Chapter 485 Ambitions

  All the strategists were horrified and looked at Chang Tiancheng over the temple. They knew that the sect would be a history!

  Chang Tiancheng looked at everyone with a high standard, and his heart was full of pride. In order to win the battle of the ancestor, he worked hard for so many years, and now he has finally become the new door of the Fumen, and all sacrifices have been rewarded!

  "Fun, is the greatest method in the world, and all the teachers should be given enough respect! I will build a brand new world of magic. I control the chaotic yin and yang, and become the master of the squad, but I think that the squadron should also change its name. ”

  Chang Tiancheng's gaze swept across Zhuge Xiaosheng's face, Zhuge Xiaosheng clenched his fist, and the terrible breath made him unable to resist.

  "Fu Shi is always the strongest comprehension of the triple continent, and the squad, who can't stand the shackles of the years, should be eliminated by history! From today on, there will be no more squadrons or sects of the ancestors and Fuzong. The triple continent will usher in the ninth door, Fumen! ”

  Chang Tiancheng’s voice is like a long river, like Lei Zhenle, the eyes of the teachers are full of fanaticism!

  "See the main door!"Zhou Jinglin shouted respectfully to the ground and shouted loudly.

  "See the main door!"

  A stone provoked a thousand layers of waves, and all the clerkes were swaying with enthusiasm and welcoming their new owners.

  Standing at the scene, only all the divisions of the sect. They looked at the sky like the emperor's Chang Tiancheng with a look of horror. The array of techniques made them fearful of Chang Tiancheng, but they bit their teeth and did not choose to kneel down!

  Your Majesty means that there is no more in the world!

  The only one who stood with the arrayers, and the people of the Star Gate. There are two elders in the Star Gate who are also involved in the struggle between the stars, Tian Guangqi and Tian Haihua!

  "Chang Tiancheng, who is the door of the door, I am afraid that you will not be able to make a claim?"Tian Haihua said with a gloomy face.

  The Star Gate people helped Fu Zong to attack the sect, but they did not exert much power, because the squad had long been prepared to let everyone retreat at the beginning. When Mu Yu sent all the squadrons out to fight with the singer, they had a chance to do it. But they haven't had time to kill a number of divisions, and Chang Tian's achievements have already won the chaos of Yin Yang and control everything!

  Chang Tiancheng's body shape disappeared in place, and when it appeared again, it was already in front of Tianhaihua. He looked at Tian Haihua with a playful taste and said faintly: "What do you count in front of me?"

  "Chang Tiancheng! You actually talk to me like this! ”Tianhaihua is angry.

  However, the black and white pattern of horror was instantly pressed on all the stars of the Stars. Even Tian Haihua and Tian Guangqi both changed their faces. The black and white characters became a huge cage, and all the starmen were trapped in an instant. In the cage!

  "I am now the gatekeeper of Fumen, but the one who is on the same level as your Star Gate. When I speak, there is no one to interrupt you!"Chang Tiancheng said faintly.

  Tian Haihua still wants to refute, but Tianguangqi stopped him.

  "Then congratulate the doorkeeper first."Tianguang started to smile coldly.

  Chang Tiancheng snorted: "Your Star Gate is too overbearing. I really thought that I would be willing to listen to your dispatch." I will finish the procession first, and then I will find you later! ”

  Black and white patterns are coming out again,

The seventeen innate sects headed by Zhuge Xiaosheng were suddenly caught in the air by a majestic spiritual power, and there was no chance of rebellion.

  The 19 innate strategists of the sect, lost two in this confrontation!

  The seventeen innate strategists of the sect, including Zhuge Xiaosheng, had a total of five fit periods, but they completely lost their resistance in the face of Chang Tiancheng. The chaotic atmosphere of Chang Tiancheng made them complete in the body. Can't make it out.

  If you can't use the array, then the squad is not as good as the ordinary comprehension!

  "You seventeen people are really tenacious!"

  Chang Tiancheng looked at Zhuge Xiaosheng and others, and his face showed a smile of the winner. Zhuge Xiaosheng clenched his fists. He didn't expect Chang Tiancheng to finally control the whole situation and step on them.

  At this time, the seventeen inborn strategists were seriously injured. Everyone was injured by the spell. The blood soaked the clothes, and the clothes appeared to become rotten cloth strips, and there were traces of burning burnt.

  "What about Fengmu?"Zhuge Xiaosheng asked for a bite.

  Chang Tiancheng’s chaotic yin and yang made him feel desperate, but he was still reluctant. The ancestor told him that Fengmu could help save their sect, but now it is Chang Tiancheng’s chaotic yin and yang.

  "I was killed by me."Chang Tiancheng said faintly.

  "Do not!"Lu Xianshi couldn't help but sigh. He looked at Chang Tiancheng's eyes with fear, but he still didn't believe it.

  When I was in the temple, he thought that he almost became the sinner of the ancestors, but Feng Mu took control of everything in the temple and played with everyone. Lu Xianshi thought that with the talent of Fengmu, he could use the temple to defeat Chang Tiancheng, but everything in front of him made him fall into despair.

  "There is only one dead end in the end!"Chang Tiancheng laughed and then scanned all the innate sergeants, and his eyes fell on Zhuge Xiaosheng again.

