Chapter 484 Chaos Yin and Yang recognize the Lord

  Everyone is surrounded by eighty and one mysterious inscriptions. To become the master of the squad, you need to be the master of chaotic yin and yang, and successfully integrate these eighty inscriptions.

  Not a moment, there are already nine inscriptions that illusion and illusion into the body of Chang Tiancheng.

  And Mu Yu did not see it all now. He couldn’t remember where he had seen these inscriptions. When he read the inscriptions, he had to understand the meaning of these inscriptions.

  Time passed by little, the inscription still flashed in the air, Mu Yu still did not comprehend an inscription, but Chang Tiancheng has already realized nearly half, he seems to know how to treat these inscriptions, but also know how to use their own way Drill down.

  As Chang Tiancheng said, on the qualifications and experience, Mu Yu is simply not as good as Chang Tiancheng. After all, Chang Tiancheng is the patriarch of Fuzong, and he has more experience and insights than the Mu Yu.

  However, at this moment, Mu Yu’s attention was not in the inscription, but it was caught in a memory. At that time, he was still in the dead wood valley, and he was forbidden by the dead wood. Every day, he died on the Torah.

  At the time, the dead wood was able to cope with the Dan Ding faction test, so he taught the most about the various kinds of herbal poisons, but sometimes he also taught the knowledge of the wood feathers.

  At that time, Mu Yu always liked to smash the mysterious array, and then asked the dead wood some miscellaneous things. When the dead wood sometimes feels good, it will explain to him slowly.

  Among them, Mu Yu remembers that the dead wood explained the knowledge about the ancient inscriptions. At that time, he drew a few incomprehensible inscriptions, which were different from the inscriptions in front of them, but the form was similar.

  The dead wood once said that the ancient inscriptions have no specific meaning, but they are all connected with each other, and you have to look at it in your own way.

  What do you mean when you think it means?

  At that time, Mu Yu also licked his mouth and felt that the dead wood was flicking him. How can a text be what it thinks to be, what does it mean? Doesn't that mean that you are the ancestor of the text?

  But when Mu Yu looked at the nine hundred and eighty inscriptions around him, his heart began to become clear.

  The ancient inscriptions are related to each other, and what do you mean when you think it is what it means.

  In the eyes of Muyu, a strange ray of light began to flash. The surrounding inscriptions seemed to be alive, and flashed in his eyes.

  He tried to use the words of dead wood to analyze the eighty inscriptions. If he regards one of the inscriptions as a human being, then similar to the human race, there should be some inscription representing the monster, and some inscription. On behalf of the Yaozu, there is a certain inscription on behalf of the Yumeng Mozu.

  If he understands one of the inscriptions as a poplar, then there must be some other inscription that stands for pine, willow…

  These inscriptions are like a kind, and you must identify all the categories if you want to comprehend it. The problem that Mu Yu is now experiencing is that if he treats one of the inscriptions as a human being, he does not know which inscription to use as the demon and the Yumeng.

  These inscriptions are interrelated, and as long as he can find the interrelationship between these inscriptions, then these problems will be solved.

  Chang Tiancheng obviously knows how to crack these inscriptions from the ancient books left by the predecessors of Zongmen.

After determining the type of inscription within a range, he began to subdivide these inscriptions. Soon he has identified seventy-nine inscriptions, and Mu Yu is still not recognized!

  Tian Tiandao said that with regard to the understanding of the martial arts, everything must be on his own. Only what he understands is the path that suits him best. Therefore, Tiandaodao never told Zhuge Xiaosheng and others how to do the eight-step approach to the sky, and did not tell everyone how to get through the eighth.

  The path that I realized is my own.

  The time in chaotic yin and yang seems to be static, and it seems to be flying fast. For a long time, it is a slap in the eye, but at some point, it is stuck in the same place, without moving.

  Chang Tiancheng’s meaning of only two inscriptions has not been realized. The last two inscriptions have stuck Chang Tiancheng. He can’t think of what these two inscriptions can be understood. His expression also showed a bit of irritability, and his brows were tight.

  In the eyes of Mu Yu, these inscriptions are still flashing. In his eyes, these inscriptions seem to have not only certain meanings, but also very regular, but this law always makes the wooden feathers unpredictable. What he lacks is a Line, the line that puts all of this together.

  Chang Tiancheng’s face suddenly slammed into joy. The 80th inscription once again turned into a virtual shadow and entered his body. For him, now, as long as he understands the last one, he will be able to successfully integrate these inscriptions!

  Chang Tiancheng’s heart was not shaken by the earthquake, and it was only one step away from success.

  Mu Yu still has no inscriptions in his body, but his expression is very relaxed, like sinking into some fantasy, he enjoys that feeling.

  "Right, I understand!"Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully, and the inscription in front suddenly became clear, like a layer of sly veil was pulled away, he had already realized.

  However, Chang Tiancheng has stood up, waiting for Muyu to have any movements, and the 81st inscription has been successfully integrated into him!

  Chang Tiancheng actually led the wood feather to complete the right
The understanding of the inscription!

