other innate characters do not have the ability to crack the array. They can only face the killing set by Mu Yu!

  "Sovereign, you should go to the ladder to kill these teachers, I will help you here."Mu Yu’s voice is very far away, and Zhuge Xiaosheng’s soul feels a glimpse.

  "it is good."Zhuge Xiaosheng turned and glanced at Situ Yangtian, and then looked at Lu Xianshi and said: "Lu Shidi, you are here to protect the wind wood! Other people came with me, the temple has been opened, we have to let these teachers have no return! ”

  Zhuge Xiaosheng reveals endless killings, and the ancestors came to the forefront. They just had to retreat in order to open the temple. Now the temple has been opened, and there is no scruples, and it is possible to continue to fight with the innate clerk!

  Except for Lu Xianshi, all the innate philosophers left the temple, including Situ Yangtian. In the entire hall, there was only a handful of Lu Xianshi who had been blind and looked at Mu Yu. Mu Yu was facing him without any knowledge.

  Lu Xianshi did not start to work, Zhou Jinglin wanted to let Lu Xianshi directly do it, but Chang Tiancheng let him not kill Mu Yu.

  Once Mu Yu’s death in the temple will be closed again, it will take a lot of effort to open the temple. Without the help of Heaven, the way to start the study will take a long time, or even impossible to start. Chang Tiancheng is not willing to waste time.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng and other strategists have already rushed over the ladder. They are much more familiar with the ladder than the Fuzong people. It is only a moment that all the innate strategists have found the lost innate teachers.

  The overwhelming array of artillery fell to the Fu teacher, but the Fu Shi was not a straw bag. After a slight surprise, he quickly greeted him. The formations and the striated lines collided with each other, and a hot spark was struck on the ladder.

  The match is in front of each other, and the hot sparks are once again wiped out!

  On each of the ladders, there were arrays of divisions and singers who couldn't play, and the clerk was originally gathered together, and was suddenly caught off guard by the unexpected strategists. In order to avoid the array, they can only jump on other ladders, almost at a time.
Some of the ladders are full of strangled squad and sorcerer!

  In particular, every section of the ladder is blessed by Mu Yu, and his formation can not even cause these innate charms, but it is enough to cause obstacles for these people, let alone they have to deal with the familiar ladder. The innate strategist who works regularly!

  "kill your haired thief!"

  The Red Fire Master's array of enemies shrouded two innate characters. In his array, the hot waves swept through, as if to completely shred the teacher, and the two characters changed greatly. They suddenly found The attack of the two clerk is not even better than a squad!

  This ladder is no longer a simple strategist in the battle with the Fu teacher, and Mu Yu uses the array of magical illusion to assist, so at one time a squad has the upper hand on the two characters!

  And the most powerful thing is that all the clerk can't fly when they climb the ladder, but each squad is not subject to this restriction at all. Therefore, the physicist's body is more dexterous, and their overwhelming array of tactics makes some musicians It can't be eaten at all.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng rushed to the past, but Mu Yu’s voice passed to his ears: “The sovereign, Chang Tiancheng has a runestone, you are not his opponent. Go and deal with those innate symbols! ”

  "But Chang Tiancheng will stop at the temple if there is no one to stop it!"Zhuge Xiaosheng said.

  "Reassure, his singer can't help me." Besides, I still have Lu Xianshi protection! ”Mu Yu Road.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng bit his teeth and looked at Chang Tiancheng not far away. Finally, the four avatars facing the side rushed over. As a lord of Zhuge Xiaosheng, the array has reached the point of extraordinary sanctification, just a face-to-face, four symbols have been shot and dropped the ladder!

  "You have to pay a little price!"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng looked cold, and the figure disappeared on the ladder. It appeared again on the outer edge of the ladder. There were four innate teachers outside the ladder to guard the rear. There is no restriction on the ladder here. Mu Yu did not arrange the array here, but he knew that Zhuge Xiaosheng was enough to deal with these people.

  The four innate compensators stood up, and the second words did not say that the celestial charms were shrouded in Zhuge Xiaosheng. Zhuge Xiaosheng swung a large hand, and countless lines of rushing out from his hands, squatting toward the teacher.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng once again swayed, and the powerful formation became a huge white tiger. He even bite directly on the shoulder of a strength-only composer, and suddenly smashed the teacher!

  Zhuge Xiaosheng has a repair period of the fit period, and the teacher who distracted in front of him is almost only killed by him. The bursting power of the squad and the teacher was quite high in a short time. It was only in the blink of an eye that the life and death were decided. Soon, Fu Zong jumped over the two composing divisions, and Zhuge Xiaosheng fought together!

  The remaining Fuzong’s Zhongtianfu and the Tianxingmen also broke through the layers of obstacles and swept over the temple, but they were surprised to find that the arrays that were originally destroyed were re-emerging at the moment. Pattern, start to repair yourself!

  "You guys at these Star Gates should also receive some lessons!"

  After Mu Yu communicated in the hall, all the arrays of the entire array had been controlled by him. Even though many formations have been destroyed, all the formations of the array are connected together. The source of the law is in the temple, and he can use the temple to repair these formations in an instant.

  The powerful killings suddenly shrouded the people of the Star Gate. These people did not know how to break up like a teacher. After being trapped and killed, they suddenly began to rush and get up, and they began to resist their magic weapon.

  However, at this moment, Cheng Zhuo had been sent to the corners of the array with a large number of disciples. These disciples saw that the people of Fuzong had long been sullen, and now they saw the enemy. In front of me, I will not say anything about the various arrays directly!

  "The killer of the Fuzong!"Cheng Zhu roared and took the lead to a disciple of Fu Zong, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com a sword light crossed, Fu Zong's disciple has already landed.

  "kill!"The battles of the array and the spells have been heard everywhere, and the battles are on the verge of fire. All the disciples are fighting for their own sects.

  Chang Tiancheng had followed five teachers, but only Zhou Jinglin followed him up in time. Others had been deflected by the ladder because of a late breath. Chang Tiancheng does not care for other people. For him, even if all the people are dead, as long as he uses the sacred stone to control the temple and become the gatekeeper of the squad, then this loss is worth it!

  The war burned for two hours. Fu Zong’s disciples were caught off guard by the disciples’ disciples. Plus here is the home of the sect, and Mu Yu is helping in the dark. Fu Zong and Tian Xingmen’s people are seriously injured, but the ancestors It also paid a lot of money, and many of the disciples’ lives died in this battle.

  Chang Tiancheng and Zhou Jinglin finally boarded the ladder. They spent two hours and walked no less than fifty steps. The complexity of the ladder exceeded their imagination. Chang Tiancheng looked at the front door of the temple, and his heart began to jump involuntarily.

  Temple! You are mine!

  The two entered the temple, and Zhou Jinglin saw the wooden feathers on the gossip map in the middle of the temple. The final eyes fell on Lu Xianshi, who was behind the wood feathers, and Zhou Jinglin’s mouth showed a hint of sputum. Spicy smile.

  Let Lu Xianshi protect Muyu, this is probably the most sad decision made by Zhuge Xiaosheng!

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