  "Zhu Ge Xiaosheng, to be honest, I admire your battle. Today’s battles are in ruins, and the losses are heavy. Many people do not need to die, but
It is because of our different ideas that everyone is bleeding. I am a person of love. As long as you crouch at my feet and all the strategists of your squad declare to be loyal to me, I will spare you a life. How? ”Chang Tiancheng smiled.

  "Rao me a life?"Zhuge Xiaosheng looked at Chang Tiancheng coldly.

  "Yes! You are a very good strategist, and you shouldn't have died so ruthlessly. As long as you follow me and help me to carry forward the Fumen, I will not kill you, but also allow you to have a position above one million people. How? ”Chang Tiancheng said slowly.

  Today, more than forty innate teachers have come to attack the squadrons and lost more than 20, while the 17 innate strategists of the ancestors, despite being seriously injured, have only died two, which is enough to show the innate strategists of the ancestors. How strong is it!

  Chang Tiancheng is ambitiously trying to bring Fumen to the position of the former squadron and become the ninth door of the realm of comprehension. It is impossible to do it only by relying on the remaining innate clerk. Zhuge Xiaosheng's array is very powerful. If he can accept Zhuge Xiaosheng and others, then his plan to revitalize Fumen is naturally very helpful.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng looked at the two innate sects who died on the ground. These two innate strategists are all loyal to the ancestors. In order to defeat the aggressors, they insisted on fighting to the last moment, and even finally took their own blood. The base, burning life, each pulled three innate teachers to the same end!

  They sprinkled blood for the ancestors, and Chang Tiancheng actually wanted Zhuge Xiaosheng to fall in front of him?

  "Every time we are in the formation of the squad, I would rather stand dead than to be alive! Chang Tiancheng, to kill, you must listen to the respect, but I want Zhuge Xiaosheng to be in front of you, idiots say dreams! ”Zhuge Xiaosheng was full of fortitude.

  “Do all of you think this way?”Chang Tiancheng looked at the seventeen instincts and his eyes gradually became cold.

  "We are the people of the sect, not the slaves of your Fuzong!"Lu Xianshi roared.

  All the innate philosophers have shown their position as a deadly one. They understand that once they are left, they can no longer stand up!

  Fu Zong's people can't afford to be a singer. Even the undercover that they sent is like throwing away like garbage. How can they treat them like these? Once Chang Tiancheng will establish his position in the realm of comprehension in the future, then the next one is the squad!

  Chang Tiancheng just sneered, then looked in the crowd and saw Mu Chenghong's figure. He grabbed his hand and Mu Chenghong was caught by him.

  "Mu Guang, you are my favorite disciple, but unfortunately you have done something wrong."There was a trace of regret on Chang Tiancheng’s face.

  "My name is Mu Chenghong."Mu Chenghong said calmly.

  Chang Tiancheng is not angry, said: "You were originally a person of Fu Zong, I know that you were young and impulsive. You killed Mo Ziming, I can not pursue it, because your talent is higher than Mo Ziming, and the ranking on the polar list is also higher than Mo Ziming. Now Mo Ziming and Ling Zheng are dead. As long as you want to come back, I will forgive your fault! ”

  For the sects, the younger generation must have people who can afford to stand. In the past, Fu Zong relied on Ling Zheng and Mo Ziming, but now Ling Zheng and Mo Ziming lost their lives under the general idea. Others could not replace their position, but Mu Chenghong ranked 70th in the top of the list. And strength is appreciated by Chang Tiancheng.

  A martial art has a great fairy, it is a very worthwhile thing to show off! Even if the Dan Ding faction was so lofty in the realm of cultivation, it was very important to value the status of Mu Yu. Chang Tiancheng knows that if there is no such thing as a great immortal in the future, then it will be questioned by others. If Chang Tiancheng wants to develop Fumen, he must consider everything.

  But Mu Chenghong gently shook his head: "I am a disciple of the ancestor. I used to be, now, after death, too."

  Chang Tiancheng's face was slightly pumped. He found that the person in the ancestors did not want to bow in front of his owner who had chaotic yin and yang. This has greatly provoked his dignity as a new lord.

  He looked at all the disciples and looked at it. UU read and decided not to talk nonsense. Only killing chickens and monkeys will let these people know who is the leader today!

  "it is good! Since you are so stubborn, then I am not welcome! If you follow me, Chang will die. It seems that I need to kill someone to establish my own majesty. Killing, let's start with Zhuge Xiaosheng! ”

  Chang Tiancheng’s voice was like a thunder, and then the endless murder was shrouded in Zhuge Xiaosheng’s body. Zhuge Xiaosheng clenched his teeth. The chaotic yin and yang of Chang Tiancheng's body is pulling the array of Zhuge Xiaosheng's body. The formations are swollen from the inside out, and they want to swell the body of Zhuge Xiaosheng!

  "The array is still over!"

  All the disciples watched as their own lords were captured by Chang Tiancheng without any resistance. The horrible patterns were scattered on Zhuge Xiaosheng, and they all understood that their sovereigns would be forced to blew themselves.

  Despair spread again, and all the disciples couldn’t bear to see Zhuge Xiaosheng again. Even their lords were shackled at the moment. Where do their disciples have the determination to resist?

  But at this time, a crisp sound suddenly sounded.

  "Chang Tiancheng, shouldn't killing start from me?"

  The sound of Mu Yu is very calm, like coming from the emptiness of the sky, not seeing the depth, the breath is not as good as the ordinary, but it seems very leisurely, just like looking at something that is no more ordinary.

  But this voice is once again igniting everyone’s

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