No. 482 Chapter Reciprocity


  Splash of blood, spilled over the floor!

  Chang Tiancheng looked incredulously at one of his chest's hands, which belonged to Zhou Jinglin's hand. Zhou Jinglin also looked at his right hand with a shocked look, his laughter stopped!

  When Lu Xianshi waved the sharp edge to Mu Yu's neck, his own right hand could not help but condense a huge force, directly penetrate the front of Chang Tiancheng!

  "Yes, why?"Zhou Jinglin’s mad smile disappeared on his face. Instead, he was horrified and puzzled. How could he suddenly start with Chang Tiancheng?

  The smile on Chang Tiancheng's face solidified. His attention was all placed on the wind wood. He even imagined the scene of the wind and blood splashing the temple, and then immediately took over the temple after the death of Fengmu!

  He waited madly for all this, and there was no defense against Zhou Jinglin behind him, but he did not expect that he was also trusted by someone who was trusted!

  Lu Xianshi’s sharp edge stopped at an inch from the neck of Mu Yu, and did not score another point. At the moment, the wood feathers flashed black and white lines, and the pale complexion gradually returned to normal. The big hole that the chest was shot by Lu Xianshi suddenly fell off like pieces, and the blood on the clothes slowly turned into black and white.

  At this time, where is there a trace of awkward waste?

  "I said that I have the talent for acting, I should be elected the best actor."

  Mu Yu took care of his collar, then extended a hand and played the sharp blade in the hands of Lu Xian, saying: "Lu Xianshi, you have a sharp blade, no opening!"

  The horror of Lu Xianshi’s face turned into a surprise. He found himself unable to move, but he couldn’t manage that much. The most important thing was that Fengmu was safe and sound! He excitedly asked: "Wind wood, are you okay?"

  "How can I have an accident?"Mu Yu touched his neck. "Many people want to wipe the knife to my neck!" My neck is thick! ”

  Chang Tiancheng turned his head violently, and Zhou Pinglin flew in the palm of his hand. At the same time, he had a black light in his hand and shot into the body of Zhou Jinglin. For a long time, he said with resentment: "The soul of the soul?"

  Zhou Jinglin was hit by the black light of the stone, and a pattern was drilled from him and turned into a fragment. He was amazed and didn't understand when he was in the midst of the gods!

  "how? As for being so surprised? Do you still understand the ceremony? Allowing you to control my dear Lu Xianshi with the soul of the soul, does not allow me to control your dog legs with the soul of the soul? ”Mu Yu patted Lu’s shoulder and said it very leisurely.

  "impossible! How could you find out what happened to Lu Xianshi? We are clearly made to be seamless! You can't know that Lu Xianshi is our person! ”After all, Chang Tiancheng was a repairer of the fit period. He had a huge spiritual power in his body, and he began to repair his wounds. He took a medicinal medicine and took it.

  "You have always been self-righteous, really when everything is in your hands?"Mu Chenghong slowly came over from the temple. He quietly looked at his former master and said with a complex look.

  "How are you all right?"Chang Tiancheng’s face began to distort. “You clearly have a magical demon, which should have been killed! Even if Zhuge Xiaosheng's old man can temporarily suppress it, it is impossible to save you! ”

  "You are too proud to forget, but have forgotten an important thing.

The array of stone can break all the arrays and spells under the sun, but the temple can control all the arrays and spells under the sun, including the devil and the soul! ”There is a flash of light in the eyes of Mu Yu.

  "The temple!"Chang Tiancheng has a glimpse of the body, and thousands of calculations have not been counted in the hall!

  "Yes, it is the temple!" As you step into the temple, I used the soul of the soul to control Zhou Jinglin. In front of the temple, controlling Zhou Jinglin was more than enough, even he himself did not notice. It's a pity that you have a runestone on your body, you can't control you, or I will directly control your suicide, saving so much trouble. ”Mu Yu licked his mouth.

  This spirit is originally prepared for Situ Yangtian, but Mu Yu has long expanded its scope of action, specifically used to deal with Zhou Jinglin!

  "Then how did you escape the attack of Lu Xianshi? You obviously have always suspected that Situ Yang’s genius is a spy! How can you beware of Lu Xianshi? How can we use the temple to control Lu Xianshi? ”Chang Tiancheng still doesn't understand.

  "Is it true that Lu Xianshi told you that I have always suspected that Situ Yangtian is a spy? However, I have long known that Situ Yangtian is not a spy, and I am afraid that even Lu Xianshi himself does not know, I have long suspected him. ”Wood Yu’s mouth smiled slightly.

  Lu Xianshi was ashamed and shy. He asked slyly: "Fengmu, have you long suspected that the spies are me?"Then his expression faded and laughed at himself: "The ridiculous thing is that even I don't even know that I am a spy, but I almost hurt you. You should tell the lord earlier and let the lord kill me."

  "Oh, my Lu Xianshi, don't be discouraged!" I didn't blame you, really. But the people of Fu Zong are so fond of acting, we have to cooperate not? You can only be buried in the drums first. ”Mu Yu can't conceal his smile.

  When he started the temple, he had already gained complete control of the temple, and instantly captured the gods and spirits of Mu Chenghong and Lu Xianshi, and saved Mu Chenghong.