  "Hahaha! Chaos yin and yang, finally belongs to me! ”

  Chang Tiancheng looked around for eighty inscriptions. The color of these inscriptions was already faint compared to before. He did succeed. He integrated all the inscriptions into his body, and Mu Yu still had no inscriptions. This test is obviously that he has achieved an advantage!

  Black and white began to spin up, Chang Tiancheng has gradually felt something, his face reveals endless ecstasy, Chaoyang Yinyang is acknowledging him as the main!

  "I will eventually become the main door!"

  Chang Tiancheng feels the more and more powerful power in the body. The enthusiasm in the eyes is extremely strong. The chaotic gas is the yin and yang that is formed after the fusion of the temple and the sacred stone. It is the highest symbol of the technique. Aoyi, with chaotic yin and yang, can control all the arrays and techniques, and become a veritable singer!

  Planning for so many years, is to wait for this moment, in order to this moment, he door many people have sacrificed, even his most Mu Yu disciples are killed, this tone he has already suppressed a lot of, now only the power of chaos and Yin and yang completely into his body, then he killed all the Fu Zong, the revival of the time!

  The main character of the door, the most mysterious arrays and techniques in the world, even if the Star Gate does not dare to treat him!


  The black and white air began to tremble gradually, wrapping Chang Tiancheng in it, transforming the spiritual power of him, blending all the skills he had learned, and then condensing it into the purest chaotic yin and yang, helping him to perceive The true meaning of the law.

  All the power of chaotic yin and yang has been injected into the body of Chang Tiancheng. His face is ecstatic, and he finally succeeded!

  The imposing power of the temple was completely in his hands. He knew the rules of the ladder and saw the numerous arrays of large and small arrays. All these methods were in his hands.

  The control of the temple was also transferred from Mu Yu to Chang Tiancheng. Through the temple, he also saw all the scenes of the sect at the moment. The Fu Zong and the sects were all killed together. The touch of the technique is fierce.

  He saw that Zhou Jinglin was beaten by Lu Xianshi and Mu Chenghong, and saw that Zhuge Xiaosheng had once again killed a congenital teacher…

  Chang Tian became angry, he is now the master of all the divisions and the teacher! Only he is qualified to determine the life of the division and the teacher.

  "I have become the real master of the squad, do you still have a hand?"

  Chang Tiancheng's voice is like a Hong Zhong, which usually rang through the entire array and spread throughout everyone's ears. Both the disciples and the Fuzong disciples were terrified when they heard the voice of Chang Tiancheng. The sound of the gods made them feel a shudder from the bottom of their hearts. The arrays and techniques on them were like Stagnant in general, can no longer be deployed!

  In the face of chaotic yin and yang, the techniques of the squad and the clerk are all in the hands of Chang Tiancheng!

  Everyone stopped and looked into the holy temple in the distance!

  There, it is the source of the sound!

  Chang Tiancheng stepped out and emerged from the chaotic world in the sky above the temple. He was full of black and white ripples all over his body. The whole body exudes a solemn momentum, which is so tall in every actor and teacher. Everyone I can't help but want to worship the sky all over the temple!

  With chaotic yin and yang, Chang Tiancheng has become a god in the minds of the array and the teacher!

  "The lord succeeded in winning the temple!"

  "Long live the sovereign!"

  All the Fuzong disciples cheered, and Chang Tiancheng got the inheritance of chaotic yin and yang. As a legitimate disciple of Fuzong, they will naturally get huge benefits.

  The battle, the extinction is unstoppable!

  "From the point of the world, only the only way!"

  Chang Tiancheng waved his hand, and Wan Xiaguang rose from the temple to the sky, turning into a mysterious ripple, like the heavens and rains, falling on the Fu Shi of each Fu Zong.

  All the teachers felt the majestic atmosphere and the UU reading was decompressed and even fainted. Every teacher feels the rush of the body, and it is unstoppable. I can't wait to vent it!

  They were ecstatic, and countless spells suddenly went on to all the disciples.

  The sects of the sects wanted to use the array to resist the attack of the other side, but the array of skills in their bodies could not be displayed!

  "boom! boom! ”

  All the disciples were hit by Fu Zong's Fu, and they flew out and fell heavily on the ground. The blood of each squad splashed in the air, dyed the land of the sect. The array of horrors looked at the chaotic gods above the temple, and the heart had completely sunk to the bottom!

  "Wind wood failed?"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng was as dead as he was, and he was also hit by the two characters in front of him. He smashed a huge stone and fell into the boulder. He was embarrassed, and there was already a shocking wound on his body!

  Chang Tiancheng’s voice is like the ancestor of the ancient law. Zhuge Xiaosheng, who is the lord of the ancestor, wants to fall in front of this voice.

  "Zhuge Xiaosheng, kneeling in front of me, bowing to me, I will spare you a life!"

  Chang Tiancheng's arrogant laughter came from the sky above the temple. His voice seemed to be rolling on the thunder and shaking everyone's heart.
Any thought of rebellion.

  The teachers are cheering, and the divisions are desperate!

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