  Then, after Zhou Jinglin and Chang Tiancheng entered the hall, he did not know how to control Zhou Jinglin. The actions of Lu Xianshi’s killing Mu Yu and the bloodshed were all made by Mu Yu. .

/> Even Lu Xianshi to kill Mu Yu is controlled by Mu Yu, not Zhou Jinglin.

  The illusion of the temple is perfect, and Chang Tiancheng can’t find it by his own eyes. The array of stone can solve all the arrays that act on Chang Tiancheng, but this technique is the effect of Mu Yu on himself, so Rao is always unable to find the same.

  "it is good! well! But do you think this will stop me? ”Chang Tiancheng’s array of stone in the hands of the gleaming black light is very strange. “In front of the stone, all the intrigues are clouds! Let's die! ”

  Chang Tiancheng screamed and rushed toward Mu Yu. Today, he was repeatedly beaten by Mu Yu, and he had already accumulated a anger. He has a voluminous stone, his skills are valid for others, but other people's arrays are ineffective for him.

  "Be careful!"Lu Xianshi screamed and stood in front of Mu Yu.

  Although Chang Tiancheng has a repair period of the fit period, he can't stop it with his distracting period, but he can't take care of it. He almost became the sinner of the ancestors. Today is death and absolutely can't make Chang Tiancheng hurt. Wood feather.

  "Lu Xianshi, if you really want to make up for your mistakes, then you will kill Zhou Jinglin!" I think Zhou Jinglin is definitely the one you want to kill the most. ”Mu Yu’s mind was moved, and Lu Xianshi had left the wood feathers involuntarily.

  "But-" Lu Xianshi fell in front of Zhou Jinglin. He found that he had recovered his freedom and looked at Muyu with concern. However, Mu Yu had stepped back. At the same time, Chang Tiancheng also entered the gossip with the hand-shaped stone. In the picture!

  The reason why Mu Yu did not let Lu Xianshi intervene was because in front of the temple and the array of stone, only he could completely resist Chang Tiancheng. The pressure of the Eight Diagrams is very huge. Lu Xianshi did not have the help of the temple or the stone. Even if he came, it would not help.

  After Chang Tiancheng held the array of stone and entered the gossip map, the image of the gossip array was sensed and began to flow. A black and white pattern was again surging, and Mu Yu and Chang Tiancheng were surrounded by the Eight Diagrams. In the picture.

  Mu Chenghong also flashed to Lu Xianshi and said: "Lu Xianshi, let's kill him together!"

  Zhou Jinglin looked gloomy at Lu Xianshi and Mu Chenghong. Both of them were under his control. Who could think of Bai Mi and Shu, even forgetting the powerful control of the temple, and depriving him of his hard The control of these two people, even he himself is controlled by Mu Yu.

  "Mu Guang, you are so bold!"Zhou Jinglin swears disgustingly. The soul of his body has been cracked by Chang Tiancheng's avatar. Now, none of them can control who, and only use the array and the technique to play a good game.

  "My name is Mu Chenghong. It used to be, now and in the future."Mu Chenghong said quietly.

  "Don't talk nonsense, Zhou Jinglin, you made me almost ruin the battle, you damn it!"

  Lu Xianshi had already hated Zhou Jinglin. He remembered that many of the martial art businesses he had contacted had been lost for no reason, and he understood that Zhou Jinglin was stalking from it, and he was not angry in his heart!

  Zhou Jinglin turned and walked away. In order to prevent himself from being controlled by the spirits of the temple, he had to stay away from the temple. When Lu Xianshi and Mu Chenghong were willing to let them go, the thundering snakes of the sky were transformed from the hands of Lu Xianshi and chased the past toward Zhou Jinglin.

  Chang Tiancheng looked at the groove at the center of the gossip map. UU read a book and he was excited. The groove fits exactly into the avatar in his hand. As long as he inlays the avatar, the entire temple will be in his hands, and he will be the new head of the squad!

  "But before that, I have to kill you! Save the extra branching! ”Chang Tiancheng's complexion is distorted, and a black plaque has been evoked in his hand. There is a violent pattern on it, and there seems to be something in it that he can't wait to drill out.

  Then Chang Tiancheng fingered a little, the black symbol suddenly split, a black light flashed, a horrible black squirm squirmed, struggling, the huge body squeezed out from the black. This black cockroach swallowed a red snake letter, and the momentum emitted by the body turned out to be a seventh-order monster!

  The seventh-order monster is equivalent to the comprehension of the fit period. This black scorpion's attack power is very strong, but it is the most reliance on Chang Tiancheng's martial arts. It is also his original power to defeat the other innate victors to become the sect of Fu Zong!

  "Kid, today you are breaking through to the fit period and it is not my opponent!"The black cockroach has locked the breath of wood feathers, and then it is mixed with the humming sound of the world, biting down at Mu Yu!

  The aura in the air seems to have been torn apart. The black scorpion in the fit period is like a big mountain, pressed against the wooden feathers, and the horrible breath falls down!

  Mu Yu is still only repairing during the flood season, but he did not panic, but slowly extended a finger toward the black scorpion.

  A middle finger!

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